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Eldarya - Romance and Fantasy Game

Eldarya - Romance and Fantasy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Beemoov Games located at 57 bd Gaston serpette 44000 Nantes. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Sex) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They still don't have the Mini Black Hole in Shop and during events I have to spend Energy to find it in cave that I could've been able to spend on the event maps if they would just add it to Shop for Maana and Gold and it's not always in Market or some people add it for millions of Maana or bids so I can't just buy it there either. It's ridiculous.
Love the game, and story plot... but we need more free mana.. or a way to earn more. 5 minutes of playtime is hardly worthwhile. I cant justify spending a fortune on the game.. but could probably do a subscription. Its not very playable as is.
Used to be an amazing game, but nowadays just feels like a moneygrab. The maana-per-dialogue system is just ridiculous, and we can't even "farm" more currency because the trading among players has been cut off. Instead, the game expects us to buy more maanas with real money, or just wait the next day to get the equivalent of three phrases worth of maana. It became boring. This used to be my favourite game, and it's honestly very sad to see it die because of Beemoov's terrible administration.
I love this game even spent money on it. However there is a recent bug where It keeps crashing every time I play hopefully they'll fix this soon. I also hate how they've removed routes in the sequel almost quit playing because of it .
Look the game is cute,enjoyable and there are some handsome characters I won't lie but the manas are a HUGE problem like honestly when u are u guys gonna fix this problem becos its honestly frustrating every move u take is like 10 manas,sometimes we lose manas by looking for characters like I don't how many times I had to go back and forth to look for the Same characters.The game is amazing like I can play this game without stress but no u have to spend real money for manas
Impossible to play This game has a lot of potential. It's adorable. But moving around is so expensive, and I mean literally expensive. It costs 10 in-game coins to switch scenes (which converts to $.02), and since a most of the game is moving around looking for people, that adds up. I'm barely through the exposition, and it would take many days to get enough coins to continue without buying. There is no way this is worth your time unless you are the type to drop 60 dollars on a app
Ok, so the game is great and I love the adventures and story. However, it has a lot of lacking elements. Not enough interaction with environment, is one of those. Also, it is too difficult to regain energy, and the mini games don't help give much back. Due to this, I can't fully say I'd recommend this game, though it is a good design. If it were further updated with a better game style, or a more manageable energy build and environment interaction, I'd gladly change my review. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
I love the story. Hate how much Mana costs. I've been having problems with the app kicking me out. Have tried all the solutions tech support has told me to. I sent them yet another message to try to fix the issue and they responded back in Dutch (which I don't speak). Not sure how they think that will help. Would love to finish the game dinner i have spent money on Mana, but at this point I may just consider it a lost cause.
I used to play this game on my laptop all the time! This is a fun and creative game and I cant wait to try this mobile version out!!
Tbh i just started playing few mouths ago and im actually obsessed with it,The characters are very good the stories are to,But the problem is,Anytime you walk around in the castle or something you lose maana..And its superhard to get the maana fast,I use the mini games to help me get more maana,But also it takes for ever to replay the mini game again....maybe if u change the hours or mins to about 1 to 2 hours that will be helpful,And maybe you can give starter coins for new players.
You need energy to get around?? That is so greedy and money hungry of yall. You actually need energy to move. Incredible. People are really dumb if they actually spend money on this just to move around. Zero stars.
Fun game but has a major problem that takes away from the experience badly: the cost of mana. You need it to buy certain things and also to move in the episodes. It is incredibly hard to get though. The mini games only give you a little bit, and you can only play them once every like 5hrs. You get 50 mana everyday but it costs 10 mana to move one time in an episode. There are plenty of side quests that sufficiently slow you down, so mana shouldn't be so costly, or used at all in episodes!
A very beautiful gamethat allows you to choose your path and those choices determine how people view you which is really really cool
I love this game, but I can't enjoy it because of the little ways to collect manna. Because it takes over 1000 manna to get through an episode, it will take weeks of playing the mini games, which are only available every 6 hours, just to move forward in the game by one change of scene. It's a huge set back. At least make it so you dont use 10 manna to switch from one place to another. I still haven't gotten through ch. 3 because i cant get manna.
