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Elmo Calls by Sesame Street

Elmo Calls by Sesame Street for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Sesame Workshop located at 1 Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My son Lewis πŸ’™ just love's talking to the cookie πŸͺ monster and he also love's talking to elmo and he really does think he's talking to them lol πŸ˜‚ so cute πŸ’™ so we're away to have a look though play store and see if there's anymore - like funella πŸ˜‚ aww bless him and my boy Lewis is 4 years old on April 2020 β˜“ β˜“ β˜“ I totally recommend this apps for the wee ones πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Giving a 5 star rating even though it constantly runs in the background, and that is after a 24-hour period without use. ...33MB in 3 hours is a lot of data being used when my child is not actually using it.
It's a very good app for the kids, I think. Having FaceTime with Elmo.... .. is........somewhat good ....... I guess .. . But I think, it would be better if it doesn't have demanded for money for the packs which I want to buy! 😭😭 Anyways, it's a good app πŸ€¨πŸ€¨πŸ˜ƒ
i paid for the full version but i only get 2 different calls. in my phone there are 2 dozen videos of Elmo in a video folder but they never play in the app. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling no luck
I don't have any kids but this was a fun app to try out and I think that kids would love it, it does charge a bit for more advanced features and different videos, but overall it was really fun to test
Cute app but the audio frequently cuts out on both my android and my daughter's kindle. Super frustrating and drives my daughter nuts when she can't hear anything!
So far so good. My daughter is one and video chats with her dad on the phone so the set-up really makes her think Elmo has called and is talking to her. I have not purchased full packages as she is only one and js enjoys the free lil demo calls for now. Maybe when she is older I will buy more. It's a cute little app for kiddos who love sesame street
after purchasing calls, I no longer have access to the app settings - the app force closes/crashes. I'll change my review once bug is resolved.
I downloaded the app and purchased all the calls but since the recent update to my Pixel the app has been crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled but it still crashes and I can't access the calls I purchased. It's a cool app but I'm frustrated with the errors it's having. Hopefully an update or fix will be released soon otherwise I'll have to request a refund.
My son loves this game but having to delete as it constantly runs in background after the app has been closed my phone is constantly warning me about it
You should get this for your kid and the in game perchedes are worth it my kid loves Elmo now because of this game must get for kid 2 to 5 years of age.
Bought the full pack because my son loves hearing Elmo call, but there are some glitches with the video that drives me nuts, particularly on the right side of the screen.
I can't get this app to work on either of my phones for the main setting screen where you put an alarm time on for the calls. Very frustrating!
u cannot interact with Elmo. its just videos when you call and records. you cant talk to him. just hearing and watching. I give this 5 stars if we can interact with Elmo and talk to him.
My child loves this app. She is 17 months old and I started playing the app for her at 10months. Around 11months she became obsessed with the app. I feel like it's more than just something fun for the child. I believe that it also has some educational and developmental benefits. It's worth downloading for your little one(s).
I think its a nice app, but I dont really feel safe or comfortable when kids show there face on the video chat, could yhere be a way to turn there camera off?
It just had 1 type of phone call .. Needs to add more different types of calls to make it fun & more realistic for the kids.
This game is haunted I had a fish tank I flickered and turned off instantly when I got it I had to get a new electric system don't download this is creepy and I got a notification saying Elmo wants to play when tv turned off at 3 am cause my brother likes the tv also Elmo keeps looking at you
This is a good game for your kids if you have like children roads and stuff but Irish flag my mom's friends kids play on it Elizabeth closet call Emma was like a magazine to them you should download this for them
I love this app. Its great for when I need to talk to someone (especially since Elmo's a great listener). I spend hours on end on here talking to him and singing with him. Its the best thing ever (Elmo and I now have plans friday.)
I paid for all the calls available for my grandaughter and after several emails and over 9 months I still don't have any resolution and novn of the calls that I paid for. My next step is filing reports with every agency possible to report it which is a shame bcuz IF they would've just fixed this I wouldn't have to. So now I will pursue payment for all of my time as well. This is INFURIATING!
We have twin boys that are almost 2 years old now. They love this app so much. It totally grabs their attention and when they hear elmo's ring.. They RUN to the phone... It's hilarious.
