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California Escapades

California Escapades for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by NPOL GAME located at RM 19C, LOCKHART CTR, 301-307 LOCKHART RD, WAN CHAI . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not happy about this game constantly failing and freezing and not letting me return or get to the other places. Maybe it is my phone but, every other game works fine except this. I have to constantly leave the game and clear my cache. Games should be fun.. NOT ANNOYING
Love this game, but haven't been able to access it for 3 days. I have Uninstalled it multiple times and it will start to load then kick me out. Very frustrating as it started doing this before the event ended so I was not able to finish.
Yesterday my game just stopped loading. Been playing for a long time now. Could you help me get it back up and running. The repair function can't finalize, because the game kicks me put after a few seconds.
Love love love the game , build your dream farm . Realistic animals and farm houses and stores . So glad i picked this game to pass my time . Have fun putting the dairy and bakery, and sawmill, the factory and many many more buildings where you want them. Its your farm..i enjoy it . And i know you will also .
Once they did the latest update couldn't play the game kept getting thrown out sad liked the game when was able to play so am uninstalling it unfortunatly
I like playing the game. But it freezes it up at the loading part and it kicks you out in the middle of a doing buildings. Then when you go back in when it lets you. You lost all the minerals you had for that building.
This game is great however your pop up islands are getting too complicated and large for the time given to achieve them, I spend money weekly and I feel that the 6-7 days you give to do the pop ups requires to spend and spend, I'm only half way through the latest one and it shuts in 2 days and it feels as if I've wasted money for nothing and that I'd be better off spending it on other games, pleaseake the pop ups a lot smaller and a little easier to complete.
Reported issue 6 months ago wherein game constantly disconnects if you leave game without constant movement for even 1 minute then "Network Error, Reconnecting... please wait". You have to close game out and restart which is VERY annoying as game is slow to load. This is a problem with original coding as it's done from beginning of playing game!! Also, the amount of memory this particular game (uses 6.0+ GB) is outrageous! Leaves no memory on tablet or phone for anything else!! Please fix!!
The app will not load all the time. It is running really slow!!! Everything takes extra effort to make it happen. I can't just hold down something to move it, I have to hold it for a second before I can drag it. All the actions take more time and effort! I don't know what happened to it since the last update, but it ddfinitely is different!
Okay this game is really starting to bother me... #1: In order to get ahead it's apparent that one must spend $$ and that's Not going to happen with me. #2: There is Never enough 'Energy or Hammers" needed to complete a task unless you are either spending $$$ ****** I just LOST MY GAME AND WANT UT BACK. IM REDOWNLOADING BECAUSE I CAN'T ACCESS MY ID HEEEEEELP PLZ!!!
I love this game! But they didn't optimize it, so I had to uninstall it. It took up 1.23 gigs of storage at level 15 and was just getting bigger. The tech support rep I chatted with said that they were getting ready to optimize the game, so I'll reinstall it soon to see if they have. When they do, I'll rate it five stars again.
Earning money and energy is way too slow which make the game play boring and slow. Amount of energy required to clear the field is very high making it difficult and slow, coins required to purchase goods and services is also costly, earning coins is difficult which is affecting the progress of the game. Everything takes extra effort in this game
Have been playing for months and quietly putting up with all thetimes it kicks you out mid game. I have spent a lot of money on this game. I emailed the suggested email, and they do not respond quickly, and are asking for info i cant get until they help me get back into the game. Failed to connect to server for a week now. I play other games with NO issues. I would not suggest playing this game,bc if you get hooked it is hard to get help when the creators don't help!!!!
I love this game. Very addicting. I would of gave 5 stars on everything but there are times when I go to play it and there is a network error and it has to restart a few times. Other than that it is a really good game.
love the game but not enough energy for the big amounts used to do everything. game was intended to make developers rich not for players enjoyment. hard to share because to expensive and long and hard to make products to share so team members r pretty much mute. township is way more fun and energy not necessary.
