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Ellie - Help me out, please...

Ellie - Help me out, please... for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Ateam Inc. located at 〒450-6432 名古屋市中村区名駅3丁目28番12号 大名古屋ビルヂング32F Dainagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Language) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is kind of hard . I finally found some good explanation on drawer and bag code, pay much attention to ring which easily missed. In my opinion, these coding puzzle doesn't made much sense.
Although I haven't purchased the add on (as far as I know, it's just another room) I can definitively say that this is a fun little free game. It doesn't take too long to play through, and the plot is kind of predictable, but hey, it's free and fun. Some of the puzzles require a somewhat leap of logic, but if the developers are dedicated to this game and keep adding new rooms or add on to the story, I could see this being really big. Download and play it now!
i got headache playing this but i love it because of its difficulty..well since i dont know anything about morse code i did cheat a bit xD hahaha esp the drawer and the ring (the closet doesnt give some clue until i hit it about 7 times.. im quite frustrated that i ever need to find the cheat again through google =.=")
Anyone who thinks this is dumb are the dumb ones because it is very interesting and scary.If you want jumpscares then search for those!Don't download this if you want jumpscares.It is actually very scary especially at endings.I recommend this to people who likes horror and escape games.Have fun!
Great game! The puzzle was kinda hard so I cheated a bit and looked up the walkthrough. Remember, the writing is on the wall! Get ready a piece of paper and start drawing and recording... To get that diary let her look at the drawers then you pick up but RMB let her pick up BEFORE SHE opens the drawers otherwise you are screwed.
It's really fun but way too short. It took me forever to figure out the drawers (hint: look on the desk and there are two sets of numbers. Now write down the 1st number in each set and look at the poster to find the code for them. . Is left and - is center)
Interesting story and some great plot twists, but it took me hours to find out what to do and how to do it. Hell, you need to know morse code to progress without looking up the answers. If you're not a very observant person, then I wouldn't recommend this game.
You shouldn't listen to these people that says it's a bad game. It's free so why not try it right? The puzzles are really hard if you're not really good at it, but I still loved the game. No spoilers but there are 2 endings. Enjoy ^^
Phew, had a hard time getting the puzzles right but in the end, I made it. Great gameplay for me. I played this whenever I get bored with studying, took me about two months to finish this without looking up for the solution on the internet. All in all, very worth it. Thanks for making it!
This entire storyline gave me chills, I knew something was suspicious by how her eyes shifted when you tapped on certain items. Her expression in the end was freaky but I'm used to seeing psychotic anime characters so it's not too bad XD I just wish she didn't stare at you the entire time afterward.
I enjoyed solving the puzzles. The story is a great idea. Unfortunately for me, it's incredibly obvious. It also left me hanging, in the need for some backstory. Adding more to This, such as extra rooms, would be even more awesome.
Such an awesome game. Great story. Enjoyable gameplay and creative. The puzzles r amazing although they can get a bit too hard. Definitely catches Ur attention. Definitely would play again ! If u liked this game u should definitely try murder room as well!!
Its very hard for people who is not really an observant. The puzzles is not really obvious and its pretty hard noticing them. I had a hard time thinking of how to kill the "kidnapper" before "it" kills me and save ellie. But thank god i got the good ending first. But seriously, her eyes are much more scarier in the good ending rather than the bad ending -_- now i'm going to have nightmares. (They also did a good job creating alot of sympathy)
It always sends me to a game (big bang galaxy)that wants to be installed. This actually looks like a good game but I haven't had the chance to play it. 🙁
It ended too quickly imo, but I really loved the amount of detail and chills it had. Also, sound effects (hair dryer, flushing toilet) played randomly even if I didnt click on it and it scared me more than the actual game xD
The problem is that when you put the mirror on the star it doesn't always work and gets frustrating. But good game
Good game as far as "escape the room" games. But a couple of the puzzles made absolutely no sense at all. Wished they had made it a bit longer though. They could have really took this places but they ended it so fast. Was forced to use Google to figure out some of it. Also don't read to many reviews because some people are idiots that like to spoil things for others.
Puzzles are pretty challenging but the game is buggy and hates when you minimize it. There's a bug where the game let's you progress but then you're stuck; you'll have to restart. The game is pretty short and wants you to buy hints and the sequel with real money of course.
The puzzles in this game are challenging to discover and tricky to solve. But if you pay attention to details and look closely at everything you'll find the answers. HINT: Record the flashes and their lengths. Use something you've used before. Story itself was really fun and the twist made it 10x spooker. I wish it had more interaction and the game was longer because I felt like I was missing something. Other than that once again good job guys! I look forward to more horror games in the future. ٩( 'ω' )و
Switching app to look for walkthru comes back with ads and hangs. Otherwise this was real good: i dont know why but i like the "evil" ellie with white eyes more than the real school girl who was kidnapped
I totally love this game but it is so irritating in a good way, I had got a bad ending twice and I am really really tired I have been trying many times but still a bad ending so I wish u guys good luck and hope u reach a good ending :)
This is a really hard puzzle game, but logic nd review tips should help you. I got the bad ending on the first try now im afraid to ltlet her out now that im on track for the good ending. You don't need to know morse code the answers are all on the walls. I just can't figure out the clock and what to do after you pick up the ring.
