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Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom

Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH located at InnoGames GmbH Friesenstraße 13 20097 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely love this game. Have been playing for a few years and still not bored. My advice to new players--join a fellowship and ask lots of questions. :)
It's okay. Some tedium that can make the game not fun. Example, at some point you upgrade your houses, but now they take up more space so you have to basically reorganize your town to make them fit. That is just a boring nonsense task, to the point where I said "yeah I'm not doing that" and I uninstalled the game.
Upate: It has become my primary game! So many strategies to play. Fellowships and events are great fun. - I am enjoying it. I still have some questions about how to build my army. Right now I am at an empass and things have slowed down to wait on production times. But the events help to keep a person engaged.
A time consuming game with fantasy theme. The players bring a fun way to socialize. Resources are rare, bringing up challenge. I have found many players put money into the game, even though it isn't necessary. I enjoy playing along with others.
Great game. Surpringly difficult early on, but gets easier if you are in a good fellowship. If you are looking for a game where you progress quickly or want to conquer your neighbours, this game is not for you. But if you happy to play a game at your own pace, want to build your city without being attacked and like cooperative gameplay, this game is well worth checking out
Very fun game, resource oriented with many quests. Kinda slow at some points, and the fixed orientation of buildings is annoying.
Fantastic game!! Easy to follow and lots of things to keep you busy, wish u could get the extension packs a bit easier and some of the quests can be a bit confusing just because they asknu do get things but dont give tips on how ur supposed to get them but ive recommended the game to loads of family and friends who have also downloaded it and are as addicted to it as much i am so definitely 5 stars. Thank you game developers youve done an amazing job with this game thank you so much
I like playin' just so i don't have to pay, to buy stuff, thus far. Just sayin' this time i'm gonna try to do it all without buyin' stuff. Cause you could spented a bunch. And, even then, its cool. So, i got 2 different games on this. I'll get them together later. T. Thank You to all the Development Team that commented on this, thanks so very much. For the advice. T.
While I like this game very much I don't like having to delete something on my tablet when a new update is needed. I have the nearly the same amount of free space before an update as after as I've checked that. Today I have deleted more but it still won't update. I have over 570 mb free & for a game with less than 72 mb it makes no sense it needs more than that to update. I have deleted all I am going to & since it still wants more, I am sorry to say this app will have to go. Adios
It is rather beautiful . You play it in your way , there's no player vs player part . You have armies to defeat scouted provinces . I like it more then Forge of Empires . Most important for many it is not pay to win you can play without diamonds and if I sometimes get impatient and buy something it is mostly out of will to keep the game afloat )
It's GREAT, almost five stars game, more like 4.75, Promoting fair play, helping other players to improve yourself, and your fellowship. After few months of everyday playing it still offers surprises and excitement. Main issues lack of manual fight option in android version and no option to see players from your FS on world map, also on android. Few bugs, noting to bad. :)
At first it's fun, then as you get into the game it becomes a money hungry game. You'll never have enough space to build more, no real way to earn gems (rare and far between), gems are a rip off. You'll notice that 90% of the people stop playing at the point when they realize it's a rip off. No wonder they can afford to do TV ads they get your 4.99 for 440 gems and then you realize it's useless game. My suggestion, don't install unless you want to waste a ton of money for a game. Stop lying πŸ€₯ D
It is fun but there just isn't enough artifacts to evolve pets. It sucks when you work so hard or spend so much of your supplies to get an evolving building that can never be evolved.
its an okay game, I liked how they didn't false advertise and they are mainly chill about pay to win and they don't force you to pay you can still have fun and they also reply to reviews which most companies rarely do, over all everything is great my only concern is probebly lower the wait times by just a bit but everything works fine!:D
Update: The game uses diamonds that can be purchased or rewarded. The game seems to be setup so if you click hastily you use these diamonds by accident. This has happened a couple of times now, purchasing troops by accident or negotiating in a province. This needs to be changed! Otherwise it's a great building & trading game for the long term. It is a continuous struggle for space, Supplies and armies. It's both fun and often frustrating but it's always a challenge to build the perfect city.
Pretty good game and fun. It can also be a little frustrating with the relatively long waits and potential costs, with the IMO optional, expsive micro transactions. Top down view gets boring sometimes... maybe add some cutscenes? Add ability to hot swap structures of the same foot-pring size. Add ability to buy other player goods with gold. Add more opportunities for the average player to earn diamonds in game. Thank you.