I like playing this game, I like the quests and the storyline. I would like to be able to trash tasks during the guild competition.
Love this game! I have been playing for a few months. This game is very good and I love it however, in my opinion it is very money consuming to advance at a rate that keeps you interested. I do love the events as they really help to advance at your home base. I think there should be some type of workers walking around or something because it feels very empty. I like the story lines and characters and i am always excited when i finally reach a new section of the game.
Only rated 1 star .you have way to many network errors every time I try to play all i get is network errors i have tried close to. 25 times to connect to your server but all i het is server error i give up.
Great game and I love playing it but for some reason now it says that it couldn't connect with the server. I uninstalled risking losing everything I built and reinstalled but I get the same problem. It's probably operator error! I would give it a 5 star rating if I could get past this and not lose my progress! Well I uninstalled and reinstall twice and I still have the problem IT WON'T CONNECT WITH THE SERVER. I don't want to stop playing the game but you're putting me in a corner. I spend more
Brilliant game, intriguing, no problems, always extra ways to make energy.THROUGHOUT!! New favourite game. I have updated Since Christmas and and I have NOT had any problems so far. Once or twice it stops in loading says no internet. , then it loads up with no problems. For those who have problems, delete the cache in the settings
Fun game, great story. Starts off slow, once you get things set up, it's a lot of fun. My only complaint, I can't walk away from the screen. The game locks me out after 2-3 minutes. Can't get anything to drink or even go to the bathroom. WTH?
After playing for a almost 1 year the game has become worse. Energy maxes out at 60 and it requires more energy to do anything. Bombs do less damage and I can not find a way to contact support. I will no long spend ANY money on this game, it's just not worth it. Sure this review will get the same form response as always......USELESS
I love the gave i would of gave it 5 stars but the game doesnt give you enough energy to play the game. Things you click on needs way to much energy for just one thing.....please add more energy to the game
I was finally able to buy the leather shop only to find out I need 84 paint (which you only get by using the port). It will take forever to get that much paint. It is difficult to expand the town and that is disappointing. The turkey level has been fun. If I buy the advanced pass, do I get to go back and get all the items from the first level on?
Everything was going good until this last update. Now game won't load even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
Very slow. Not able to advance as quick as I would like to. Stuck on home, going around the crops and animals, since started. Unable to go to other areas without getting stuck. !!!!! Has improved a lot. / Hate it when it goes off while playing at a good moment..... One problem is as I am working on this game, it switches off. So frustrating 😡 . How long will I have to put up with this?
Since installing the update, I can no longer access the game, it starts loading then kicks me off stating the game is no longer responding. Extremely disappointing as I'll lose my daily login run, plus unable to take part with the airship challenge and the new Christmas events 😡
Playing this game for a decent time now and there is a bug in hot Hill episode almost everything is empty you can see the entire roads and everything and yet the hidden treasure chest not appearing 2/3 is gone i managed to claim 1 clear all stage but can't find those museums chest anywhere unless there are out of the mapping zone (bugged out) tried to repair option 7 times and reinstalled twice and nothing things like that didn't happen in older version of this game only in this update itaccura
I love this game. The graphics are fantastic the controls are really simple and easy to use, and the gameplay and story line I absolutely love. All in all I would recommend this game to everyone including family and friends
Could you please fix your game, it won't let you open up the video's so I can use the parachute guy nor double up on the bonus stuff. I've been playing your game for a long time and have enjoyed it, except when it's not working right, please fix it. Thanks
Anytime I need to move from screen to screen, it locks up and I have to close the game and restart it. Super annoying.
I like the game but the time it takes to get energy is so frustrating. I have not been able to finish one side quest as of yet. And the time to make things is kinda ridiculous also
I have been playing this game for about a month or so. I was having a great time then it started not loading up. I have already installed and started over and it was fine for a week or more then right back to not being able to get it loaded up. Very frustrated with this problem. It's not my phone since everything else works perfectly! I may uninstall it for good!
