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Emma's Journey: Fashion Shop

Emma's Journey: Fashion Shop for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Promedia Studio located at Basarabi 11A, Constanta, Romania. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love this game. Please I have finish playing it, when is the update coming. Looking forward to more pleasant surprise.❤️❤️❤️❤️. Please can you recommend any other games design by you please 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭
But! There re only 65 levels. You guys need to add more levels, more story and let her have her now malls where she becomes the managers ND have workers doing her job while she handles her family by getting married
I give 3 stars to this game because I played 23 levels but when we try to play 24 level .... We can't play ..... What is this nonsense ... 😵🤷 Therefore I give 3 stars otherwise I give 5 stars ... Plz solve this problem 🙏😠
Super happy with the game! Like what one of the comment, the game was similar to another developer's game. The story is nice and simple which gave the game a more relaxing vibe. Some stages are challenging, while the other are easy enough to let you have a way to catch up with the earnings. The targets are challenging but realistic. The only issue is that when you try watching the ads for the items, it keeps on telling you that there was no ad available. Not a big issue though... Thanks Devs!!
I really like this game...it's so perfect. I hope it has more levels where we can see Emma own a shop, get married, have kids and all. I just wish this game never ends.😍
Cute game but aftwr one level it doesnt play anymore. It just keeps showing an ad and the n the same cutscene over and over.
I love this game but when I came to level 50 I had to watch an ad everytime I finished a level. That's just not enjoyable. That's why I rate it only 4 stars 🙂
This game is wonderful..I love it so much..please bring new levels I am waiting from 6 days..plzz come up with new levels soon..❤.... plzzz bring the new levels fast.. I have played all the new levels also I also love them....but plzz bring more levels I can't wait..I love this game❤❤❤
I completed all level and how there is no more levels and they are showing me the Arrow so how I play this game now but it is very nice game
The game is wonderful and very addictive I'm impatiently waiting for the next season or episode hoping to fine bigger and nicer shops with more that 100 new levels cause I played this one in 3days not bcs it's easy but bcs it's addictive Remark: In the Story line when the boss in the 3rd shop promises to increase ur Salary I was expecting an increase so I hope the developers will work on that Thanks
Nice game but needed more levels I updated the game and I got more levels . But the story doesn't finish. But that's ok.
Enjoy the game,only complaint I have is no boosters.to help you with the levels. Wonderful game though.like the storyline.
This app is amazing it's fun but I wish you could pick what you wanted to say if you guys fix that issue then you get 5 stars
It was a good game I finished all the levels , I wish the second part would come soon and exciting love stories 👍👍👍
Really it is a great game..really This game like real life..when i get spare time i play this great game...this is not 5 star this many many stars game😘i really like this game very much..please install this game..i want to say i want this game part 2,3,4 and many levels..😊😊I LOVE THIS GAME
It is so cool.I think it is great for me.I love it,but one thing:I don't like the shop Zaza.It is too fancy and hard to me.I don't want it.Remove it,and I will give you five stars.
Best game ever i love it but i want you guys to do one thing for me.I am done playing all the 65 levels can you please add more levels to it because i don't like repeating what i have already played so please do this for me because i want to see how emma will run a wedding store please please add more levels
I really like the game at first play then already loving it while playing each levels but im frustrated now because i can't even play at level 53 because it says i need to watch ad before opening the said level but when i click yes to play the ad it always says no available ads! 😭😭 Why is this happening?? I'm willing to view every ads but it just won't because there's no available?? C'mon! 🙄😭 How can i continue playing now? 😭
It's a good. Game. But the pics of products is too small sometime u can't see it properly,that whats the color.
I like this game but I give you four stars because this game has only few levels so you want to make more levels I love this game.