It's fun but the mana is easily spent in exploring. The tasks are boring as well. For people who are trying to play without spending. It's gets boring fast.
Eldarya was the best online game I had ever seen, the storyline, the performance, the characters and the story. I am passionate about this game, but honestly the company does not favor, they have already left horrible auction and lost several pages, and now with the new era Beemoov simply removes two flirts? Like they did with sweet love? And have they lost several players for that and persist in the error? Frankly beemoov, Eldarya was a game that I loved so much and you spoiled it too, sad :c
The game is boring, the plot has been done to death by other games that honestly did it better. Such as actually putting unique twists on this plot and by having interesting characters that have character development. While this game is just inconsistant, has crappy dialogue,and characters that are extremely basic and bland. So I just over all don't recommend this game.
Sucks. Takes forever to progress, and its boring anyway. Only 50 mana a day and if you make a wrong move there goes 10 of it, and you needed 8 to 12 moves just to progress maybe 5 lines of dialogue before you need to move again.
Love the game. Just wish you could gain more manna in game daily. I started playing this game in April of 2020 and you used manna to move around. I stopped playing it for a while and just started today 1/31/21 and noticed right away that I'm using manna everytime I read a line and click to read the next!!! That's completely not fair as you're spending way more manna reading the story than moving around!!! I'm not even sure if you're still using manna to move around! I can't believe it!
I adored this game and would love to see more like this. The game play is fun and the story amazing and captivating. I love the choices that can be made it makes the experience more unique and omg the clothing items are to die for. Very creative and well made. Only thing is making money is hard so I feel there could be more options to make money in game.
I'm terribly sorry. The concepts, the characters, the dynamics and everything is PREEETTY great and enjoyable. An interesting world to get immersed in. But the AP and coins system SUCKS. It would take a year or more WITHOUT EXAGGERATING to complete a route, since gaining Action points to move is really hard, matter of factly non-existent. You just have to wait for the daily income, which is around 50 I guess? And to complete an average episode it takes more than 500 Action Points. Do the math.
while playing there seem to be a problem suddenly when I got on episode 2 there is a tutorial that needed me to move and suddenly when i click that option i got a black screen I don't know what to do I waited and nothing happens I only see a black screen
I already wrote something but dont know why it dissapeared. Ill just write short this time. Increase daily maana and is there any way to get free? ( I wroted long with much explanation but like I said it dissapeared)
Most boring game ever. I have been searching for something that i need to continue playing the game for 4 days now and it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to continue. Stuck in chapter 3 simply waiting for my companion to find what I need to go on. Also tried to contact the developers to help with a problem and they responded that they didn't have enough info to help. So i sent them more info and now they won't respond. This game has the potential to be a fun game if things are changed.
It's funny how this company keeps saying they listen to players' opinions when they do nothing to improve the game. In fact, they do the complete opposite. For instance, what's the point of replacing a crush? Out of nowhere? Do they care about the consistency of their story? Also, Eldarya normally is not accessible β€” you need a large amount of Maana to finish an episode, an event. So changing the PA system is only going to make the gameplay worse, and MCL and ML are proof of that. A shame.
I like the same cuz I'm able to choose the characters to what I want them to be. What I like most is I can make me myself and my significant other after my fiance that I love love my heart and soul. In Jesus name I pray amen. Godspeed
I love this game! I wish you could move more than 5 times a day without using real money. But the storyline and character designs are amazing
Agree, it costs way too much to move around. I rarely spend money on these games but i spent what I consider a lot of money.
I absolutely hate the fact if your just going room to room it eats all the mana up. You cant even progress in the game. Your not even allowed to freely explore. Mana should only be taken away during interactions not exploring.
This is the best anime love game I have ever played! I love that there is such a big amount or detail and creativity put into the characters!
it's interesting, but not really worth it for me. I think the pet feature is nice, but the mana is annoying. You should add an arrow(optional) to show us where to go and label the other places so we don't get lost. The button to go back was confusing me and I'd rather not go to the site to check stuff. Basic features for the mc like skin shouldn't have to cost something. The story and art seems good. The amount of mana we gain needs to increase cause 80-100 is not enough when we're getting lost.