Right from the beginning the tutorial and messages popping up from the characters talking are really annoying. You need to allow the option to skip the tutorial and cut scenes. It takes total control over the game, so you can't even access the settings to turn the music off until you click through the tutorial.
Thanks for the time that I could play your game I really enjoyed it, but after nearly a months battle to lock in I have decided to uninstall the game. One of the best games I ever played. ( Since I installed the update, the game keep on freezing, uninstalled it several times and reload, tried the repaired button, can not send you a help message. Please help.) This was asked 18 December 2020, and even after your advice and the new update it even get worse, I even tried different phones.
Fun Game very nice to play!, only issue after last update some buttons don't work anymore. Like the chest clicking on the right button. And trying to use the balloon with dynamite. Which is not nice, as it is very handy to be able to use those.
Absolutely love this game have been playing for years was so far until I had to get a new Gmail and lost everything I forgot my password lol duh me ha ha be over all this game is great and I would recommend to anyone starts off slow but gets ALOT better
I've been playing for about 6 months, it's a slow game, difficult to progress because energy is slow to regenerate. This past week I've been unable to watch any of the video ads, making things even slower. Please fix!!!!
This a great game but it needs more levels. Instead of focusing on there side levels, please make more main levels. The energy needs to go up to at least 100, what is given is just not enough. Also please lower the time frame it takes to make some things. I love this game but if these things don't have I will be deleting this game.
Nice story line and variety of activities. Great graphics. Sometimes the game plays out in ways to try to get you to spend money, but if you are patient and not hurried, you can make it through. My first time playing I spent a lot, now i just take my time. I have been playing over a year and still love the game.
love love love this game and the adventures that it takes you too the energy could be a bit better but am learning how to get it from animals that have been fed to the max all i can say is feed feed feed your animals
Since the update my balloon and treasure chest will not let me watch the videos to get my free stuff . very frustrated and have tried redownloading and no better. Everytime you update there is problems and would like this fixed. Same problem even though you said you fixed it.
Unable to go to other areas without getting stuck. !!!!! Has improved a lot. / Hate it when it goes off while playing at a good moment. One problem is as I am working on this game, it switches off. So frustrating 😡 . How long will I have to put up with this? 2.11. 20. I still get cut off while going from one area to another, very frustrating.! I have run out of ice where can I find some? I've had enough, it is getting worse... I can only stay on for a matter of minutes. Any more and I will go
Cool game. Sometimes glitches and you need to go out of game and restart. Game is always fun and interesting! AFTER UPDATING I AM NOW NOT ABLE TO GET INTO MY GAME!!! I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but it still will not allow me into the game! What is going on?
Better than other apps of this type. More room to expand home station so you can build a beautiful town. But so much to clear combined with exciting special exhibitions does mean you will have to be patient or spend real money to go faster.
I got logged out somehow and CAN'T log back in!!!! It asks for my email but tells me it's not correct. I AM FURIOUS!!!! I have been playing this game for months! Please fix!!!!!!!!!! I have been emailing back and forth for a week. All I want is to play. I appreciate your concern for my account, but the information they need is in the game that I cant log into!! Its a game, not NASA account! Ready to give up.
I enjoy this game but for the last couple months I have had issues logging in. My app loads and then closes. Need to fix whatever bug is stopping me from being able to play. I lost all my stuff 9nce before and had to start over. I won't do that again, so if it doesn't get fixed I won't re-download it
I really do enjoy this game, but like many others have commented it takes too long for energy refill and too much energy is needed to cut down bushes and trees. Giving us 6 or 7 days to complete some of the islands is not enough time to finish, for people like myself who have a full time job we probably only go on for an hour or so each evening so never get to finish all the tasks, and I'm really not willing to spend real cash on this game.
This game is great. I would give 5 stars except you run out of energy so fast and gave to spend money if want to complete any tasks. The number of materials to complete tasks is increasing so much that I have had to down grade my rating as I cannot spend anymore. I will continue to play but wish items and energy were easier to obtain.
