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Elements for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Sansonight GameDev Studios. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is literally "THE BEST GAME" I've ever played. It might be a little difficult when you start playing, but when you get the hang of it "YOU'LL ENJOY" I love this game and I can't wait for your next game. In fact I love spectator mode I just love this game soooo much what I'm typing isn't expressing anything at all. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐
I honestly love this game, I would have given it 4 Β½ but it's not an option, sadly as far as I'm aware there are only two elemental attacks, (the shield and >) (The special) And In my opinion the hand combat combos aren't very creative however this game is still in early development and has amazing potential, I cannot wait for further updates and really want more of this game
Honestly a super good game I wish there were more options with customization like sub elements or different abilities but overall it's a really good game
Kinda laggy at battle mode, there are lots more to do with this game (I suggest background, customize options, attacks like grapple, an elemental skill that costs 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, etc. of the charge bar, original content/trademark, create your own move, and even story mode and multiplayer) 5 stars for not yet having in-app purchases :D (some apps/games in beta already asks money for some features) I hope the finished product can still be played even offline (that would be cool) same as this one :)
I love this game but I wish you could become the avatar but only by earning them. And that you should add more elements like ice , metal, and lightning. And finally could you put on shields/wall of elements so if they use their element you can block it.
Love this game.....but add the follows--- 1)u need to improve graphics 2)U should add more elements like ice,metal,lightning,grass,etc 3)u should add 1 prime character which hv all the elements power but we hv to gain it like....u should add stories also so we can enjoy the game fully 4) u should make a story game...and this game can be like- "avatar-the last airbender" just make like it and it will be the best game in playstore
This game is pretty good. But it's very laggie most of the times, and I know it's a beta but after buying everything at the store there isn't much to do. However it's still very cool and a good game when you want to fight some avatar/dragon ball, type guys. Also if the full version ever come out I hope it has a tournament mechanic because its pretty easy to fight the enemies in battle mode.
I love this game just need to add more subelements and make it so your people have xp levels and make it online then you would have a real game up and running THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD IDEAS IN THE REVIEWS PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME
I absolutely love this game can you add more elements like electricity and grass/nature? Or maybe even sand ?Please I would appreciate it very much. Yeah I now know what's wrong with the options I had to buy them
It is a good game but can u add more 2 it can u have more elements hair clothes and should have online mode and u should be able 2 buy elements and create ones and there should b a treasure achievement room were u get rewards 4 doing achievements that would help make the game even more funner
great game but in my android phone it doesn't work or istall thats why I'm giving it two stars why do some game say that can't install
Needs more items to buy the shop have they cpus super strong and also you should be able to have like a person who can have all the elements and that would be very cool by the time that this game with a very good game
I love this game just need to add more subelements and make it so your people have xp levels and make it online then you would have a real game up and running
It's cool i wish if you can add more elements attacks like fire dragon and water snack and earth lion and Air eagle and make the character transform like Dragon Ball some thing like that please
Very fun game with nice style. I love the whole elements theme. It's just water is a bit overpowered compared to the rest of the elements. Also there is a severe bug where if you hold down next to an enemy in a corner and input "Kick Punch Punch Punch" and keep chaining that together it is inescapable. Besides these it is a very good game. Cant wait to see if eventually split-screen or online play will be implemented.
The game is ripping off dragon ball fighters, and avatar. The elements only for ultimates and the no online, little costomisation options, and laggy gameplay is okay at best, the artstyle is all over the place, and animations are 2 tank like.
I love it, Just wish it had different element styles and more custom clothes. Overall though, a great game that I'm addicted to.
It the best game and it is so easy.You just need to create your own character and fight with them, and you can pick what bending (Element) you want for you character, you can pick air πŸ’¨waterπŸ’§earth 🌎 and fireπŸ”₯.good luck winning πŸ‘.
This app is the best start πŸ‘Œ but add more elements , faces,body,tops, hairs and cool 😎 things to we can use
Loved it a lot but I can't make my character wear clothes cz I'm trying I can't change with the arrow u should add new elements and skill moves to do with the movement arrows make more attack buttons it would be cool
As soon as the bot hits you you can't escape like he's hitting combos every second and even if I block he still hits me I spam every button and still can't do anything nerf water and then I will download the game again
The game is a nice game .I really love it ,it is very nice ,but can you make it avatar like, make a story line and make it move in environment I hope you make it very soon I will look forward to it .pls do it tanx
It's been a while since this game had an update, I'd love more combos and maybe a element transformation for all element types, maybe more clothes and accessories for characters. A story could be cool too, online battles, and ways for friends to play.
