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Earth Editor

Earth Editor for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by DAN-BALL. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is just so soothing! It relaxes me so much to tinker around with elements and make worlds. I also get a weird pleasure out of sending asteroids to destroy. I would like more options for elements, but the thought that went into what already exists is just amazing. Definitely one of my favorites!
the gameplay is fantastic u can du pretty much every thing,but there are two problems with the game is number one there Ain't Enough of stuff you can spawn and number two is the ads if this gqme is updated with more stuff and stop ads from appering. other then tbat it is still a fantastic game
An awesome game that has many things to play around with, but has no tutorial. This was written by a human you autistic theorist.
It's raining right now so I am going to put meters and fire in our Earth but I can't do that because it's not real but it doesn't have ads so I'm happy
I love the app don't get me wrong but I think it is just a little bit under developed because there is only a few options for "materials" To create your solar system with
Good game for people that's bored. But the problem i have is that every time you choose what type of a element or abilities there a ad in the way thats cover half of the screen if the developer please remove it .before there was none please go back thank you
This game is the best of the best....but why is there a limit on how much "powder" you can use. When I want to burn a lot of stuff with lava it doesn't let me... 😞😞
I had this game so long ago and have been searching for it since and because the gameplay pics changed I thought it was a different one but yeah this game is an absolute gem and anyone who says otherwise is wrong
it was ok, needs a bit more things to do. but it is fun to watch the earth get created. you have a good range of things, but i wish you could zoom in and make continents and stuff like that.
Neat idea and done okay, but like many other falling sand games not remotely scientifically accurate. It couldnt keep me engaged enough in any case. I also didnt like how things seem to float on top of water or the presence of ads. Despite all this, there's potential in this take on the game and I will keep my eye on it.
This game is trippy! I have actually played it for many hours. You just basically draw different types of things such as water, clouds and meteors. I love creating chaotic spacescapes with this app! Please can you make the sand, seed and salt orbit the black holes though rather than stick to them? It's called Earth Editor but sometimes due to the way the sand, salt and seed mechanics work it's actually quite difficult to get a cool looking planet! That said, I like this game a lot and I can't wait to give it a go on the old magic 'shrooms haha! Thanks Dan Ball!
it's great you can kinda build a universe that you like but they need to add more elements like dirt not sand
It's really cool you can use your imagination to create so much one thing you need too add is watching other people's creations
i like the game alot but it's getting boring after a while. maybe add more explosives or humans idk, just add some new things to make it a little more entertaining.
I love the game and I hope in the future you kane make a atmesfer ore a star it is good entertainment :)
I already play this game for a long time but every update is just only bug fixed Can you Please add some more element in the next update..... Now the Game is Little bit boring to me now
this game is cool i hope that you guys make more elements and more planets ..............for me to destroy >:)
I love this game, its so fun you can create your own world! I really want to see creatures added in the game.
Great game! I love the diffrent expariments that are amazing but I wish there were a few more elements to mees around with but overall a really good game!
Exactly what I was looking for but major flaw in its science.. namely to use centre of mass in this context is a falacy.. each particle should be effected by the gravity of the other particles and not a math magical centre point.
It's very relaxing and fun to play my only thing I would say about the game is that you should be able to save more then one planet at a time.
The best D-B game, aside from Powder Game. Really satisfying. although i wish "creatures" were added where they used the environment around them to build houses and evolve. Also, sounds and music. The minecraft creative soundtrack would fit. Other than that, amazing game.
Love it very good it's really satisfying when you make a black hole and spam meteors and you can make your own planets and the best thing it's not lagy at all If someone says a game is lagy it's usually because of the device they are using
I think the game is amazing .. u can do lots of fun stuffs with it .. I wish I could have shared the screen shots but I don't think so it can be done here ... but any the game is very unique. . But u may have problems with the graphics sometimes .. but over all I would give it a thumbs up ^_^
Why is thare a limit to the number of dots you can place? My phone can easily run 40k dots so i dont see why the limit cant be more then 40k dots. Like 250k dot limit would be nice. And i like this game but the whole 40k dot limit makes me mad so 3 stars for now.
There were ads that piped up in the corner, and it can use some more options on there. Other than that it's a good game
amazing sandbox game it's great love the graphics and what happens when you put this and that togethor and something weird happens! LOVE IT KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YALL!!!!!
this game is going to challange your creativity.I made an earth anyway,but still look pretty messed up.Then i create a planet with all element and i accidentally use meteor!Now the planet is messed up.But it still a pretty good game,plz make more games!
Colony sand should make a space ship after Few seconds and some animal or human's To make it better and add creates And sand's
Awesome simulation, I'd like to see some sort of gravity for individual particles so they can sort of globulize and form "planets" ... Idk if that's possible or if you are open to such feedback but it's there
Great app but the noise of clicking the select element thing is quite annoying. can we have a button to disable that?
this game is amazing, i love the pixle texture and the science behind it is awesome! a well thought out game that i think ANYONE can have fun with!
Stupid kids these days, in my day REAL kids would make REAL planets in the REAL world. thanks to stupid parents I bet you kids haven't even terraformed a moon by the time your 12!
This is a very good game! I have played it for 1/2 years... But everytime i sit the the selection menu for to long like 5 seconds it crashes please fix this!
