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Egyptian Museum Adventure 3D

Egyptian Museum Adventure 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The interface is buggy. Sometimes the menu screen just becomes a page full of static and the rooms disappear into whiteness
Level 4, in the spinning pillar section, it is so difficult to make out which is what as to make me want to stop playing.
Seems like could be a cool game, but controls are terrible and make very hard to get anywhere. Spent most of time just tapping screen for nothing to happen or things move too much. uninstalled
The controls are horrible. The game is far to ramdom and really doesn't make sense, the clues are no help at all. Nothing makes sense or connects to the step you are supposed to take next.
Frustrating, once you've used all your hints there is no way of getting further without purchasing more hints.
Interesting puzzles, that make you think. Some of the pieces are hard to find and you have hit the right spot perfect.
The motion controls could be less sensitive. Whenever I try to move the camera or a dial slightly it just spins wildly. I'd like the option to adjust motion sensitivity.
Really neat but it doesn't give you the daily hint or the option to watch videos for hints even though it's there
Totally loved it, much like the room series, but free. Yes, it can be dark, but it adds to the difficulty. I had to find a walkthrough on a couple puzzles...I just couldn't figure it out. Others I had to leave it and come back then figured them out. Good job!!!!
your only game I've played that I DIDN'T like. quick uninstall. and why would I let this game make phone calls?! nuts
No story, no task set, no demo how to proceed, nothing interesting in this game. Waste of time trying to figure out what it requires!!!
I absolutely love the game and the idea of it I have problems however with the inventory especially during the first level I will take something out and put it back. But when itd back it's still lit up and when I need to get it again I cant. It's frustrating. And even more frustrating because again I LOVE this game.
PLEASE PLEASE, we need more games and parts of these games, I completed all escape games 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , and town and prison 1 and prison 2, and tried to play Egyptian museum but there is issues at level 2 so can't load well and can't play it hope you fix it with big thank you, it's best games you are the best team so hope add more games please please
i loved it it was the best one ive played only it could have been longer. i hope you will be putting out some more 3-d games.
Lot's of tapping around screen. Screen is too dark to see. Graphics seem cool but get annoying to navigate. Puzzles are click all over to solve types and not very fun. The navigation is so annoying I uninstalled it the first day.
The most challenging escape room I've ever seen (thats a good thing) but the lighting and the controls make it impossible
I find the game intriguing, interesting and fascinating. I have played other puzzle games but this one is AWESOME!!! The time went by so quickly that I didn't realize it. Try this game just once and you will want to go back again and again.
Moving thru the game is almost impossible. Even when you know the next move and click it constantly (& verified thru a video) it still doesn't give you the item. So frustrating because you can't progress within the game. DELETING.
the concept is the same with the infamous The Room game by Fireproof. Not sure but this has a long story like The Room but this is FREE. I like this game. But unfortunately I cannot highly rate it becasue it is too hard to find any clue. Click everywhere show nothing inn level 2 and I don't know what to do. The hint show nothign and completely helpless but still decrease when I clicked it.
Really didn't like this. The 3d was good but the game didn't make sense in the way the escape rooms ones did - I didn't even bother finishing the first level as I just couldn't work out what I was supposed to do - even after watching a walkthrough video it didn't make sense!
Nice graphics with beautiful Egyptian artifacts throughout. Many of the puzzles don't make sense or don't move well. Had to use hints to bypass several puzzles
I love this game, if only I could play without it freezing up. I've had to restart several times, several levels just to play through an entire level. At times that doesn't work. Other than this huge and anoying problem, I would've rated it a five star. Please fix the bugs.
The game is ok. As many have stated it is difficult to get things to move or to find what is a playable area. Some puzzles are difficult to solve due to the inability to move levers of push buttons. Graphics are nice but after two rooms I'm moving on to another game.
Terrible gameplay. Many puzzles are in Chinese. The atmosphere is poorly lit. Game mechanics are clumsy and stilted.