It's OK but it be cool if u can fight with the elements we have like instead of using it as a power move but it's fun good job with the game
This game is great like Z Champions. I love the elements. Maybe make a multi-player mode and add more costume choices. All that and you get a perfect game. P.S add a color wheel the other thing doesn't give all the colors.
It is an awesome game and i really like creating my own character's for the game instead of just playing the one in a game already. keep up the good workπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
This app won't download. Even though i have space in my phone it cannot be downloaded but when i tried downloading a different app it was successful. This app does not deserve to be in rating list Just remove your game from playstore if it can't be downloaded.
I think it should have a non bender option and 2v2 online and more hair options but other than that it's an incredible game!
Ehhh....The game is actually boring. There isnt much to do in it and their isnt much to add to the characters. The game is terrible if I'm honest.
Can you add a campaign, in which you have to fight through increasingly harder waves and boss fights? In addition to this could you fix the bug that occasionally causes you to freeze in place while trying to walk? (This also happens to the NPCS) Thanks.
This game is good but... It needs a lot more content like seriously add 2v2,online,more elements,more items. But anyway don't listen to the people who say this game is horrible u are just trying ur best and that is the most important thing :D peace Edit: where is our update that we have been waiting for for almost 2 years?
I love this game it's awesome but I wish you would have more stuff you could buy in the shop more hairstyles or other stuff and could you add more special moves like could you add a move that turn your fists on fire and just started punching your enemy relentlessly that would be awesome and could you have it be an online game because I know those I just AI also could you add a level system so you can become an avatar like at level 100 or something anyways love this game is awesome
The game's good but the enemies are too hard way too hard they always corner you in the edge of the map and keep spamming the same combo over Andover I really don't like the combat because no matter what your enemies always stronger than you if you fix this I'll give Stars
This game is my most favorite game like worriors of the universe but it could use some more items and more elements like ice, electricity, darkness, light and the element that lets you control plants.
Allow them have more bending powers than just special move its more fun like that and let there be a tutorial of how to play the gameπŸ˜’ and please put more elementsvand please add more hair, eyes etc like more things to use to customise my character
Ok game is great but we need to be able to bend all four elements and include ice ,wood, lighting, glass etc
I luv the game but is it real people ur playing with dont text me on gmail anyway there is a thing were kinda cant turn around and sometimes. Me and the player get stuck on a side and why is there a button with the element and u just have the element around u add a thing where u can have more powers
It's a good game with a lot of potential! I just feel like air is the only good element. You can spam it and charge while doing a bunch of damage, while water is a downgraded version of air and earth is worse. And fire is the worst one. It doesn't last long and you can't charge. I feel like most of them need a downgrade or most of them need an upgrade. Thank you for reading this!
I like the idea of wlemental duels, but i wish there was like an ability tech tree as well to go with making the characters.
Has potential, needs more customization. The controls are a bit slow to react as well which is annoying, and can we try to have a way to progress our characters to have new techniques, or be able to mix our elements for new things depending on percent? (50-50 fire-earth would make lava for example) I'd also recommend different fighting styles to get, a dungeon thing so we can have something to do, pvp, etc...
The opponents are too overpowered and i haven't won a single game plus there's only 2 hairstyles and 3 shirts that look exactly the same and you guys should definitely create new clothes and new fighting skills and like a story mode or something.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜
Hey i just saying good game but add more elements like darkness lightning light space void or rainbow I still like the game tho And why is this game like dragon ball Z
I know the game is a little rough around the edges right now, but I have no doubt in my mind, that you will improve the game in the future, also it would be really cool if you add a light, and darkness element, the light could shoot an energy beam, and darkness could shoot a black hole, also a lightning element, would be cool as well, keep up the good work, and don't disappoint.
It's a really good game in my opinion, the only problem I have is the element balancing. Water has a wave that does massive damage AND they can walk around and attack you or charge another wave. Air can create a tornado that picks up the other player causing massive damage too and can be spammed to win a fight without losing health, and earth is just like the others. Fire in my opinion needs a buff because it's the only one that locks you in position and it does a lousy amount of damage.
