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EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Promotion Software GmbH located at Karlstrasse 3 D-72072 Tuebingen . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At my level right now, i literally have 14 units to train with 5 level each. THAT'S 70 TIMES TRAINING. AND THE TRAINING CENTER CAN ONLY TRAIN ONE UNIT AT ONE TIME??? NOT TO MENTION THE WAITING TIME. Please make it so i can train multiple units at one time
Loving this game! Issue on "Terrorists attack at the airport". Everyone is leveled up, but bombs to defuse never show up... even after killing bad guys. I can't pass it without being able to defuse the bombs. Thank you for your quick response! IT emailed correct answers... don't shoot the terrorists. Excellent game, I've played for months!!
Done update now keeps saying connection error 4500 then lose progress of task completed can't upgrade units and now won't even load as keep getting connection error after 5%
Most of the time when the mission is finished.. It will show connecting to server and nothing will happen. We will loose the coins and again have to play the mission
This is a good game but to upgrade things and units are too expensive and also could be more realistic
I like this game alot but 1 big drawback is : on a mission the game decides how many units need to attend the case. I have 2 paranedic teams, and if i decide that it would be benefitial to call for the 2nd team to come out the game will not let you do it. I want to be in control and make that decision how many units i want to attend. Not the game deciding for me. I am addicted to this game so that says alot that i love it. Just that unit control system needs to be inproved.
Overall I like the game. A few points are annoying 1) firemen would pull victims to safety for doc if near fire 2) paramedics would go over with the doc ready to take the victim/patient to hospital 3) police car and ambulance should leave as soon as they have someone in the vehicle 4) upgrades for buildings from lvl3 is too high so take to long. EDIT: Once you reach lvl 5/6 you start to earn enough to upgrade etc quicker, but still expensive to upgrade HQ. Given additional star.
Super fun game but the upgrade times have made me delete it. 400 to 700 grand and a day to up grade to level 4. The mission you complete might make you 4, 5, 6 grand a mission. So now it takes 5 or 6 days to save enough to upgrade to level 4 which takes a while day. Plus, theres mission that show up for the next level which does nothing but spend your gems for a week. (If thats the upgrade you're planning next)
Fun game. But when to upgraded my hq. Wait for 3 hours. No upgrade. Had to collect coins again. And then upgrade again, server connection failed. Fixed this please. Thanks
Dont waste your time even downloading this failure, with the new update it still crashes at the same point before the update ....huh what a joke. simply...it wont work no matter what you do. how did they get a high rating in the first place I wonder.
Game is unplayable!!! My game is full up with game dollars. They've just introduced the winter Market setup. Lo and behold all you can buy with dollars is one item. Everything else has to be bought with blue tokens. Why not make it easier to spend dollars? There is no point in me playing to earn dollars that I can't collect or spend. This game has become a complete joke. They don't read reviews either.
I loved this game and it's always my favorite. But a few days ago i can't seems to connect to the game when it restarts at the loading screen all the time even though before it happens was a few hours ago. I have been reinstalling the game multiple times and same issue. I installed it on my other device but it works (haven't continued yet) so i'm wondering if there is something wrong. Edit. I've tried on my other device and it seems to only affect certain people with accounts.
I have been playing since september 2020. After the update, the gems are harder to get.. and keep getting missions that I dont even have equipment for.. why should I spend 5 gems, that are hard to get, for a mission I cant do? Everything cost alot, game coins, but still. If I have to keep skipping missions bc no equipment, then, how do I get enough coin
I wish the graphics were better even if I zoom all the way in the graphics still appear to be far away
Love it but Can't pause the game. Restarts 20 thousand times a day. Sound control is fixed. Now I can play during a boring meeting but I wish I could pause to answer a question.
You should make it to where you use cents, not thumbs-up, to upgrade the canine unit. Also, please make things cheaper and not so expensive, as they are now. Also, can you create missions based on what we have rather than what we don't.
I love this game! It's fun and makes you think, sharpening your strategizing abilities. My only complaint is please stop giving calls that I don't have equipment for yet because it bugs me to spend emeralds for no reason, especially when the replacement call is usually a low paying one. Thanks!