Screen is extremely dark! Unlike their other games, you don't get daily hints or the option to watch an ad to get one. I thought it would be fun but it's not!!! It's more aggravating than anything
Really well made game, good graphics, unfortunately only 7 levels, but still awesome (some riddles not really clear but ok)
Game glitched on lvl 2 when you spin the drawer and click the box latch it won't open, hard to get camera to focus on the box
3D concept is refreshing. Love the Egyptian theme. Game is challenging once you figure out what you're supposed to do. However, the game is dark making it difficult to maneuver through levels. Hard to tell how to get started on puzzles and what the objective is. Level 7 is an extremely poor design for the room with a severe glitch that prevents you from getting around to all sides of the puzzle chamber, therefore you can't progress further. Game controls are atrocious.
stupid no instructions no idea how to play not everyone is a gaming genius some of us are old and trying to learn. some idea of what you are supposed to be doing. maybe I missed it but it's not beginner friendly.
Too short , its finish in 10 second dont waist your time Dounlowding time more than playing time vry very short game
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I'll edit this after playing through, but I just have to ask why tf did this game ask for permission to manage and make phone calls??? Indian facebook creep, yeah?
The game is great in sense of game play, but given low stars due to the add app. The puzzles take time, and when near complete the adds kick in and resets the level. Slightly annoying.
What's wrong with level 2? Huh? Graphics are not working ☹. It turn into black and white boxes ⬜️😕. Why? 🤔
controls are a bit twitchy but graphically attractive. some of the puzzles are a little too abstract and hints are expensive
I just started but feel the unespectected, how can i continue to play a game that charges me for its first tutorals ??
not able to pick up any of the tools needed, wasted all my hints to tell me what I need, still not able to pick it up. waste of time
the graphics are amazing ! good interactions, puzzles are on the more difficult side, but interesting. rooms are a bit too dark.. wish there were more levels..
Very very fun game. Makes morning coffee time great and gets the brain going!!! Thank you for all the work you put into this!!!
Decent graphics. The bug downside is the controls are touchy and dont always respond to tapping items, or you lightly tap items and the item or clue over responds. There is no way to change this fact in settings
Your game sucks. Can't move around the room, can't find anything to help solve the puzzles, unless I want to use all the useless hints you give so I can watch ads to get more useless hints.....
It's kinda difficult with no help or instructions if u run out of hints. But overall great game. Short though, only 7 levels. Still took a couple of days.
Graphics are amazing but otherwise horrible game. Puzzles have no sense of logic. Spent most of the time just randomly clicking screen. Hints dont work. Poor game. At least not spammed with ads.
Why would the developer want permission to .access to calls, texts & location during installation. ??? Very suspicious. Install at your peril. Also rooms are to dark, can't see much. Remove the permissions and lighten the screens then it will be worth more stars.
It's very confusing. Having to spin the objects and the room, at times the game won't allow you to settle the object so you can choose another item.
Awful game, control are awful, hints don't give anything. Hard to find clues, too dark to see even at full brightness.
I'm loving the challenging rooms in this app. I've played numerous escape room apps that were fun, but this app really makes you find subtle clues and patterns all around the rooms. The puzzles and brain teasers are well-planned for the theme of the museum. I recommend this app if you want a challenging escape room simulation.
would give it lower but zero is'nt on there. got to table with soldiers, could'nt get the clasp to move on last drawer no matter what i did. uninstalling,since i can't go any farther.
I love this game and it's a great experience keep up the good work and bring more like this one I will recommend this game to like escape games
The Egyptian museum starts out too dark. And if you need hints for free you can't get them unless you use a credit card. To me it's not worth my time straining to see the next hint.
Ok. So have managed to work out clue! So ignore last review! Like all their Escape games, this one also really good.
it is fun yet can have some improvements like making it easier to control PLZ DO NOT DOWNLOAD 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
I understand that it takes money to develop a game, but I'd rather pay for the whole game upfront than having to buy hints, which just tricks you out of more money, and watch a load of ads to boot.
Trouble loading...also, I can't imagine under any circumstance why an escape room app would ask me for permission to make phone calls!!!! Total bs. Free or not, I don't want it.
