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Empires Mobile for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by IGG.COM located at 80 Pasir Panjang Road #18-84 Mapletree Business City Singapore 117372. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far the games running smooth and the graphic is awesome.. Eventhough some people says the platform is copied/ matched some other games, but what to expect from game with same genre.. It will be more or less. Hope IGG team will always improve the game quality and listen to the player feedback in the future.
When you open a new game, especially a war game where ppl compete, to a new area you need to open a new server. How is it fair we start with people who have already played 28 days. This makes ppl not want to play or spend money on this game its really simple open a new server or reset the old one or launch globally at the same time
Game gets to 80% then stops. Does now load. Will update once I can experience gameplay. Update: definitely a pay to play type of game. Still lots of bugs. Slow growth unless you spend lots of cash.
Good to pass the time when scrolling on Instagram doesnt do the trick for you anymore. This game is a copy&paste of Rok yet the developers still can't figure out the mechanics to it enough to not fk up the entire game after each update. Last update left us all with a very specific disaster: screen timeouts. Those can go from every 5 minutes to every 10 seconds,wich makes it impossible for anyone to manage troops on the map .
When I first opened the game I was blown away with the graphics. AMAZING!!! Yes it somewhat takes after ROK but I'm still pretty satisfied so far with the game. Of course there's little glitches here and there but so far good game. I am very disappointed in the packs though. They do offer more speed ups and things then ROK but I was hoping for more 99 cent packs and way way way better deals. Thats what will keep many around. Please offer better packs. Packs need to be unique.
Awesome game needs a little bit of work they know already glitch,bugs,lag ;)) would love to see my army in my castle ..and 1 minute remaning objectives would be great if it was free for speed up ..Gyus give this game a time it has great potential
Don't waste your time...definitely don't waste your money. Full of glitches, support is sub-par. Find a different game!!!!!!
Bugs are slowly being dealt with, devs have been quick to respond. 5 stars when server migration is out!
If your RoK server is under maintenance then install this game to get the exact experience. Absolutely no innovation. Just a copy of RoK with different graphics.
I have 2 rookie teleports but when i try to use them it pops but i still have to pay gems to teleport..please fix this.
So far after 1st game download which was it's release day here in U.S. I haven't been able to restore my first account. Update: After waiting til the following day and left it uninstalled,,, I re-downloaded the game and I was able to have the game restored to my first account. I do suggest the game,,,, although it's new & has some bug issues and is just like ROK,, this game for me has better qualities of game experience & graphics. Simply try it for yourself,, download the game 🎮 😉
A little different then your regular empire building RTS games. Beautifully made and great graphics. Seems to be a little lagy in some areas and some areas are a bit non responsive. Customer service seems to be fast and helpful. Looking forward to new updates and new content and overall great job and thanks for giving us Empires Mobile.
Revised. If you've played ROK it is easy to play but it quickly becomes boring. A little sluggish to move curser inside city & troop buildings hard to tell apart...great artwork but not close to being ready for market
The game is well designed but I hope they will add more tech trees, for example a tech tree that focuses on monster killing. Maybe add some new way to boost your training speed. Also everything is laggy but that s because the game is still in it s early days. Hope this will disappear in a few days.
It's a very pretty but game play could be more involved not much to do more quests or something while your waiting for stuff to develop
Hello, great game of the genre ! Simple, easy to play, lots to do! thanks ! Would like to see multiple cities per each account, the level 7 chat rule gone or at least reduced. Minor: where is the server number, and where is the food consumption? Discord link should be posted. Otherwise, 5 stars !
Buggy as hell! Freezes at almost every title screen between actions. Also, long loading times, actions not starting, mail not loading, all this on a high end tablet. BTW, this is a blatant copy of ROK. Update:: slightly better now, still laggy. Added one star.
I don't really care that Empires Mobile is a clone of ROK, the formula works and that's fine. The issue right now is almost entirely bug and lag related. Even doing simple city maintenance has a 3 second delay where you can't collect quests or do anything. These issues need to be resolved quickly otherwise Empires Mobile won't maintain a strong player base. Please work on it, I want my review to change.