It's a fun game. Let's face it, mobile games pray on impatient people to make them pay to make things instant. This one does. But if you actually wait it is a fun game. There are a few bugs like in every mobile game and there are hard levels like in the real Emergency games. It isn't for everyone but I recommend at least trying it.
Great game! Agree with comments from some of the other reviews. Very good game, enjoy the different missions. Something to improve would be when a doctor heals another doctor, it restores the doctor so they can continue treating patients and fire fighters being able to pull casualties away from burning buildings. Other opportunities to earn coins would be good too.
The game is a great piece of software and is an awesome concept. Where 85% of games are about killing something, this game is about saving people and property. It helps the player understand and think about life safety, hazard mitigation and protection of property. I wish there were more like it. There are a few glitches with the sprites. I watched a tow truck drive over the ambulance, victims and firefighters. A few tweaks should fix that. Otherwise a fantastic concept and game.
The game itself is a good concept, there aren't many control type games that put you in charge of first responders. However two points I will bring up is the fail states and level difficulty. The difficulty makes no sense, why is the same housefire mission all of a sudden too difficult for my firefighters and water tenders? Just doesn't make sense if you think about it. For fail states, NPCs need to be treated as more side objective or have a limit on them, i.e. "failure if this many people die"
I like the game even though I'm not that far into it yet. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because almost everytime you finish a mission a disconnection or error happens and it restarts the game and loses your progress.
I was really enjoying the game until now. It says I need to upgrade beforei can play and I won't finish uploading. Gets to 60% and no further. I wish you could get this fixed. The game has been under alot of maintenance lately so I would have thought this glitchyness would have been fixed. Thank you.
Now that I have been playing for a bit. Im getting to know more each time. You can pause while you in the middle of a mission. I still think its expensive to buy diamonds and expensive to upgrade buildings. Will it be possible to make it cheaper.
Great game, the biggest problem I have is the almost necessity to have a team to request extra support from to handle larger missions. The teams I join typically become inactive and thus there's no way to handle the big missions. It's would be nice if you could add more units then we currently can upgrade to help circumvent the lack of consistent multiplayer.
I rated 5 stars everything is good though but please make missions free to play as of it takes more coins rather than that some times game crashes please work on it in the middle of mission game crashed
Really good game. Very easy to progress without have to spend actual money. Up until today it worked fine 90% of the time, but since todays update, it keeps freezing in the middle of levels, so i cant continue and i loose all the money ive spent in that level which is really annoying. *edited to say this is no longer a problem. Thank you for fixing. Back to enjoying the game. Rating changed :)
I really enjoy this game, although the biggest draw back is how expensive everything is. Your bank can only hold 8.4 million and it costs 3.5 to upgrade your helicopters and 3 million to upgrade the swat unit even using your diamonds to buy coins doesn't really benefit when it costs millions upon millions to upgrade one building. Great game but again the ingame economy doesn't really make sense for what it is.
Since they have changed the emerald's from every 15 minutes, to pretty much every 24 hours, I can now turn on my ad blocker! I was checking in every 15 minutes to get my emeralds, but now I can have my ad blocker Dns66 on to go about my day. The game is good, the best part is you don't have to pay to win.
Unable to play freezes after loading up and starts video for free coins and uses data then kicks out and have to start again. Using data everytime is getting expensive πŸ˜‘ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜ͺ
Great game, minor issues. Lately the game keeps freezing up. Love this game, and would give it five stars if it didn't keep freezing on me.
Time passing game, addictive trying to beat best times. The amount you get after each deployment and off of buildings is appalling compared to how much you've got to save up.
I used to be able to watch the adds on this game for the gems on first click now its gone to ten gems even when the time is gone and the add is ready for watch it won't let me so i now have lots over 150 gems and this game is lagging like mad
Poor costumer service. It says Connection error everytime i open it. Your game keeps on restarting. πŸ‘Ž Ive email you but you dont reply on my emails. Shut down your game. Your not funny. Waste of time to start this game. Then suddenly the game crashes everytime youve open it. Booo!