Love the game i hope that thay add a workshop or planet elements or planet spawners or a random solar system generator and/or a random planet generator but ima give 4.5 stars
I love this game!!! I played so many times i got this game by the idea of videos that there creating some planets so i think i can play this game! I love science nor creating things this increases my creativity and i love destruction too by summoning/placing meteors! I hope you can add more! I love this game so much that i got addicted... πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Its cool!
this is the most worst game of all time and its so boring i mean the name of the game is earth editor and dosint that mean your supposed to edit earth not tap or hold on the screen and draw and make like a earth that you cant even play on or vist places on your earth and when your done your desert planet dosent even look like earth and you also cant coulor your desert planet to make it look like earth so then whys it called earth editor when your not editiing earth and your making desert earth
Great game the only thing bad is well the fire desrtoyed my planet in seconds and destroyed GRASS AND SAND and irl that doesn't happen
I like this is really great app but my phone keep showing add's my phone is weird but i really like this app And i love it but its not that fun bc THE EARTH WILL BE DESTROTED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
πŸ˜„I like it, this is very satisfying and overall great gameplay, this is the best powder game I downloaded so far and I give it 5 stars for this great gameπŸ˜„
The game is really fun but there is not a whole lot to do I'm thinking about the development team to add community creations and for you as a player to make a galaxy other than that really good
I really like this game because of the creative inventions people can make and the possibilities are endless from worlds made entirely of a single mass substance all the way to so much different types of biomes. This game is also so generous and isn't even like an average game where they're is ADs popping up everywhere.
AWESOME! also very entertaining i literally play it for hours once i start. laurence givan i made the sun mercury venus earth and the moon in a single hour so stop being mean to kids im 12 you know
I like this game sometimes I save it but I press load and it work but the problem when I wake up on the next day I saw the settings is not normal again):
Its fine but its missing lots of more elements more substances and liquids. And maybe add more realistic black and white holes and maybe some stars and space clouds to. Yeah and life.
I love this game but the sounds it makes make me want to tear my hair out! I can only play it with my phone muted. so Please Add a Mute Button!
Could be awesome, but it's really just a half a$$ed powder toy remake with a center point of gravity instead of a "floor"
there is definitely potential, this game is bare bones though, it just needs more features and optimization. with a little tweaking this could be better
i made sun and earth very nice game but please add hydrogen and helium and pls remove the limit in particles
Cool game it very scientific but give us more load planets And add more stuff like Dirt, gravel, underwater Seeds(grows underwater plants). Molten lava(cools down into obsidian), Grass(grows on dirt). Snow, More seeds. It's easy and Satisfying Very Fun. Add customizable names for each Black hole that pulls the elements.
its a fun game at first but then gets really boring plz add more stuff in like creatures and minerals like gold and stuff
I really liked how I could create an entire world from scratch and there were different effects that occurred when I mixed substances and there were interactive reactions when that happened. What bothered me is that you can't zoom in and I really was hoping to do that. l was also upset when I realized we had a limited amount of pixels and particles which I wanted to make a bit more because I was only available to half of my plan. I do wish for more variety too. Other then that this game's unique
this is the best relaxing game but there should be more elements like petrol, cement and other but i love this game
It's a 2D "reagents" / "alchemy" game (e. g. lava + oil = fire) with a pin-point gravity source. Particles orbit, aggregate, or fly off into space. It's visually interesting for a while, but that's about it. It has good potential if there were more material-types, along with some kind of goal or achievement system. It entertained my kids for a bit.
Great game. I suggest adding a tool which adds a free floating (not static) black hole dot which floats around and can get sucked in by other static black hole or pull each other. And i think there must be and option to set the dot your choosing to stick to a planet or dot which applies to non static dots and static dots.
I am okay with the physics, but not nearly impressed enough that sand floats on water. It's fair for effort, but the lack of gameplay, lack of physic principles, and the lack of creative variability does not really make the app worth using. I really appreciate, though, the grattitude in offering the app for little in return, unlike other apps that bombards users with ads. Keep up the good work, but there is still work to be done.
it's a good game but what could make it better is if they took away the max size of elements you can use
I lovvvvvvvvve gravity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very fun game. I like having the planets throw meteors at each other with the shot option. It's a really awesome game, ngl. But it doesnt live up to its name. You dont build earth, you just make a planet. 5 out of 5, and given more credit for being offline. Love it for when I'm bored. Great time killer, too.
What you need to know before you download this is that 1, it is fun for players with any taste in casual games, and sandbox games too... 2, don't expect much but if you like to create, destroy, and or simulate planets you have everything you need... 3, if your expecting an idle game, tycoon game, or action game this is likely not for you. Some good things is that you don't need to buy a full version to unlock certain elements, there all for free, and there are very little ads. 5 star if new eleme
4 star's, its fun for a while but then I just get bored, still a very good game though! Here's a suggestion: upgrade the black holes, I want them to suck up thing's and grow the more thing's that go into them. Also, add more options and building space.
I like how I can make planets but like everybody else I want new elements it would be cool if you added water seeds obsidian and animals that can walk/swim on your planet there should be grass snow and stuff like that thx and srry for no punctuation
Its AWESOME!!!!!It lets you build your own Planet and DESTROY IT!!!My favorite part is when i DESTROY IT XD!!Fun but sad and happy.Love it