Love it... looks a lot like another game i have played.. over all enjoyable. You could streamline the exploration so you just send them off instead of having to go to world map everything.
Game itself is ok but at the moment it's heavily bugged. Crashes for no reason on different phones, some functions either take ages to work, not working at all or causing crashes. Will come back on some point when it will be ready to play and have fun without crashing that much.
A fantasy themed rok, just what I was looking for!. Pretty good so far, but devs please improve the UI sound feedback. It's very monotonous, it's the same sound for everything.
There a lot of bug and missing features in the game like, scout not being to get out of city to explore the fog, and there also not alot race available and only able to pick one race "which is elves". The game did a very poor first expression for me
(1 star again because this game's lags and stupid instant spend, make me accidentally spend more than 5K gems on resources that i can get it free in the game). If you familiar with ROK game, you will find this game a Good game. "Free to move around your army" strategy game with customized skill Commanders, beatiful theme and artworks. Lags still there and not finished feature yet, but developer alway try to fix and update the game. Will update rating from time to time.
Gameplay is the same as Rise of Civilizations - Not as many "Races" as Rise of Civilizations - Races provide you with different stat bonuses like how Rise of Civilizations does ... just with a total of three options ( Currently two since human stat bonuses are not available at this present time) that you receive from the start of the game - Visually the game looks great. No new kindoms or realms so any new players are late to the party until IGG starts making new servers. Copy & Paste for now
Strictly a pay to win game. Very few rewards are offered to help you grow. I don't spend money, and the lack of help for growth left me far far behind those who spend real money. Not very entertainingl. You can't compete in IGG games unless spending $$$$
Don't ever download or play IGG games, almost all of their games are copied from Lilith's Rise of Kingdoms, full of bugs, unfinished (many features will remain 'coming soon' forever) and even worse the game will be shut down in a month after you spend some money and they will ask you to register to another game to receive a compensation package in that game! I wish lilith sue again and force you to take down all other games
Unfinished Game There is only one race Elves. Other races can't be played but show up to be picked. The music for the elves it's hideous. You guys should work on another song for them. If you're going to add dwarves and humans in the future. Maybe add orcs as well. I honestly wouldn't release this game 1/4 finished like it is right now. If I was your boss I'd be down there tearing the entire floor a new one. I honestly believe you should have never released this until it was finished.
The graphic of this game is good, and well as this is a new game I expect their will be some bugs and glitches. But the main issue I write this issue is that there should be some some sort of GM or AI to lay down some rules or regulation. Because right now, there are some toxic players ruining other players' gaming experience. Developer team can take a look of the world channel happening under second server if I'm not wrong.
Lot of people this game look a like RoK, but no! This game is better. Still have few bug, especially in mail system. Everytime i open mail in first time after login, it make the game freez. Also happen in world map, it still lagging. New bug, there's no injury trops sent to hospital after attacking other player ct even in the report there's some injury trops. Just dead trops and we lost some power after attack without regaining back from healing injury trops.
starts fast but as u progress it takes to much time to upgrade so u play for 10 mins then have to wait for hours unless you spend real money I'm deleting
I really like the game play. But man is the game buggy and laggy. It constantly reloads and freezes and makes some parts of the game impossible to play. Devs get this fixed and I'll raise my review.
If you enjoy bugged games that continuously freeze and crash, then you will love this game. Don't bother with the customer support from IGG if the game steals your items. They'll just lie about your "data" from the game and won't help you. I'll never play another IGG game again.
falsy advertised = 1 star regardless. funny that this is yet another build you empire game (aka tap the screen simulator) with little to no gameplay falsy advertised and developed by an asian company. just beware and spend some time with it before spending money on it, it does NOT deliver the gameplay shown in the ads. google is surely having a laugh at your expense.
Graphics & gameplay is good. However, the game is too laggy. Also, they need to create new server / worlds more frequently. If you created a new account now, you will compete against players playing for 30+ days..I believe the game is still in a testing stage. But if they don't create new servers, new players will leave
Got stuck during summoning heroes and attacking demon in tutorial. This game should not be released since it is not finish. Dont download it.