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Ejen Ali: Agents' Arena

Ejen Ali: Agents' Arena for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Media Prima Digital located at MEDIA PRIMA BERHAD Sri Pentas, No. 3 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Selangor Malaysia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall is okay but,you have to put more agents,more modes,and put mic so I can communicate with my teammates or private chat and world chat.You also can put some events and themed map and you can put custom mode so I can fight with my friend.Okay thanks, I hope you will fulfill my wish
The game is different from other so 10/10 just want to complain about the control. First the moment it's too fast I play ali on first round and my God it's hard to hit my enemy and the skill and control sensitive is too high I was like an flash for real tho talk about moment speed it's high as hell. Because of that I need to kiss my enemy to hit it not to mention my hp bar hard to look at. This happens when you can't close gab between your opponent. Just need little adjustment for player to play
I like the game but it's gonna be fun if you make this game as 5v5 moba so everyone can see that malaysia also could make a moba games and pliss add all character
It's a really good game I'm Malaysian btw it just need some improvements like putting more ejen or agent more maps and stuff more material and more modes. but the game is on its first stage they will improve and improve to the top like all Malaysian game it only need some time then be a great game if you agree or not I think the game will be great that's from me thank you bye and why can I get in you guys discord bye
the game almost good but still has some flaws on it..should do auto aiming and manual joystick aiming.πŸ€”while at it.. some buff might needed.. good luck!
It's good enough For me just to say please add more characters Maybe all characters in ejen Ali the movies And add leader 4 with a reasonable price
Best game ever.I think you must add new character and skin for hero just like MLBB to be more interesting
saya suka ini game sebelum ni saya dah ada ejen ali emergency tapi semua dah complete jadi saya download lah ejen ali ni best i give you 5 starrrrrr please update this game add more agent make a big arena and add two florr thank you
Nice game,but there is only 6 characters in the game all of the character only have 2 power I hope all of the character have 3 power and please add new here like Iman,Moon,Jet,Keris,Bulat,Zass and make new game type like capture the flag and team dead match Thanks You
This is the world's best game ever! My favourite game and show! Please add new maps and characters too! Love from India!
Hey there. This game is nice and completely almost the same as mobile legends. Can you make a new update that we can see the map so we can find the enemies.
create Multiplayer Shooting game like pubg Or Free fire.. or maybe open world games.. With This Graphic You Can Create Fps Online Games.. Don't Lose With Oversea Game..
For me this game were too good, the graphics, all were good but at my phone don't have the mission mode, and why their have only six hero? Just put all and about the multiplayer why it take so long, and when line were slow, it lag, exiting. Please fix this issue and serious love this game and I'm the big fan of Ejen AliπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
On my opinion, the gameplay was so fun and great. But maybe just need to add some emote, kda, voice over on killing enemy and mvp player or something else. And sometimes, find match party can't connect to play together i don't why. It just put the ai bot and i can't play the game. Anyway, the game was so great!
I love it!!!!!!! This game make me feel over the MOON!!!! But I need more characters like...villans....Uno plz... :3
This game are dope!!!.. please update fast need more character,new map,ML version,Skin, and detail character trust me.. audience Malaysia will join it. if have all this features
This game is good but the controller is moving while I'm still controlling it please make it stick it's so hard to fight players and the bots they are in multiple players are so strong I can't even kill once please update the game and make it more cooler
I guess it's a nice game... But something wrong with the game for my device...I keep crashing out of the game. Idk whay.. But if you can help me with it im happy and i will share the game with my friends.. Thx!
I like this game but their skill so--, please change it.. and their arena didn't like another mobile games
Its a great game.I really like the graphics.I hope you guys could add more characters from Ejen Ali to make it more fun
Very satisfied! Amaze with it so much! I hope character display graphic can be better and I can't wait for another character coming in
Great game, all characters are unique and fun, the map is also in 3D, which gives more room in strategizing. Graphic is excellent as well. Love it!
This game is very interesting. I did not think there was a great game like this from Malaysia.good jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I need more characters please πŸ€—πŸ€—. Place tha character like jet,zass,Iman and Bulat PLEASE......................
I think you should not make it a layered arena. Make it flat so we can easily run everywhere and do not have to use specific route. I will be happy to promote this game if you improve your game based on my comment and the other players' comment
need improvement as well as adding more characters such as young agents and villains and adding various modes such as academy, classic and rank enhancing games
Its a very good game but needs a little more addition on features such as player ranking, chatting and etc.
walapun saya tak dapat main tapi saya akan tetap bagi sokongan untuk ejen ali . ( in englihs ) althogh i can not play but i Will still give support for egent ali.