Awesome game, one disadwantage of mobile app - only auto fight option, still it's best game I've ever played.
Fun quests and good graphics. It can be as intense or laid back as you want. Very few updates to disrupt play. Very good if you are methodical and like to plan. Actually left the game for a break but came back because I missed it. Support isn't brilliant but thankfully haven't had to use them much. Very hard though if your city is in a dead part of the world. Apparently support has no control to move you to a better place
Very easy game to play but gives you a complexity to challenge you and get your brain working with a sense of achievement along the way
this is one of slowest rts games ever. even at the start some beginner upgrades take hours to finish which stunts the fact that you need an unusual amount of scrap
it's not bad it's awesome game it's just slow needs more things to do while waiting for upgrades etc etc more events as well
Love the game but I have developed a glitch and the game is not recognising that I have Internet. Keeps coming up with error something is missing. No Internet. I play F.O.E. as well and I have no problems. Any suggestions?
I dont play many games of this genre but I have enjoyed playing so far. The only 2 criticisms I have so far, (1) I wish the research was more focused, in the end you basically have to get every one of the nodes. It'd feel more interesting, especially if launching multiple campaigns (2) This would be a HUGE quality of life addition, to be able to auto clear my city, roads, culture and structures and re-place them on a blank slate instead of having to delete and rebuild things as things grow.
Nice pay2win game without ads. You can play this game without money and it is okay. The item shop is crazy expensive but you do not need the things.
Though it is a fun idea of a game it is a VERY SLOW paced game, aka its a bathroom game! Meaning you only spend the time on this game a few mins a day playing as you do sitting on the toilet. Supplies in game take TOO long to craft and unlocking upgrades and buildings takes a week to collect enough supplies to do so. Plus ive had a couple of glitches where my knowledge points vanish. One other issue is that the enemies get a super boost in troop numbers to 75 area while u only get 16 or 20. Blah
Very well balanced. A few control issues but to me the best game I have found of this type. Has kept me interested. Getting into a fellowship is nice as you can help each other. Best thing is to that other players don't ransack you and steel your hard work, a common theme of the other similar games I have tried.
This game Is amazing!!!!keeps me busy but the most important the game is very addictive in a positive way....I feel my brain working in a 100%....development is huge...I just delete 3 games cause this one has It all....
It starts of the game right away without allowing me to choose a character,manage it and make it mine, tell me a story and make me feel like the village is mine, you don't do that, which makes me detach from the game. Some dude telling me to do , this and that. The people who make this, listen you nerds, it doesn't matter if you make a perfect functioning extremely nicely visualized game!if you don't know how to interact with the player or how to talk to them. Take a note ,u r welcome.lol.
Love this game. The graphics are well done. I like the overall storyline & pace. I can take my time as I decide which strategy to choose. I actually find it somewhat relaxing, which is a big switch from some other games. Thank you Elvenar! :)
It's a great game, I just feel like the wait time is a little long for some things. The only reason I say it is a money sinkhole is because I enjoy it, but often get stuck having to wait to go back into the game and actually accomplish something. For example I am having a hard time completing any of my world map stuff because somehow I'm now severely underleveled or don't have the material to move forward.
Love this game! I double the opinions that you can play with no ads and no additional purchases. Although when I've decided to buy some diamonds (not only to play, but also to support this great project!), it turned out it's impossible due to some error. I wish there was some other way to add these to my account, or maybe some kind of a subscription model. But guys, you're doing a great job!
This has got to be the slowest city builder I've ever seen. Resources are minimal, take hours, expanding is a chore. Everything is slow in this game. I can't even call it a game really. It's just a pointless, slow, waste of time. Look at getting marble. You get 5 marble after 3 hours with a level 3. How can you think this is fun? 3 fricking hours?
Great game. Allows you to fully play without paying and no ads. Purchasing diamonds allows you to progress quicker but if you don't mind a relaxing pace as you build your city this is a great choice. Lots of activities and special events to keep the game fresh. I've made a few in game purchases because I appreciate the lack of ads and to support the developers. Beautiful artwork and smooth gameplay, give it a try!
I really do enjoy the game. I would give it a 5, but for one thing. The shape of the buildings does not lend them to optimal placement. And there is no warehouse option where you can store buildings you don not need. You need a spell, which you cannot create yourself. Have to win it.
