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Empire:Rome Rising

Empire:Rome Rising for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Mountain Lion located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
why you need access to my photos and phone calls? and when i pressed deny the game freezed. this is our privacy and non of your business
After install its want update. Than update didn't complete. And can't log in games. Help me about this problem
Been playing this Since S5, back in the day you had to earn all the high level gems etc, now it's a click of a button, still love it tho, my favourite game by far
Good game maybe add an extra builder and research slot that you can buy that would be cool and maybe boost your social media advertising might reinvigorate the game
Last updated 11th of March. Very incorrect. The development are making many updates and punishing players for there mistakes #google play. Please look at the data from them. Many players here have been active for 5 years. And do not get the respect they deserve. Many payed weekly for this game. To be treated like this is not good practice under the laws we know.
This game is starting to lose its value, lots of Fake Mods, earning real rewards doesn't exists in this game anymore. Tripling to use a stamina on attacking level. 9 monster, "when it use to be like a free will".
server 174 has been down for 12 hours. no announcement or reply from devs. they take enough money off people but arent there to fix a problem when it arises.
Won't give me access to all your files on your phone and allow me to manage and make phone calls? Then you can't play the game. Absolutely sketchy and shouldn't be allowed on a strategy game. Steer clear of this game.
Cant log in....plz stop updates and if so...stop the bugs ..im about to leave game because i always have a hard time getting in after update
No one download it.. There is no public chat until level 13.. And it's hard to get to level 13.. As some of old players said.. THE DEVELOPERS KILLED THE GAME
Fun game good strategy good events good packs. The people saying the game is dead are still playing it lol games not dead just needs some updates to gather more people
Don't download and if you do not spend money or want to spend money on a game. Now, the attacker can permanently kill 75% of your troops within your city in a single hit if they have deeper pockets than and even if your hospitals can hold your troops, therefore increasing the uneven playing field even more. The devs of this game care only about money and not about great game experience for players. Unless you are ok with spending thousands of dollars at a time, this is a waste of time.
Thanks for cheating me out of troops with your constant glitches, it's actually been a good thing because I haven't spent money on the game again since. Currently a lot of Samsung users cannot even log in due to the latest glitchd update. Ofc there will be no compensation for years of game play lost if its not fixed, nor for missing out on special event if it is fixed.
It used to be a great game now there is glich after glich and on the last update i can not log in and over a week now and stll can not log on time to delete it 😕
Game doesn't work ....also why do you need to manage my phone calls and access all my personal files ...????????
Was such a poor game app. But I enjoyed kinda ripping it apart piece by piece...the level 13 on chat is because of me. They had to try something to stop me making players leave every newly opened server. So they locked down chat to lv13....that resulted in the game being slowly strangled to death. They brought auto spam bots in...I worked out how to elude them. The game is not updated since march 11th. The Devs have near abandoned it. Don't spend money game is dead. I Brit Darksnow killed it.
They have fixed the problems that were mostly only affecting some servers, evening the playing field in the game. The game is much more playable and fun now. There are still some problems, like the Slaughter Relic in the temple just giving you a error message, and other things, but hopefully the devs will keep fixing the problems. : )
Very satisfied with this game. Came back to it after 5yrs and still the best free to play game out their. Can spend absolutely NO money on this game and still be competitive with players that do spend. Love this game.
Good game, but in a war game, I cant understand how you buy high end troops while your castle is still an infant. In all games I have played, you train troops based in the lvl of your castle. Here every pack comes with thousands of troops, so why then build when you can just buy troops!
I gave the game four stars at first and I have reached level 17 then the attacks started. you now get one star and I'm taking the game off my phone. I have no intention of paying to win, or at least paying to protect my turf. oh and was I being attacked by other players or was that you guys trying to get me to spend.
You only keep building up your power because you don't have enough when you are starting out because the lowest power undead monster is 450,000 suggest the developers need to re evaluate this to make it a not have to pay right at the start of the game for the rest of us who can't pay or just don't want to
Why would this app need access to my phone? Why did it ask if it could "make and manage phone calls" and when I said no, the game would not launch. So sketchy please don't download.
Game is completely broken, tutorial is glitched so cannot build buildings and then the app crashes. Tried reinstalling but still doesnt work what an awful app
don't waste your time twice in one week no one can get on the game it's a joke. the amount of time and money spent on game just to be killed and lose all my hard work because developers are incompetent again don't WASTE YOUR TIME!
I had a dreadful experience. I could not speak on the place where everyone speaks. They said i needed level 13. It waa crazy, i was attacked over and over until i could speak and request an alliance to take me in. Then when i was in an alliance they said i could not be in the group room because i was only rank 2 , so my opinions were not wanted. When i finally got to speak on the game chat site i did not know some words did not work and *** banned.