When I tried to play the first episode, the screen was loading then went completely dark. I closed the app and reopened it multiple times, but nothing worked.
I'm liking this so far and this reminds me of episode but I look shorter than everyone else in the episode and I can't see my character talking to the other characters.
I like the game, it only requires small bit of time everyday, which makes it enjoyable. I'm looking forward to see what happens next
I loved it.... But it would be better if I could restart episodes when I did accidentally make a decision I didn't want to
I am loving the story and the cute pets but im not sure about the mana, its used far to quickly even 1,000 can be used in about 20 minutes, if it weren't for that id have given 4 stars, mostly because im still unsure about not being able yo choose our guy
Updates were supposed to make a game better, but Eldarya's devs apparently think that they're only meant to make more ways to grab money.
finaly theres an app for this game i played it on pc but don't have one anymore so excited to play again.
Good game, just doesn't go past a certain number of episodes, never shows the events, and is a little difficult to handle in the market but it works.
LOVE this game! Just wish we had a bit more time to get to know the characters before you choose a guard. Also making it easier to navigate and find things would be nice please! 😁
I was really enjoying this game. Wanted to see where it was going. I dont like that everytime you go to use it uses so much mana and in the games you play you get so little. I dont like to feel forced to purchase. You should have a have a regeneration option to a limit and wait time. I might play and purchase if you have better options for now I give 3 stars for lack of opportunity missing from the game. I've uninstalled and will check back another time.
I played this game about 4 years ago when I was about 12 and I loved it I just ran out of money super fast so I couldn't play as long as I wanted to and I was kinda confused on how to find alchemy things , but now Im nack playing it and it seems as though they dont count your moves yet but im only on the second episode. I still love it and I hope to get Ezrael!!
this game crashed on my Tablet, my tablet was frozen, couldn't shut it down or anything. I had to wait untill the battery was completely dead before I was able to plug it back in and wait, that was most fustrating, 😠😠😠😠 I was really getting into this game, but now I'm afraid of what will happen if I open the game back up. Could somebody please check in to this, I don't know if I was the only person that experanced this problem.
I love the game story and all that but I'm on episode 4 and all it wants to do is CRASH. I can explore every other part of the game but when I got into episodes and click to continue playing episode 4 The Test the screen goes foggy and it CRASHES. I have uninstalled it and out it back, reset my phone and everything and it STILL does this. Whats the problem???
The artwork and characters are nice and all, but the game is really pay to win. After the first couple episodes, it's extremely difficult to continue without buying action points.
I'm stuck on level 3 catch a cryslam and bring it to mery. I cant catch it. I've been trying for 2 days.
I really like it so far, but I can't make it into the Gaurds portion of the map because it says that it's only available during chapter 3, even though im on chapter 3! If you could just fix that, that eoukd be great!
Pretty good already, still needs a few tweaks. For spinoffs, I noticed that it asked for 100 maana although on the website I don't have to pay, since I already own it. I started it from the website version and continued on the app. The market needs to have an option to view the "pages" of offers and of "items" we already have. Having to tap on "show more items" is too bothersome. A page to page option like the website would be better in my opinion. Thanks for the hard work!
The game play is nice, but what makes this a 2 star for me is that you really can't progress I the story unless you make in app purchases. You can earn maana in mini games to progress, but you have to wait 5hrs after. Not worth it in my opinion.
I have always loved this game, still do but one thing I am upset with is new era, I want to see the old characters not the new ones, my love interest is gone in new era, I would be happy if they brought him back at some point. Other than that, it still is a really good game.
So, I'm one episode 3 in the part where you learn how to mange the guard that you got from the questionaire thingie. In the tutorials, it darkens everything else and only allows you to press on one thing. For me, however, everytime I press on it a small notification drops down from the top of my screen saying "Avaliable in episode 3" as if I wasn't already there. Now, I'm stuck and can't progress the game. I don't want to start it over but I also don't know how to fix it.
The game seems interesting so far, and most of the UI text is large enough to read... EXCEPT the text balloons, which have text so tiny that I have to magnify the screen to even try to read them :( This makes the experience a lot harder than it should be. I also spent a 𝘭𝘰𝘡 of time trying to find the inventory. I eventually found it hidden in a non-obvious icon under the profile. I like to explore, but each move costing limited resources makes this VERY frustrating!