Is anyone else having problems with this game since the new update,,,.........................Arrrgh whatever is going on with this game of late, so many bugs, not contacting to the Internet even when I'm close to it, slower than normal
Latest update screwed everything up. I can no longer even get into the game, which is frustrating cause I've been playing for months and have come far. Now I cant even get it to open just sits on load screen and when I try to press the little fix icon on loading screen I get nothing. Was a great game till this latest update, hope it's fixed soon. Galaxy s7 edge is the phone its played on.
Game lags horribly, building screens needs an exit button, starting energy is ridiculous (especially compared to how much is needed), timed events are impossible to not only finish but even to get halfway through, before buying new buildings there's not enough info provided and so you find that after too much time and hard work, you can't really use the completed building or you can't complete them (due to materials needed that are too hard to acquire), and hammers are extinct.
This is the most enjoyable game I've ever had. Graphics phenomenal, gameplay keeps you wanting more. Response time to questions and more fast and never leaving you with more questions.
The game is great. Only issue I have is mostly with updates. Either they take way to long to update or it causes the game to take forever for it to download each part of the game .
This is a wonderful game. I think it helps getting management and marketing skills. I love it! I see that others are not satisfied by this game, by the inapp purchases. I never spend money on games, so I don't know
Have been playing for quite awhile. Now balloons don't blow up, treasure boxes won't open without a gem. All has happened since the last update. Please fix this problem.
The game always has problems. Have to keep restarting games. It get very annoying. Network errors...network errors. Repeatedly. The little bit of computation packages don't make up for it either
Good game, but update to new version or exit, play is not smooth even though there is no network error. Slightly low energy. Can not sync your account even though you log into the game with facebook.Fixing the error is fine.............
I've changed my rating. Really like the updates. Makes the game more fun & interesting. Doesn't get so frustrating to finish cooking everything all the time. Still hoping for a well. Lots of us players really want that over the brewery & a few other buildings.
Better than klondike but it keeps crashing a right pain in the ass To long to wait for building materials I have two accounts that were lost through updates which I can't get back one was on level 39 so frustrating yet still addicted to it I got to get out more
I enjoy and love playing this game! It's very relaxing, challenging, fun, exciting and addictive 😊 I've spent a ridiculous amount of real money on this game, just to meet the achievements for the prize at the end of a challenge. Honestly, our real money investment into the game is much greater than the prize we win at the end. The balance is nowhere near worth it. Ive had to take a break 😕
It's a game, for adults or kids, and has a cuss words in the Thanksgiving/turkey land. Unacceptable. Uninstalled. Was at a fairly high level in game. Very crappy.
Since installing the update, I can no longer access the game, it starts loading then kicks me off stating the game is no longer responding. Extremely disappointing as I'll lose my daily login run, plus unable to take part with the airship challenge and the new Christmas events 😡 Edited 13/1/21: Gave them everything they asked for; ID no, photos of every stage of loading and what it says when kicks you off and nothing, still doesn't work, still can't play. I'd give a zero rating if possible!!
Very very poor. Game interface very slow and clunky not a patch on Klondike which is a vastly better game. Nearly impossible to get far if your don't use actual money to buy game coins. To progress I needed to buy a bakery building but didn't have any money. To get money I had to use the bakery therefore a real catch 22.Have tried the game twice on 2 different tablets and still rubbish. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Love the game.. played it for a while... Won't load on my android phone... Says no internet? It says failed to connect to the server
I would give this game 5 stars except for the fact that in order to finish quests in the time alotted you are forced to purchase jewels, which a lot of people cannot afford
The first time I played this game it was a lot of fun and you can complete the quest. You keep adding these new adventures for you have to buy stuff in order to get the quest completed and I'm not buying stuff so I don't really enjoy it nearly as much.
I really like this game. The only thing is I been playing this game for more than a year. I had problems with signing on. So I deleted the game then reloaded it. I didn't get back to where I was. I even asked for help and never got it. I playing from the start which I'm really upset over. I have brought things for the game. Since I had to start over I refuse to buy anything.