The game was awesome with the music and the pleasent voices of the characters but they have really screwed up this all in the latest update which is making me annoyed. I will wait for couples of days if they doesn't change it better I uninstall it and move on as I cannot play this game without music
I saved coins from challenges for the Fireboat Dock. 670,000 coins. Purchased it..went to place it ...had to clear a spot for it. Went to add it..AND ITS GONE COINS TOO. Whats up with that. Sent message to support...nothing... Waiting to see if they will do anything. You would think their Support people can check this and verify it. But nothing from them..so far.
Its ok, but once you hit the maximum level it becomes samey and mundane. Not enough new missions, no longer able to upgrade any units, in desperate need of an update that isn't just another oktoberfest theme.
Is there an issue with calibration since the last update? Clicking on items misses the mark completely. It happens during a mission as well as at home base.
I love this game. The issue I have is that it shuts down on me randomly or the mission doesn't send the resources needed to complete the mission. When I contacted support regarding these issues, I was told that they do not provide support to the system I use which is a new Chrome Book (it is considered a tablet). I informed them that was a ridiculous response since it allowed me to download the game and it also allowed me to pay real money for the game. I got no response from that.
The game is nice, you need to think how to finish each stage in the fastest way, but four missions every time is not enough I wish for more, plus once you upgrade everything it start to be boring
the game is kept on crashing. I able to finish the mission but when I'm done the game crash. This happens after the October fest update.
Its a nice game with nice concept and every thing in game is best but one thing is there which i think should be modified that is when we remake the base of HQ and shift the buildings it takes alot of time please make it easier so that it take less time other than that the game is at its best .
EDIT: Due to the recent update, it isn't possible to listen to music while playing, due to the volume of the in-game music which can't be adjusted. Please give us audio controls! -------- My only complaint is how difficult it is to make a firefighter do something. Instead of sending him back to the truck, waiting for him to get there, then giving him an order, it would be nice (and more realistic) to give a firefighter an order then have him go back to the truck on his own and fulfill the order.
Love this game.. But, please hope we can do many missions with unlimited time or maybe give 10 mission, before this can do only 4 mission, and must wait till new mission appear
Being a fireman myself, I really enjoyed the game. The rare calls are thrilling. The seasons are fun to play. Here's my 2 cents in order to improve the game to be more user friendly; being able to choose siren(two-tone/wail/hi-lo etc) for each appliances and their blinker colour(blue/red/red&blue) to be more realistic and worldwide friendly. And create building mode where can erase our base in order to design a new layout with new bought antennas or monuments etc.Thanks,and keep up the good work
I like the game overall.....just not that it gives you situations you can't do due to not having requirements then we have to use diamonds to get rid of it, especially since it takes longer to get coin to upgrade the higher level you are.
It was a good game, but now it gets stuck loading at 9%. I already tried to uninstall and install again but still did not work! I've spent money in the game and can't play anymore! 😑
I have restarted thus game at least 4x vs. the number of times I have played it. You always get an error message which restarts your game. The problem is you lose the coins you used for the mission. Imagine buying something and losing it in a second because the app forced to restart. It's not worth downloading. Find something else to play.
Reasonably realistic, upgrades are achievable without spending real money but may take a little longer. Realistic also in that you have to tackle tasks in order of priority and risk to exposures. Vehicle placement is very random and at times very unhelpful. Lastly the loading errors where it freezes up at whatever % that occur periodically at startup requiring you to exit out and restart before playing are irritating. HOW MANY TIMES MUST YOU UPDATE YOUR APP DANG.
A good game. However game kept crashing, so i uninstalled it then re installed it only to be sent back to the very beginning of the game. I was previously level 46, with all buildings and all crews up to level 350. I had 998,000 coins and over 2000 gems all lost. Im not happy. Update: Thank you so much to your support team. My game has now restored to its former glory, and game play can continue.
