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Elio for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by KEMCO located at 2F 6-10-3 Saijo-Shitami, Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Pref., 739-0047, JAPAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The story is interesting and so is the system. May I suggest creating a boss where the rare drop would be gems? Since the UR classes require gems, and not everyone can pay, I think it would be great if they can get gems from a boss.
It is fun and easy to get. Good for wasting time while waiting. But one thing I still can't figure out is how the level past max works. Maybe it isn't unlocked yet or something but I don't get it.
Fun time waster, however if you don't purchase crystals expect to spend a lot of time grinding lower levels.
It seems interesting, but the grind needed to clear the game's latter stages can be a bit excessive. The impossible grinding of the UR souls make the post-game content unappealing as well.
Sprite filled turn based RPG. You're characters' appearances are decently customizable but can be obscured by class outfits. Classes are varied and upgradable. Like all Kemco games, there is no actual need to make purchases just to enjoy the game and the story is jrpg campiness. It could use some customizable A.I. so the autobattle can go more smoothly but that's just me being greedy. It's another quality game from Kemco.
This gameis amazing. But i wish it was easier to registertonsave your progress. Im not sure if logging in will overwrite my current progress
My phone hates me and this game works, is fun. Plays like an old rpg-rts. No waiting straight forward, strategy needed and fun to be had. Love it
Finished the game years ago twice and still checking back here if there's an update, but sadly there's none! please add something new in this game or make a new game similar to this masterpiece.
This game is so hard to play even in the early the monsters are so tough,and its so hard to get gems and kilari, i hope tou will fix and update this game i really really like it.
Elio is a simple but addictive game because of the class soul system. the story is average yet has an interesting plot. But sadly to acquire the UR soul class and rare SR soul class can only by crystal, and the status of a UR is so imbalance, an Lvl 20 UR still overpowered the lvl 99 SR class -_- but i guess this game still worth to play without the UR class.
It is a great game. little laggy, but that can be fixed by making certain content available offline, and oh, daily gems would be amazing, also materials once found on a level should tell where to go back to for upgrading
Not what I was expecting from KEMCO, nor something I hope they make more of. It's kinda similar to games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper, though a lot more simplistic. At least there isn't a stamina system that limits how much you can play, and as always, the IAPs are completely optional. Makes a decent time waster.
I know it's been a long time since you update this game. But I cannot upgrade R class into SR, even though it already reached max level. Maximum R level only 20, but the condition to upgrade R into SR require class level 40. Other than that, this is a good casual game.
I would like this game more, if it had a multiplayer feature and the creator keeps the game updated and active
I really love this game, I got hooked from the moment I started battling. Its a really good time waster.
I already finish the game. I wish there are more levels like a level 100 secret boss. I also notice one of the special attack "All characters attack twice" but what it actually does is double your damage for the next attack. I was expecting like my characters get 2 turns like for example I can choose attack then choose block. But love the game
I've been trying to find that Right Game for Months, Hopefully this game keeps me Interested, so I can't say one bad thing about it, has Everything I've been looking for UR units have a 3.5% Rate and game can be Rerolled... I'm loving the experience ( Alchemist ) UR unit makes game enjoyable, also Devs pls respond is this question - is this Game Offline , somedays I'm in areas can't use internet , well hopefully this review was helpful and yes others should at least download and check it out 🤗
Its very amusing and fun game. If you are looking for a game to kill some time or simply want relax and play. then this game is for you...the game is very simple from music to gameplay and yet you will found yourself having a goodtime.
Elio us one of the greatest games I've ever played. It got me playing for a very long time. But I hope that there are other ways to obtain crystals aside from completing missions.I also think that it would be better if the weapon's look will change every time you change your equipment.
Overall it's fun, and you can finish the game without paying a cent. However, certain things like the UR level classes require you to spend crystals, and even then it's random with a very low chance of getting what you want. I'd have no problem with this except that crystals are ridiculously expensive. Over $40 for enough to buy 4 sets of armor. And at 25 crystals per try, even $40 won't guarantee a single UR thanks to their really low drop rate. That is not okay.
Free to play forever, unless you want to speed things up. Nothing that you can't get through normal gameplay. Hit-Point never fails to deliver a 5☆ game. Thank you!
I am enjoying the game so far but I can't find anything to help me nor let me add hero's to the party. I am stuck with just the first two. I summoned more heroes but little good it does me if I can't use them ever. Please fix this or tell me what I'm doing wrong. I am a fan of Kemco games but this is stressful.