I like this game but what makes me disappoint os that when you reach level 50+ you'll need to watch ads first before u can play. And the ads does not show up. It's really frustrating
I love this game. It's really cool and amazing. I wish this could never end. U guys should add more levels to it so that it will be more fun and sweet❤️🥰😘 U can also add Indian clothing, Mexican, American, etc to it so that there can be more levels to play. And also when we buy two 👗, u guys should put the two 👗 in the game and not one. Thank u🌹
Very very amazing game this is very interesting game and also better then other games. I am giving it 5 stars because it's very amazing. Everyone should download this. But, please increase levels and 1 problem is this that every round you have to buy items. In other games once you buy it's available on every levels. So fix that. ♥️💜
The best game have ever played I rated it four star cause have been having problem with gatting a sticker in chapter 1(dats is in level 3 and level 9) Have played does level thousands of time but no stickers Please kindly fix dat And i would also like if u make d levels more
This game is cool nw the coins are little plz put more and the ads dont play put i have data bt its saying no network connection
Everrrrrrrr......fav.....game for me.....its sooooo awesome..i really really love it...even i m mad in this game... No words ti describe abt it...that much my fav it was... The one who create this game...the whole credit goes to him/her. Thank u
Great game but some levels won't allow you to reach 3 stars no matter what you do. In fact customers get angry too quickly and Emma does not seem to move quick enough to prevent that. This happens even with all the upgrades bought.
I love love love this game. Its an amazing game. I just hope it never ends and you guys continue adding more levels. I hope we get to see her married, pregnant and having kids while pursuing her fashion dream. Thumbs up guys. The game is wonderful.😘
I enjoyed it while it lasted,but it has taken forever for update to continue, which is not encouraging
This game is very much good.. I loved this game so much.... But there are only few levels so I would like to request the editors to give some more new levels as soon as possible please...
It a great app and you can even log in your achievement love it so much I can't stop playing it girls you need to download this game thumbs up for the people who made it
I so much love dis game is fun to play with but it would have been more fun if emma has to compete with someone in a fashion show
This is one of the interesting games I have installed and I like it very well but I suggest the coins given must be increased in every level and also , pls add one person to either collect the money or pick up the items needed for the customers . I can't wait for the continuation of this game. I like this game 👌 keep it up.
It's cute but it takes a long time to earn coins. These kinds of games don't typically have ads unless you request it to earn something. So, I am surprised it has them. Not sure I'm going to keep it for that reason because it's very time consuming and I'm not going to pay to remove them. So, it's meh. Nothing uber special about it that stands out for me. They won't be adding more levels anytime soon either. Not worth it.
I like your game but i won't give 5 stars till you fix second part on board how can i play if only one story with three stars its doing better now thank you
I just loved this game.. Everything is too good. I really enjoyed all the levels of this game. But I think there should be more levels, 65 is too less 🙃🙃 plz increase levels 🥴
Wow wonderful Game it ends at 65 but I request to game authority that they expand it more before ending of January
Wow it's really good,i really love this game I so much love this game as a new day the setting everything is perfect I love it, please how can i get the continuation
I'm really loved this app..... because it was truly ..... It's an amazing app.... please develope some more levels.... I'll finish 45 levels....and it'll be ubcoming levels to end it.....so I'll need more levels...bcoz I'll like it very much..... I'm really touched Emma's life story .....and they'll friendship and family and boyfriend and owners.....and really really really loved this app.... thank you for giving this wonderful app....... congratulation for your upcoming levels....
I rated it 5 stars because I really loved this game. However, I was sad when I finished the game it only has 65 levels and I finished them in 3 days 😭. Please add more levels it's an awesome game!
This game is a type of story game & this is amazing game I have experienced awesome game .But the problem is that when you go on level 51 the game asks watch an ad to play the level I am watching a ad to play a level but on 2nd (52) level you find no ads please manage it because I love this game & I wanted to play more levels☹️ thats not satisfying.
Pleasantly surprised! I play a lot of these types of games & I wasn't expecting this. The story line could use a little work & the in-game conversation shouldn't just play out without the user being able to "click" to indicate they had read it. This caused me to miss some of the story. I liked the theme song. Overall, I loved it, I think you really have potential & I'm looking forward to the next one. I really wish you would consider making these games for PC, too, if you don't already.