I Cant Open It And Its So Bug!! The Game Say I dont Have Connection!! So teribble please fix this problem
I like this game and I like ejen alicia and ejen roza. You like ejen ali, ejen mika, ejen khai and ejen rudy? You Dowland ejen ali: Agents' Arena Dowland now
This game is best to play with friends, but the problem is that I always face internet connection problems that always make me losing in the game , can you add more modes such as capture the flag, team deathmatch and others. In addition, can you add a few more characters. I hope you read my comments and fix all the problems issues in the game
Hello your app is good but can you update that we can chat in the battle so we can win not only for me but for everybody. So when you Will update this app please tell. Can you update it next year
Its a really good game but it will be more fun if you put more characters in the games.. and its keep lagging everytime i play the game so i hope you guys can fix it
This is an awesome game now im at level 42 now and i just wanna say that it really boring having a same map hopely there new map
You need to improve it....but it's okay for me...i hope this game will be more update ...i will waiting for it
I love the game. And I love the graphic when we are in the arena. But maybe you should add more ejen. You can also add villian like uno ,trez ,dos cinco and ocho. Im sorry but your maybe need to adjust the effect of the skill because some of them is quiet to much I'm really sorry it is just my opinion. And I always support you
For starter, this is the best. Only need a little improvement like adding more character. Make the bigger map. And etc.
I think this game has a very good potential.I think you should also make a directional function to the skills.Example with Ejen Ali,you can choose to dash forward,back or side.Second,I think you can make skins for the Ejen too like MLBB do.That would be cool.
Great game....i like it because the grafphic is good and i hope this game can move on like mobile lagend ,pubg and free fire....and i hope you can put more character in this game...or you must upgrade like ejen ali skin....and one more...i hope you can upgrade the system like mobile legend....example we can chat with our friend,battle with our friend....and more....i hope you can do my suggest totaly....
This game is awesome for me because I'm a fan of Ejen Ali and watched all season.please make another season for Ejen Ali because all fan is waiting.
I very like this game...because we need to cooperate to get win...and the graphics is so good...that's why I give 5/5 stars...actually I want to give 10/10 stars...
This game has oppurtinity to shine . plus the fact its adapted from a movie . the gameplay and mechanism encourage us to play aggreasive as ulti fully charged in really short time . some things that down me is the optimization , my Fps going to like 15 . hoping for graphic setting to be add soon for older devices
This game is super nice to play because the game is almost same as Mobile Legend's and is my most favorite Ejen Ali game in the world and monsta team this time your game is upgraded alot thanks
So this game is very good and in terms of graphics he is well established, but I think he must create a kind of room in this game and setting he needs to add graphics settings, and the charecter he will need to add lah, ok hope that you read and be diligent to make ye updates, so itu je lah daripada saya 😁😁
Why i cant play this game!! It just say login failed..i think it is error so i restart my phone.when it finish and i try to login but failed too..Please fix my problem so i can rate this game higher ok it just waste my dataπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Game is great the graphics is nice and the animation is smooth... The only down side is the match matching... It is way to long to find opponents... May i suggest that you put in some bots in multiplayer mode for this early access so that players don't have to wait so long for a single match... Other than that i thing the game is good... Just add some bots tho
Why when I want to log in it says network error please do something! But when my brother installed this game it was perfect why!?😭😭😭😭 please do something!!
Everytime I try to play, the connecting screen keeps saying error. Tried to clear cache and reboot the phone but it's still not working.
Too many loading for match up. No contents, and playable characters are so few. Map are so little. Supposed 4 vs 4, not 3. 1 Star for bad app.
The Gameplay are Simple and Easy, The Game are Little bit Addictive and Graphics are insane but 3D Character After Win are Ruin My Victory After End The match... Not thing too say But Gameplay and Graphics Are Superb, Great Job Developer :)
The view is a bit confusing. Sometime i can get stuck at a rock and cannot move or even attack. I think it better to do first person point of view or third person point of view or remove the hilly terrain, just flat surface is good. I hope this game is auto aim because sometime the aim can be off. For simulation, can you guy do a difficulty because i try it and the bot is to OP. I hope you guy consider my opinion. Thank You.
This game was so freaking bad...I was using my home wifi and lagging like crazy...fix it or i delete your game