I love this game, but I'm very disappointed that there is no save. my game was continually crashing, so I uninstalled the game and re-installed it, but I've lost all of my game progress.
As an ex military member, I love the variety of saving people in the numerous missions, the game play is great and can be challenging at times, youre always busy. Great time killer. Keep up the great work on your game and continue to keep updating it, youve really made a contribution to the playstore with this one. - Brandon
Just downloaded update, getting no joy accessing the game.. error 379, restart of device has made no change to my problem. I enjoyed the game, but if I have to reinstall and lose my progress, I will not bother starting over..
Good game but the loading problem in game, it taking too much time to open the game, I hope u can solve that problem.... Anyway good game
Gameplay is good but takes forever to get enough coins for upgrades. You should either lower the upgrade costs or award more coins per completed mission. Getting units upgraded can take ages as well. Also, how do you visit other players bases? Other than that, it's a good game.
Very very good game. But there are two problems. After I updated the game yesterday, the app crashes atleast 2 times before I can actually play a mission. Please fix this. Also, I can't see any videos in the simulation center after updating the app. Whenever I click on okay video, the app just crashes, Just like that. Please fix this, and it will be the easiest 5 star ever.
I want to give 0 if i can.Connecting issue even i am connected to a high speed wifi. 104-Error shows and restart. Before this update it happens once but now it happens every time i start the game in one day and game automatically restart. If not solved i will uninstall. Building upgradation is too much time taking and costly. Who will wait 96 hours to complete a building? I had already mentioned the error code and all things that i can give about it.
Problem with the server. Keep resting.the problem get back again. Stalk on 9% not loading .please fix the server problem .the player seems more than server capacity. Hope you will fix it
All the buildings are way too expensive.. I have to keep playing the same games over n over to collect enough to buy a new building or upgrade one..
This is a amazing game It's epic you get to have a strategy game and you get to have fun the only issue is that I think the build time is like a few hours too long when Ur level hq 4 and 5 but over all good game
Good game love it, but always Server problems and thats why forced to repeat the mission over again and again. My fiber connection is super fast, just the server super slow as you can read in many comments. How can you expect making money with it, if you don't fix this simple issue that is there for a year now or longer?
Just installed - no mention of any server issues on any social media platforms or website, but app says they're doing maintenance. Useless developers with no communication skills. What's the point in advertising a game on Facebook that is broken? Honestly - I don't understand a company who perform maintenance on servers but don't notify users - that is poor. Very. Poor.
I love the game but its stopped working for some reason. I have deleted the game and re-installed it and still only loads to 5% when I try to open the game.
Awesome game. However, many reviews were right. Waiting time between emergencies are too long. I think half the time should be much better.
There is connectivity issue with server. Every time after completing my mission there is server issue. In that I am losing my points (coins), trophies. This is not acceptable. Very poor game for connectivity point of view. Game is lagging.
This game is very nice and the graphics is very good for me also the controls is very easy. But i have a little problem if you upgrade your buildings you need more coins also if you buy in store like buying a radar or some medic/fire helicopter is very expensive you need 99emeralds. Maybe you lower the emeralds a little more. And also maybe you can add more flags becuase i am from philippines so that i can fell more enjoyable playing this game. But i'm still giving you a 5 stars.
I have been playing this game for a few days now and it's hard to see what vehicles I need in the missions when I click on a response badge I can't see what I need the words are so tiny and I can't read them even in the support missions if possible me know when you get this
This latest update is a freaking joke! I'm all for new content or updates to audio or visual, but in an actual emergency scene, if someone answered "what's up" when being assigned a task by the incident commander, heads would roll. Why not use actual fireground/emergency scene language? You know, like professionalism when being assigned a task, instead of "what's up?"
This is a solidly good game, however I would like to see the developer improve on the controls of the units. You should be able to position the units freely, not just when they have an action. For example: let me put the stretcher next to the medic instead of waiting for the medic to be finished. It wastes time and isn't realistic. Overall, it's a really fun game!
