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Earth WARS : Retake Earth

Earth WARS : Retake Earth for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall the experience hasn't been that bad. The combat is pretty satisfying and the design of all the weapons and characters are all pretty distinct and nice. My problem stems from the controls as they seem to be pretty inconsistent. If you move your finger just a bit too far from the movement stick, you suddenly just don't have control anymore. At the same time, the stick is kind of sticky in that you might want to move in one direction but it doesn't update to do so
Awesome game but it kind of a lot of stuff going on on the screen makes it hard to see what you're doing
Great game haven't experienced many problems with the game love the art style and Gameplay a lot of action I haven't ran into any micro transactions but great game so far
this is the first time i ever left a review at the start of the game becuase honestly im blown away. the combat is simple but really fun and exciting. i love the japanese voices cause it makes it feel like im playing an anime. the little cutscenes in the game are really cool to see also. my only requests is for there to be other languages as well cause reading while shooting and slicing up baddies is a bit much at times but its not that important. you guys should really give this game a try.
Its simplistic interface and controls, along with its compelling story sells it for me. Edit: After playing for a month or so, the lack of customization items is kinda holding it back.I would say have a crossover with a well-known IP or add seasonal skins of weapons and armor
This game is Awesome πŸ‘Œ make it online pve mode like co-op with random players online. That would be cool. I've been looking for another game like warframe on android. This is as close as it gets:)!!!!
It was super boring for me, but they did a great job. Easy to play, good Controls, no need for Tutorial really. I uninstalled after a few minutes, but recommend this game for children.
Game is awesome, controls are responsive, combat is intense and satisfying.. my only issue is probably the level. Feels like its too small and the close camera just adds more to the issue.
The gameplay was really nice. Loved the voices in the game. However the graphics could be a bit better. Other than that some polishing to the combat system is required to make this game into a gem. I'm eager to see what kind of updates do you guys bring in the coming days. Good work devs.
Cool game, im using a kyocera c6530n . Its good to see support for older phones that arent as powerful as the new phones. Low fps but im still impressed. Nice.
So far I'm feeling it. The controls don't take very long to get used to and the gameplay certainly has a Metal Slug feel. I'll defintely be playing more of this and recommend for intermmediate players.
The game is pretty awesome for the most part, I really like the kinda of drawn look like back in the day. Game definitely shouldn't be a 1 star because the graphics. It plays a lot like some of the stickman games but way better, and it a bit smother with the controls. I pre registered for this game an out of everything new so far I think the game is pretty great.
Completely lame. Toddler animation and looks like nothing but pointless fighting. How about making a game for adults with realistic characters and an actual storyline?
Audio dialog is not in English. This is laziness on the developers part. Come on guys it's not that hard to put a little bit of effort into the game for English players. After all your asking for money from English players. If that's a sign of this developers customer service level, I will pass! Uninstalled within 5 minutes of start up due to poor effort!
So far just completed the tutorial, initially, pretty decent game, looks to have great potential, just a couple minor issues I've had and that consists of: * directional pad too small in terms of circumference of thumb position to the button. * slight delay in the response of pressing the attack jump combos. Literally that's it. Looking forward to progressing and seeing what this games all about.
Its more complex than i thought but the graphics are good, i also noticed theres an xbox one game as well and gonna check it out.
This is one of the best mobile games available. I hope they have an update or make an expansion. This game has room for growth and I felt I beat it relatively quickly. The game was a blast though, it deserves more content to be released.
The game has potential yet the difficulty drags it down Even though it was the start it was hard really really hard and the pace of improving is slow And the controls ain't good but not bad i think more options could do the trick I wish you would take this in consideration But as I said it's good as from the graphics the voice acting the gameplay and the combat style
Great high for any futuristic style and metal gear fans who love the clash of steel. The style is different and has a metal slug feel. I've been playing this for a couple of hours and you have to not spent any money. Give it a go if you're undecided and see how you find it.
Game is fun to play but the character graphics could be better. All around a good game to play though.
I love this game it's very fun I love the 2D playing stayle I love the cool characters and voices you can pick to match your character when you customize I would like to see more development in the near future.
I was a little skepticle about this game but it's got a lot going for it. Skill tree is basic at first glance but you can make so many different builds it's insane and kinda complex. Gameplay is fine although I'd prefer a d-pad for movement rather then the stick. This game needs precise movement and I feel like the stick doesn't support that vision. Art style and artistic direction is on point. Whoever drew up the concept art give em a pat on the back. So much potential guys.
Reminiscent of Halo. The overall: somewhat lacking but intuitive. Nice game, but not for me. i.e. characters and opposition are a modicum superficial. Bulky, repetitive and controls are malformevitivicated and semi incontortionate, and placed in inadjacence to functionality. But I can say some may and others enjoy this gam, may not.