The only reason for a 4 is on your last update I lost my shortcut and couldn't get it back. I reinstalled which was successful with other adventure games but this one made start over. Pretty upset about it. Thank you for fixing the problem. Now it a full 5.
This game is fun, although I am a little disappointed that an android friend can't be friends with an apple friend. I have android and my mom has apple. Long story short, I got this game for the sole purpose of being able to enjoy a game together and visit each other's farms because that would've been cool. We live 2hrs apart, so I was really looking forward to it, til after we tried to add each other, only to find that android friends and apple friends are not compatible :(
it's a nice game, but I had to start over because the game kept stallinng with bluestacks, so I unstalled it thinking the game was going to put me back to level 16 and YES, I spent money on this game. I wish it would continue with my old game. also, I don't like that I don't know who I give a gift to. too many people. fix it so that I know who not to give a double gift to that week.
App no longer opens. Been like this for 3 days. Shows opening screen for awhile and then closes. Typical canned response from developers. Just fix your game instead of asking everyone to email you. Too many people with same issue as me.
The timing of the train makes it hard to play sometimes. My biggest dislike is the limit on gifts of 5 per day...not cool when you have more than 5 friends.. Update.... After 2 updates in the past 2 days game play is choppy and not running smoothly at all. It makes playing very hard to do. Frustrating at best.. UPDATE 2. I took back a star.. since last update the game has been too choppy to play. Next update, no improvement, will uninstall...
I seriously spend a lot of money on this game, which is my choice because I get so frustrated trying to complete a task. I would give it a five star if energy was not exhausted so quickly. There are way too many things to cut down or break that takes all the energy. After reading other complaints about energy, I see the same response I got "we will help you to check as soon as possible" What does that even mean?
Great game to pass the time. I play(ed) almost everyday. But I've noticed your "deals" are not much of a deal anymore. So I stopped buying them. Added... It's there any more levels than chapter 4? It won't let me go on after the last Island on chapter 4.
Since I updated, I can only go on to play for a couple, then kicks out, so I will be deleting today, I've played for almost 2 yrs but with all the glickes, its not fun anymore.
Love the game other then running out of energy real fast. It makes it hard to finish the challenges!!
So glad I discovered this game was my previous comment with a 5star rating but Im taking 4 down and now rating this game 1 star because of the disappointing errors causing my game not to open. The developers advice to me was to change my device and try to log in again... just like that... Disappoiting...very very disappointing!!!!
Been playing for a while and got into top alliance. Game decided to stop working so I can't even log on to say goodbye to everyone. Shame I liked the game but tried everything over last couple days and just can't get back on.
So disappointed have been unable to get into game for 3 weeks keeps saying cannot connect to server have spent money on game too contacted support and was told thanks for telling them they will sort it surprise have heard from them since it's a pity as really loved the game but if they treat customers like this then il find another game
Do not know what the hell is going on! I have been playing this game for 10 months. I have logged on everyday and loved it! I have spent a lot of money to support this game!! The last 3 weeks I can not get the game to stay on! I have to load at least 3 times and then can only harvest a few items and it logs out!! Please fix! I have invested a lot of time and money and do not want to uninstall.
I have been playing this game for about a year and since the Christmas update my game keeps crahing... I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but still same issue... I have uninstalled it for good... I will not recommend this game to anyone!!! So disapointing... And please stop telling everyone to gmail you!! Just fix the problems already!!
I think that your game is way to hard and you don't give out enough energy to complete the event. If this doesn't change I will be forced to uninstall the game.
