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Empire War: Age of hero

Empire War: Age of hero for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by FT Games located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a nice strategy game. If you need somewhere to spend your time apart from life, this is for you.
pay to win game . But if it can have equal chance to grow for all , without spending , none other game can stand a chance .
Difficult. You need to think about how to manage resources. You arent just given them. Soon you see the best way to do that is by attacking other players. And they attack you. And your troops die. And resources taken. And even your castle taken over as you are eliminated from the game. Not for the weak.
Please bring Down the price of things in the game because people are leaving the game not everyone has money to spend
Excellent game of the genre ! Good work ! Finally, a game with multiple cities per account! Translator needs a bit more improvement, and entire, one-screen kingdom map needed. But other than these small items, a most excellent game, thank you !!! Hope to see alliance buildings and alliance research in a future update !
everything about this game is great except for two things which is why I cannot give it a full five stars. of course every game has its bugs and issues and whatnot but the only two things here that bug me the most is it is 100% impossible to compete at a high level if you don't spend money. The second thing is the world chat is more than a little toxic with all the hate speech and bullying of smaller players as well as anyone who dare open their mouths.
I think there shouldn't be a limit to how many troops that can be dispatched. Because it gives and unfair advantage to the defenders. This is a war game and at such someone should be able to bring as much troops as the can to win a battle.
U really need to think why that number of people leave the game and why every server spent just weeks before its dead
great all around fun !!! only wish you can turn off your resource field production...as in the ability yo dial the percentage of the resource outputs.
Try Game of Empires. Also how is there many reviews in english, when 3 people a server might speak english?
Game won't work on some phones. I've played this game on a dif phone and I played it and loved it but now I can't even play
After playing for 3 years I'm writing again. If you don't want to spend real money this game isn't for you. Moreover if you spent still you can't be sure that you will get your body suit so be ready to spend until you uninstall the game.
This game is one of my favorite game but when they say there will be a new server at this particular day is doesn't come
This is a pay to win game! Not a non-spender friendly, I spent couple of dollars in this game and now I regret spending here, not worth it. For those who will play but can't spend this game is not for you. "Cherry" one of the devs can't even handle complaints well, I seen players spent thousands of dollars but their complaints was not heard. Bias game, not worth it. I'm uninstalling and will never going to play this game again.
It is one of my best game ever. I am playing this game since last six years. I like it's strategy and events and war. But i little bit upset that some Hackers are playing till now. But developers doesn't care. Another all things are really good. I suggest you all to play. I want developer to make event or some things as pubg is doing. Promote all experience players and make a players card. Then we, like all experience players can show our originality.
REFUSE TO GIVE ME MY GOLD PACKAGE. i paid for $99.99 package and they're telling me I received it and I didnt. I'm so tired of this. they refuse to give me the package. I dont want money back I just want my package. if I was Chinese this would be taken care of ASAP. THEY OWE ME $250 WORTH OF PACKAGES AND REFUSE TO PAY ME. I HAVE ALL THE PROOF
This game is superb. Good graphics and easy to master once you understand all the rules. Just wish getting gold, roses and other things were a little less expensive. But nonetheless, Empire Wars is an awesome game. Try it!
excellent and researchable .. but need to be always aware and active .. only one lacking .. nowhere you can hide troops (WL are not safe even) and sleep in peace
Great game.. But the oblyndrwback is the time to attack...iys too long.. For me..attacking wildlands is a must while waiting for the construction to be finished... but it you will be bored because of how long thw time you need to attack...i hate it...but the gane is good..
This game is too good best time killer in this game we are lord and we attack on others and manage our production limit and train army but I am giving it 4 stars because we get bored after playing or get bored after doing nothing
Hi developers please this is a awesome game but so difficult if you dont pay ur ears of your head for gear and heros, also training times is reducilous, please see to this and i will re rate this game with new comment thanks
Support menu and thank you for the first time in the future of our clients with their children to play with me and my new game
Do not download this game they take ur money but when there a problem all you get of them is there no bug well i have sceenshot all the problems i am having
This game was awesome when it first came out. You could buy $4.99 pks and $.99 when it was offered and the game stayed balanced between players. Now?! You can drop $99.99 anytime you want. Wallet Warriors and Credit Card Cowboys win every time. You don't stand a chance if you don't spend a small fortune.