Its kind of a joke. Slowest game you'll ever play. Scrabble with a dyslexic buddy is faster. Its okay until you lvl up a little then you struggle to find space for everything. Buildings change sizes and you can't upgrade bc once again you don't have land. Sure I've calculated it and 1960 hours more and I can build the ones I have unlocked. Wish you luck. ✌
Enjoying the game. I have a bug though in my account, i cant see fellowship chats. The support team page does not work, so i still have a bug!
The game is giving me an error everytime I press a button. It says a download of buildings is needed but it cannot find those buildings.
I've spent many relaxing hours playing this game. Very enjoyable. The graphics are beautiful and the 'tetris' aspect of growing your city keeps you thinking. Best of all there is no PvP in this game so no worrying that another player is going to ransacked your city, but there are plenty of special events to keep you engaged.
The web version I use for PC is excedingly slow. 75% of the time is spend just waiting for my city or whatever to be loaded. I would put it 3 stars, but I dislike that they force you to install the mobile app to check your city by phone.
Pretty decent. Not overly reliant on you spending money to play. Lot of down time between completing tasks and continuing on the quests if you don't pay, but I don't mind that. Plus the quests keep going. Only downside is how hard it can be to expand your territory, but again not gonna complain about that because it's mostly free.
Long term strategy game, build cities in up to 8 worlds. Solve quests, compete in tournaments and fellowship adventures and venture to the heights of the spire of eternity. All while managing an economy and trade opportunities. Quite fun for the long game
This is a really fun (and addictive) game! I love the fellowship I'm in, which adds a lot more to the game. And the best part is, there are no ads! One thing I have to recommend to the developers though is to fix a glitch. Sometimes the chat says there is a new message, but there isn't. It can be really annoying. Thank you for reading!
Love the game! No ads, no huge demands for in-game purchases so I can buy something without feeling sleazy. There are a lot of long time players on here so it feels like a community. Competitions are more like team relay races instead of battles so this is also great for casual gamers. I won't stop playing any time soon, just try it out!
Great city building game ^^. Nice graphics , simple controls. I couldn't find the teleport spell. I will try looking on the forum or wiki. If we could have the option to rotate the buildings it would be practical also.Especially when upgrading a building that's 2x2 becomes 2x3 for example.
I've deleted my previous review, This game is very addictive and very enjoyable to play graphics are amazing :)
Playing elvenar is interesting, but also prolonged, it takes a while to build Kingdom with out spending money, however you can get to grips with the mechanics, just needs more immersive features
Few glitches with some of the icons where it cant be selected. Some of the messages and boxes that popup are slow
Love this game soooo much. Just wish it had a return to inventory option instead of a just sell option. But other than that 10/10 will definitely recommend πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ».
Really enjoying this game. And it doesn't require real money for the fun to continue. My only issue is that there is no function to search for a particular player in the app (unlike the browser version) so you cannot join in with KP hunts
Such disappointing game with extreme limited land space to place your base ...even gift!! Total waste of time till "expansion" issue sort out.
This game has been a great way to pass the time away having to lay in bed after 2 brain surgeries. It made me think and kept me very entertained. The only thing it needs is more access to free diamonds. I have bought my fair share of them but I always like surprises.😊
Fun little longterm resource grinding town builder. For how difficult it is to generate crystals without paying for them, it is WAAY too easy to spend them accidentally. There's no "are you sure" dialogue.
I was having fun until I realized I have to get diamonds to advance, which are had by either buying them or interacting with other players in events? If I'm understanding that right, no thanks. I like my mobile games to be relaxing, slow, and people-free.
DON'T INSTALL THIS GAME Unless you're looking for the same money grabbing approach as so many other phone games, this is one for you. It's not pay to play as long as you're satisfied playing just the first 10% of the game. But, if you want to progress, be prepared to shell out real money to do it. I'm tired of game development that's so single mindedly fixed on wringing out my pockets! Ugh! I'm giving up on ever finding something that is fair value for the entertainment. Done with games!
Great game for the long haul. I've been playing for over a year and I still enjoy it. I love the seasonal rotating content and challenges.
Love this game! Wish we could rotate buildings, but other then that being a matter of convenience, I love the way it plays.
