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Echoes of Sorrow

Echoes of Sorrow for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not that bad. You have to be very precise about where you put things. There are a lot of glitches. You can't see the top of the screen on some of the mini games. Makes it really difficult and kind of aggregating at times.
Great adventure game with perfect graphics and good story. The game was not scaled down, so there is a vertical scrolling which can be sometimes confusing, but it is easy to get used to it. Hidden object scenes are interactive and some puzzles quite original. Recommended.
Not only does the game not fit on the screen, the hints are pretty useless. There is not an interesting story line to follow. Graphics are ok and I do like the loading screen hut thats it.
Wonderful graphics but awful controls!!! Im so frustrated! Im towards the end and I need the last piece of the instructions for the train and I use the hint and the hint sound is heard but no glow! THERES NOTHING FOR ME EVEN TO CLICK. Please fix, the story plot is wonderful and I really want to finish it.
When I tap to leave/enter a location, I want to go there. Quickly. Not have the same picture come up over and over and over again. No map. Slow graphics. On the plus side the HOGs are easy to see and it's a good story line. I only played a short time because u couldn't cope with the slowness of the game.
I have many games by Alawar but this one is real disappointment! As always story is captivating and graphics are beautiful but controls are just terrible. And I mean TERRIBLE. I am so frustrated I don't think I will even finish this game - in order to use collected useful object you need to be uber pixel perfect or simply have tons of luck when game decides to finally respond! I am in Jail now trying to open Cigarette Box with the key - tried 60 times now and no luck as movement is not registered, had issues like this since the beginning. Games should be fun and relaxing, this one stresses me out. I always buy Alawar games but this one is missed shot, unfortunately. Sad as has tons of potential. I hope Dev will update it.
As usual good graphics etc but the accuracy of where things go is just rubbish. Its incredibly frustraiting and not as easy to navigate as other games by this developer. Only sticking at it because I paid for it. All in all disappointed.
Tutorial doesn't work, cut scenes are amateurish. This looks like someone's graphics graduation test. Don't bother with it.
Alawar, please fix this game for the sake of those who will be playing in the future. I know how good your games can be but if this had been my first Alawar experience I might not have gone back for more. Terrible responsiveness, and glitches such as mis-labelling hidden objects and randomly translating some of the dialogue into some other language. I only finished because I had already paid for the full version. You are lucky I went straight for the full version because I might not have upgraded from the free one
I usually love Alawar games, but can't get many of the items in this game to go where they are supposed to go. Uninstalling... :(
The game is frustrating. The only reason I finished it is becuz I paid for it. Very slow, a lot of waiting for scene changes, try to use an item 100 times but it won't work unless u put the object in an EXACT spot. Will never play it again.... Uninstalled
Not one of their best, but i love Alawar games so much! I'm going to try and save everyone from the frustration I've had so far. When you want to use an inventory with something (keys,etc.) aim WAY above the item to get it to work. You actually need to use your stylus or finger as the point to which you combine items, not the item itself.
Love the game. Played it lots of times. But now when I attempt to play it malfunctions and it will not let me go any further. Whatever you can do to fix this malfunction I, myself would appreciate it. I really enjoy playing it.
This game is slow, drag and drop is horrible. Changing scenes takes forever, purple hair girl between scenes is annoying. Hints are pretty much useless. Im uninstalling!
Could be a great game but too many glitches. Must attempt to use items multiple times and I mean multiple times for them to work and sometimes they never do. Apparently there have been the same issues for several years with little to no attempt to fix them. Sad really.
I actualy liked it !!!! Why 3 stars then? Its a touch and drag game and its VERY touch specific and if you don't find that "sweet spot" it can get extremly fustrating a good tip: instead of placing the item where it actually belongs try placing it just above that spot ATTN: devs if you fix that I will GLADLY give 5stars
This one sucks. I'm deleting it because the objects are not working. Its a weird glitch, but it makes it impossible to move to the next scene. Super bummed because it was awesome until the second scene.
I have played many games that are tough but this one tops them all. When you get to the college section and just have the 5 slides into the projector comes the tough part. I got one in and can' t get the remaining ones in. Hard enough to play with only good vision in one eye and blurry vision in the right. They should have had a skip button in this one. Grrrr!😥🤔
I always like the games by Alawar, and this one has alot if potential, but it felt more like an HOG than an Adventure game. The graphics are excellent, but the puzzles are a bit too easy, and the storyline could've been more in depth. However, this is a free full game and I did enjoy playing it. Worth downloading!