I was hoping for a better guide and tutorial during the first stage, but the game was moving too fast, and I couldn't keep up. After the first level, the main menu was wide and weird for a new player, the problem is there are so many texts to read, the font is small too, it was boring... and there is no interaction to familiarize the player with the features of the game, I really want to play the game, so I hope to hear about fixes to the start of the game.
Cool art... But why does the guy swing hia sword behind himself. Instead of in front....???? I swear that one thing makes me not want to play! Developers please make him swing his sword forward not hold it all backwardz. Way buzzkill
The game has great visual effects, but the characters animations leave a lot to be desired and the characters body proportions need a rework. The game is good overall but not the best. I will give this game 5 stars once the issues mentioned above have been addressed.
It's pretty fun so far hopefully the designs get a little bit better and they add a little bit more but for what it is now it's pretty great
The game needs more work on it's combat and controls. It's very confusing to the point where I don't even know how to attack properly. I just smash buttons in hopes of doing something. Maybe try and work more on the tutorial and the controls to work a bit more easier I suppose. Thank you and have a good day.
I don't care what other reviewers say about the control being the issue but the skill menu is more confusing than my trigonometry in University. Almost zero explanation and it's the most complicated thing I've ever seen in a game ever. I like the game and I'll keep trying to play it but there's an urgent need to change or improve the skills tree asap. I've been waiting for the release of the game for a while and I'm disappointed of the results. Hopefully someone will read and try to do something
This game is cool and the boss battles are good until I reach area 3 entering into a maze but to upgrade your character is hard and to get the resources is even harder so I get this 4 stars
Good game ive like graphics are amazing😍🀩 but hard I've stand for this game because the is the amazing game I've never seen on my life
Its a fun 2d platform game..the graphics are amazing art-style..the gameplay is fair..crafted items are obtainable,skills are costumizable & in game loot was great not a pay 2 win..it has a very decent storyline too πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ the only downside for me was the joystick..it was just stucked at the down-left side of the screen..devs can you please add a dynamic/free pad joystick so we can control the character easily or maybe add an option to change it to buttons control..anyhow still a good game.. 😊😊
A good game but your troops always disappear when there's a fight they be like: nah they don't pay me that much to die
All right..... I edited this, i found the journal thing and know some features, but some explanation got cut off and I can't see more. I didn't know how it happened, but my progress had just been reseted. You see, I bought astro armor and instantly regretted it due to how ugly it was. Having lost a lot of money, i left the game and when I login again, my money returned to the number of before buying astro armor. It is a blessing though, my regret has been undone
Love the game so far. Just a couple issues. The analog stops when you go out of the circle and it lags a bit. But other than that a great game so far i REALLY hope that in future updates the devs will fix these issues then i would put 5 stars
Its awesome from the start, from the story to the gameplay. But i encounter some bugs, after enhancing my equipments and going back to the lobby, it does not go back anymore, its just a black screen. Also fix the controls(try making it customizable. Overall, this is a good game
Will not load missions. Goes black and stays black. Very frustrating . Tried uninstalling andvreinstalling but it just doesnt work. Cool gamevthough....too bad.
The game is good the combat is nice but why the graphics are slightly off than the console version? Please add graphics enhancement settings
Everything good so far. Graphic is nice, control mechanic is easy to use but this potential game is lacking of content. It would be nice to put tier feature on the game. Every level we complete tier, we got a reward as affordable as we purchase them (money, gear or etc). More over, you have to put bestiary for every monster we face in the game so we can lookup the weakness of the monster and material. To be more interesting, why not hook up with multiplayer online around the world.
The gameplay to me is reminiscent of icey and I'm happy with the game especially because this game used to cost money and now is free, the game hasn't changed since the last time I played it and it's still very fun with some pretty decent controls. So if you want to play a game similar to icey on mobile but dont want to buy it, this is the game for you.
Why is this happening?? When i try to open the game its not running , the planet is showing and none other that. There is no start botton or what so ever appearing in th screen , please fix that bug .
First two levels are great, but there's 2 different types of 'currency' to purchase with real money and the option of buying character packs at huge prices. The monetisation ruins the game - if i could just buy the game outright that would be great. Good news is that you can on PC and console so this has been a good demo and I'll be buying the full game on a platform where I won't be gauged of cash
There is a certain quest that if you try to start it the only thing you will get is a black screen and it will stay that way until you close app
So far this is a 5 star game. I'll add that I am not very far into the game as of yet, however I haven't wanted to stop playing since I began. Its a quality game , entertaining with a compelling story line that keeps moving the story forward. I rarely play a new game very long at first for many reasons like ..unfamiliarity, confusing controls, too many instructions , lack of story ect .This is a fun experience from the start and I hope it stays that way.