I've been enjoying the game. My biggest complaint is that since the whole game seems to be about having enough space, I at least think we should be able to rotate buildings to use space optimally. No matter how I rearrange things, there's wasted space and an entire row is always taken up with necessary roads. I enjoy everything about the game except for this.
Best mobile strategy game I've ever played.. I've been looking for strategy games that would give me the look and feel of pc fantasy strategy game and Elvenar just provided me that... Want more of Elvenar... Want more game play elements and more strategy features, actual war game play and hopefully someday it will become at par with top PC titles.m
Beautifull graphics! Nice gameplay. It's not fast game, so don't be surprised you will need to wait for progress. I would recomend it any time. It has a flavour...
It's a really slow, outdated game. There's nothing really to do that's interesting. Really outdated looking game. Boring. You just wait around on some buildings to supposedly make stuff, but never tells you how those things are being used, or if they're even doing anything for the game. Kinda pointless.
I like this game above all others. It doesn't pressure you to spend money, by making levels frustrating. It has a sense of community if you join a fellowship, people are kind and helpful. Its not competitive, people make steady progress at their own rate, and don't attack each other. The support team is incredibly helpful and responsive. There are many side games and multiple goals to keep you occupied. Tasks are not timed for speed. There are websites with explanations and helpful hints.
At first I loved playing the game, I put a lot of money into the game. Bad choice to put money into the game, some items dont, they dont give a way to add them to the game, then when you try to contact there customer support to tell them, they write you back and tell you there is nothing they can do. Ha, that is a joke, any game deloper can fix gliches in there game. I even sent screen shots, they dont care, they just want you to spen money, im contacting Google and trying to get a refund.
This game is fun and a little easier than some i have played, but it has it's challanges too. I like it!
During the holidays didn't get to play for 3 or 4 weeks and when I did 4 of the cities I spent months building were gone and when I asked was told they are deleted if inactive for a month. This was not clear and is mentioned if you read through everything but who does that! Also not enough control over fight and takes way too long to advance unless you want to spend money! All done with this game waste of time
I really love this game but production sizes n time frames n crafting times are ridiculously long making everything very time consuming.
Making justice this is a 5* game no doubt. The game has a good progression dynamyc, very friendly to f2p so far. However spending some money will get you ahead(fairly in my view). It can be played intensively or more casually. Can't say all here but yeah. Only one thing I would point out, is the fact that you don't have the rotation option when placing your buildings which could save some more space. All that said, I am in the beginning of the game. Will leave another review if anything changes
After playing another 4 months I can't describe well enough how damm frustrating the lack of space is. The only fix is to spend more money just to get building space, I'd rather pay a monthly fee then have this constant lack of room. And yes I've unlocked all the free spaces and researched all I can. Infact I've meet the requirements to unlock the next 3 chapters... It's $30 dollars to unlock 1 more spot and I need about 10. Each purchase the price goes up fast. Very unhappy.
I still have no idea what the end goal of the game is, but I'm at chapter 5. The only things I'd like to see added are a top down view when moving or building things and let me control battles or at least show an animation. The top down view would make it easier to see what's available when trying to Tetris things into place. The battle control or animation would be more engaging than an icon jiggling before you see if you've won.
It's fun and great game I sometimes have to wait but it's still a great game. I also see no ads and that's what I like about this game. This Is a great game, it's also free. you can build your own impire and pick between human and elf. I picked human it's fun not to hard and I rate it a 5 they did a great job on the game I love it no lag or any problem.
Such a very awesome game I just wish there would be more chances to win more spaces to put more buildings up
Good game but beware I saved this game using Facebook before but after changing my phone when i logged in with same account I realised all my progress has been reset I did everything to retrieve my old account but nothing happened waste of time I even contacted customer care but they gave me lame answerπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž hence 1 star even though I like this game now I have to restart again wth..
The game is really good in that it is cooperative gameplay, not competitive fighting other players, but it is very unstable on the I Pad and crashes really frequently.
Was having fun but the app is way too bugged. At least on a chromebook. Once the barracks locked up, that was pretty much the end of the game. May try again and will adjust review if it's better on the chromebook. Uping to 4 stars as the browser gives you a work around and support has been great!
Nice slow pace which is perfect for me. Would LOVE to have an edit mode for city layout. Placing buildings in inventory just to make room on board to change city layout is lame. Seriously? There are many more ways of challenging players which are far less annoying! Sounds like lazy developers to me.