Stupid,just,stupid did game, ads are from other GOOD games like "Banished", with all these models and mechanics, just, ask other studios if you need help to create game, even better, watch "Extra Credits" youtube channel, you will see about 10 videos of you doing opposite of whar you needed to do, fix game(Hakers are biggest problem rn), and you will see how 100k $ will do milion in revenue. Btw. Im developer too, I saw with my own eyes how this inproves games.
It's for only paid players Events are same and Gold hero same Not any paid hero for spender of time or Gold collectors, and forge system is very bad and When you Advance your mount no matter hero wisdom or other its development team not work on it fix the problem then may be your game abil for play.
Been told it's a good game just can't open a new game any help at all or should I just write this game off
A very nice game to enjoy If you are looking for a perfect war game just like it's name this is the best
Very unreponsive to issue. Players can bully, threaten and swear at you, with little consequence. Only care about money players, so if you spend lots, you will love this game. Also, little control over player interaction. Some are allowed to verbally abuse others with no repercussions. Again, money talks.
This is better game but when any new server launched, then whole players tries to go there became, those do not interests in old server. I didn't tried to go in new server and never went in new server. Why the players likes to go in new ? and whats happens after joining new server? What is the server importance ? I was liked this game but after this server matter, I was deleted game... I do not like such confusing matters ....
I have been playing this game around 2 years, but the technical team of his game worst. It's been 5 days , I have made a query till nownit wasn't solved.
So far luv game graphics great! All fame sounds very clear and very entertaining too...luv utvsobfar gave ut a five star because think the fame itself deserves it...plus think Developers deserve it looks lije theyve put lits work into it too...luvs Ms. Keira xoxoxo
Definitely a great game for me.. There is a problem though..too long to recruit amd train an army...and moving in opem world is too long for the army...but anyway still 5 stars for me
Simply magnificent...i play many game like this genre and better graphic...but this game was something different...i mean in the good way...THUMBS UP
It reminds me of Age Of Empires (PC game) and if Microsoft had the resources they should create an updated AOE with the same gameplay as the PC version but they would sell like hot cakes
No where near Age of Empires. Can't compare. But pretty decent for an Android game. Need to work on some major issues though: Construction takes way too long which just makes the game really boring to play for a long time. It's not addictive in any way.
Packages so expensive wish we have package by 5$ and 10$ not just 20$ .. Forg equipment rate so bad .. almost you will lose your money for nothing sometimes forging failed with 90% or 70% in this game if you haven't good equipment you just build farm for others .. at the all developers doesn't care about you
After 1month they stuck on connecting.And never start till the enemy attack on my city.Very bad game.They lost all my one month progress.
This is the worst game ever created by man The graphics are as terribe as the technicallity. For the pass 3 years this gaming has just been becoming worst. I advice you to not download this game.
I love this game but need more map to councore and more improvement in time i'st take more to upgrade.
you keep taking me offline and when you do I lose troops and resouces,why cant you fix this problem,I've been off line for as much as 8 hrs and its not my internet company .they have been to my home checked out all equipment ,nothing wrong,its your problem.i go out to resource and the field is green ,no building, lakes or anything else,this is your problem ,please fix it am tired of looking at a red circle in the middle of my screen being put off line, I have a very strong signal from VIASAT.ive
Ive always loved this game. FT are keeping the game as it was intended. Not going stupid with gold packs like game of war did. It would be nice to see better value in the packs, but nothing drastic. Anyway fantastic game!!! JUST PLEASE do a little more with the gold packs. Especially when Aussies are being charged 50% more per pack no matter what the Aus$ is worth. Want a better * rating? Earn it by having better value gold packs.
this game is good but its now very difficult for non spender players like me ...developer must do something .please
The game is all about spending, if you dont you wont last long. And I personally spent 3k and that's not enough. Unless your wealthy avoid, don't play. If you don't listen you will realize it within a week of playing 50.00 heros, food, its just insane
this has been a wonderful game and has allowed me to make new friends from around the world. It does have some glitches and customer service is hard getting in touch with at times. overall,... great graphics, regular special events, and good game play.