Should have read the reviews! I can't get further in the game because every time you move an object (pieces of picture, key, etc), it won't work. Took me 20min just to get the picture frame to "accept" the pieces of picture. That's bull crap. I want a refund. I'd rather pay MORE for a game that, at least, WORKS!
I LOVE Alawar games, and have purchased many, but this is the second game in which I've noticed a decline in play. It has a great story, fun puzzles and intuitive gameplay, but it has quite a few bugs and a few other "inconsistencies" that should have never made it off of the programming floor. I will continue to support Alawar, but please invest in better developers. Also, PLEASE GET RID OF THE DRAG AND DROP SYSTEM IN YOUR GAMES. It cause lots and lots of frustration when you have to find the "sweet spot."
I did not listen to the negative reviews because I believed Alawar would have fixed all the "bugs" in the game by now. (They normally take customer complaints seriously and act accordingly.) Not so with Echoes Of Sorrow. I am unsure if in an effort to save money, a monkey was allowed to do the formatting. So you spend about 15 - 20 attempts trying to put an object in the proper location so you can advance in the game. This happens EVERY time with item placement, and was the reason I finally uninstalled the game. I was also unimpressed with the screen shot of 1/2 of the main character's face appearing each and every time you move between rooms. This is not necessary and slows the game to a crawl. I want a refund and urge others to avoid this game.
Finally loaded and opened but the screen is so big I have to exit the puzzles to move the screen and then I have to redo every thing
I really like playing this game but I am unable to finsh. I can't get the last ticket for the train because it simply isn't there. The hints tell me it should be at the school, I made the shadow disappear and no ticket popped up for me to grab. When I hit the hint button it makes a noise but doesn't show me anything. Please help I would really like to able to finish the game.
After a long time and installing for a second time, I still cannot find all 5 slides for the cine room, fed up with it all.
Not the same standard as their other games. The touch areas are way too sensitive...so many times the mini game closed while playing and I had to drop objects a dozen times trying to find the exact location. Annoying a
Im normally really happy with this companies games but this one is full of random errors. Iv done all I can in game yet im missing 7 items and therefore cant move on. Random foreign language in some cut scenes and agree that trying to place items is a nightmare
I like the story and game but there are certain areas of the game specifically the school section that are hard to click on or use objects to move the game forward. Super disappointing. I thought it just wasn't working right with my tablet but I am having the same problem on my phone.
The game glitched at the very end so I couldn't finish completely, it was very maddening. I contacted support about it but never heard back from them. The game was fun otherwise.
A lot of the scenes you can't even finish because it keeps resetting the puzzles. I've even found a few scenes that the item to look for is a shell and when you click on the shell it marks off a totally different item. Very aggravating. Uninstalled after a short time of playing. Not worth the $.
This is the most frustrating game I've played by this maker. Can't even finish the game. Not worth 2.99. Doesn't even come close to their previous games of twisted lands or lost souls. Would recommend those games in a heartbeat though.
You can't really play the game. Can't pick up items or place them. Takes numerous attempts to place items in their correct spots. Gave up, frustrated.
I am so surprised Alawar released this game without fixing all the glitches. I'm usually a big fan of Alawar, but this game was nothing but frustration. To bad it could have been a great game.
This has the makings of a great game but glitches won't allow me to proceed in any way. I have the screwdriver but it won't unscrew the screws... I have car keys but they won't work on the car... such a shame because it really looked like a cool game.
I read the comments before downloading hoping that most issues would have been fixed. I was wrong. Trying to place items is a nightmare, and the game doesn't fit in the screen. These 2 issues alone have now forced me to uninstall not even halfway through the game. Was enjoying the puzzles but far to annoying to keep playing.
garbage game absolutly garbage it gets stuck it touch sensive you can try to place an item 50 times before it may works mini games get stuck and close if you dont touch it right way to sensitve for nothing pisses me off its annoying im unistalling do not waste your time downloading this game not even someonee with the most patient will be able to tolerate it
DON'T EVEN TRY IT! The controls don't work and interactions open on your screen where you can't press. I only had HALF the clock on my screen and it was impossible to set the hands.