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Egg Wars

Egg Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the worst games I played. One reason is cus when I got out the game it put me back in. Two they put a diamond generator and it never worked. Three the game made me delete half of my games and it was ONLY ONE GAME. Four this game is horrible. Five yellow team distroyed our obsidian really fast they did have a diamond pickaxe but they mined obsidian very fast so if there's an update changing those five things I said then this game might be popular.
I love this game there's no ads and you don't have to pay for it and if you fall off the islands then you'll lose your stuff that's the sad part
I really like this game its so good but I rate this 3 stars because sometimes I glitch and sometimes players don't kill you but a few minutes they will really kill you and we should have a team work I just felt the team work when I played the color green he took care of me, the color red we teamed work to beat blue, the color yellow a player died for me and I promise to win the game, the color red I took care of the players. I wish you guys fix this I will rate this 5 star if everything is fine.
Honestly this game is awesome.sure some people are total noobs and respawning with no items makes clear as crystal sense! Also this game is really awesome! :)
This game stupid I hate it so much I wish the creators to make this I hate them each time when you die it responds you all the way back you should have kept your stuff it's annoying doing all the stuff over and over and over and over and over again and again and again I hate that it's annoying show creators who made this and all the other games that you ain't yeah I heard of better games anyways back to hear this game you are stupid creator
This is a really good game but there is a glitch when I kill players a hit the down the respawn in front of me with there things and kill me please fix this
BUG 1:Try to put shear to destroy fur. / BUG 2 : Buying obsidian is much easy (costs just 3 gold bar for 1 obsidian) fix it 4 obsidian = 4 Crystal diamonds / BUG 3 :PLEASE PUT RESCUE PLATFORM FOR ANTI FALLING / PLEASE Keep MY WISHES I AM PLAYING YOUR GAME SINCE 10 MONTHS.😔🙂 pls
I want to be friend on someone but i cant do it why?it just tell recommends plsmake it with like your going to research it.📲 And sometimes i see the chest opened and never closed i think it a bug but there is no one there opened it pls fix itt
It look’s like Minecraft to me but i like it and my dad like’s dragon and i Like it Then why that i give 2 stars ther is alot of ads i dont like it and its so slow im not happy at all (and this game sucks!...... And fix this game its not good for me plz Fix this game for this game 5 stars plz fix this game plz so this game can have 5 stars okay.
My little sister cried frim this game.... IF YOU EVER THERE DO THIS TO MY LITTLE SISTER THAT IS NOT ALWAYS WINNING I WILL PUT 0 STARS AND NOT SUBSCRIBE! she also says bad words in this F- game. Sorry for sating this my little sister was so angry and want me to type this to make her feel better..
This is a great game but somtines when i kill the players health dontngo down and when i got the ender egg it said i will have it the next round but the next round i didnt have it so plz fix it
Please add more maps and mine is really weird and glichy dont get thi it will just be a wast of your space.
This game is quite fun but i had no idea how this works the bedwars os better you spawn in a quite high place so you have to jump down (take damage) you have to buy a sword if your enemy is op you cant do anything i just lose and if you die u lose all items like pickaxes the bedwars is better than this
So it takes forever to load but I don't care it's still a fun game anyways that's why I give it a 5-star since the other gave the game two stars or one star I still give it a five-star even those noobs give it 2 star or a 1 star!
I like this game but when i chat, i said " Protect our egg " and then it said " Protect o* egg" even tho its not the F - word. Can you fix this? btw its cool.
this game is fun and all but when i win the loser gets more money and i get 2 coin that is why i give it 3 stars
I like this game but, I don't know where is the egg and it is harder than bedwars I can't place any block because when I go in front I fell into the voite☹️
it's totally awesome and cool and epic well like its like 500 spent block mater's play it in 700 seconds it's legendary egg wars is dumb play Pokemon and and Roblox dude
These game is cool I'm giving it 4 stars cause when player die they don't respawn and it will take long time for them to quit the game please fix these bug and it annoys me so much pls fix these bug.
This game is the best game of my life but the problem is that i dont have friends and play i with my cousins and they also like it , and thank you for Viewing have a nice day bye ohh " And have a nice play bye Again
Kinda fun but some of them need data and wifi and disconnected some you're team will have no battery and no data and zero 0% and some how they didn't realize it then it when u have 2 more teams then u are at a secret you're teammate is at you're base but when u die And u will have to die when it gets hard and u have you're enemy who bully's u at hight school and kindergarten and middle school and more.