Only been playing for a short time but so far really enjoying it, just wish you could rotate the buildings.
It more than lived up to my expectations, probably the best city-builder game I've ever played. The only thing that would make it better is if it were possible to rotate the buildings.
The game itself is alright. I love having no pvp. However, the devs have gone hard-core on trying to make their Microtransactions needed. You can technically play without them, just be prepared to sit and spin your wheels ALOT. They also have the most expensive in game currency I have seen.
Not very intuitive, knowledge of similar games is helpful to starting out. Mobile version seems to have fewer features than desktop, can't say for sure, only played mobile.
Fun game with great graphics and creative storylines. I particularly like that you are not in competition with other players (except, if you wish, for points). You join a fellowship (optional), and there's an excellent balance of individual and fellowship achievement. The only thing I don't like is the frequency of updates β€” and that you can't continue with the older version. It's a pain when there's limited internet.
Overall a really good fantasy building Sim game. I use an older middle spec phone and it runs very smoothly. Graphics and art design are top notch. Controls are a bit clumsy but nothing out of the ordinary for games like this. The quest and reward system is pretty good although you can get a little ahead of yourself if you aren't patient. The one thing that might take me out of the game is room to build is sparse and buildings can't be rotated, thus making it difficult to have an aesthetic city.
strategy, discovery, alliance and diplomacy are integral to the Elvenar magical world. Great fun. Give it a try.
Elvenar is a great game! Some people don't stick with it but if they do it gets better and better. Elvenar is well worth it.
Add shows 4 races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves & Orcs) only let's you pick the first two. Build space is limited AF! Production ques are limited AF too. What a garbage game.
One of my favs. But for some reason when i click on inventory and select which building i summon, the game freezes. Done so about 30Γ—. Please fix
Not spending any money. Game is self playing. Set your buildings for 3 hour production and log out. Come back in 3 hours and do it again. I guess that's fun
My only complaint is the price of the diamonds and how rare sales on diamonds are. The customer service is EXCELLENT. I've tried many similar games but this is the only one I've found interesting enough to stay with. Graphics are beautiful. Just an all around great game.
I understand needing updates. But do you really have to force them on us. I got this game to kill a little time. I sometimes only have 5 minutes (or less), and end up using most of that time every week or two just to update for something I really don't care for. πŸ™„πŸ˜•
Great game. There's no need to pay to win and you don't have to worry about spenders bullying people that's not spending and there's events often. Only thing I would like to see added from the browser version to the mobile version is the ability to do manual fights vs monsters.
It's a pretty great game except I find ur constantly scrambling 2 get land 2 build on n in sum cases the buildings aren't worth putting out after awhile cuz I've outgrown them with 2 many levels by then. Other than that n it being kind of expensive 2 purchase gems I really do enjoy the game.
Love the graphics! Gameplay is quite simple. Once you get started, I would consider joining a fellowship. I joined one of the best fellowships. No drama, gets the job done, helpful and very nice people. It is a bit tedious levelling up, but this is a game of PATIENCE. I wouldn't rush through it. You DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY UNLESS YOU WANT TO. I've seen so many people complain and blame the developers for not getting ahead. In this game it takes 2 things as I mentioned above.
Good game. Despite lulls in game play, there's lots more going on than there first appears, besides building your city. Its been my go to game during lock down, and one of the few I could play well on my chrome book.
I've been playing for several months now and I'll give you the pros and cons in my opinion: Pros: You CAN play without spending money. The graphics are great. There's alway events to keep you busy. There's always something to do. The support team is super responsive and helpful, very friendly. Cons: You have to spend money to get the highest level of rewards. You have nowhere to put your buildings when you have to rearrange your city and you have to rearrange constantly. Highly annoying.
Game is one of building and strategic handling of resources and space. Advancement may require some urban renewal to get one back on track. Game is very stable. There is chat within a fellowship, but none for the world or realm.
I have been playing Elvenar for many years and lately every update has made the game harder to make progress . I get wanting to slow people down so you don't have to make chapters constantly but the limited space in your cities as you get to the higher chapters makes.it almost impossible to play the game and enjoy it.
Overall nice experience...satisfied with game and graphics. I wish the developers bring in 3D features where we could rotate the city and have wonderful experience similar to Google Street view.
You can ONLY grow if you spend real money. The only reason for the 1 * rating is that I cannot give a 0 * rating. Don't waste your time. They say that you can shut off in app purchases, I have not found that option. Don't get this game.