I rate this game 5 stars because its so awesome we can play levels without using any internet connection it has its cute story ..i have notice that the cartoons that you have use was like Game house original series but it is different from it thats because what ive mention before..im so glad you create it can you create more games ?dont just focus on creating fashion games because there are so many topics and games that you can create just like game house original series .
It's very beautiful game....I liked it soo much😃....waiting for more levels to come....it will become more interesting if u will add more levels.......this game is such an interesting game🙂
This game is perfect. I love playing this game. I enjoy playing. Honestly you won't get bore playing this game . If you will download this game i swear you will love it. But please add some more levels please please . This is my humble request.
Great game! Fun and easy time mgmt skills. Just want more levels! 😅 also im unable to get 3 stars in levels 17 & 43 like no matter what I can't get them WHY 🙃 other than that great game❣🤗
So far so good 🦄🦄🐶🐱 for any problems I will reduce my Stars can we get more levels it's been a while and a really long one please fix this misunderstanding
At first I played this game I was addicted to it. it's offline, appropriate for kids and also free and when you play online you very rarely get any ads. I just wanna know when is Emma's journey 2 gonna come out can you tell me please 🥺
Its a nice a time management game!! You get to pick your merchandise, which is awesome, and that adorable puppy!!! Great game!!!
This is very, very very ,very bad game 😠😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😾😾😾💢💢💢💢because when I reach in level 24 it was not opening I try more then ten time then also it was not opening 😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😠😠😠👿👿👿😾😾
This game is so fun to me it have everything a girl will dream of having. A game about your every dream that have came true on a game it's my dream come true.
Absolutely love this game! Challenging levels and great storyline, looking forward to additional levels in the future!
Very impressive game but 65 level ke baad isme aage levels nhi ha that is very bad thing of this game 😔
I would give this game 5 stars but after 50 level it it demands a ad to continue every level I really think that this should be changed but leaving this topic this game is superb I just love it really good game Emma journey fashion trip I also think that in this game they should had put more characters which we can choose and journey fashion trip very good lots of love from me.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨😎😎😎 by the way I am critic so bye
Challenging the only thing is it should be completed to stop after a certain level and having to wait for it that's the only thing that I don't like about it
I love this game, it is the best fashion game that i know. i gave this game four stars because the levels are too short,i still love the game.
Wow! This was a amazing game I have ever played i don't have any words describe this game it was just amazing I loved it I have never played a game this much long still I am playing it frist I was done but again I have restarted
Amazing game. I passed all levels in just 2 days. I had a good time playing this game. But need more levels ASAP. Otherwise this game is awesome. Must download. 😊
Timeline is useless. It's not like user is machine. You guys should improve its timeline.. it's very annoying. All over the game is ok. A little less than expected.
I love this game but the last level is not so good it is very good but the last levels are opening with the ads and the ads are not opening so I'm starting hate this game
I REALLY LOVED IT!! I'm telling u, I rarely rate any app. But this one, I literally stayed up all night just to play this game. I love how we don't need to use any "energies" and I just love everything. I just wish we could change Emma's outfit. Anyway, good job guys! ❤️
I really like the game it was my favorite game but it is one problem it is only 45 level otherwise is ok and in new update it was one problem when I goes on level 51 he say was watch a video I turn the data he says Is not available plzz solve the problem this my favorite game
This game very very much interesting but I have one question that when will new levels come I am waiting for 3 days. It is only showing new levels will come soon. 🤔🤔😘🤠😷pls fast send new levels . I can't control myself to play new levels .pls fast!!!!
I really love this game and i already finish all the levels i hope theres another levels to play on, good job too....😘
I just finished the whole chapters of the game yesterday and my experience was good. The only thing that I think is a bit of a downside are the coins collected after a chapter. I would like to suggest to increase the coins in each level. I will be waiting for the next chapter, though. I didn't uninstalled it.