The game won't even load anymore since this latest update. Live the game but if this continues I will delete the game
This a fun game with a great Idea behind it! however I have a Samsung 20 and it is an brand new phone ... this game is slow and crashes out constantly.Every time i watch a video I get the APP has stopped working.. whenever i move to a different section of the map I have to restart game at least 3x I am trying to stick with it cause it is fun and i love the old west and how easy it is to make things to get your energy up I just wish you guys had a computer version would make so much easier
Almost there... (5 stars) too much cover space to unveils and not enough energy to do it. Special materials needed to complete buildings that are not (so far) produce in special factories... Patient is required and lots of time to wait... Frustration to be managed...
Customer service! Can't open game. Says authentication not valid. Been doing this for two weeks. Can't contact through our usual conversation.Now it's been nine days. Still waiting for my game to be restored. Ridiculous! You have my id. And gpa. Why is the game kicking me off for. Just about done now. Waited too long. There are too many games out there to put up with this after I spent $85 on your game.
Unable to go to other areas without getting stuck. !!!!! Has improved a lot. / Hate it when it goes off while playing at a good moment. One problem is as I am working on this game, it switches off. So frustrating 😡 . How long will I have to put up with this? 2.11. 20. I still get cut off while going from one area to another, very frustrating.! I have run out of ice where can I find some?
Played for a few days now. And so far so good. It's not as anoying as some other free games I've played that try to bait you you in to buying your way through. I'm sure It will come later but at least they alow me to play enough to figure out weather I want to pay or not. Good game!
Update 8/20: won't open. Very sad. Was great for a while until it became almost unplayable. Support blames network and device. I've tried 4 different devices and 3 different networks without improvement. Basically, once you advance enough to have fun, you can't play anymore.
I try to press on things to play the game it wont do anything I even tried to reset the game and still nothing please get it fixed. I try to press on the balloon so it can blow things up and it does nothing..if it doesnt get fixed I am uninstalling it 😡😡😡😡
I love this game!!!! 60 seconds would be better for life charge and you need the option for a second chicken coop!!!! PLEASE!! Still no second coop. The problem is fixed THANK YOU!!!! This is a GREAT GAME!!!!!
My daughter and I started playing this game about a year ago now I have had to start it o er like 3 times not their fault it's all mine lol. But that shows you how much I love this game. Ya really gotta try it. It does start out slow but once you know what your doing ya just take on off.. good luck if ya do download
Every sence the last update I have not been able to get the game to load. App closes or just locks up completely. Love the game. Please fix this problem
Highly recommend it! It has become one of my favorite games,! The graphics are great, and the game play is engaging. My only criticism is sometimes the dialogue is a little lengthy.
Yay! Finally there are significant updates to the map! Now the developers need to make it to where players can purchase bulk energy instead of gems. Gems do not last that long and are a waste of money!
You wait way too long for energy to revive so you can play again. Or just spend loads of money. I can't stand games you wait forever to play again! I have no interest in a game you can only play for 5 minutes and wait for over a hour to play again! Ty
Love this game. It's my favorite. Being in a guild is so much fun. Getting to meet new people and help each other out is the best. Try this game and you'll be hooked!
Enjoy the game, but its constantly losing connection to the server. So I am uninstalling the game. It gets very irritating when your enjoying playing the game and the connection gets lost.
Really beautiful game, but sometimes it crushes, it goes black like my phone is off for few seconds and it takes me to my home screen. But in general I like playing this game. Well done.👍
Don't waste your money buying emeralds or packages Everytime it crashes which is often you lose what you've spent your money on it . I have played this game for a while and thank goodness I haven't spent any money on it. I am fed up with it.
This Game is VERY GOOD. You must try this Game. You will enjoy this Game. A lot of things to do...you can refill your energy in the Game too...there is a lot of ways to refill your energy...just use strawberry or eggs put in the pot. Only 1 day i install this Game and i already in Level 7...
This game is actually really fun, except after their last update, the game crashes during loading. Apparently a lot of people are having the same issue. Why should all of us have to contact support to get it fixed? I won't be playing anymore until they fix the problem they created.