It is a really great game but 2 problems 1.maybe you can add more maps 2.pls add map voting that why I give it 4 stars if you add this function I might change to five stars
The reason I gave it a one-star is because every time I tried to go 2 and another Island everybody's trying to kill me and they only want my loot everybody is selfish in that game and I don't I can't even tell the difference between my gender I hate this game so much it keeps me in Rage 24/7
Cool game um so the problem is the there's loony one problem it that why when we like when we biluid it and we are by the sky why do we have to fall so early becuz in bed wars when we are by the sky i mean on the ground sky we jump then we fall we don't like stand on the sky ground and fall no when we jump then we fall you guys should work on the and when I am watching them why dose it take so long to get up like no no pleaee work on those two things anyways it's it's a cool game bye
This game is like bed wars but you need to bridge slow cause there is no fast bridge in this game but I like this and sometimes My phone is hang so that why I give 5 starts good game
I just love mincraft games i was new to me one time dut when i playd the game it was osm i now play the game all the time.
It is very fun to play but, some times it disconnects and says network is abnormal but same time full network was there.
The latest version of I played the game I was playing every time and every week keeping block man go do that games is awesome but it was really good fun iooooo shyk shara boktyng I like these game awesome games but they have a lot of fun and I think it is a good idea to everybody fun and and they I rate them fun and I think it is a good idea to everybody fun and and they I rate them good games
The best game in the world because you got the diamond sword and diamonds armor and you can make the diamond sword on fire and you have fro for friends
It's always saying update fail to me I give it 1 star bcs I downloaded this I'm Benn playing this for years when I play this today it's started to talk update failed update failed
2 stars because I am walking in a bridge and someone knocked me off the void. Please add a rescue platform just like Bed Wars because I have full diamond armor and enchanted diamond sword.
It sucks you can't even do anything your teammates just run by collect on your stuff I don't even know when your egg is and also it sucks yeah I know I think there is hackers and if you fold and you have to wait for the game to start and it sucks just sucks it's bad this f***** just creates bad things I don't know where the base is I don't know if it's in the middle or whatever but I think it sucks because it's bad okay you shouldn't installment I recommend it this guy is dumb
It's a good game but sometimes...other players are just messing around...And for the chatting section, sometimes my chat turns into asterisk (*) even though it's not a bad word. But I admit, it's fun and worth playing for. That's all and thank you for creating this game! Keep safe! Btw, I really love your games...
Very nice game . You want to do many things in this game . It have many glitches . I cannot take anything Litterally anything .
Ever since I have downloaded this game I can't stop playing it. But in the games you have to buy things with money you get on the home screen so can you please make it be able to be assets by people with diamonds.
This game is very best game I play this 2years ago I love and like this game this is interesting game but when me top up how this me🤔🤔🤔 and Diamond armor so hard I will not kill it's hard for Diamond armor 1iron sword 1time -1hp in Diamond armor it's hard you make new version because iron sword 3- go in Diamond armor ppz update in next bed wars update you update OK now update plz You not update I uninstalled this game plz update new I'm big fan of MATTSUN Amaan Nawaz 😃😃😃🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔😳😳😳
The game is great it don't take long to load at all I love their outfits it is the the best I have sky wars,Egg wars,Bed wars Their the best
I LOVE this game i had it on my tablet and now phone i hope it works just as good on phone i love that you could customize your character! But i got to give it 4 star because it gliches like CRAZY even when i got good wifi! :(
Budget is easy to use the same time and money to open a smart tv via email from the use the same time for k cynic like
Its beutiful but when I go on teams I'm the only girl playing and when my team die for me I take it seriously lol I'm the now girl I'm also nice but when my team team up they protect me and blue team is saving me I make friends with the team and I die and they save me for being so nice
This app is kinda laggy every time i ex the adds it goes to my home screen but this app is still kinda amazing🤔😁
Hey you can give another update like we can make friends without download block man go and everyone wants to change name I have a trick u in game need to go in account settings and he give u to type ur new name and u need to have set a password u can do in easy password but 6 letters password and done but u lost ur all things coins gcubes bcubes and skins or pls send me 8400 gcubes pls 😊😊😊😊 my id is carefuljames222
Hello, This is a great game! Though, It could've been better..💔. Either way, I've loved it so far <3! Fun way to play "EggWars" when you don't have the actual minecraft Eggwars❤! Love Skywars aswell! Awesome, Right🤪? Anyways, so, I wanna change my user, but it won't allow me to. Do you know how to fix that? Or like, allow me to reach that? That'd be perfecto! 😭I know you may not be able to do anything about this, but I always feel like i'm typing to bots, no one would ever respond.😱