So I just downloaded this game, I read other reviews and it seemed like a very good game. I like it so far, but there are some things worth taking a look at, for one, I have to reload the game when it stops loading. The graphics are great at the begining and I think the developers did a very nice job with that part. I also think that the reward should be more for completing a mission because of the call price. Thats just my opinion though, I think other people would like it as much as I do.
Game works some of the time, constantly getting error 4500. I have great internet, but you never know when you will lose your mission and the game won't start back up.
Error 379 is coming up from the morning. Fix the bug Still after so many days the problem is still there Have email the team but no response
Good game still freezes and crashes but not as much lately. Yesterdays update is horrible in the voice affects. Females voice sounds foreign now and unclear voice audio. The male voice for the police officer sounds like he is high on drugs πŸ˜†. The previous sound was way way better.
I've enjoyed this game so far. Graphics are really good, and purchases are reasonably priced for what you get. Glad they just improved the voices, as some of them were becoming a little harsh to hear. Good job!
Interesting game. Can definitely tell this is based upon a European EMS model as they have docs as part of ems. So will confuse some as they have no idea who these people are. Otherwise, nice little grinding game to pass the time. Only way to fix doc is to rework entire ENS structure code, which would change game function.
It's a great game. The only issue I'm really having with it is when I watch a video to get the reward for something it comes back with an error occurred and the the game restarts needs to be fixed please.
Love it, just play when you have time, very easy and same time challenging.but since I got my new phone. It's not opening 😭😭😭😭
One of the best games in Android. Ads are optional, not like other games where they force you to watch them after every level. Game has been fun, addicting with its own complexity.
Fun add earthquake/Shona my/typhoon and collapse building. Pls. Shorten your building upgrade too long and add more pay too small to reach million payment for building upgrade??????
after latest update game has become very laggy. during game play or during HQ modification it response very late. when i visit other user's base and then try to return to my base then it stucks at 30% every time.
Overall Game is fine. Lots of bugs. Most of the time connection fails, when reconnected all used money, extras gone. Is there any solution? I have emailed with screen shot several mails, no reply or respond or no improvement in APP. This discourses to play.
Love this game! Great graphics and sound effects plenty of challenging missions and upgrades to grow bigger and badder game is always being upgraded with all new adventure great work devs.
I like the game, but with the new update . When you select your units to do something.. the new voice over is odd. Yelling into the mic and saying what's up seems off...
Good game over all, but the emergency vehicles park in same line, no control over the driving, same fires, and getting very boring because is hard to earn money, need a lot of waiting, the game is giving no rewards whatsoever, vehicles glich in side one and other.
Very fun game. I like the cooperative aspect and especially like the overall theme of celebrating helping others and saving property. Well done!
Its been 2 days, game is not even starting and showing error (379)during loading..... I really do not want to lose my updates and progressπŸ˜”
Awesome game and graphics. It is very addictive and the tasks are mostly challenging. Only problem is with the controls, all the tasks will pause, but the timer will go on if we are selecting any commands. Also, zoom feature is not there, we have to play in one view.
Its a great game. However the game is crashing when you're in the middle of a mission. I try to get back in the game and it won't let me. I uninstall and re install the game to see if that was the problem and it wasn't. It sends you back to the beginning of the game when u re install. I restarted my phone and tryed to get back on and it still won't work.
Great game, however the earning cap of 8.4 is restrictive as you play longer and there also isn't much you can spend the money on later on either if you play long enough.
Really good. Interesting. Fun. When you play every day, than not need to spend money, you can earn by plying. You need a bit patience and view week, than you can reach a high level.
The Game is awsome I played Emergency on PC too. But developers should think that where in the world Rescue teams let the victims die and watch standing away? There should be an option for Fire fighters to drag the victims out from fire. Also there should be an option to deploy the teams where ever I want. (I think it was available on PC) So when doc is treating a victim I can deploy the paramedics and ambulance nearby in advance for quick transfer on stretcher.