I love when you learn new clues also she help you I need help because I stuck on draw bit someone help if don't might if got the game omg! I done the game I can't believe that ellie kills you good luck if you got it.
This game was really cool, I especially loved the fact that there was a good and bad ending. I'm not a ****tard so I wont spoil it for ya if you choose to play. My only wish is that it were longer!
Some of the puzzles didn't make much sense. I had to look up the answers for the codes, except the final code, because the Morse was confusing. Spoilers: There is no in-game reference to you not having to use the right drawer, and I don't like that I had to see the creepy story on the bed and have the organizer in order for "Ellie" to look closer at the bag so I could then input the code. Otherwise, though, the graphics were good and I liked the story.
Some things to note: Japanese voiced with English subtitles and there are no jump scares if that worries you. The game itself is good overall. The puzzles in my oppinion are hard. I gave this three stars because it's just one big puzzle and that's all you get. The way the game was headed I was expecting more to the story with more rooms and possibly arching paths with different outcomes to the story. If you take it for what it's a good game with just two endings. So this is a play, and then delete.
This is a game with two endings, which is obvious if you read the comments. It takes a little thought but it is a fun game. Here's a few things to know if you have issues (stop reading if you don't want it spoiled). The rings glimmer is three numbers and you'll need to use a second mirror.
This is really mindblowing!!!....i needed to watch walkthroughs in order to solve this. I should not have watched walkthroughs if I have more time....but the puzzles is killing me!!!! Thanks for the creators,! May you make more games like this!
I've already got the mirror and i saw the message in bed but can't read it, i can't open the bag coz' she forgot the password. Now what's next? I look everywhere but can't find another thing .. help help help! Bout' the coin thing use it in the vise when its already flattened you can get the mirror . Another thing how can i open the other book of hints if i can't get any coins to open it
This was the most mind bending game ive ever played! The twist at the end was really unexpected! Im not giving any spoilers, but of you like puzzling horror mind games with a twist, this is your game.
I found it very challenging and good even though the bag part was kind of tricky. I cheated a bit cause there was no way i couldve done it on my own. i recommend it to all who want to test their patience. For the bad code: see how much the ring shines like this: short,short-long short long- short long long. (keep in mind that everyone's patterns is change everytime) Then look at the poster on the wall and check which number has the correct pattern as the ring shines.
I'm no where near finished but why would people come on here to give a review but tell everyone the ending it has ruined it for me and now I feel to uninstall it 😡
It was unusually intricate for a puzzle/mystery game, and it took ages to finish, but I got the good ending on my first try. Had my doubts about the "good" part about it, but found the bad ending immediately on my second try, haha. Points for thorough gameplay, rather than resorting to cheap and mindless jumpscares.
This is such a great game! The puzzles were some of the most difficult I've faced in such games, the artwork was charming, the gameplay was simple and easily controllable! Honestly, I'm blown away. I kept getting the bad end, and I had to replay several times to get the good end. Both endings had me a little on edge afterward, which I absolutely adored. I will DEFINITELY be recommending this to just about everyone I know, as well as considering purchasing the add-on. Thanks for the fun!
I edited to remove my spoilers - the game style okay just the number puzzles are bad, confusing and miss leading in my books.
This game really challenges your mind. You need to be witty, know morse code and know roman numerals. This game is basically to test your mind. Its really fun but can get confusing :D
Easily the best room escape I've played... the puzzles are logical and well thought out, I actually got chills when getting both the bad ending and the good. 5 stars!
Okay so it's good but it took me a while to figure crap out and literally forever to find the good ending (still worth it though). ALSO DON'T READ THE REST OF THE REVIEWS HELLA SPOILERS JFC!
I think Ellie Is an Vampire! This is why I think that: First of all, When you go to the Mirror, You can see the reflection of the floor, But you can't see Ellie. Second of all, She has Pale skin, Legends Say, That Vampire have Pale skin. Also, If you Kill her (Thanks to the hair dryer), You see that she doesn't have an Skeleton inside of her. And last but not least, On the bed, There is an note that says That Someone is an demon, I don't Know about You, But I think that "Someone", is Referring to Ellie. What do you guys Think? 🦃
That organizer! It was a glitch that ruined the game for me; couldnt get to it. Had to watch spoliers for it. Like the game overall. Wished there were more rooms Ellie was led into.