Too convoluted for me. Having over 200 unique classes is overkill and unnecessary. I could beat most enemies by simply raising my level.
this game so fun i like for playing this, can you make the best turn based rpg for everyone? because i like a tactic
I was expecting a final fantasy rip off with a p2w wall. I was wrong. It's similar to final fantasy as a turn based game but it has its own interesting identity. So far so good, I'm definitely enjoying it
I played and finished this game years ago and decided to play again. Still love the graphics and different classes. Very grindy though. Still re-learning things but so far it's okay. One of the best offline class collection game for me.
I think this is a fun game. Hard to get advanced classes. At times you are limited to what skills you can but proper planing can get you through.
This is a decent RPG game. It has good story line, art style and sound track, plus unique gameplay and some grinding. This is a not-bad game, but not good enough so I won't recommend it to anyone, but you can try playing it, and maybe you will like it.
Great old school...ish feel. Rather easy a bit of grinding will get u through withought much brains . for ppl saying u need to use crystals to get sr clas souls u dont... U need to use an identical class soul to raise the class souls lvl cap... Then u can rank it up. Good game no ptw.
So...when I finished the tutorial, it said I got 1,000 crystals. I checked my mail. Nothing there. That's OK, I thought. I'll just update my crystal information in the shop. I go to the shop and press update crystal information, then I get a message saying: Unable to make purchase (010). What the heck is (010)?! How do I get my crystals?!
I need to factory reset my phone but i still cant find a way on how to register an email in your website -_-. Every time i try to register, the site always asks me to register an email first! How can i register when you dont allow me to?
Its a cute game but so hard to defeat monsters even in earliest stage of the game. Kilari also dont generate if you logout of the game. So what? you just stare at the game doing nothing while waiting for 6hrs for the kilari to generate just so you can upgrade your heroes?. No thanks. Uninstalling.
Im still waiting for season 2 the story is incomplete..I don't know how many years now..😪😥😥 please kemco part 2 of this game
It's sad that it's not available for newer devices, I'd really like to play this game but it's alright
Why i cant class change and the max upgrade is only class 20? How can i make it lvl 40? If the requirments is classlvl 40?
Pretty fun game. Standard summon units and dominate game. Lacking on story and stuff, but it gets through with combat, which can be a little repetitive.
Its not p2w either. Thats why I like Kemco. You dont gotta pay for the optional stuff, difficulty is slightly on the easier side usually though. Never heard of hit point. Anyways bout the game. Gameplay is old school turn based which is dependent on speed. Not a fan of special requirements that make you have to use N or R characters though. And there needs to be a way to earn crystals post game. Story line is decent. Light and dark blah blah fighting and being puppets to another entity.
This game is cute,at first its language was English but Why it's language suddenly turns to japanesse? Now i can't understand the story..thus there's no optional language to use.. I uninstall and reinstall the game but its still japanesse.. Is there anyway to fix it?
Love this game. Has a real retro feel/look, but they added a lot of new features to keep it modern. I like the turn base style with auto function so I can play at work. Lol. The only thing I would suggest at the moment. More info on what mission/level drops the materials you need, and how to raise the class level over 20. Amazing game! Keep going!
Still imbalance skill and stats. Impossible to bypass mission, and some N-Classes is better than R-Classes, or R-Classes is better than SR-Classes because they have lower Skill Mana-Consumption and higher chance of debuff. Well, I can't spam skill with SR-Classes. Maybe the dev can learn from DOTA skills and their effect & mana consumption (the most well-balanced game ever i know). So its not p2win or grindy game, just impossible to pass as the game still imbalance. But its good game to pass the time (and its free).
The game is pretty fun and great to kill time. You don't necessarily need internet, but it's good if you want you data safe as well as a great game to keep it better. It should be easier to get an ultra rare honestly. I got two by the end of the game, and you can't MAKE them.
Mess mechanics how can upgrade from N to SR if the classlv requirement is 40? While the max lvl only 20?.. does it make any sense? Or the game it self is forcing as to purchese gems... i hope you know what im talking...
I like the customization it has but what I don't think it's worth playing this game is the grinding for materials and gems not to mention the limits to some classes and the only way I can get some I can get the materials is by stealing but even with a medium chance is hard to do my entire party died multiple times because of grinding for materials it's not worth it because I spend days on trying to get 5 stones to build the temple and it's not even that good of a health regen
Cute!! I only play this because of the cuteness. Whether it's bad or not... who care! its cute. That alone deserve 5 stars
Has a save data stored in account.. but i can't find where did you put the device change.. or a way to retrieve it..