An enjoyable side scroll platformer. It's the complete package, art, gameplay, and story. The skill and crafting systems are solid. Skills are fully customizable. Crafted gear display with its unique art. It's only the small things that come up. The unadjustable control map, which is a valid point. Don't let reviews with low scores because of one's slow internet and/or because the art style is not to one's liking, discourage one from trying out this game.
Too many different strategies at first, confusing which monsters need which attack when multiple monsters arrive at once. Still ok game so far...
A good overall game. The movement control button could be a good bit smaller to increase reaction time which will become very important later in the game. this is a free to download port of a console game. I hope they actually carry the story further though and they don't have some kind of pay wall to access the best weapons. I'll probably keep playing because I enjoyed the original.
I remember this coming out as a full fledged game. Controls haven't translated well, but if you have a controller - oh man, buckle up
Combat is pretty good and I like the crafting aspect, but the timer until the attacks kind of worries me too much for me to enjoy it fully.
First impression, after one level? The art is really off-putting. Controls are iffy, ill hit jump and end up sliding, the skill setting is unhelpful and confusing. Im not sure what I'm supposed to be doing, even with the tutorials. Why are there a bunch of locked character models right off the bat? This is clearly a button masher for combat, whatever you intended, but I really don't want to. The combat is very unsatisfying. Edit: I just said it doesn't help.
I like the premise of the game a lot its a hack and slash slide scroller with rpg elements. The controls are simple and easy to use. The graphics and the art style are very pretty my only issue has been the game has choppy frame rate. I'm playing a pretty high end phone to I'm hoping it's something the devs can fix because honestly I'd play this more. I'd recommend giving it a try.
Only issue for me the camera is too close can we have atleast an option for field of view ?? Still a fun game to play ..
Worst ad experience EVER! At the end of every single level, there is this HORRIBLE ad that looks like a driver's license and is wanting you to click your age. But the rest of the entire screen turns black, and NOWHERE is there an "X" button to close out. I waited to see if it's timed, nope. I clicked everything and everywhere on the screen, no luck. I ended up wasting time and having to close the game after every level..
It's a good game the mechanics are good the game play so far is fantastic. I also like the style of the game. It has good sensitivity and a quick reaction style of game play. My problem is the main joy stick is too sensitive and takes up a big part of the screen so I accidentally use a move in a different direction but all in all it's quite good
It's a metal slug clone, side scroller. Not impressed with the graphics. The characters look kinda goofy. The gun doesn't really worth anything so it's mostly hack and slash. The monsters are cool so that's definitely a + . Not sure what is the point of the team mates the don't do anything..... The story is similar to starship troopers with some twist I will definitely complete the game to see what's going to happen at the end.
Very great game love the mechanics and variety how you can make your weapons with the elements and status/debuffs. The story isnt to bad either. My only issue with the game is a sound bug, where sometimes going on a mission the sound cuts out and SFX and music and VFX stop playing. The only time it can come back is if I watch an ad, for a free revive (if ever I do die on a mission) or when I can get the daily rewards cycle (which goes 2x).
I like the art style just not character design but the game so far is definitely a good maybe great side scrolling game. Actually feels like your on missions not quick battles
Good game great potential. Controls should customizable. Also, when you do an action all the attacks go the same way. It's annoying cuz you can't change directions until the attack reset. If that's the case there's no point in giving direction to the attack... Guns for example.
So far with just starting out the game, the mechanics are well thought out except for the training tips being ever present on screen unless you click them. It would be better if they faded after a few seconds.
So far the combat mechanics are great! They remind me of DMC, the only problem I have with it is the character creation, the dark skinned character was locked when u first started and it just didn't settle with me that well, I don't know if i have to pay anything to unlock it or otherwise but I hope not. Great game though!
The gameplay feels stiff if you give a update to make the attacks and fatal blows more easy to tell the difference of whats going on
Its fun to play but it cant play offline cant you make it run without internet so i can play it anywhere it will not run when you dont opened your internet at first loading
Amazing, the battle system is not that much complicated and as for me it have a nice control so doing combo with boost,gun, or sword isn't that hard will be really good if this game have gamepad support, other than that the graphic was good enough for side scrolling game, battle system is amazing, some directional combo is easy to maneuver, and this game offline (I Guess??) Simply amazing and hope for the future update.. some event will be nice to be added and co-op multiplayer too..
It has some connection issues. I think it needs to have perfect internet connection to play this game, which is very frustrating. I've waited over 30 mins now and it still hasn't logged in. I rebooted the game and it says something about connection error. I tried to use other online apps and games but all were working just fine. Honestly, I'm disappointed. I really did wait for this game to be released and now this. Anyway, I hope there is something you can do about this.