So far it's a great story... However I can't give it more than three stars cause of the manaa wait. Getting only 50 manaa is horrific. Considering how much you have to walk back and forth to trigger certain things, those 50 are usually used for 1 or at most 2 peices of dialogue. I know you can get more by the games, but it just is rather frustrating to get such a miniscule amount
There is no support for the game and I can't log in on my new phone. Edit: I can log in on my new phone, I just had to be logged out on my other device. Saying that anywhere or having some kind of tech support would have been nice though
I love the story and the gameplay is so much better now (before it would cost money to move and now is with dialogue). My only problem is that I would like the new era episodes to be longer
Love it, but it's expensive and becoming glitchy... I played it through once and on the second replay I was getting continuously kicked off at Ch. 21. I emailed Beemoov support and cleared the cache like they said. Didn't work, so I uninstalled the game like they said AND LOST EVERYTHING. It wouldn't give me my old account back, and when I messaged them I got no response. So, like an idiot, I said whatever and played again. Now I've hit the same issue. Ch. 21 continuously kicks me out. Not happy
It's an enjoyable game. But...when I go to the bank to purchase more gold, it allows me to choose the amount I want. I shows the visa card it will charge to. But when you put in the security code and push the button to send it through it starts to send it and then freezes. It's extremely frustrating. Also I purchased extra mana , the money was taken out of my account. But I did not receive any of the mana. That's just not right.
But the game stop working some time,and give a mission but nothing happens or somone apper and all my maanas keep desapering too.
This is a very good game, but the problem is that any time you move it takes money off you,which I find unfair and it takes 6 hours to get more unless you buy it !
the user name itself is not coming i tried so many times its not coming its saying invalid invalid it needs 3 to 14 charesters
There are too many bugs and the support never gives a solution. The events are pay to win basically and the changes for the new season are going to be awful just like in my candy love. The developers never pay attention to the complaints and only see players like walking wallets. The story is decent but not a big deal
Good quality game but one of the flaws is the mp because it doesn't self-replenish and you only get 50mp daily.
I love a lot of this, and the idea of minigames to earn mana(energy/currency), but they give you so little! The plot is original, along with the characters, but the MANA! It tasks so much! I'm relieved I dont really have to pay to move around anymore, but the mana drains so quickly whilst making conversations! If the price could go down a little, and the minigame mana possibly go up, I'd be able to rate 5 stars! (No hate tho!!)
this has so much potential to be a great game but the fact that it eats your mana every time you enter a room just really sucks! And the games you play in game to get rewards is a joke! you only get one chance to play and then they take 5 hours to replenish seriously not cool. Like I said it has potential to be a good story I just wish the Developers would listen to us and take our post seriously.
It's a good game, amazing really. I just wish either everything didn't cost so much manna (Energy), or we could get more daily Manna. Other than that, good plot, original idea, and good characters.
I thought it was a really cute premise with nice illustrations, but after about a day of playing it it locks you out and the energy runs out very quickly and you get stuck in the hall/certain places (the blue dot disappears) so it's basically unplayable. (Edit:) Thanks for getting back to me, I look forward to playing it potentially in the future.
Game is good but too expensive!!! You should be able to pay to open up chapters not buy mana that barley gets you anywhere. Please fix!!!
I actually found this game to be repetitive and boring. I was hoping for more romance choices and less roaming around doing nothing. Not for me... I uninstalled.
every time I wanna play on the go I love i loose my entire progress I've had to start my game over 4 times even if I connect it to my Facebook or email I like the game hate it's bugs
Well I really do like how the graphics are. However, the stories are just way to boring and tge app atmany times crashes
I like the beemov games but they have a bad habit of deleting the crush characters I like. I can understand if you wanna give another love interest option. But I am personally of the opinion that the original cast should have stayed I mean even Jamon was there. Could you please add Valkyon and Ezarel back in the game. I ask this from the botttom of my heart❀
EDIT: Review from 2019 problem was mana and how quick it is used up and that it is used for absolutely everything in game. 2021: Still a good game with lots of potential. However, mana is still a big issue. Its used for everything and is so hard to get back.