It's a great game. The only issue I'm really having with it is, I just finished a mission, and I got "a connection error has occurred emergency HQ will be restarted" (359-error). I did not receive the reward before that happened please fix the problem if you can. Thanks 😌
This is ridiculously annoying! After a problem with Lady Firestorm Event missions another problem with new winter event after 2 missions which I've done they dissapered and new day didn't spawn new ones! What's going on with you?! Wrote to support, they tried to help but didn't resolve my problem, now they are not responding for my emails, I think they ignore me!!!! This is annoying because I can't have a fun with Event missions. Maybe this feedback will force them to start doing something!!!!!!
New update is Meh. Connection issues already. "U.S." siren is actually the England siren, and you can't switch it. UPDATE (12/14/20): Server has been having a lot of issues lately. Difficult to connect at times, and sometimes shuts down in the middle of a rescue.
Keeps crashing after update. I have so far tried 6 times to upgrade in training centre. Taken to money and then crashes. Can't play any of the games.
This is a fun and fair game. Money comes fairly easy especially during the 3rd replay. Missions are generally very similar to the last which is a bit of a downer, also alot of times now i have had a connection error restarting my game.. This generally happens after i completed a mission therfore i dont get my rewards. This is why the 4 star. Other than that this game is fantastic and i certainly do reccomend to everyone.
First time I played it came up with a we will be back soon sign and said try again later we are working on a problem??? Don't bother playing this game it's a waste of time
Overall Game is fine. Try to avoid the following 1. Unscheduled & Long maintanence down. Inform and do maintanence. 2. Police & Ambulance can go start immediately 3. In few cases fireman can bring injured person out from fire. 4. Costs for land, building and upgrades are expensive. Which brings down interest to play. In the new update, block out at event there is bug, I lost coins 2 times, laser mission shows 2, but only 1 available.
Its a good game but one thing i dont like is putting down the roads i cant do it and ive tried over 30 times but the screens not long enough. Does anyone else have the same problem?
Your game always locks up!!! There are multiple missions i cant finish. My best guess is your server! Fix it!!! Its a fun game otherwise.
I like the game alot the graphics, gameplay, control but it has a major glitch the game lagged alot like every time I finish a mission ihave to restart it to play again that's why only 3 Stars.
Game is very interesting in the biggning but repitative after sometime. Now some bug has stop running game on mobile data. Please resolve the issue.
The only problem is its mostly disconnecting, appearing at the right corner connecting server the a few seconds it needed to be restarted. Fixed it pls then i will rate again. May data and wifi connection is fine. Its in your app is the problem.
This game is very addicting and makes you wonder what the real heroes are really about. This game makes you think alot on different strategies on how to save everyones life. I'd recommend downloading this game. I've spent over 4 hours playing this game wanting to do more missions. Only part that's slow is being able to collect treasure chests from other people's profiles besides that I give it a 2 thumbs up!
Great game but every time you update it I cannot get into the game and lose everything I've gain when I have been able to get on there. This is my 3rd time to lose this game so I won't be downloading it again and certainly wouldn't recommend wasting your time downloading. I've sent them feedback twice no and have heard nothing back from them.. Uninstalling
I love this game. Just wish the buildings didnt cost so much and also when one of my essential workers are injured. And they go to the hospital why they dont come back to help or have a replacement.. I will be deleting soon. I am a nurse i wish it reflected us more
Good game, love it, but always annoying Server problems, often after and sometimes even in the middle of the mission, long appearing hourglass with the message "server connection lost, game need to restart! Error 104" thats why forced to repeat the mission again and again. My fiber connection is super fast, just the server super slow as you can read in many comments. How can you expect making money with it, if you don't fix this simple issue that is there for a year now or longer?
This game was great for about 30 minutes. Now it won't open. The designers need to get crack-a-lackin and fix this piece! Not like other "build your city games"... You actually get to put out firesb arrest rioters(take that blm and antifa! Lol)and resucue people, but with physics, logic and a plan of attack. You get one star since the game quit working... Sorrynotsorry
Very entertaining game. My only problem is the game has too many errors when logging in. Its says error code and then I can't get on the game.
