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Egyptian Senet (Ancient Egypt Game)

Egyptian Senet (Ancient Egypt Game) for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Ezzat Studios LLC located at Ezzat Studios LLC, Giza, Egypt.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A simple strategic highly enjoyable Egyptian themed board game that is highly addictive and good family fun. Paid version currently £1.99 removes annoying advertising that spoils enjoyment. Well worth the developers nominal fee to remove the advertising.
Very interesting game. I do not know how to play backgammon or chess, but this game makes me want to learn. I caught on fast and won my first ever match.
My All-Time Favorite Boardgame! On The Go! Easy & convenient! Need rules of play OR strategy? THIS APP HAS IT!
Same experience as previous 2 reviewers. It's frustrating to have the computer roll exactly the number it needs to win or throw you into the Nile but it's the best online Senet game. Took away a star because the computer needs to be adjusted to play fair. Had my last piece on the House of Three Truths. Computer's last piece on square 21. Computer would not let me off House of Three Truths and the computer threw doubles and triples to win. This still could be a great game.
Playing on 1st difficulty is too easy, but playing on settings higher is too hard because it feels like computer starts cheating by throwing exact number it needs to make the best turn, while player always get 2 and 3. Not sure you made computer play wisely on higher levels, you just made the game play on its own side. But this is amazingly well built game for 2 players, I mean design and everything like that.
I read a few comments and they were saying how annoying the ads are, but honestly I dont find them annoying! I mean that small bar on the bottom right is not that distracting and when u finish playing u get an ad. Thats totally fine and dont forget the game is for free and these ppl need to make money
I love this game but the ad box at the bottom is too bright and won't go away and is distracting, if not changed i will uninstall. Don't be a sell out.
The game cheats. Cheating does not promote learning of any game. When three or more of the same players pieces are joined on a straight line in the middle of the row this creates a block. The opposing player can not move past that number of pieces unless at a corner. This is a rule in every single version of the game. Disobeying or breaking the rule is cheating. Breaking that rule in what appears to be a desperate measure is still cheating. If the problem is corrected I'll be happy to suggest it to other people. If not I put what I've said on social media and reach even more people.
Love to play this and really enjoy the music. Wish I had a way to listen to this music while sleeping!
Fun game to learn and play. I can see why the ancients enjoyed this game. Chance and skill combine to make excellent play.
I agree with other players. Gameplay is rigged because it deals the dice to make the cpu win. Bad algorithm. It will allow you to win in every 3rd game if you play right though. And for those who don't know how to play Senet, they offer a very vague instruction/guide about how to play the game. It also hangs and stops suddenly, maybe because it's computing the moves so the cpu can win. Not worth the download.
I have played this game since a child both boardwise and on cells from this developer. Awesome game. Even teaches kids about math and strategizing. When playing against the computer I have beaten it most times. I think those who claim you can't just are not good at strategic games. You need luck and strategy to win the game against your opponent!
OK game but ditch the music and the creepy voice as they're unnecessary. also the two pawns left warning - hint we know!
Its a board game. Its a whole lot of fun. great graphics and easy to learn. play against a friend or the system. strategic so youve got to think. definately not a brain dead game.
As of today, GOOGLE has started running flashing ads on the active game screen. These ads are distracting and block game area and game markets. So I will have to delete this game.
I have been playing Senet for more than two decades. It may seem simple, but it is actually a game of complex strategy. If you think the AI is stacked against you, then you simply don't understand the game. This is the best digital version of Senet I have found. The ads are absurd - I even had to wait through a 30-second ad while writing this review - but Senet is worth it. Try this out, and take time to master the strategy. You will be glad you did.
After playing tjis game for over a year it still is an exercise in futility playing against the computer. I like the game Senet and the visuals are very nice. However, the algorhythm must be written in a way it gives the computer an advantage. For example, on your first roll, eight times out of ten it's a 2. Eight times out of ten the computer's roll is two or three doubles. In play the computer will roll six times more doubles than you will roll. Just wish computer rolls were more random.
Fun and easy game to learn. The full window ads were a bit annoying. Wish at least one of the two other difficulties was available for free.
Classic. Simple straightforward while intriguing. Yu have to fork over 2$ for the advanced A.I, but that's fair, because that's all u pay and the don't gouge you further,and 2 $ is not being gouged as in other games.
Computer gets better rolls though and single game starts with 2 about 95% of the time. Much improved since last update. I can now actually win games much more than before and I don't feel like the game is rigged to favor the computer.