This game is the worst in playstore. The devs have abandoned it and those who play it some small few. It will hopefully close soon. The devs and the mods over 2 years ago decided to pick on a player, brit darksnow, he was a much liked and committed player, and eventually he forced the game to establish wc lock down until lv13. This has stopped new players from starting. Brit killed this game. And i for one understand why and say well done brit!!
Says no network i tried wifi didnt work better fix soon or im installing but Fun game I think the devs could kick in more prizes for long term battles. But $$
Asked for permission to make and manage phone calls, and other permissions which should not be required. Looks dodgy.
Huge privacy issues. Before it even opens up the first time it insists you give it access to make/manage phone calls?!? NO WAY!!!
From best to worst game eva such a waste. Handful of the same server jumping players in every server. Feedback in settings doesnt work, freezes game. Cant talk on world chat until lvl13. Mods dont monitor world chat. A MOD sent me mail threatening my family and telling me to commit suicide. Was reported .. nothing done about it. Countries, except America, get charged extra tax on packs bought in game!! Packs are already expensive and then we get charged more.... no way! Games not dying..ITS DEAD!
This game has severe issues. It is constantly crashing. If you are not looking forward to playing a very broken game, l suggest you download something else. Would have given it zero stars if I could have.
It sucks I hope no one downloads it. BECAUSE The devolopers are so stupid they killed the game there is no World chat until level 13 and Many players left. STUPID DEVS
Hasn't let me load game since the latest update 2 days I haven't been able to get on the game bloody useless
I just started the game, and ine of my newbie tasks was to attack a monster. I did so, and it removed my newbie protection shield. I have never played a game where you lose your shield for attacking a monster. Another player I understand, but a monster!!?? My husband and I both uninstalled.
I said some time ago that this game app would one day simply fail to load. It's been dying for such a long time. The game app had a moderator system whereby it allowed one group of players to rule it over another group. Was beyond unfair. The game never recovered from Brits war against it. He killed it, it just took sometime for the app to realise it was dead. Hats off to Brit. The thousands of ALTs he built forced the game to change all the rules. No surrender.
I used to play this game 3 years ago and I thought to come back and take a look to see if I can notice anyone from people I used to play with. the game is dead, new servers don't have players in it. this is kind of games that you need people to play with to make it enjoyable. why would a game need to manage phone calls? why the server chat needs a certain level to enter it? many people are uninstalling because of this and you need new players because your servers are empty. stupid management
Don't download this game has about 15 players per server and is now so boring find an active game don't waste money
This game is starting to lose its value, lots of Fake Mods, earning real rewards doesn't exists in this game anymore. Faking it Now Please be careful, it will access your photos and phone call.
Come on developers ,please just respond to complaints or say you will get back or something... Game crashed and i lost all my troops after a game glitch and you dont even respond to mails after days of mailing through various platforms
"Some bugs have been fixed" but don't worry many, many more will replace them. And the ones they fix never stay fixed.
would've been nice to actually play the game but it wont finish installation unless you allow it to manage and make phone calls. Yeah I dont think so.
Use to be the best game ever now it sucks they screw u on rewards n events and items give less gold and keep making new events so your never able to be as strong or good fight for old servers who they mix you with in isw and mergers and there gold packs are outrageous use to be the best game ever I suggest yall try something better most of us big spenders are leaving now game has truly went down hill they care nothing for there players and spenders
This game is a waste of time when I opened this game there was a whole white screen means nothing was appearing I would give this game 0 star if I could .so I say to all of u to not waste your data it is a bad game.
The devs staff is Mediocer at best with every update brings more problems getting kicked out due to there server network issues if they cant do the job find somebodybody who can they take relics that people worked hard to get over half way through the event which leaves no time to get get the relic back because i had focused on getting points for the 1st stage completion in the event you will never get another penny out of me again
It won't even let me log in lol. Wants access to my photos, media, phonebook, and on and on and on. Yeah that's a pass for me.
The game feels cheap, especially the graphics. The UI is so crowded with buying options that should be under it's own menu, I can barely even see my town, it makes the game virtually unplayable.
Used to be good but is now constantly glitching. Thanks for cheating me out of troops with your constant glitches, it's actually been a good thing because I haven't spent money on the game again since.
Invasive privacy. Why does a game need to access and manage your phone calls? And a while slew of questionable permissions.
Won't work unless you give it permission to make and manage phone calls. Why would it ever need to do that? With no explanation, I'm not giving access to make phone calls for a game.