I rate this game 5 stars bcozits is so awesome we can play levels without using any internet connection it has its cute story🥰🥰.I really loved this at first it had 45 levels but you added 20 mors levels this made me happy. This app is very best app❤️❤️❤️
Could have given it five stars,i mean the game is awesome but when i reached level 51 it tells me i have to watch an add in order to unlock it but when i press the add icon it always says"there are now adds right now please try again " and my wifi connection is very secure and strong so if this problem isn't fixed I'm goin to uninstall it
I like the game, but there doesn't seem to be instructions on what tye magnifying glass is for & how to win with it.
Just finished first shop and so far I'm liking this game I love game house time management games was surprised though that you don't have to buy this one like you do the rest
Its very very nice game plz don't stop updating this game plz don't end this game.plz update now plz I play all game can't wait for updating. Its the first game I play and not delete, because whenever I play another games that was not fun in that games, but when I download this game I was happy with this plz update this game again and new levels plz.
i love this game so much.. i have finished all 65 level but unable to play more !! when more levels are coming??? Eagerly waiting for them to play again
It's wonderfull game...unlock new stage how long time????? 31/12/2020 It's wonderfull game..... unlock new stage how long time????
I'm done with levels 1 to 65, now I can't wait to move to the next level. Please update new levels now. Thanks!😊
I use this app for only two days and I love this app feature and quickly come to review this app I love this app really.
this is an amazing game but I want just 1 change in this game and that is there should be endless levels in this game otherwise this game is awesome. I truly hope that the makers of this game will see to the level problem.And I will really wait for the second part of this game. please also make the second part of this game. This game is truly amazing.I truly reccomend to try this game. Thanks.
This app is the best. Believe me it is amazing😍 but as for the new update ,you cannot open the level until you watch an ad but there are no ads available which means you cannot open that level😩😩😩.Please please please fix it .
The game is so amazing I really it....... thanks, but it has not ended....I really love to complete the game..... please do work on it..... thanks more levels plz
This game is so amazing. I done all levels and do much fun and I am now , reapeating this game again. Please come next ch 🥺please I am requesting with you .🙏
I'm giving this 5 stars because it a nice game at first it was tiring opening ads and stuffs but now my problem is I'm now at level 65 and can't go any further is that the end of the game?
Fun game. Good graphics low cost or no cost to play. Challenging but levels can be completed. Can't wait for new episodes.
I most like this game l given four star because the customer's are angry quckily and Ilike this game because this game has many levels i like games which have many levels you most make Emma's journey 2 i will most paly Emma's journey 2 i hope like Emma's journey 2 game
I completed this game.. I love this game.. so relaxing and nice fun story inside.. besides this is a free game and no ads are popup in screen..please make this game much more longer.. love and respect to your team..
It's a veryyyyyyy nice game !! I loved it !! I was sooo bored and I searched whole play store and finally I got a very nice game !! And now when I have passed in all of its levels, now I am giving it 5 stars because it deserves 5 stars. And I wanna request please make its 2nd version also
What is wrong with the game? I was on level 30. It started me over to level 1 again. I enjoyed the game, but I may have to uninstall, if this keeps happening.
I loved this game but the problem is the there is no level after 65 so plzz level up.. It's a request 🙏
Awesome game, love the adventures Emma is cool too. But a problem, finished playing the levels and it says to be continued. But how.
I also liked this game. As the level increased so did the levels becoming very difficult ‍and the people also became very much and in this game the girl the dog is very sweet so as i wish ki the gsme has only 45 levely i wish that please increase the levels. Plzzzzzz..... 🙏🙏.
I love this game. It is too awesome but at level 51 it is showing to play this level you have to see ad and when i click on ad it is showing no ad available please try next time 😔
Superb, fantastic I love this game but the sewing machine makes more time to make clothes . And I will complete this game.