I love that this game has depth to it, it's not just a classic dating game. It's got a story that has highs and lows. It will make you feel happy, sad, anxious, and more.
Really really loving this app so far. It's very interesting and engaging right from the start. Just finished a longer episode than when the game 1st loaded. I think it's fascinating!!!
I would have rated this game higher if not for the fact that every move takes 10 maana and it ends up being very costly to play. And as for the story? Who knows, I am progressing very slowly. I literally cannot afford to play this game.
Seems like a good game but still it seems to run out of engery then anything and if you let it set over night you think it would have filled up on engery
I would give it 4 stars but the fact that every time you move to a new room takes mana and the only way to collect mana is either buy it or play the mini games (which only award very few mana points) is just dumb. when you are searching for someone or something in HQ and dont know where they are and it drains your mana before you even find them. its bullspit to be honest. aside from that great game.
Nice enough graphics. The storyline and game is solid, but because it is so hard to get maana you're forced to play at a snails pace, use money to buy maana, or quit; which is my option. I didnt make it very far in this game, so I don't have an invested interest in it, and already am needing more maana. If you can add more options to obtain maana, then maybe ill try again someday.
After a few years of playing, there's still this huge pay-to-play problem. You can move like 5 times per days and some episodes have you walk through the entire map multiple times just so you waste mana. They make it as hard as possible to earn it, going as far as crippling their own market.
this id a pretty cool and fun gsme i like it. ^w^ its really interesting. but to bad you couldn't complete thr story in one go instead of using your points >~<
It would be a good game except the fact you only get 50 free points a day and it takes literally 10 to make 1 move. You have to pay to play if you want to actually make any progress each day. And the points as another reviewer stated are also the money you spend to buy things. You literally have to wait 6 days and not movw to buy 1 item if it costs 300. Unless you have time and momey to burn I would not waste your time.
You cant even complete one task the characters give you a day if you are just going off the game currency you can earn freely daily. And it would cost alot of real money just to complete an episode. The choices you can make in the game feel like they have no weight to them.Typically this kind of story about being sucked into another world is the kind i love, but so far nothing about this game is interesting except the companions(pets) or exploration, but I cant get far enough to tell w/o paying
I was playing for 3 days, then it suddenly started crushing each time I open it, I even uninstalled it and lost all the progress because I wasn't able to finalize my account abd when I installed it it again it still crushes. The last update is the reason, would you fix this soon.
Beemoov has zero respect for the players that have supported them since day 1. Their games have become an absolute disgrace in the otome genre. They keep removing love interests! I am not kidding. Beemoov: "You like a character and spent a lot of time, money and passion on them?? Well too bad!! He's gone, get over it lol! Please continue to give us your money though, haha!!" If you're reading this I only have one advice for you: STEP AWAY and keep your wallets CLOSED!
i like it but the number one problem that I have with this app is that it doesn't gave you the events.
browsing through the page while clicking "show more items" is quite annoying:( and when i play bubble temple it suddenly stops in the middle and says the game is done even tho i didnt hit anything
Art and concept are really great, but you start off with 1000 mana that does not self replenish over time. You get 50 per day salary after that 1k is gone. Manna needs set at a level higher than 50 that self replenishes over time. Manna is required to move through story, buy food to take care of companions, buy alchemy ingredients and other shop items. If you require Manna for so many features you have to self replenish at a higher limit than 50 a day. You could do watch ads for coins.
The story and the art are really good, the game itself is good, but the Mana problem makes it unplayable. You get 50 per day and the story requires 2 per choice, u also need to buy other things for the story and companion. The only way to get Mana is playing the side games which don't give much and they go on a timer after playing them for 2 times. This makes the progress really slow and not fun at all. I really like the game tho I'd give it a 5 star if the mana issue gets fixed.
Support auto login please? and portrait mode, very awkward to type landscape mode on small phone screen
The game itself seems interesting and has a nice storyline with cool and different mechanics, but I would say the main issue would be the Manna usage. It seems to run out too quickly, especially when you need to guess where to go for the story to continue. It also seems fairly difficult and time consuming to gain more after some time, which I find to be more of a blockage to the game itself, considering it's enjoyable so far to me.