This is a very fun game ....but....you get to play about 3 minutes and then you are out of energy so you wait and wait and wait for the small 50 you get...then you play 3 mintues and you wait again....not enough energy to play for any length of time....if more energy this would be a five star game easily
I love this game!!!! 60 seconds would be better for life charge and you need the option for a second chicken coop!!!! PLEASE!! Still no second coop. And guild members don't get credit for helping thier fellow guild members on the train and boat orders only the other people in the game that help you, that's NOT FAIR AT ALL, two updates since i brought it up in the help center, but no change!!!!? That is why the drop of 2 stars!!???
I like the challenges and how you build up your town the way you want it . I have been playing this game for a while now and still like it but 2 major issues . The ships that come in you should have the same option as the train to let it go even if you haven't filled it . The guild is not great most of the time its too hard to help people compared to other games such as township in that game being part of a guild is what makes the game fantastic. a few changes would make it fun and enjoyable.
I have tried a couple of other games similar to this one and they don't compare. Emma`s Adventure cleverly combines your competitive nature with the ability to design your own town and if you are looking for an adventure then you have surely found it! So what are you waiting for, try it, you will definitely like it!
It was a great game, until I opened it this morning. When I open my map , it freezes my game and I can't do anything. 8ssue was fixed and no problems since. Thanks
I am addicted. But sadly spending money I can't afford on it. Love the games concept just can't effort it. It's worse than been a gambler for me because iv never understood the gamblers problems. But now I think I do. The pull to play this game is extremely hard to resist and sadly my will power is none existent anymore. Keeps freezing an chucking me out of my game now
I have been playing this game for close to a year. I had to uninstall it a few weeks ago because I couldn't get it to load...I reinstalled it after a day or so because of all the time I had invested playing it. Now it is doing the same thing....Very frustrating!!!!! I love the game,graphics, storyline....but, come on.....🤬🤬
This game has amazing potential. There is a lot of bad grammar throughout the story line but I can overlook that. What I can't overlook is the fact that it takes over an hour to get enough energy to chop down TWO bushes. Either energy needs to restore much quicker or (my favorite option) stop making bushes consume so much energy. I've only played for a week and while it's fun, I refuse to dump money into it at the rate required to advance before I die.
EDIT: If I could I'd give the game 4 stars but there customer service 0. The game slowly fixed its self after literslly doing nothing but the games customer service or help department is useless. Back to my regularly scheduled addiction.
I really like this game. I love the detailed buildings and design. Best game graphics I have seen in this type of game. I just wish that there was people in the town that you could see working and walking around. The town seems so empty to me. Also it needs the sounds of people working, drinking in saloon, ect. Unfortunately the music is not right for this game as well.... it needs to be more Western style...like the town looks.
I am having issues with this game on my samsung galaxy tab 3, it keeps closing the game whilst playing or even before I've done anything. This is the only game I have on the tablet. If this is resolved I will increase stars for the review.
You have tasks to complete to earn rewards. Its a long slow game, and you definitely need patience! The developers often update the game which is good as there are problems at times There are events and limited time worlds to take part in, which adds to the game. Plus a great fb community for support I recently brought my game over to a newer device which wasn't straight forward, but the game play is much better and I get reward chests and can now double rewards something I didn't get before
my game won't load and I've been trying to log in for an hour now. the aircraft challenge I started expires in 6hours and I can't log in. FIX THIS PROBLEM! im getting tired of there always been problems with this game.
Editing my review. It takes too long for energy to refill. When the energy does fill you can only play for 10 seconds before you are out of energy again. Not fun. Uninstalling.
New release has a bug that gets you stuck in the treasure map. Not possible to move on. Unable to play at all
Love this game! It is not a pay to play game, but if you want to spend money they have special deals often and prices are reasonable and sometimes great deals. They offer lots of ads but you don't have to watch them but i suggest you do they give good rewards!
I have been playing this game for months, and really enjoy it. But this last month there has been alot of problems. It kept closing out, or not giving the right rewards. On 12/19/2020 I had to uninstall the game because it would not open, and now all my progress and levels are gone! All the time and money that I put in are now gone. I do not wish to start from the begining. I would like all my levels and progess back with no problems. Very upset and sad.