It won't load. EVERY single time I want to play it gets stuck on the loading screen. I do have stable Internet. Once this gets fixed I will change my review but for right now this game sucks. (I also been having this problem on everyone of your games)
This game is best game ever but there is glitch problem plz fix it.There are so many player to play.I and my friend play online same eeg colour and thougether win match.this game is best online game.but my and and i join many time,s then we came in same level.you can start invite option by it,s Id plz fix it
I LOVE THIS GAME! But 2 issue:( When your trading with people kill you!😭😭Also the oth issue is Op players kill you ez so I get bullied so plz can no Op players join the game unless their in you team?OwO
It is fun to play but it old school briging and it is great ro pvp in egg wars and u can spam click and it is great to play
The game is really really awesome But the game is kind of a egg Like protecting our eggs those games It's really really awesome
I really love this game its so great but one thing is I'll get bored Every time i play it the graphics it not great the base is boring and no upgrade like bed just please make this uptade very cool and the graphic ok
It's good but your team mates are very dum sometimes your tryna speedrun and build a bridge as fast as u can your team will literally just follow u blocking your eye in the game fall because of your team mates blocking u also they even broke a chunk of my bridge they just watch me tryna escape a enemy in 1 heart no blocks to in getting killed by the enemy they don't even care they just gonna laugh at u thinking your a noob even tho your better than them pls tryna add a avarage players server
this is the best game Ever! but yall should add more maps? more like redstone? and More BLOCKS! if you would this would be my Favorite Game!
creater, im here here to tell you some informations: make the update low. dont make the mb bigger. why? because your game is now bad. when i try to get in the map, it lags.
I like this but when i join i game a ad comes and then it makes me angry a lot so that's why i give this a 3 stars and i delete this game so OK
I love it play it now cause its amazing and there are more games like this and its called hide and seek, build baddle,and bed wars and more trust me
Okay this game is great at first but here are some problems:1.when we are almost to the abbys you cant save yourself because theres no safety slime block 2.diamond suits are so expensive 3. When you have a pickaxe or an axe and you die they disaapear and 4.when you respawn you are in a high place so when you fall life damaged 5.theres no invisibility potion pls add one
When I ever i open the app it kickes me out so I don't recommend people using this game unless you want to see if you can fix it or if it'll work for you
This is perfect for my tab i played this on my mom's mobile and now iam downloading this and i say thic is perfect although all of games of blockman go is not so good but this is perfect 😊
Great app.I love the content More maps To play..I love it is online But little lag to me I Love it!!!!!!.is like minecraft.........Good app i rated this 5 star😊😊
Very good but I spun the wheel and won a ender pearl and it said I would have it in my next game but next game I didn't have so fix this glitch and it will have 5 stars.Oh and I know there's nothing the game can do about this but MY TEAM MATE KEEPS ON BREAKING THE BLOCK IM ON AND I FALL TO MY DEATH!😠😠😠but in general the game is just trash
It's a very good game and, it's better than bed war's because in bed war's you have to buy flame enchant and in eggwars you can enchant your sword to flame enchant.
Thanks for making me upset. I usually love this game but I keep getting disconnected for no reason, my wifi was SOOOOO good and excellent but still, DISCONNECTED.
Look i dont hate the game but like everytime i login the game when im done with a mach it tells me to make a new acc
It's terrible I can't even attack without a weapon We can't make gold it's disgusting The graphics are terrible to it's just a rip-off on Minecraft
i loved this game very much because i am very pro in pvp and breaking eggs and building blocks I gived it 4 stars When u develop it by more things as bedwars (solo and doubles) 😊😊💝
This game is so Awesome!!! But there is a problem developer can u please give the diamonds, emeralds and gold in the side of the islands not from the meeting islands
U know what it's wonderful but the reason that I gave it 4 star Is that it need Gcubes for sometime means u can buy thing with gold iron and diamond but also some of the exclusive thing cost Gcubes that cost real money that is not good
I give this app 3 stars because I need to wait for a long time to download and because there is no New updates for the game just for bedwars.
This game is super super fun!!No lag. No bullys. Nothing!! Keep up with this game I hope it has updates I love updates they are interesting I made so many friends! :)
I really like it and its super duper fun the problem is i cant find my friends name i want to add her can you put something or some search place so i could just search my friend but i still give it 5 stars becuase its fun just fix it
Honestly I love this game but I wish there was more to explore but that rhymes but actually I need more to the game to explore cuz I don't know what to do in eggwars there's also blockman go and there's egg Wars 2 that's the end goodbye