Hello, yes it is able to be downloaded now! Thank you so much I have been looking so forward to this. Excellent custot service for listening to customers and taking care of the problem. I know it's not easy to make apps and code so many different OSes as well as PC programming. Thank you again iook forward to enjoying the game and continuing to support you 😊
Not worth the money we spend on it. When will you start listening to your community? This new store "event" is a complete mess. Honestly... Deplorable.
App is pleasant to use, but the gem bomb game doesn't let me quit after I run out of bombs, forcing me to close the app.
Great game but definitely needs alot of fine tuning. I got really far in the story, but then it logged me out and now I can't log back in, it's done this a few times now. Also, I can't connect on FB, it just keeps saying that it is unable to connect to FB. Also, I can't buy any coins or jems, as when I click on the buttons to select how many I want nothing comes up and it acts like I didn't click anything. Overall, a fun game but needs fine tuning and I can't login. Hasn't sent email.
I loved it. I watch a lot of anime so I knowed animation style when I see it and that was a pretty good animation Style. So far the storylines good, no not good grate. I believe other people love this game recommended for children and adults. I'm 11, so you should definitely trust what I'm saying. My mom won't give me a phone yet so I'm using her account, which is also proof that my mom will let me play this game
It's a amazing game but, I dont like how I have to wait for mana/maana. I ethier wait for it as a daily gift or play the mini/training games and I'm not a fan of it but it's great graphics & the art work is beautiful. But other than that a great game!
it goes to where ive unlocked a ilkustration but it wont let me click it and i have to go out the gane then back in to get to the hq where they are help
it looks fun but can't progress in the game unless you buy the things in the game or wait hours to play again so you can move forward. the wait time is to long and not worth my time.
I have a great time playing this game every day ☺️ I just wish that Valkyon can return and Ezarel, and that the others stay too. Plus, I wish there can be opportunities with Kero and Chrome too πŸ˜‰it would be very nice.
I love this game compared to the other beemoov game (my candy love) this game has exceptable amount of maana distribution which i totally love plus you get to have companions that bring random stuff which can also be sold for maana. The storyline and illustrations are really cool. And now the daily quest capacity is also increased. If only beemoov could make these changes in my candy love πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Really liked the game tbh but for a while now it hasn't let me log in, saying my email or password is incorrect when it's not. And when I try to change the password I never get the email to do it. Tried contacting beemoow but they never answered and it's been weeks. Tried to send the same email many times but never got a reply. Ended up removing this app
The game is great & really fun to play & also I love playing it. But I wish there was a easier way to get the gold coins or the little blue flame stuff. Like playing a mini game or showing a timer on the little blue flame of long it will take until it is restored to full.
i would give it more but it doesn't give you the option to even make an account if you've never played before (which i haven't i wanted to give it a shot)
This game is nice to play. However it is much to expensive. Even though there is a lot of content I feel it is not worth the expense. It's nearly a full days ration of maana to purchase one item from the shop that is necessary to progress the storyline. I'm going to uninstall it before I get any more engrossed in the story. It would be better if I could watch ads to gain maana or coin. I would expect to spend hundreds of dollars to simply finish the available chapters in a timely manner.
I keep on getting kicked out of the game at Episode 21. I see they're very diligent and constantly working hard on bug fixes, so I'll keep checking back in game.
I recently wrote about a problem I had with the app but I could find a solution and it works perfectly now! I love this game: the story, characters and everything.
I love this game, ive been playing for a while now and I love the idea, the characters, the story, the concept is definitely amazing. BUT I keep getting booted off.... ive spent money on the game to enjoy it more but im starting to see I may have lost it all. I wouldve loved to continue playing but the customer support does not offer much for instruction as ive tried everything they suggested and nothing works.
so I'm having the same problem with maana. I dont we should have to pay to go into different rooms or move. I like the game so far until now I cant go nowhere. can you guys get rid of the cost of moving. its stupid to have that honestly....