Found a glitch in Level 2 same as another escape game. I need to collect 5 figures. Found them all but they split into two boxes, 4 in one. Last one in another. Not able to select either one to use in puzzle. Using Samsun Galaxy Tab A
10 min. in. vague. you have to waste a hint to get to the scissors. then you can't retrieve them. 3 hints for the combo for the briefcase number. why couldn't it be found; because you have to BUY hints. the star shaped key for the box wouldn't respond. total disaster of a game. SUCKS!
Level 2 last drawer that spins around won't open. Even looked at walkthroughs and still can not get it to open ,very frustrating.
I used to play like this games.. but this is too difficult for me.... i cannot finish even level 1...
This is extremely aggravating due to the terrible navigation control... if you can even call it "control." This game requires a lot of swiping around to get the viewpoint positioned just right to be able to complete a task. I spent more time trying to navigate than I spent solving the puzzles. I've played several games from this developer, which were a lot of fun. This one is a dud. Uninstalled during level 2.
Very nice graphics, but lighting is dim. Some puzzle details are too small to see well on a phone screen. But the puzzles are very nice and interesting with variety! You will need patience and sometimes try a few solutions. Very CPU intensive so your phone will get warm and drains the battery quickly. I highly recommend at least trying it out. I was able to solve ALL the puzzles without any hints, tips or cheats. You have to be patient and enjoy thinking.
Controls are rubbish. The idea of 3d effects is good but poorly realised. Useless on a mobile - you need a magnifying glass. I assume that the dark effects are designed to frustrate so that one is tempted to buy cheats. Puzzles are elementary so perhaps this is designed for younger users. The original 12 50 rooms series is far superior to this inferior effort. 3d is not ready yet. Level 2 is not loading properly so maybe requires wifi. Will probably uninstall.
Nice, fun game. Great graphics and challenging puzzles. Very unique take on room escape games, especially for Egytology and antiquities lovers.
Doesnt work well on my Lenova tablet but works great on my Huawei phone. To those who think its dumb and cant figure it out, its above your skill set. This game ranks right up there with The Room series, Da Vinci's Code, and even Birdcage. VERY CLEVER!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!
Couldn't even get past the first room. Figured out 1 puzzle and all it did as give a beep, nothing else to indicate anything was successful. Could not figure anything else as nothing seemed to match up or make sense.
Graphics are good but the background is too dark. Hardly you can see something even though i have turn full brightness can not see anything. Its started headache so after plying first chapter i have decided to uninstall
You need to people to find hint tips during the game so they can add to what they started off with during. As I only have one left and cannot continue the game. And I see that you only have 6 levels wish there was more. Including more tips that you can find while playing. First room was easy second room difficult need a walkthrough if they get stuck as well.
Loved the difficulty and satisfaction once i achieved all the levels. Wish was longer game just because enjoyed. My 1st 3D game like this. Will look for more
Terrible gameplay. Very finicky controls. Stuck on level 2 and can't open the last sliding drawer even though it's obvious how to do it. Checked a walkthrough as well. Too frustrated to play any longer.
Really enjoyed this. It's a little clunky to navigate (hence only 4 ⭐) but the puzzles were fun to solve. Pity there aren't more levels!
Absolutely brilliant game with outstanding graphics. Gameplay was challenging so had to really think out of the box to solve the puzzles so as to continue further through each of the levels which was great. I'm so impressed with this game. Only negative is..only 7 levels? Wish there were more. Apart from that I really enjoyed the experience of playing it & the game was ALL totally free which was a welcome surprise. I can't wait for the release of more levels of this game. Well done! 10/10
The puzzles aren't clear, the answers are often more guesswork than logic, the movement is overly rendered and the hardware/battery-use is excessive. Choose one of their more recent games to play instead.
The zoom in and out feature is rather annoying. There is no confirmation that you are on the right track. The room was very dark. With the zoom in and out and the panning, gameplay was undesirable. They also wanted access to the phone to make calls, access to the camera and access to all the files
Excellent game! Challenging, nice graphics, really fun. Not very long though, only 7 levels. Make sure your brightness setting is set high because it's very dark and sometimes difficult to see the clues. Overall a great game, highly recommend.
I thought it would be a cool game but I couldn't get the controls of the game to work to unlock parts to move forward I am giving 1 star rating just because it looked cool