I like the entire idea of this game. Not 100% balanced exactly, with me having to grind at some points to move on. But overall fun, cliché(nostalgic), customisable, and can be worked upon. Keep at it. I'm looking forward to updates.
Looks like i wont be playing this game cuz i already registered my kemco id tried to put it in and it said they were incorrect i changed the password it still said incorrect so my account is lost and they wont fix theyve really taken a step back in making great games like they used to im starting to feel they dont care like every other company very sad :(
What'd h'ck the problem with the tutorial? I can't win I can't attack, no chance of attacking because of the damn 11k crit. Now I'm stuck in tutorial... Please fix it...
A good game. Although it's too easy, and URs aren't needed at all. Bad game design, but good game regardless.
It's a great game. Beginning can become a bit Grindy if you don't get an SR/UR early on. Definitely needs improvement but overall not THAT bad of a game. Wish there were more things to it except for battling but y'know you get what you get.
can't even play it :( I downloaded this once but I'm stuck at the register page but it disappears and appear again for a second then disappears again until it crash
It's not bad but not great either.It just doesn't feel as exciting as other games i have played, it's a bit too simple for my taste.
Beat it with minimal class improvements, never even bothered to get one higher than 13 much less improve rarity. I love that it didn't have an arbitrary energy system (for once). also wish there was a way to gain more crystals to hunt more UR (in 33 draws I only got 1 and you can't find them otherwise). Story was okay..ish...
After a while, you get over it like its just another hype. Very gacha based but a bit difficult to obtain the classes you really want. Honestly, I wish Kemco would hurry and make another game with many classes and customizable looks! <3
Doubt I have anything to say that hasn't been said before, but I would very much appreciate an increase in stealing chance. Sometimes I can't steal even from a common enemy, it's always a miss. ): Other than that, it doesn't feel like a p2w and I enjoy the lack of pressure to spend money. A bit of a grind fest, but I do enjoy a bit of grinding time. XP
as expected of KEMCO this game is awesome with so many jobs to chose from and many events to not be bored and ofcourse the story it tells is awesome I didn't find any problems yet all in all great game
This game is so hard to play even in the early the monsters are so tough,and its so hard to get gems and kilari, I hope you will fix and update this game i really really like it.
This game is OK but there is many ways to make it better 1. have a upgrader that lets you combined the guacha characters so that u can have no problem buying so many soul's to get a sr or ur. 2. Have more creation in the game 3.go over the limits with combining characters have a way to get ssr or even sur characters 4.don't just put guacha characters that have two elements on there its confusing if you're going to do that have a thing where they can get combination elements to make the characters more power
No way to get past first quest as you can't attack first and they one shot your characters. No way to get back to town to enhance. All you can do is sit in the title screen, or go to the first dungeon to be 1 shot. Who designed this garbage game?
Like with many other Kemco RPGs, the story is okay, mobile controls are good, grind-heavy, more of an interesting combat system in this one, but still kind of samey...your troops are just troops without any story of their own, just 1 main character with any kind of back story. Still pretty interesting compared to the rest of the games in their library. So 4 out of 5 (better than the average Kemco RPG) but 2.5 out of 5 overall (compared to other RPGs).
Much is left unexplained, especially when it comes to stats and material location. Other than that, an interesting and fun diversion.
Already finish this game after 6 hours. Its very addicting for sure but somehow im dissapointed why this game finish too early, also its pointless to have a character lv99 for ealry unless its ur char UR or SR rating because when lvel normal or rare change class than the level gonna reset to 1 and limited to 20 again..so please fix this. Please make some development and bring new char. Overall i gve 4
Game can be cleared with N rarity class souls (and is in fact EASIER if you leave raising unit rarities for the postgame). Story's kind of shallow, but passable. Farming is made a lot more bearable by a daily Fever Mode, but it only lasts for 15 minutes once activated so you need to finish prepping to dungeon rush BEFORE you turn it on. There's some guides available in the rpginsanity forums if you need hints. [P.S. Crystal Mail on an AoE magic class trivializes a lot of the game.]
Too much relying on gacha to level up classes makes me think that you really need a lot of money ASAP. Why don't make premium version that enable us to get crystal more by battling in special place that only available in premium version? I bet people will like that. Also, monster drops that are dropped with low chance is annoying.
Could you make Quorite obtainable on regular time than on just fever time? Its impossible to obtain unless fever time is activated and even then you can only get a maximum of 15 if you know how to farm and If your lucky. Would rate five then.
This is a perfect throwback to the old rpgs like the final fantasy series, I would play this sequel if there was one.