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Empire:Rise Of BattleShip

Empire:Rise Of BattleShip for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by 5Star-Games located at Head Office, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good start but now still unable to log on despite the 8/21 update. Nothing but black screen. Guess time to look for another game. Good thing I have not purchased anything yet or I would be pissed.
OK fair enough, although those prices are a little steep so I won't purchase anymore but mainly due to the fact that even if you buy a lot of orange cubes, you still have no guarantee of getting a great new ship. The orange cubes should have a very high chance for a 5 star ship and a decent possibility for a 6 star but you've got it set up as excellent for 3 stars, great for 4 stars, good luck for 5 stars and yeah right for 6 stars. Fix this for 5 stars. It is a lot of fun but ultimately p2w.
There are 14 one star reviews, 3 5 star reviews and one 2 star review. That somehow adds up to 3.2 average? Playstore is broken lololol
I will observe the coming event fir 4star i like your game little problem 4star againts 5star warship give 5star warship to compete with enemy to win
I have 100 things to criticize for obvious reasons i am just tired seeing same games Clash of kings banana boat edition
Need to warn people not to waste gems unless you are VIP. Especially for events. Waiting for a gem refund.
Before the latest update it was a very good game. But now with the new update i cant even log in to the game . 1* rating only
Good game, but the mission level you must open to dont lock by level hq... One more you can add market to tread steel for oil... Money for stell... You must add more for fun to busy for player to play this game.. Plese thinking for player to more fun
My phone gets switched off every single time i try to close the game. Take care of this. I just want to close the game. Not my phone in it's entirety.
This game is released just 3 days and its too early to judge it but there are some annoying things like you cant donate in alliances or access alliance chat room until you are a rank 2 member. Please fix this. Donating or chat room is not a special access. Besides i like the way a battle takes place. When i want to play ranked battle every time i search people are far stronger than me and searching again wont work. please fix this to be a fair play. And events are few and not good enough. Thanx
Good game. I can play a while but then game crashes and can't start game again, uninstall/install helps.
The game is cool and I like it except for a few important detail the makers missed. 1. Spike Drills or Arena, 42K power vs 29K power, who wins? The 29K wins, so unfair PVP. This applies to stages as well. 2. When doing PVP and PVE, notice torpedoes miss their target and passes through a ship??!!! I understand if it miss because its not centered on a target but goes through a ship miss? 3. For Super Teleportation, I buy 10 chances and I got all 3star, so its not true 20% chance. For ur attention
Game play is decent, but too pay to win, plus after the latest updates it locks up a lot,then black screen only on reload. Need to keep reinstalling.
Love it, great change from the basic strategy games, definitely like this way much better. Great job guys!
You need to have the player interact during the battling sequence or the player will lose interest and get bored. This is one thing you will improve in the game experience for everybody. You guys are doing great but if your looking for perfection then changes need to made, keep up the good work!
I liked the game but looks more like for tablet or pc in my phone everything looks smooshed up and kinda hard to find the building when everything has similar colors and the name of the building keep getting hidden away. Now for the game play its not hard and its not a pay to win i have alot of 4 starships and few aircraft carriers. Does need more officers options maybe more ships and aircraft maybe a recycle setting for all extra ships you dont need if there is one i havent found it.
Best na al game in the play store. Great training mods, great upgrading mods. So far no negative to relate, thanks for the game.
No $ required (although it's helpful) ... plenty to do to keep you busy building and improving , good time killer
Thanks to very talented and committed developers any earlier issue I was having was quickly resolved. The game puts a twist on what is generally expected from any war/strategy game these days and adds it's own unique flare. Impressive!
Game is definitely amazing and very easy play, wait since day 1 for it too come out and hasnt disappointed since - just would like see the QE class carrier in it though :D
cant open the game and it's been all day. I like this game and willing to give higher rating but not if I'm not able to play. please fix this
Great game! Really enjoyable, but the graphics are glitchy and need updating. Also more details on the map
Good looking game and goot to start with, but feel it's been released too early. Not much to do for clans, there are pve team vs large boss, but can't do anything with the large islands. A few people are unable to use team chat (even when promoted) and rumour is they have to pay/spend in game to use it (need a vip lvl). Those aside not much to do, but dull longer run. Good looking. Game but just lacking something. And as others say it's too difficult/luck to get 6* ships plus even when spending
Have lg g5 phone and i cant log in. Still having problems logging in had to reinstall. Still not fixed.
I tried to join as a beta tester and try to help developer to make this game better. But as soon as I opened the game. "Login failed" Well if the developer wants to make a playable game. Then he should have testers.
Great game. Battles are amazing, controls are easy, amd leveling up is fairly quickly without having to pay.
Pretty fun resource gathering and war game I like the fact they use battleships that are historically accurate and give a little history about them
Automated battle's with strategic unit selection and placement. This is my go to game. I do wish there was a few more captains to choose from for varying strategies. Pros: Easy paper, rock, scissors battles. Lots to do at first. Cons: Been playing since day one. Even though I have spent a fair bit of money on the game I am getting bottlenecked by lack of resources. Can beat content but it's locked by base upgrades.
