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Easter Egg from Android Nougat

Easter Egg from Android Nougat for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Christopher Blay. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
All works as it should, but what does the drop-down menu in the top right do? None of the selections seem to do anything from what I can tell.
i missed this game ever since i upgraded to android version 8 and i was so glad to see that this allowed me to play my favorite game ever the one thing i would like to change is that it would be so fun if i could play with the cats or see them on screen when they come! it is just great the way it is 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone who likes a good way to kill time
It's great. I do get alot of duplicates however and I do wish the application was in my app drawer but it's like the Android N easter egg I remember
A very good app. I'm having lots of fun collecting cats and seeing how different types of food attract different cats. Amazing app!
Not working on Pie! It says installed, but I don't see the empty dish tray in the menu, nor any icon. Where is it?!
It was fine at first but then it kept catching the cats I already owned and not giving me any more cats. Edit: I think I understand the glitch now bc this happened with the other Easter egg that I downloaded. Basically If you rename your cats the game recognises the renamed cat as a new cat. And when I said it gave me the same cats I meant it notified me when a cat I already got was in the app:the cats didn't just look the same, they were the same.
Downloaded this because I remembered this old easter egg. It's nothing exciting just random fun. Unlocked this on my old Samsung phone years ago and now I have it again. One thing I hated was losing the 100+ cats. * Update - On One UI 3 now and Neko Cats are back. Too bad if you run the Easter egg on One UI 3 you'll get the new one but issues arise as this app doesn't play nice with the default Neko. Nt sure how to merge or export them. Anyway not this apps fault just what happens 😿.
Thanks for taking the time to put this on Android 9! I was about to miss my cats but, no more. This version also seems less buggy than the original!
thank you for developing this! this is my favorite Easter egg, so much better than the latest octopus/squid they have now 😝
Ok thus is just like i remember from my old phone OwO im using android 11 which was supposed to bring back this cat game but since im on Samsung i didnt get to play it cause of the lack of a controls menu. This app works wonders so far (only got one cat so far) and it is just like i remember. It can takes minutes / seconds / or even hours for a cat but patience is a virtue =^^= thank you for making this!
I don't know if it works on all android phones but it ain't working on my phone. Please can I be able to play on my j5 prime. Oh, and if that's the problem please make an update so I can play it
Feels just like the real Easter Egg, except when i was playing it on Android Nougat the cats took longer to spawn these appear evwry few seconds.
I loved this feature of the operating system, but I had this app for one day and got the same one cat over and over again. Kinda pointless so I uninstalled... might try to install again after future updates since I still love the concept :( I did try other foods, I tried all of them a couple times each and still got the same cat unfortunately
It's good, but is there any way to transfer the cats from this app to the built it version? Or is it just the other way around
Can't use it. I have android 10 and I downloaded this and didn't get a widget to open from the main screen and it doesn't show in the drop down menu and I have no way to enable it. Very disappointed.
It would be fantastic if there was a a way to play with them with cat toy like the Android 11 easter egg is supposed to have. Sad with the Samsung note 10 we can't get the easter egg to open 😢
I wish I could see the cats I have without having to set the food out and wait for another one, then tap the notification. Other than that it's cool.
I was really sad when Android 8 removed the Neko cat Easter egg. This app works exactly as described, and I've had fun attracting new cats to my phone using Android 8-10. Even though I'm delighted that my update to Android 11 brought back the cat Easter egg, I'm keeping this app, anyway. It will be fun to compare results. Great job, dev, and thank you! 🏆
Very cool but I have so many cats it crashes before I can get to cat number 750 (yes there are duplicate numbers and numbers below 100).
I have rated this game 1 star in the hopes the developer will see this review so that he may fix the one problem plaguing the majority of people with this app. I downloaded this separate application as opposed to using the built in Easter egg as the built in one had serious latency issues beyond 256 cats. I hoped this version would use a different vector-based drawing system to reduce the latency or remove it altogether; however, this is not the case. I experience the same freezing issues as the original and I hope to see the app updated to address this issue. Thank you!
I have Pie and I missed the cats, so glad I found this app. The best part is the purring vibration when a cat shows up!
