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Earth Explore: Risen

Earth Explore: Risen for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by DaSimple located at Partners: Design: Azurium Romania, IaČ™i [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
More grind then any other game like it due to ads also fuel runs out alot and buying upgrades makes little difference prices for the resources i mine are low even at way deeper areas while upgrades skyrocket by mountains with each upgrade. If you get this game because you enjoy mining go ahead and buy the in game max items with real money because this is the only game like it on the app store yet its just pay to win
Motherload copycat. Controls suck when your falling Decent but you die right away when falling the controller wont allow you to stop falling so you die and have to watch an ad
Good game to play when it's acting right. My machine is not damaged. I do not want to pay with gems to fix it. I bought my gems to use one extras. Love playing this game but It keeps boosting me back to the top and loosing my inventory. Please fix so I can keep digging.
You must include quests, objectives, achievements. I went down to 40000ft awaiting meeting with devil and nothing... Getting fuel from the soil, so can dig no stop... Game for 1h maximum.
Mechanics same as in Motherload, no usable items, no good goals, gets boring after 8k ft. An ad farmer.
There is a bug in the shop section, when you buy the maximum amount of something instead of the price it apers "full" however if you use the item it meintens the word full, despite having space for more
Finally, another game like this! Reminds me of Motherload, but with more upgrades and options. I absolutely love this. I just wish you could exchange money for diamonds. (a high rate of course). Also, the like Facebook page option doesn't work due to the Facebook page link being bad. There should be more ways to earn diamonds.
Almost a really fun game. Game gets lagier past depth 10k and after 20k severaly diminished ore spawning. Takes way to long to go down with a loading screen per 1k ish depth fallen and the engine upgrades are usless as it feels like it takes just as much gas with no benefits even at max rank vs just buyea teleporter. Could be really amazing with some time put into it to fix scaling /objectives /balancing.
Just like mother load for pc. Only, it doesnt have an exit. No way to stop play. Not favorable to me.
The game has come a long way from where it started. Love the multiple control options now available. One of the things I would love to see would be a restart option so that I could start the game over without having to uninstall and stuff.
Cool game... I dont like how gold 1000 ft down. Also there is no story. You just dig. Alot of potential.
Got to the bottom...... Then game never loads. Close the game and reopen doesn't work either. Fun while it lasted though!
Good game love it but won't let me collect my 2k diamonds because of some wifi issue bs and my wifi is fine and so is my service please fix i don't know what else to do at this point but play I still want my 2k diamonds or my money back thank you . STILL NO REFUND OR DIAMONDS FIX THIS NOW
Not only is this game is dead in 2019 but there is literally no challenge to the game you can dig straight down to reach the best ores right away and just watch an ad to start right back where you left off when you run out of gas or dmg your hull to much with out losing your cargo or fear of starting at the top. the progression also leaves much to be desired 3 miner rigs to use and they all pretty much have the same stats. 0 out of 0 if i could.
I didn't play the game so long, the fact you can't turn off music and keep the game sound on is ridiculous and very annoying to me... Annoying so much that i had to unistall the game, plese fix it. I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way..
Basically Motherload but clunkier with bad execution. It's the same game, but without tighter controls
Simple fun! I love how you can play for hours and you will only see an ad if you accidentally die! It's almost exactly like the original Motherload from years ago. The controls arent the best with touch but when i connected a keyboard they were so much better (still not perfect). Its such a great game though.
I'd rather just play the original motherload. It's a bad remake at best, it has nothing that made the original good.
I like the concept but hate the control. Its s crappier version of the oroginal. Woild not recommend.
Love the game but i am stuck underground cause of a glicth where if you dig down and close the app mid dig and then if you open it again it will put you beneath the ground but with no hole to get out of so i can't do anything now. Can you please add a function where you can dig up?
Unfinished game, but over all fun. If you want a quick nostalgia trip back to Motherload on miniclip then this is it. Definitely needs some more work before it's a complete game though.