EDIT: Due to the recent update, it isn't possible to listen to music while playing, due to the volume of the in-game music which can't be adjusted. Please give us audio controls! | My only complaint is how difficult it is to make a firefighter do something. Instead of sending him back to the truck, waiting for him to get there, then giving him an order, it would be nice (and more realistic) to give a firefighter an order then have him go back to the truck on his own and fulfill the order.
Best game I've found in play store. I have never had to purchase anything to advance in the game. There are no ads that pop up. And the game play can be as easy as a one minute but I've had them last up to 20 minutes.
For a game this big I'd say it is boring It takes too long to laod,,,, Graphics are okay but the rest it just boring Dont waste your data on this or dont expect much from it
Good game, but there is no rewards for level up and often there is server issues meaning you lose the coins often and most irritating part is that it occurs after the mission is completed.. so many issues to sort out
The game is now much better than in previous versions. I'd like to make a suggestion. I started a new game and forgot to login to my account, and now when I try to login again I receive an alert that my local data will be overwritten with the data saved in my account. It would be great to be able to choose one option: overwrite the local data or overwrite the data saved in the account. With this improvement, for sure my score goes to 5 stars.
great gameplay but frequent connection issue with server once the mission is completed. you will lose all your reward money, fast action cost and thank you reward. very frustrating as i don't experience this with any other games. if you can accept this flaw then it is a great game for you.
The most idiotic game I have ever played. You reach 8400000 your purse is full. No upgrades after 450 stage. Then there's firestorm. Totally unnecessary and unbelievable. Do something about that
After the last 2 updates it's back to been one of the best games out there only gripe takes ages to collect money to upgrade buildings and unit and I mean ages when average cost on higher levels is over a million for buildings and units
The launch time of the app is so long. Every time leaving for few minutes, it needs to restart and wait for the loading of the start screen, which is unnecessary.
The are good, but it always connecting to server, and error. When i play a mission, and it's about to finish the mission, the game always connecting to server although my internet speed is fast. And when the game is restart i lost the coin, and it's happened few times.. this make me want to uninstall the game.. that why i give only two Star.
The game is really good. It does seem to be really heavy so it takes a while to load. Also, the server connection is not always stable. It is frustrating to take lots of resource and effort to complete a mission and gets an Error message for restart...
This gameis great but there have some error about account login because when i played level5 but after the mission game is show #4000 error and restart the game and also the mission is not complete that notcool man!
Error code 104 always like this it difficult to log in to the game this should be easy to log in to have fun i. Playing easy access not like this only waiting to be lucky to log in to the game its a waste of time please to something about it we are waiting to results and give compensation ...
I love the situational challenges and the kind of critical thinking it encourages. Just wish I'd get more missions and diamonds easier without paying.
You can play the game smoothly but during the mid or end of a mission, the application had been restarting nor thr connection is failing even if i had a fast connection. Please update your program.
Great game, only problem is when loading it often gets to 9% and stays there, usually have to restart it and it works just very annoying.
I am still quite dissapointed about how long it takes to earn money to be able to upgrade unless you have real cash to spend you wont get far at all. But one thing that really bothers me and i think needs to be addressed is it gets frustrating when your fire fighters stop putting out fires. I think that once you set them to put out a fire they should continue to move from one to another til all the fires are put out. Please look into or fix.
Usually I play a game for a week before passing a review and let me tell you this. It's still boring! The concept is pretty nice but it's not entertaining... You get bored pretty quickly and I would have given it three stars except for the fact that the loading bar loads backwards sometimes! It's annoying and not worth the download.
Game WAS great. Played it for 2 months, then it started crashing and locking up. Now it won't even start. Just a black screen. UPDATE* The latest updates HAVE fixed the previous loading issues. The game is awesome again.
Decent game but needs alot of work. There are many bugs and crashes. Everytime I close the game and try to open it back up it crashes and I have to reload the game again. I couldn't use the training center for 2 weeks because of a bug. I tried to contact support but I couldn't because apparently my email address wasn't valid.... tried 3 different emails and got the same error message. Also the ability to ask for help from your alliance doesn't even work. Not sure what its even for. Wouldn't rec