I no longer get a pull down notification when a cat shows up. Android 10. Stock Pixel 2XL. Notifications seem to be set in system though. Thoughts, Dev?? 'EDIT' ... Thanks for the heads up! ... Great! Thanks again! > '.' <
I think there is a bug. When we name a cat, it doesn't come back, instead an identical new cat comes.
This was a fun app. My battery could not keep up with the consumption, so I Uninstalled. Thanks for the little bit of time I did have it!
It took me a few minutes to find and install the dish in the notification area on Android Pie, but now my Neko cats are back, and I'm delighted! Yes, it's a silly little game, but it brings such joy to see "A cat is here", especially since they seem to appear more quickly in this version, even when you put out Treats. Thank you, dev, thank you! ❤
I didn't manage to get any cats so far, and I'm completely unfamiliar with the game, but I've seen it once on a friend's phone and I was so jealous. Thanks so much for doing it, it's probably amazing.
Glad you have the Easter egg back again. However having a common issue with cats I've named appearing instead of actually getting new cats, and I use a different food each time
it's OK... several cats have the same name/#, many cats are the same, I guess the background are different but the bg's don't share/export just the cat 😼
In 36 hours I got 10 cats. 3 are black (same cat) 7 are orange (same cat). I have the original game on a tablet that runs android 7. I have 999 different cats. Yes, duplicates will come up. But this is silly. Nice try though. I believe Google should make the easter eggs available in Google play.
No frills non-sense! Simple, but I love it. yeah, most reasonable people would say that this app is crazy. I don't play games, but this little nonsense is cool! Thanks for keeping my little - ha, ha - kitties alive!
The one thing I love with this is, It access my control center which means it doesn't have the app icon that is visible in my home screen, so it looks a built in app. It's also very cuteee! I like how you can freely name the cats 😂
Downloaded this because I remembered this old easter egg. It's nothing exciting just random fun. Unlocked this on my old Samsung phone years ago and now I have it again. One thing I hated was losing the 100+ cats I had and would hate for that to happen again. Not sure if this backs them up to your Google Play account or not. If not it should this way you can take them with you without becoming a push button dev to transport them to your new phone.
It works, I get cats, but I get a lot more repeat cats than I used to ever get. I like the sorting options, but I wish sorting by name put "11 Deli" after "9 Cheeseball", and not directly after "1 Cherry". (I sort my cats by the order I get them... or tried to)
nice app well I have some things to tell you if you feed them bits they will come in 15 minutes but if you already have some cats there are 85 percent chance that the old Cat will eat it. if you feed them fish they will come in 30 minutes and there are 50perecent chance that old cat will eat it. if you feed chicken they will come in 1hour and there are 25 percent chance that old cat will eat it. if you give them treat they will come in 2hours and there are 10 percent guys u can't write more pls
Thank you so much for this! On Android 9 now and I've been missing this since my old Android 7! It's exactly as it was with the Easter egg!
Problems for MIUI 12 users(solved) : To make it show on your control center, go to Settings > Display > Control center & Notification shade, on the "use new Control center" option, disable it. After disabled that option, open your Control center and swipe to the very right until you see this "Edit" option. Tap on the "Edit" option, scroll down until you see a cat icon with question marks below it, drag the icon and place anywhere you like. There you have it. YouCan ChangeTheControlCenterBack.
I accidentally deleted the original version that came built in so I had to download this one. The app is a cat gacha and you can collect them and well, just stare at them at the end I guess-
I just upgraded to Oreo on my LG V20 and, while the food dish remained in my menu bar, my cats were nowhere to be found. I added food to the dish but caught no cats. I was sad. Then I found your app! I have one comment and one question. Here's the comment: I long-pressed on the food dish, as one user suggested, and there were all my cats, plus the two new ones that evidently came when I tried, I thought unsuccessfully, to set out some food under Oreo. And I had done *nothing* to teleport my cats. Now here's the question: can you tell me how to sort my cats? I can't seem to find it. Thank you so much for bringing this back!!!
Thank you for the nougat easter egg! It worked. Since i wanted the easter egg but i had no nougat phone. I really appericate it.
It doesn't work. I place the quick tile, press it, choose something to place on the plate... and, the plate is still empty, making this app useless because I cant even use it in the first place. The reason I needed this app is because I am on Android Oreo (8.1.0) and the nougat easter egg doesnt work on Oreo.