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Eco City: new free building and town village games

Eco City: new free building and town village games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Nevosoft Inc located at Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, 191002, Rubinshteina str. 20, office 4.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If I could've played longer than 15 minutes before running out of "fuel" (game energy), then I'd give a better review.
I would have loved to download it but I don't know if it is offline 😔😔😔😞😞😢😡 D offline version would have been better
I've been playing this game for a little while pretty high up in level but I cannot log into Facebook how do I get logged in with Facebook please help me work tell me what I should do only friend I got into computer friendand what does it mean when you collect coins from other people water does t go and what does the cash box mean when you click cash how to use it
I would love the game better if the scene would stop turning green it turns green every time I try to go to the storage and get read of the things I have to exit of then have to reboot it Evey time
Hi, the game is very slow needs improvement. We can't buy the vehicle nor upgrade the town hall we need more money to do this. For buying kindergarden, also we need more money and the money in the safe can't be used it say's limit is 70 but still it is accepting money in the safe . But no use can't use that money. Pls improve this game otherwise i like this game . if u improve i will give it a five star.
Why is it when I try to add fuel to my stock pile it says that the connection is lost and restart my game every time
I have played better building games BUT????? When i got a notification from game saying that if i did not collect they would take my money and it was gone WOW thats just stupid ???? and not enough buildings to make money on no upgrades to get more money just to upgrade any buildings not impressed at all im sorry that i spent any money on your game its not worth it also when i went to collect on the wheat it was gone and i have to buy more thats not how you keep people playing your game
its a fun game and time waster. Wish it was easier to get resources for the buildings. they should have a building that can make those items like the windows and nails and hammers etc. also wish you could add friends without adding them on facebook.
pay to play. started great, but after 2 or 3 days, you can't build or upgrade anything without 8-12 uncommon materials that can only be purchased with cash or acquired one at a time with 2-3 hour trips. I'm all for dropping money on a game I like, but the prices here aren't worth it either- 5 bucks to upgrade each building. otherwise good game, but I'll be deleting
Overall it's fun and meet my expectation still at level 9 which I can play all day how ever please improve Double income in each houses as it's very low... Create special events for challenge and more interesting
Too much waiting. Can't get enough money to expand as spending on too many assignments at once. Concept good but needs rethinking
Have to work hard to level up which I could be able to play my former FB Eco Farm or Eco City. I cannot recover on it my laptap. My FB Ac. Was compromised. But I am working with this one on my cell phone.
I used to like playing this game but they keep changing the way things work. It's like playing a game with someone who keeps changing the rules.
It's a good game but it keeps freezing once you get to level 7. And the mill stops working so you get stuck and produce anything. Please fix this and it will get 5 stars
DO NOT PLAY!! I've been playing for a year and the recent update makes it impossible to make any progress without real money. This game was awesome and now I'm uninstalling. I really wouldn't suggest playing unless u have real money to burn🤬🤬
The game is good to play.. the only thing that I don't like is during the night, it is too dark though I put plenty of light posts. And there are the times when the image is a little bit distorted...
You get absolutely no where. You are asking us to build things as fast as we earn money. The vegetables are ridiculous on the price becoming a pay to play. Im uninstalling
they change the program of the game, it became very difficult to access with planting and everything!
Absolutely HATE games that force or try to force you to use your tiny opening amount of in-game cash to speed up initial buildings-that only take 1-2 minutes in the first place. A BIG indicator that it's a P2P game. No thanks.
I was having fun until today. I opened the game expecting to see an at least nearly complete hotel which was taking around two or three days to finish, only to find an empty space where it was being built. Did I get my coins back? No. I was actually thinking about buying something with real money but that won't happen now. Not sure if I'll keep the game either, will have to think about it.
Graphics are great. It ends there. It is a very unplayable game, moreover as you are limited by waiting for the fuel to do anything. Cash income is very slow too. The game is extremely unstable and it is crashing all the time due to server connection falling. Yes, I have great WiFi. That is not it. Don't waste your time on this game. It is set up in such a way that if you will want to play it, you would need to spend money. Otherwise this game goes beyond dull.
A fun game until it deliberately stops you from progressing unless you buy coins. It told me to upgrade my flour mill but then I couldnt complete the upgrade without flour...which can only be produced in a mill.😕
This is a good game except for the connection error that nakes you lose money youve already earned. Also it takes a lot of resources to build the buildings
great game, play everyday, ive built a LOT, just don't like that everytime you buy a land it gets more and more expensive to get land. should lower the price for land.
Cool concept.... Poor execution. Glitched my whole city (in my favor that's why you get a 3 star) now I just can't trust it. Uninstall
dont download this game when i close out my game and I come back i have to start 3 levels under where I was at when I closed my game and I have to rebuild all the buildings that I have built and expansion I have bought i have to repurchase them and its starting to get old really fast and it don't deserve a single star if they would allow a 0 star rating that's what this app deserves
The game constantly takes green money and gas from you. If I was to buy some I think it would disappear also. Low amount of gas you can hold and when it disappears makes you not want to play.
overall this game was nice, but there a issue that you should really fix it. this game drain my phone battery fast and phone start getting hot when just start playing. i dont understand how or why such a low graphic game will get that 2 main problem. you shoud fix this problem before someone phone damage because of this game.
Very stupid that you only get 30 fuel. Started game and 5 minutes later out of fuel. I would not download this game as its a waste of space.
Great game with great graphics. Very challenging [which I like]. Haven't had any problems since I downloaded the game. Reasonable in app purchases. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone I know.
great game if only u could make more coins on houses and if they were a lil more reasonable on purchasing....10000 coins i think is to much to purchase houses and shops ....for the 1 coin u get in return from houses
i like these types of games but yhis one is SO ANNOYING! the buttons are so close together. i cant tell you how many times i accidentally spent dollars when i was only trying to collect coins.
Okay, you know what drives me crazy about this game, it's that it keeps going from landscape to portrait mode and back. Other then that, it's good.
4-10 Time connection lost every play this game, almost every time the fuel is empty than connection lost what is wrong with this game? i should wait for login to the game and lost something or start from beginning please fix that
i downloaded the game thinking it would be good, but it wasnt what i expected. the idea an mechanics are good but i would prefer a missions list rather than have to search throw the buildings for missions. some thinks like taking the crops are not too much intuitive. i think that houses should give you more money because at the beggining is horrible to earn money. also you may push on an area and select other because theyre too near...
It's a good game, the only two issues I have with it is 1, the way it keeps pushing you to buy things for real money. 2, it should only have one form of currency coins that you earn only, and not the notes that pop up randomly. Theres things you can't get till the notes appear and it's really annoying, there will be a time when I just can't be bothered with it anymore I will then delete the game and download a similar one.
would be good if not for the incessant ads in game regarding buying in game currency and the zooming in really close when you start the game up
Cars and vehicles, in general, have z-indexing issues. Also, they are too big for the streets. Reduce their size maybe 20%. Other than that, great game.
I paid for some cash and for some reason the payment was misled. I sent an email copy of the payment but kept getting no help or offer of cash to carry on the game. Not playing anymore.
irritating. not enough bang for your buck. very little fuel source. short amount of play time because you run out of resources before you can do anything. uninstalling.