Good Motherload clone but please for the love of god add an option that lets you turn off accelerometer control. The number of times ive nearly died due to my pod drifting to the left as i fall 25000ft because my phone is at a slight angle is unreal. P.S. to all the idiots giving bad reviews buy the gadgets. Most of your dumb complaints can be solved with those.
Infinite ads for everything, even when you die. It makes items useless, whats the purpouse of tank fuel and repair kit? Otherwise a decent game. Needs a little more work on controls
i love this game its frutraiting exciting and all at once especially when ur not sure if ur ganna make it to the surface befor fuel runs out
This game is great. It's simple. No ads, unless you want them for gems. Would request for a map or mineral radar to find the resources to avoid hovering around the hole.
I love the game but I need to know when does it finish? do we need to collect all the gems ? absolutely all or it doesn't matter ?
motherload was better, after 21000ft and nothing happens what a waste of time. no story line, limited resources, it's ok for a copy.
Absolutely terrible controls. Pretty much unplayable without killing yourself multiple times by cashing when trying to get the the bottom on a mine
Well was enjoying the game however it decided to spawn me BELOW a rock meaning there is now no way back to the surface.... Other than this it's great and a major hit of nostalgia for anyone from the java era of casual gaming from the early 2000's
Didn't matter how much fuel you used on bottom. You always ran out of fuel before the top and had to watch an ad.
Couple big issues, 1) Why does flying up use the same amount of fuel as drilling down? Thats insane, should be like 1/4 the fuel cost. 2) trying to stop when free falling takes like 1000 feet, why? 3) being able to watch a 5 sec ad when dying and not even having to restart on the surface ruins it. You give the full fuel and hp back after the ad and can continue drilling at like 3000 ft. The controls are ok but overall its no where near as good as the miniclip game "motherload" which this ripped.
A LOT more grindy than the original, the visuals are far less interesting, the controls are abysmal, no bombs or other consumables which was present in the original, generic "you're the best!" texts, no story whatsoever. This is a clone of a 2004 game(motherload) that did not improve anything at all and is made to cash in on nostalgia.
Obviously designed as pay to win. Controls are terrible, if you let yourself drop down and slightly misplace your thumb when trying to slow down, you get destroyed.
I'm into games where you have to grind to get to what you want. This one is balanced almost perfectly between grind and strategy. Definitely a great time killer.
Very similar to motherlode but my issue with the game is there should be more types of ores and gems. As you progress deeper after explorium, there's nothing else
Took me a few days of playing to max out all the stats and buy everything. After that theres nothing to do
So little content, you're maxed in a couple hours if you do it right. There's so little to do, it's not worth starting.
The store and other buildings should open when one selects them instead of using the middle button. Control is poor. There should be 10 times more minerals and it shouldn't be possible to know them in advance. It just kills all the interest. Also, some features should be implemented just like the web version: the deeper, the harder to dig in. Falling speed should increase and it shouldn't be that hard to "die". A good quick tutorial is essential! Add a world ranking by depth or whatever.
It was an ok game. Its kind of dumb that the final mining machine takes 99 Gems to unlock, and isnt even a max stat machine. Took me a few days to unlock the mining machine and I prefer the 2nd one over it. The game needs quests/objectives. Its just a simply go mine game so once you get down to 20,000 ft and start collecting the most expensive minerals the game become pretty boring. Probably going to play till I max everything out then don't know.
Is there a bottom? On 34000 feet. Which takes a loooooooong time, each time i wanna decend. The game also struggles to keep up the further you go down. Id give it more if there was a quicker way to the bottom
Too bad the dev has given up on updating this game. Was in-line to be like Motherload. A blast from my past. Rating dropped to 1. Will not re-install again because I'd have to start all over. I played this game upgraded all my vehicles and weapons, etc. I cleared the land from top down to 50,000ft in all lands. My bank was up to over 524,000 tokens. I am not willing to start over again. Thanks anyway.
Enjoyable for short periods of time but during longer play sessions it can become really frustrating. The two biggest downsides are the unresponsive controls and the realisation of how much you have to grind for upgrades.
You took a great old arcade game and made it play to win!!! The mechanics are terrible and the customization was better in the 15 year old game! Do not bother!!!!