I am not sure about this game it's fun and all but I like a similar version of the game that have more movement of bending
I LOVE IT! But you need to add more elements like metal,dark,light,lighting,metal,and finally the best the AVATAR element were you can use all fire, water,earth,and air. Plz and thank you.
Very entertaining, great fighting mechanic's, addictive and fun to play. You should try and and more elements like lightning.
This game is amazing ...u need to work more on the characters techniques but that's really cool😘😘πŸ₯° and it's better if u release this on steam for pc
I would like to say. Im very impressive in this game. Four kinds of elements the air,water,earth and fire i like it the graphics of the game and i would like to say i wish it has different modes of S.P and new things to discover, overall thank for this wonderful game. Thats why i give you 5 stars.and also new characters to choose .
Pls add a story mode and a tutorial because that I don't how to do some moves and a story it's just doing battles pls add I would really like if u add a 2v2 mode and multiplayer update and if u add a story make it so u can bend other elements and if we can more than 1 skill
This game has great potential! I would definitely donate if I wasn't poor πŸ˜‚ I love the art style I just need a couple more modes, hairs, and other customizable items. Also the gameplay is a little weird try making the motion buttons bigger and make the box clear and more special attacks. Thank you! Cant wait to see how this game grows
The game is okay, but needs more elements.it also needs a multiplayer section. and needs more options to make your avatar
This game is very cool but there's really nothing's to do after you just killed about 5 people then you want to just stop please make it multiplayer please and add control layout editing and make it controller support with ps4 and xbox
I love this game but we need a tutorial on how to do moves and creating characters and we need more moves for each element and for you to be able to charge faster
amazing game and I'm loving it it's fun to play but there is an ad in the bottom right corner of my screen and I'm not sure if I can move that because I'm not able to customize my character,I mean I'm able to change his skin but the things I purchased from the shop such as clothing I can't have my character wear it because the ad is blocking the button, I don't know if that's on my device but I need a little help, overall the app is amazing
It's a great game cause it has potential for more it would be better if there was more elements but it has potential.
New update please I love the game just needs more abilities and online feature and 2v2 multiplayer feature and a survival mode
This game is good but... It needs a lot more content like seriously add 2v2,online,more elements,more items. But anyway don't listen to the people who say this game is horrible u are just trying ur best and that is the most important thing :D peace
Terrible controls also you can get recked on easy EASY the computer will most of the time will its waste .DON'T INSTALL
This is an amazing game. I would recommend three different specials, and the time it takes to react to what you want it to do is a bit slow. Otherwise, this is amazing. Edit two: It has been about an hour and thirty minutes I was gopong that my guess was wrong but I have an answer, unfortunate because I really wouldve loved to play it. Edit three: When you vlock the specials, the cpu will get stuck. I dont know if this is just on hard difficultly or all of them.
This game has so much potential And here are some ideas You need way more abilities with the element bending, cause one speacial attack is boring, we need more speacial attacks Combat is pretty good We need more customization abilities like more hair and clothes customization items and we need a better color picking system for eyes, hair, and skin These are just some ideas but if you added then I'd really like this game soooooo much more
The game has potential, but you need some improvements to the controls. Might i suggest being able to customize the control layout or moving all the action buttons to one side? Also the Joystick needs improvements so you can use it . For example making the area where you can use it bigger so it doesn't pose a problem when moving around. Also more customization items that can be bought or unlocked. Oh, and more elements(i.e. Lightning, Plasma, etc.) Hppe you read this and have a nice day.
This game is so horrible it doesn't even give you a tutorial and the fighting is just just to hard and it has to many add this game doesn't even last a day on my phone i do not recommend you getting this game but you should get a game called true masters its more better than this game would ever its so good that the beta is good
The game is good but how are you going to make a avatar and we need tops and we need more element moves the game is good but just more updates please!We might need girls too make it more like avatar.
I like this game alot actually because its fun and you know etc but the enemy is so strong so ill rate 5 but if u plsssss make the enemy a little bit weaker that will be amazing πŸ˜‡βœοΈ
The game looks really good the games also pretty fun but you just need new elements new outfits and 2 new abilitys for each element
Wow! This thing is good kinda looked like from warrior of the uinverse,you know this game could become a naruto,dragon,or different anime or even super heroes I will keep my eye on this and the update too.
I like the game very much. I mastered all the elements but I don't know how to master the shield thing. I know if u hold the shield u won't lose health even tho ur enemy is attacking you. But how do u use the shield to fight the enemy?