The problem is that every time i get off i lose stamana its rude so i cant do my quest as i call it ill rate higher when fixed and plz give us more stamana i might delete this if not fixed and its one of my favoret games great story keep it up πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I honestly don't even think this game is fair, the only way I've found aside from paying to get more manna is the minigames. However you only get a few manna for playing one minigame and afterward you have to wait a six hour period in order to that minigame play again.
i dont know to care for corko,pls tell me,and anything is not working only companion tell me what to do
I am sorry to leave a bad review, but I don't like the way that you have to make us pay for more of those little diamond things. I really want to play the game without having to pay 🀬
It's a great game and all, but I've tried 26 names for it and all of them were taken so I had to add numbers. Now my character is being called Autumn8759. (Autumn is my real name btw) So a suggestion of mine is to be able to have a certain name even when someone else has it so no one has to go through the struggle of picking a name that's not taken.
I wouldd love to spend more time In the app but with the costs it's not that enjoyable. The story plot is wonderful but with the mana it's really hard to stay with the story
You do know your biggest problem is mana, Right? Do something about it. Some people don't have money and others don't have patience. I love the game I really do, But people are starting to lose interest fast. Just please fix it.
Honestly? It's not worth it to play any game from this company. This is the second game that I played from them and AGAIN my route got deleted. Not only the story has so many plot holes they decided it's a good idea to add more by deleting the love interests. The game in majority is more pay to play (events are pretty much impossible to finish) and you will waste your money away in resulting getting your route deleted. Not worth the effort.
I really enjoy playing this game in my free time and would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun fantasy game. However this game's main currency is a thing called maana and it can be used in the shop but is also required to move to a another room. Maana is really difficult to get (you can only get 30 every 6 hours which gets you through 3 rooms) which makes it really hard to progress in this game. I would really enjoy this game more if maana wasn't required to switch rooms.
I enjoyed the artwork and that the tutorial is as you go, not all at once. However, it continued to freeze every couple dialogue changes. I didn't even make it to episode 3.
The story is great and is pleasant to play. I think the only problem is regaining maana. It takes way too long
The game takes up to much space on my phone it would be great if you can change the data to a SD card and still play but you can't I tried and that sucks
I like the game, for the most part. I like the story so far, I love the art, and the characters are interesting. But I have a big problem with the gameplay in regards to the Maana. It's a big part of the game, and yet there are so few ways to obtain a good amount of it. It only gives you 50 per day, and the mini-games award very little, for how often you're allowed to play them. Shorten the time between chances, offer more chances, or up the amount given, and it'd be so much better.
I had so much trouble with even logging in because It took me ages to find a name that waasnt already taken and when I didbit said it had to have at least fourteen characters and I did but I still didn't work, long story short I just deleted it.
I would give it 4 star rating but I did not receive my in-app purchases. That I made just yesterday also the prices for stuff is to high, especially since you have to use Mana to walk. You will get 4 stars when I get my in-app purchases. You sent me a message on my e-mail but I only speak English. So I didn't understand it.
It takes forever to do anything because every step costs so much, unless you want to spend a fortune it would take weeks to get through a chaper.
I do like the game so far but its kinda unfair. What I mean is that gaining maana is really hard and losing maana is so easy. It doesn't fit right into each other. But, if the creaters decided to fix the maana to make it more gainable or cost less to move around...I would enjoy the game so much more! Also I'm kinda having a issue, I think. Isn't there supposed to be a log in award every day because I only got it on my first day but I haven't gotten anymore. Plz fix my maana issue if I'm right!
I've Never seen an otome game like this before, I'm guessing it's the company. The mana/AP system? Is just wth. The AP system seems worse, I don't want the moments ruined. Just imagining however much we get going down everytime there's a dialogue is making me feel anxious. For someone who doesn't want to pay, this will take you years to finish only one route of season 1. That's ridiculous, what otome game does this? I don't like any but please give us the option to keep the mana system instead.
Not worth the money you have to spend. The story is great as well as the graphics but ap cost to much for what you have to use to move through the game. There are parts where they just make waist as (manna) just so you have to buy more. Your looking to spend about 40 to 50 us money per chapter. Also you end up having to buy coins to during some parts as well.
It's a good game overall but considering we need manna to move, pay, and play it's a little difficult.