My favorite game by far and the one I have spent by far the most time on building a mighty fleet and base, allying myself with the best 99 others on the server of 10k, I highly recommend it
I can't able to open my game. One time,when i installed the game then I'm able but after sometimes whn i am off it and try to start agin then i can't open the game plzz fixed it
This game is full of bug. And worst is that if that the developer is not taking any responsible in the bug. The support will only ask for information regarding the bug from you and disregard on the incovienent which may have cause by the bug. All they give you is a template of sorry and sorry, repeatly( 100% complete of previous template that was use). You cant even know whether you are communicating with a automated system or a humanly person. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING ANYTHING IN GAME, THINK TWICE.
Good game ...once u get to play it....i downloaded it yesterday and i got a lvl10 base and great ship....problem i have is the opening of the game and logging into it...i have to uninstall the game and redownload it to play...if i come off the game and go to play on it later it just gives me a black screen and nothing else...i will give u 5 stars once i can play the game as normal without downloading it all the time ....please sort this problem out !!!
Yuk. The music is annoying. The training from the beginning is sub par to boring. You spend so much time clicking bonuses and claims and gifts... that you're not playing anything. Graphics are decent, but you're doing the same thing over and over and over again. Sigh. I uninstalled after the first 15 minutes. Very boring.
Awesome for now, lots to do without paying - I wonder how long before P2W players will wreck havoc on this game. I'll update whenever that happens.
Honestly, I was fairly disappointed with the graphics and gameplay. It's fairly boring to say the least.
Game no longer loads. Patch says this is fixed but not for me on an LGv20. Ah well. If you reinstall the game will work but will again not load and need a new reinstallation every time you shut down the game. Game is good otherwise but having to reinstall every time the game is shut down is unacceptable.
idk i have only played for 3 days but so far i like the strategy but some ships are clearly more powerful than others even within the same star levels. 6 stars are hard to get if you dont purchase but even with that in mind, im making it into the power rankings with f2p at 380k and growing, matching up to vip5 and the rest, just not possible to challenge v7s and v9s. However since my fleet is stuck at 5 maxed out 5star ships, i think my progress would be stopped soon. Nice game so far.
Help please the menu isn't showing up!! All I see is the title image, "init game", "notice", and "feedback". Is there an internal storage-related reason why the main menu isn't appearing?
Shows promise, the uh....unique depictions of some of the older less modern ships like the atlanta are interesting...to say the least, I can only hope it won't take too long for more ships to be added,was a bit sad their weren't many axis ships ingame,I very much expected ships like the Taihou(or it's more modern like form the project G15 'Taihou Kai' class which would be like a post war(though Vietnam era looking) carrier) or Akizuki,I'm shocked at the lack of ships like the Arleigh burke though
What a rip off, switched servers and my character was reset without warning. By the game makers won valuation of items and equipment, losing hundreds of pounds
So far I think this is the only war game I've played where its not totally p2p I have heard of people getting 5* star ships from the lowest chance (blue) summon when in other games you get 1 free 5* and to get another could cost over $100. The only draw back about this game so far is that it was released too early you can see a finished game in the google play page it looks amazing it must be finished in the country of origin did you have to start from scratch to release it in other countries?
Just another buid a base and spam stuff game. Minimal gameplay, just another cash grab game that oversaturates the game store.
Recently I had issues with phone & I had to factory reset it. Now I can't access my game account. Whenever I try to bind my Facebook account it says that the account is bind on a different device. Please help me to restore my account as I've invested in this game.
It's not pay to win, I'm in top alliance and only one or two have spent more than $10. Collecting ships is better than training troops over and over just to see them die. Once the larger islands open it will get more interesting.
simple yet messy. Spend most of your time collecting "rewards" and upgrading your base. Combat is quick but boring since you have zero input during battles. This game is oddly similar to Guns of Glory. The game has promise but was not well thought out and needs a lot more. Most definitely P2W at higher levels
Game is OK but sometimes we have to reinstall the game and download it again to be able to play it. Please fix the bugs and I'll change the ratings when fixed thanks
Great game, very addictive and fun to play. One concern I have is that following the latest update I haven't been able to get in to the game, I click on the app but it just takes me to a black screen and wont load. Would appreciate it if you guys could fix this. Thank you you guys fixed it now I can go back to enjoying this wonderful game.
low quality graphics for 2019, gameplay is much different than I was expecting for a battleship game... yet another "upgrade your base" game
I spent the first 15 minutes clicking on the upgrades and claiming rewards and pointless tutorial. You need to improve on this nonsense and get the players straight to the point of the game, which is battling.
Really Nice game... can you make concept game like battle tank it will be great, and please keep this game alive...
The App stopped working this morning, refuses to start which is really killimg me right now.. Guess you still need to fix some major bugs..
Nice! This is all i need to play this, being able to play, and login! No more is needed (wElL, mAyBe Cv'S pUt In NoN fLaGsHiP sPoTs)
great game,i enjoy playing it,very much,i would just add 2 improvements: 1 more small and medium islands,and to increase the strategic value of these and 2 i disliked the fact that i can just deploy a Carrier or a Battleship,3/2, 3 BB 2 CV 2/3 2 BB 3 CV as Highest level of deployment and the highest obtainable Strategic Formation would be a nice addition to the game,oh and 12 as highest Star level,but im grateful for the game you gave us all in all its a nice game!!!!!
I pre-registered in the hopes of a game that can triumph over rise of kingdoms pay2win scheme...but alas I am met with despair. The graphics are sub-par. Tutorial is very basic and the interface is cluttered. No freedom for the player to evolve as everything feels monotonous. I checked out the store to see what it was like... I instantly decided this game is just something for people to waste their money on. If you are f2p trust me you will get bullied into oblivion by not just whales but seals!!