Just Another Pay to Win Game. If you can't spend money,no matter how much you try,you won't even able to conqure anything. Stupid Game,Waste of Time!
This game genre now seems very dated. There is no innovative gameplay ideas from the developers. We have all played these kingdom builders most know that spenders will kill each kingdom and those not able to spend so much will be power tripped by big spenders in bullying alliances. There are so many in the playstore all copys of each other. This one now i think is past its best. Young kids send emojis to each other in chat endlessly. If you are a spender or serious gamer there are better games.
So far not a bad game but you could make times for occupied tiles shorter, faster march times. OK game could be a lot better, not so much pain in the arse to get resources need gold to buy but you have to use real money to get and the same for resources. This is a ptp game all the way
I hate this game!! Very very bad Every alliances have a spy friends cheat with us. When we grow spy tell to other alliance and than they kill us This game is good for cheaters or spenders only.!! This game alos good for those who want to talk just discussing . Waste of money no need to download other game good from this
Please stop selling five star hero is not all players that have money to buy them please help us because if the buy ones buy five star hero they will use it to kill the small ones
even with $10 you are nothing, the developer's are not considerate, they don't care about your investments and time. They are hell bent on robbing you of your money and time
It is very good, you don't need to spend money at all but more heroes the better and more boxes in the store
The game is very strategic but the circumstances are very crucial. The players should be given gold easily
Racism is rampant on this game. Development and moderators do nothing to discourage racist comments. Find a better game than this one.
It's a good game for all 18+ ages but some wrong things like world chat msg not deleting because some time bad spelling.....
It's really fun If you try this game it's the best game I've ever played 🤩🥰. You can use this to get gold Copy and paste where you see INVITE beside GIFTS " x5y0612kve "
It's really fun If you try this game it's the best game I've ever played 🤩🥰. You can use this to get gold Copy and paste where you see INVITE beside GIFTS " x5y0612kve ".
Good but stop making new servers it waste New updates should be made in private chat... New updates every week or so... frustrating.
If you are patient than this is the best game for you , i am taking 1 star because as you see this game in ad it is not actually that and after sometime this games every monuments updated takes 5h and thats a big time and alawys join a allience to get grow up faster
Not working . First said download google play games after downloading it this is still not working 🙄😠
Had an issue with troops disappearing, notified the devs, was told it could not happen, and then ignored. Other players in alliance had same issue. No help from devs ever. ALL they care about is your money. They have never helped with any issue.
If you like players hundreds of times stronger than you smap attaking you, then this game will be perfect for you
GoOd game I like it very much good graphics need to update the game this version is very old but I think the New version of this game is very interesting Thanks☺
The game is pay to win! Lacks depth for new players and is always the same people playing and paying their way to domination. Ridiculous wait time for troop development and if I could give it no stars that's what it would truly rate. Honest opinion
IT WAS A GREAT GAME.. Game allows for the harassment of women, minorities, LGBTQ people. There is language which is offensive in the worls chat room and there arecity names which degrade women, religions, minorities. When confronted with information the developwrs say they can do nothing. Play at your own risk. I would suggest parents do not allow children to play this game.
Don't play this game. They allow know hackers to keep playing even when they get caught at it. Full of Glitches because of hackers and TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. All they care or want is your money. I played the game in its beta study stage and it has gotten better. Google play should seriously take this off there sites.
Another game from FT Games that I'm hooked with! I've been playing Empire Rome Rising for couple years.
good game but only for rich people. you can't get strong if you don't spend any money in this game. this game keeps merging with other server so by the end, only big players play together, no place for new players.
Was the Grandest Game on Google play, No Second Place. But Hackers have Completely and Totally ruined it, and they keep taking down Honest reviews instead of addressing the Hacker issue, Sad.
Worst experience. Please don't download. Will waste all your mb because game not in working condition
Where the developer ,,,,i have a problem and no one cuold riply me,,,,i update the game and after i update i cuold not open it,,,,wha happened,,,,,,,its always say ,,,,,,empire war has been stop,,,,,,,,,,plssssss do something,,,,,why yuo dont care the player ,,who need help,,,