Game has different things like pets, story, clothes but everything is soooo expensive that you can not have a little bit of fun without lots of frustration. Furthermore, at a time you could get everything without use real money being a little more patient than others but now some stuff are exclusively for users who buy recharge and when you play you really feel like game is forcing you to buy recharges with real money. Really bad game pass your way if you don't want lots of frustration!!
how come it said that I got the shadow guard then they said I was with the obsidian guard later is this going to be fixed and it would be great if there could be more mini games to gain more energy
I do like the game but I'm getting tired of how slow everything is going, I click on the what I'm supposed to, to talk and it doesn't even load. I literally have to back out of it, re-enter the episode for it to finally work but it lasts for a tiny bit before I have to redo it again. Please fix the game.
Really liked the game tbh but for a while now it hasn't let me log in, saying my email or password is incorrect when it's not. And when I try to change the password I never get the email to do it. Tried contacting beemoow but they never answered and it's been weeks.
This app is great. Makes it so much easier to play for some who's sometimes too busy to open their laptop. The only problem I have had so far is with bubble temple. The hit box is too wide. I'd be a little close to the obstacle but not touch & still lose. Also sometimes the dialog bubbles for the characters in episodes get a little wonky. Text appearing out of it & appearing as if it was said by one character but it was really said by another due to placing of the bubble & characters on screen
I think the story is good and pretty orginal but it takes so much time to get trough the story whitout eny money cause you have so little mana per day and you cant even play the mini games where you can get mana you can only play them 3 times in 14 h
like the other one star review, I have just gotten to the part in episode 2 where it indicates a movement tutorial will start but the screen just goes black and remains the same even after closing and opening again.
This game does have a lot of potential, but the entire fact that you use the main currency just to move around, and you barely get any for free means it's way too much of a money grabber to keep playing. Some items you need to buy you'll need to sign in every day for over a week without even playing the game to be able to get for free
I'm so mad the game keeps crashing when I go to my companion I mean screen goes white then closes on me. Can you fix this as it only started today I've never hade this problem before.
Gaining Manaa is super hard! I have to wait for the daily income,atop of that it takes a few weeks or so to get past a single episode. Art and such is great,it's just a hassle to get past anything...and,with the events,instead of being able to claim the stuff you've found,you have to used those gold coins. I'm just a little...confused? If you really wanted to get through this,you'd have to pay a decent amount of money- Maybe reduce the expense to move,or increase the income from the mini games.?
I purchased maana because I wanted to play for more than 5 movements. Paypal and Google payments confirmed the purchases had gone through but the maana never came. i contacted customer service and they responded with "don't clog our inbox. Wait 72 hours before you can say it's not shown up." 72 HOURS?????? No other games I've ever played have needed more than 5 minutes for the purchases to show up in-game. This is poor programming and worse customer service. Don't give them your money!
I love the game I knew it pretty much since it came out, but the app doesn't let me past ep1 cuz it says I need to check my pic I got from ep1 but doesn't actually let me do it.
Soundtrack is nice and illustrations are good quality. It's a little stiff and the pay to play system is quite expensive but oh well. I'd love to see more movement in the animations in the future!
i like it but the number one problem that I have with this app is that it doesn't gave you the events. this f***ing app owes me 26 f***ing manna😠😠😠😑
I love the game it's the best except when there is a event the event icon doesnt pop up on the app what to do please and thank you
I really like the game but I'm always out of maana it takes 10 maana to move around. I would give this five stars if it took like 2 maana to move around. But overall the story line and how the game works is really good.
It has a good story line but the one complaint I have is that it's very hard to get mana and moving around the kingdom wastes mana so it makes it even harder to save up. I would like more options of collecting mana. Could you put more options of collecting mana like some games have an option where you complete certain tasks from different games and until you complete them you could get the desired amount of mana that the mission was worth one example would be Tapjoy. And could you do it for coins
It's official this game is a scam!! Unfortunately I had the "luck" of making a new profile just for the exact same thing to happen (getting kicked off repeatedly) all the way to Ch21, if you look "hard enough" you'll find plenty of bad things about this company and this game(great detail) which is sadly a shame and new era is just a bomb! Have fun wasting ur time and money, not even the "developers/support" will be of much help(in mind they respond fast) ✌️✌️