Previous version was much better: didn't have these goofy sound effects and lights. Wish I could get back the old version.
This is a more user friendly version than other Senet game in the Play store. The feel of it plays better. I also have the wooden game of Senet as well that doesnt play by the Thomas Kendal rules (ie it uses 5 die sticks and counts them as 1,2,3,4 and 6) and each player has 5 pieces, not 7. Any chance this one can have different rule variations?
Not sure why people are complaining about the ads. Aside from the small ad bar on the bottom right (which is easy to ignore) the only other ad you get is when you finish a game. I'm really enjoying this game. The music is funky, the graphics are good and gameplay is simple and fun! I'm addicted already and I only downloaded this game yesterday.
The game is really good, its easy to pick up. But i wish it was a little better formated, it all seems kinda odd on my phone.
Amazing game, good sounds and the background and hieroglyphs are legit... Loved playing this game, I might make an actual one on my own by hand... Thanks team!!!
I have an actual senet board. It's nice to have a version you can take with you and not always have to worry about finding a second player.
Everytime I get all my pieces in except one without letting the computer get any and then all of a sudden the computer comes back and wins seemingly getting every "roll" they need to keep knocking me back over and over. Gets annoying fast. Unistalled it and going to try a different version.
its an ancient game. just came across it during my idle time.... fun. bouht the board game on amazon just today
This would be a GREAT game if it didn't *CHEAT*. So sick of me rolling 2's while the game rolls it self multiple 4's and 5's in the one turn. BAD app - go elsewhere
Previous version was much better: didn't have these silly sound effects. Wish I could get back the old version.
Really fun game and easy to learn but difficult to master, the game looks great too, thinking of upgrading to the ad free version, that's how much I enjoy it and want to support the developer.
Interesting and fun game to play. The sound effects and graphics all add to the overall experience. However the one thing that weakens it a little is the fact that is quite easy to continuously defeat the AI.The current hints and non hints as to which pawns can be played does create a two tier difficulty level of sorts but this is not enough in itself.
I love ancient egypt, the game is kind of confusing, I wish the instructions were easier to read or maybe have a tutorial option? Anyways thank you for making this!
Playingle single gives computer unfair advantage, you lock outmoves and give computer all the moves. Game is very unfair.
EDIT: Glitch has been fixed so my rating has changed back to 4 *s. So after the most recent update I find myself forced to change my rating from 4 stars to 2. Since the last update I have received several messages on my phone saying that unfortunately Egyptian Senet has stopped. This wouldn't be so bad except that each time it has occurred I haven't been running this game.
Easy to see why they Ancient Egyptians were so fond of it. Basically a race and chase game but very addictive. Nice graphics and virtually no ads. What's not to like?
This game is a lot of fun! Since I saw the one in the King Tut exhibit I have always wondered how it was played. This historical aspect makes it even more interesting.
I love this game! There is strategy and luck. I still don't understand all of the rules yet but I it can get intense.
The game is fun but I would like to see more options for players that are beginners and players that are more advanced. The game shows you what you're allowed to move at each turn bit having an option to turn that off would be great.
Computer get easy numbers, we can't pull their pawns to water com pawns escape every time. This is not totally randomized.
I am enjoying this game tremendously! The fact that the game may be the start of backgammon is enough for me!! Great graphics and I have yet to have a problem with the program freezing!!
I'm enjoying getting to learn how to play the game and any spare time I have I play. It's an addicting game! I enjoy looking at the hieroglyphics.
Senet is an interesting game but unfortunately this version has long and intrusive ads and gameplay is very slow.
Love this game! It's easy to learn and play, and so far I've only lost once. It reminds me a little bit of a chess game actually. :)
I adore this game very much. However, you must be prepared to face ads, which are rather annoying, if you play online. Play offline and have fun. Nice graphics, cool music, simple rules.
Incompatible with TalkBack and no TalkBack testing of this or probably any other app this dev ever produced either. The title talked fine and the advertisers will be happy to hear their ads were accessible in the game for TalkBack users.
Senate is an interesting game but unfortunately this version has long and intrusive ads and gameplay is very slow.
I LOVE this game! Simple graphics, no bells & whistles to speak of (yay!) and easy to learn. it's also addictive, imho. 👍 Update: had a question after the last update and received a friendly response & resolution to my email, immediately! Awesome customer service. 💕