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Election Day - USA 2016 - Presidential Campaign

Election Day - USA 2016 - Presidential Campaign for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by All in a Days Play located at B - 003, Rajan House Building, A M Marg, Prabhadevi Mumbai - 400025 India. The game is suitable for Teen (Drug Reference) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
boring game. unless you pick a well known person who did well in the election it's very hard. also game ended up crashing on me so I uninstalled it
It is extremely left wing and impossible it seems to win with Donald Trump. I've tried countless times and nothing I do can work. It also starts you off so unfairly with one candidate with over 50%. It should all start at 0 for everyone. After I wrote this review I tried it with Hillary and won with no problem. With donald I couldn't even get past the first round. It's completely unfair and biased. 👎
The game isn't biased. I was able to win fairly easily with Bernie and Trump. First rounds were a bit difficult and keeping the business class on your side is a pain in the ass but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty fun.
It was obviously designed by s on the left. To gain support I had to answer the questions the opposite way of what I believe. The republican electorate should not support gun bans and abortions! Come on! I don't that on the democrat side they have to support tax cuts and smaller government to succeed! Plus no debates once you have the nomination.
It was okay..but you should bring some domestic politic too.i like to put sanction into another country and banned them
its a game where you need to know you left and right parties bit the Democratic side is more difficult than the republican side but you need to be very skilled to become the president
Something I don't understand about the game is the complete fallacies in it. For example, whenever I was Ben Carson, I was asked about adding more federal regulations on guns and I said there shouldn't be. That dropped my points in like 4 different areas, and the one that suprised me the most was the public. In real life gun control is a losing issue for Democrats so therefore the public wouldn't be in favor of more regulations.
This game could be great. I played 3 different times. Once I played like a full on democrat, it was a cake walk. Then I played Trump with my own beliefs, i won the Partisan elections, but Bombed the Presidental election. Then I played as Hillary with my own beliefs, Cake walk. This game shows obvious left wing boas, like most platforms.
I can see where this game is liberal biased. Only problem is I can't win being a Democrat or a Republican. The race itself is unfair, since some candidates are given a way bigger advantage over others (i.e. you and a few candidates). Also, if you choose Donald Trump or Joe Biden, forget about winning. I was able to get a high score of 25% with Trump before losing. I ended up with 0% with Biden. Every single choice you make will upset one or multiple factions, so making every faction happy is impossible. Also a few big political words in the game that may take a dictionary to figure out, if one wants to take the time to do it. The game gets boring after a lot of times losing.
Very silly that people are calling the game biased because they lose. For example, considering that most Christian religions in the US are Protestant and not Catholic, meeting with Catholic Bishops would be seen as negative enough drop a few points. Very relaxing game for me, it's very fun to just sit back and take the race easy and think about how people would react to certain actions.
Liberal left leaning game, Uninstalled after 2 games. If you don't answer the questions as a liberal would, you have no chance of winning.
Those who struggle or claim bias are those who struggle in real life. The game is completely balanced, it's all about claiming, supporting and holding a position. If you're losing as a republican, it's because you're not answering the questions supporting your candidates views. Same as a democrat.
I don't know if I like this game because I can't get past the part where you pick a candidate. No matter what I click it does nothing. I'm very frustrated
They are holding my family hostage unless I write good review plz halp great game, fantastic, 10/10 pls release my family
Like many people said it's pretty biased against the left. I played both as Hillary and Trump and it was harder to play as Trump though I lost with both Hillary and Trump but it was way easier to get further with Hillary. What ever the system is that chooses what factions like or dislike a certain decision is really flawed. I could give a tax cut to a group and the media goes down like 40 points. It's just weird. I don't like it. Won't play it again and cannot recommend.
Great game, love the idea! The only complaint I have is how repetitive it is. Would be great if more things were added;maybe like actual visualized meetings and things like that, to keep it interesting.
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1st time playing I used Trump. I established an early lead, steamrolled through the Republican race and held 56% going into the final week leading to the Presidential election. On the final week I chose to meet with Staff and agreed to visit a conference for Catholic Bishops... and promptly dropped to 46% and lost. THAT is some bullcrap. Uninstalled.
Short and sweet, nice basic introduction to politics - no overly complicated controls. Simple, clean graphics and enjoyable game. Only thing that's annoying is my understanding of how to make a good speech and what factions are!
First time i played Democrat i won with bernie sanders. I have played the republicans 5 times now and barely got through the third cut. The game said the republican party opposes homes for veteran's... Great game...
pretty Cool Game i Won with Bernie Sanders on my first try!!! Yesss 😎👍 i would of liked it if it had a actual debate stage Though like a actual debate between bernie and trump and bernie and hillary you know give me the real life feel but other then that it was pretty cool experience
The idea of the game is great, but there is no depth. A bug I noticed is that if you get a neg. modifier on a metric already at 0, it will plummet you in the charts even though the metric goes from 0 to 0; it doesnt change. This ruins the strategy of the game. I shouldnt have to appeal to *every* faction. Also, a lot of the modifiers from decisions make absolutely no sense. And there is no way to know what decisions to make during debates based on my results. I went all in on attacks on one candidate and it did nothing. This game needs more attention. Not deserving of 4 stars.
Playing as trump. "Visit Afghanistan to support the troops?" After pressing yes my support went down and i lost. Really? Visiting troops who are deployed made me get less votes as a republican? I notice a lot is wrong with this game on a logical sense regarding politics. I think a lot of the outcomes of answers are pretty random.
Like many reviews say, there is an obvious bias towards the left, and it's easier to get through the game. But I've seen people say it's impossible to win with Trump, it's not true as I just won with him. But it is significantly harder. If they balance the game a bit more, then it would be really fun.
Just needed to say that it's easier to win as a democrat in real life. Most americans agree with libertarian left wing policies IRL, so stop complaining about how much you suck at the game just because you can't win as a repub. Just try picking someone with better stats.
A fun way to kill some time while you're in the waiting room to get your hemerrhoids checked, and balancing your popularity among different factions adds some depth. Probably still is a little oversimplified, though, and it seems as though whoever created this game thinks the American public are way more left-leaning than they actually are hence the accusations of liberal bias.