A great adventure, however, the charge to gain extra energy is costly and even though the game is interesting, the money I have spent and the more that is required to continue to play leaves me to play elswhere. I could buy this games outright and a PS4 station as well. After this level, I m closing this game down
Absolutely addicted to the game! Great story line, moves at a nice pace, lots of rewards for extra lives (? or power). Ability to play with others if you wish.
Since the update I have not been able to get into the game. I have everything to try to access but to no avail. I am fed up with and I quote Emma has stopped. I do like the game but if the problem can't be rectified I am uninstalling which would be sad .
This is a great game 👍 lot's of fun and I now have a fantastic team we all help eachother. The only criticism I have is you need Lots of hammers to build things like glass jars cos to make glass you need pipes?? But I still love to play this game.
Great graphics but way to expensive. Pros: Graphics of the game is superb. Game is so straightfoward which, makes it so easy to navigate. Cons: Earning energy is way to expensive. Yes, there is a free energy or coins to collect but it will take so much time before the player can accomplish the task and that makes it way to harder and uninteresting. Recommendation: probably viewing an ads coukd be a better alternative in gaining that free energy. That is more realistic and keeps the interest.
Great game, but im highly frustrated with it! Cant get on my farm again, this has happened to me before, after spending money on it too. Every time they go down for updating or whatever I get locked out , and when i could play could never join a guild challenge! Would just keep getting kicked off!!!!!
I like the story line but the game keeps freezing up and it's very slow . It could stand some up grading.
Since I installed the update, the game keep on freezing, uninstalled it several times and reload, tried the repaired button, can not send you a help message. Please help.
Enjoying playing the game. It's so addicting I'm going to have to set a timer. With the help of Emma's Adventures tech I no longer have error problems. I unplugged my router for about three minutes then plugged it back in. After getting back online, everything is running smoothly. In the future, I'll unplug and see if thar fixes the problem before driving the tech crazy with my router issues.
Nice storyline, great graphics, game play is very user unfriendly when it comes to energy. Minimum energy is way too low could be 100 at the very minimum not 50 when essential resources are between 24 and 80. Even making flour takes 3 minutes when it's an essential item which is way too longit would be better to only take 1 minute. I love this game but unless it gets improvements especially the energy, because playing this game in 3 minute increments makes it not worth the download.
I was having a hard time with freezing and game shutting down. I read somewhere a 32 Gig tablet doesn't have enough space. I now have a 64 gig tablet by Samsung and game is working great now.
Downloaded the update for the cupid adventure but didn't get it. Appreciate if this could be fixed, like now. Ty
Really like this game unfortunately last update stopped it working keeps saying client version out of date. All good now but one problem not enough special deliveries nearly everything needs metal and you don't get enough hammers to make things ☹ great another bug now balloon explosives and mystery chests don't work dropping another star 😡
Fun game put in over 100 hours my only issues are you have to wait an hour for some items to be made your energy gets used up very quick and boat,train,and market take 5-6 hours to replenish its addicting but also very easy to buy gems to get more energy/speed things up
I been playing for long time support is nonextistence but dumb computer response which does no good in solving issues. They want you to make dresser but it take 4 glues each i currdntly need 8. No W they tied them to guest so i need 4 for that second have tied to first. Now i cant move forward because i have to do first quest first cant get glue. Im A disabled vet cant afford coins and gens .
I enjoy the game. The thing that makes it hard to play is the food for the animals disappear but they are really still there. It makes it had to know if you need to buy more food or not. The only way you can tell is when you place new food and it says you cannot place it there but you can't see anything there.
If I could I would rate 0 stars!!! The last few weeks at least once a day there is a auto repair. Now with the new update today 28 September 2020, the game does not even open! WHAT THE HELL?????
I enjoy playing the game... Some of the New adventers are easy as well as hard.... But its a game for me to escape for a couple hours...