This game is a lot of fun. I wish I could rotate angles to get different views of my city to make it easier to rearrange and build.
Great game in the early stages, tends to bog down as builds get longer and more expensive. The events and talks with guild keep me playing.
Love the game, especially the events and tournaments, don't like getting stuck in guest races, they are very hard. 4-2-21 5:02am very confusing at times! It can be expensive and i mean spending money to get past places where I have been stuck for over a month, playing every day
Lots of lag, please improve it. You can play it either on your mobile or pc, yet lag will not go away. This happened twenty years ago when kingping reigned the streets, hello? this is 2021. Everything smooth till it stutters and screen stays locked for 5 or 10 seconds, even for an entire minute. No fun when creativity standards are the highest but connectivity ones are the lowest. Have a nice day!
The game app is as good as the browser one, but i do hope that you will add manual battle on world map and a rotation feature for the buildings. Edit: another cool feature you can add is making your trade sistem the same as grepolis, where we can buy a trade offer bassed on the ratio the trade offer
Needs better instructions for playing. The wiki instructions are very basic and seem to be for computer play only. Tells you what you need but fails to be clear on the how's and why's. Pretty confusing. Takes quite a bit of money, if you want gems and if you want to advance at a decent pace compared to having to wait lengthy times for build up of inventory. Working with the fellowship on tournament times is fun. Would be so nice to be able to move buildings around easier like a temporary storage
I am playing on a borrowed tablet. This is clearly 'related' to Forge of Empires but is a much gentler experience. It is well rendered and easy to understand. I have not tried anything military since I prefer trading. It is charming and worth a look. Jane Mutter
Great building game, lots of bonus quests and can play without having to pay out. Left out one star for not able to rotate buildings.
I like the game a lot, but it refuses to open on my phone when I'm not connected to wifi which is deeply irritating. Edit: No, internet connection is not the issue here. I use my phone network to connect when I can't access wifi. And the game works fine even without wifi, as long as it was opened while a wifi connection was available.
Update 2: The task states to reach culture bonus of 150%. I'm at 190%. I reached and surpassed 150%. Why would I sell my culture buildings to drop to 150% (recieving back only half the resources it took to build them) to complete this task and then have to build them again? Would it not make more sense for the game to register that you have already attained the culture bonus it is requesting and allow you to complete the task.
Takes entirely to long to get properties!!! This would be a great game if it didn't take months to expand your village. Even with the tournaments and joining a group. I have since deleted this game was hoping it would get better but just didn't.
I'm not much for building games and such like this but this game is rather addictive! And really very unique and actually very fun to play!
I really love this game, it is tons of fun. One thing I do not appreciate though, is that the game does not double check with you before you spend πŸ’Ž. I have accidentally spent πŸ’Ž multiple times and since there are very few ways to gain πŸ’Ž in game, this means I'm accidentally spending real money. Its so easy to accidently touch the πŸ’Ž button it almost feels like its done on purpose. Would love to see this fixed as it makes me wary of putting more πŸ’° into this game. Otherwise super fun! Cheers!
I've just downloaded the game. It looks very interesting since you can choose to battle or trade with other players. The buildings are beautiful and the game's tasks are cool. But I miss the other races. Where are the Dwarves and the Orcs the game's images shows as options to choose? I'd love to play as a Dwarf.
Love the game but wish if you have a 3Γ—3 space required and the building that is there can fit once upgraded then it should allow you to upgrade. Only expanding in certain directions is really annoying, regardless of the challenge of the game. There is enough in other challenges to not be able to rearrange things.
Love it! Slow paced but very addictive. Beautiful graphics. Stimulates left and right brain. Flexible to your goals and playstyle, virtually no wrong way to play. In-game purchases available but NOT required for success (despite what some may say). City building strategy game that is not PvP (you don't have to worry about being pillaged, etc). Joining a fellowship highly encouraged but not required. Lots of game events and activities with rewards to keep your city growing beautifully.
Fun town building game. It's complex and challengeing without being impossible. Slow F2P expansion. Some building are only available with premium currency, which is a bummer. Notifications aren't working properly any longer. Everytime I close the app I get a notification that productions are finished, which they aren't. Please fix.
Takes entirely to long to get properties!!! This would be a great game if it didn't take months to expand your village.