Love this app for my 3 year old daughter. I have her using a old phone w Wi-Fi set up on it. Although this app is the ONLY app she knows how to do herself. She gets a kick out if when Elmo calls her. Shes just as excited from the first call of the day. Till the millionth time in a day!!!! Thank you app developers. Entertains her for a lil bit :) she will be 3 year old on Halloween. ... Can any make any rther
I wanted to try something new for my son and he loves this. he loves taking my phone and do pretend calls, so having this was perfect for him. and its cool that some of them is like FaceTime and some are just phone calls
Add on calls DO NOT appear. Don't integrate with Let's Talk. Your children/ toddlers won't be able to access it without an adult or risk of charging your card. Has this complaint happened before? How has this not been solved yet?
this game is scary and I'll tell you what happened when I called it when it was in the middle of talking I hung up on Elmo and then my TV glitched out and had a evil face on the TV I keeped trying to turn the TV on but every time I did it glitched.We had to get another TV because it was broken one of the scariest moments of my life!!!!
Bug fix preventing users from accessing Parents Section. Please download at your earliest convenience. Vyshnavi vyshu
It would keep my 2 year old niece occupied for hours if I allowed her to have my phone that long. I think its silly to have to pay if u want more than 2 different "calls" but I remind myself the app has to make money some how. It is however one of those toys that gets extremely annoying to adults after just a few minutes.
The calls are great. My daughter loves them, however, once I purchased the full package I no longer have access to the settings/parent section.
My brother loves this game and I liked it too I even got the cookie calls app for myself and when my baby sister see' s Elmo on face time she gets excited and giggles
Great way to engage kids around healthy habits, stay organized with the schedule function, and the alarm is built in! Helping Mom's and Dad's keep it fun! Giggles r good for the soul.
Pretty annoyed if I'm honest, I have 3 devices connected to my account, my phone, my daughters phone and my tablet, purchased the full app, all calls and messages, but it is only available on the device it was purchased on ? Should it not be the full app in my account and therefore available on all 3 devices, If this is not remedied soon I will not be purchasing any more of your apps .
It's a little bit scary if you put the elmo song backwards elmo trys to kidnap you I did it but still it's a good app
The app is now PERPARED for you now after you use open button you will be able to enjoy the app with e lmos calls then so please select it to use it or cancel anytime to not use it right now on okay store play store is done anyway
it's a good app for other kids but like hmm I downloaded for a joke to laugh πŸ˜‚ and we'll this app might need some work they shouldn't make all the things cost money and we'll younger kids will believe but me like nah so I give it a three star it's pretty boring πŸ˜† so if downloading for a joke it's really boring
My son loves this app. But every time he gets ahold of my phone to say hi to elmo, he always accidently closes it
My kid loves this app and Elmo. I therefore bought all the extra movies. My annoyance is with the quality of these video's. Who edited these and why can't they do their job properly? In most of the videos Elmo is floating above the scenery or above black bars. He never seems to be in line with the scenery. Makes for ugly viewing. It could also be a technical issue with my particular phone. If so, some extra video settings would not be a bad idea. I just think it is sloppy work for a paid app.
He cant even awser you.Its souper loud. I can hear it all the way from up stairs! And he call like every 5 to 6 secents!!!!Its super weird that he does.The app said it needs aces to your files ya that does not sound weird at all.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
There are only 3 or 4 prerecorded calls, and one of them has issues with elmo's voice and it starts to sound a bit creepy. It didnt last long for us.
I love the tune and tone of Elmo app! It makes me feel like singing, dancing, cooking and splish splashing while taking a bath with my duckies.πŸ˜‰
My little pumpkin Susie absolutely adores this app. She thinks that Elmo is really calling her all the way from Sesame Street! What a silly goofer she is! Everyday she woke me up in the morning to remind me that Elmo was going to call, with a bright smile on her precious little face. She even pretends to share her catnip with Elmo! So, all in all, I would definitely reccomend this app for your cat-they just eat it up! Your trustworthy proud parent, Catsandra🐱
My little cousin actually played it and she had so much fun playing with Elmo it's a very fun game and I have to give it five stars or maybe more but it's a very fun gay make sure to play is that those of you have not played it but it's very fun
My toddler loves elmo and gets excited to get to talk to him on the phone. Great app and wirth the IAP to unlock all the calls. The ability to schedule calls is also great since you can schedule elmo to "call" after a Dr appointment or something to cheer up the kid.
Paid $7.00 for all calls. It stopped working after 2 weeks. Don't waste your money. Use free version only. (They fixed the bug. It works great and my baby loves It!)