Game started to glitch and close on samsung phones, i keep on receiving a notification about game closing and crashing, update the game and fix the issue about samsung phones. Game keeps crashing and i need help, i cant even log on to it to get its info to send it to your support email.
all the servers are filled with some cold ass mofos, who doesn't have any life, and buys gold like crazy and destroy the server alone, hits rss and leaves the game. too useless for people who doesn't buys golds in this game.
It's an amazing game with bunch of cool features, a little bit of detailing is needed give some good update and also fix the lagging issue. the rest game is very good and also it's truly a war game type
It's a good game but it's dieing. This is partly due to lack of advertising the game on social platforms, and an inability of the development team to understand that many of their player base play other games of theirs also, whilst they do look after ERR they have completely failed to what any care for players in their other games like Zwar. Sadly that is impacting a lot of people I played with and many left to find games by other developers.
THE BEST GAME I PLAYED EVER!!! Why? Just play it a year or more... You will find it yourself.... You need to think deeply and open for any suggestions from older players... It is worth playing for... I promise....You not need to spend money for this game... I tell you, every event gave much much rewards if you do it properly.... Enjoy guys!!!!
used to be enjoyable but when they want u to spend money to get ahead and pay mods gold to not even do there jobs makes u wonder why they even there. dont even wait for smaller cities to even try to catch up before they make it harder to catch up to bigger players unless u soend lots of money
The app asks to manage and access your phone calls and also view your gallery, why is this necessary for a game? This a a security risk and should be looked into by the play store
Nothing works, developers can't be reached. Then you are to download another app to contact them, and the same thing happen agian.why?
Game is falling apart and becoming unplayable. Most events lately have been broken, and there is almost always a event going on, so the game is basically always broken. As an example on some servers like 241, the fireworks factories in the current event are not even on the server, and the ones there are from a old event and at least value. The game also shuts down very often if you go out of your city and scroll on the server map. Many other problems with this game currently.
Worst developers ever. Game crashes all the time. Has crazy amount of glitches. Devs don't do anything to fix the game. They don't even respond when you send feedback thru their link in game. They don't answer mails. They didn't even know the attributes to a rune they made. They are constantly without notice changing attributes to runes and gems that players paid for. Their game causes you to lose items or gold they blame your network. These devs are only after your money.
A very broken game, and things don't get fixed, & now always crashing. Also has many Racist mods, who are supposedly there to moderate the World Chat. In reality current and ex mods, and their friends are always breaking the WC rules. I have even gotten death threats from current mods, besides being abused by Racist comments daily by mods like Aragog , NobleWarrior, and others. What does happen is I have been muted several times only for the mod community to apologize saying it was a mistake.
Lol...well there ya go guys!...dead. never underestimate what one man can achieve if he is determined enough and won't give in. I have kept my eye on game app ever since they stole my city from me. Periodically entering game and ensuring it was still dying. Which it was. They kept it running so long as it made them a profit. They couldn't care less about players. Never have. The abuses and bullying were shocking. Lesson to all developers..don't start war with a Brit... we don't back down easily.
Requires permission to make and manage phone calls, and access media files. There is no logical reason why a game would need permission to make and manage my phone calls. Uninstalled immediately.
This is a dreadful game. No recent updates. players being bullied by the few mods left. This game is dying fast. No new content. It is now just a cash grab excerise until it finally closes.There is hate crime being committed in this horrific game, cyber-bullying is now a crime in some countries on social media, how is a game app different. there are chat sites in this game where the mods who are meant to police world chat forums are actually the ones telling players to kill themselves. Dreadful
Good game they offer really good packs to help boost power if you dont mind spending other than that fun game
Installed (for a tapjoy event) the game(like the others said) is completely broken and I can't even read the menu bc of the amount it wants you to buy!!
This is a good game.If u like makeing a team or join one.This game is fun when u get high up level yes it does get hard to play. But u should say nothing can stop me from helping my team or my own gulid.Thanks u should download.
great game but now with the new update it wont let me sign in. it says update error quit the game and try again
Again big problem with login. In critical moment lost everthing bcz game crashes all the time during the last couple of days.
1st thing this app asks is permission to make and receive phone calls! Seriously? A game needs to make calls????! 100% dodgy and a scam...... Uninstalled instantly. Avoid like the plague!!!!!!!!!
It wants weird permissions like access to your camera and permission to make phone calls. Not able to play without allowing those. That should tell you all you need to know.
Why do you need my actual mobile phone book and contact information or have access to my personal call records?? Why though? This game won't let you play without your privacy being invaded. This includes Glitches and bugs that haven't been fixed in years. Dead servers. Old game. I'd avoid for ANY NEW PLAYERS. Especially paying to win games like this one. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!