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Earn to Die Lite

Earn to Die Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Not Doppler located at Suite 1106, Level 11, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not satisfied with the game 🎯🎯😭😭😭😭ads ads ads .........so many more waste of money and time.....
I agree with stolen gaming I also had the full version and tried this version and I'm disappointed Edit:im also uninstalling this version Edit two:I also tried the pc version and it has less cars. That makes me even more disappointed πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
it is a really fun game were you need to upgrade your car and every time you do you at least get a out 5 steps forward
This game sucks you get one level and thats it and the other version that you have to pay for is not worth the money and by the way you can get the full game on a Amazon tablet for free.
I really like this game but I just need to ask not doppler a question if we run out of fuel and boost and then we go back to the garage how do we get money like do you give us and how do we go back to the garage if we're out of fuel and boost
incredibly bad you should've just added at least 5 levels for the free one, but 1! incredibly bad 😠
It's great and all, but like, this is "Taste test" so... The real game is 1.49 bucks, for a taste test it's great!
It is very fun and addictive, great time killer and makes this good game finally free, I would like to point out that this is doing better than the original one and I think that 1 mb difference to this one than the original is useless.
As an owner of the full version, I wanted to check out the free one, just out of sheer curiosity. What I encountered is horrible, as there are no sounds other than the music, and the 2 levels that are availible in the lite version are laggy and full of bugs, like music continuing after you have closed the app, or random screen freezes. I always respected Not Doppler as a developer and played lots of their games, but this app is purely not on their standards.
Ive played earn to die for some time now and what I can say is that im immpressed by what toffee games are up to. Keep it up
It was fun at first Barbie complete the level you have to buy the next part which is like five bucks the arkman did not get this game and also lags a lot the gas is cheap but still at work cuz the next part like $5 I don't want to fight made $5 for apart I've gained metregon to delete right after so I recommend not get the game cuz like I clean mine and day so I recommend not to get it
Its a great game, but you can beat the lite version in 10 minutes. Its fun but waste of time don't download
I like this game very much but earn to die 2 is best from this game. Please add more vehicles in this game.😊
This is a great game with a even better sequel and having small free demo is a great thing to promote it but i would love to have this game as a free to play with ads you might not make as much money but it would be great for the community but id be perfectly fine if you left it how is and i hope this game is given a big AAA game for the series in the future as it has great potential i only left 4 stars as it is not a perfect game but is a great one
This game is agree game I wish I can lay the whole entire story but I cannot for some reason it's the lite version I don't know what the hell is the lite means but it's a great game
I love this game in the first place. I suggest that the developer should include the full version in this version of earn to die.
It is a bit stupid to make a game when you can only play 10% of the game then pay for the rest . You are stealing people's money when they can just go on the computer and download it for free I would like to recommend that you make the game free so more people will download the game. Please get back to me as soon as you can and please make it free for me and other people
Super sus because you get only one level. But old flash are good . And I like in game background very cool .
I love old flash games like this, it's great it's great to see them on mobile now that flash is gone! Edit: I see some people complaining that the Lite version is short and not well made. I guess I should clear up something. This game is old. I think that's stating the obvious, because the end of the lite version has the game on a Galaxy S3. Second of all, why complain about the length? It's meant to be a taste test of the game, like a product sample. The game itself is only a dollar fifty.
the only reason why I don't really like this game is what you flip over too easy and you can't get yourself flip back over you have to waste all your fuel and boost to get back up and by the time you probably get back up you'll be out
It's a good game but you have to buy the full version for 2 dollars and the other ern to die games are free and if you going to play the full game play on PC but if you want a taste of the game this is go for you
I did not like this game because you only get to the first misson then you have to by. You can also just get the game pc for free
It's a fun addictive game. I've play a few like this, they need to have a lot more levels. Thanks for making this game. I usually stay up all night playing this game!
I like it it was a great game I love this so much that I I'm going to get all the cars I know it's still inside but I don't like people playing a song like YouTubers and I thought I'd try it out it's the game it's really good if this is one of the greatest Earn to Die I just can't believe I have earned by two on this and then I'm going to have learn to dial it on this and it doesn't even cost any money oh I said it wrong what's wrong I said it wrong sorry my thing isn't working very well by every
What the heck the original game used to be free why is it now 1.50?! This is very annoying for me and everyone else otherwise great game.
When I was done with the car I got the van and the end I got soo π•–π•©π•”π•šπ•₯𝕖𝕕 but YOU WANT ME TO PAY AND I CLICK STORY MODE IT SAID DO YOU WANT TO START OVER I CLICK NO AND I WITH TO PLAY EARN TO DIE 2 IT BORING TO THIS GAME HAS TO BE GONE
I love this game because it's a zombie game which I love,Also when you close the app when you finish doing the day it saves your progress.
Can You Reach The Destination Alive? As Your Fan! I Love Your Games Except This Because Its Not Free And... Can You Remove The Picture!? "Can You Reach The Destination Alive?" Because If You Dont Want To Purchase It! The Level That You Would Enjoy Is Just, "New Hope" So In The Lite Version! That Means If You Finished The New Hope Then You Died In That Level Am I Right?
I like this app but it is very hard to play huh if there's very hard to play where I like this because my favorite game I like it because it's a good thing I really like it because it is my favorite thing I ever seen it as my favorite my favorite videos when he calls and everything for me I like it because it's very good for us to play with it I like it for Goo Dolls Name game with the name is
Is the give you more than one level I would like this game and when you finish the first level your progress doesn't get saved so you can unlock the third vehicle in the game then lose it all because you finished the first level
So like i ever play this before and its so amazing i like all the cars and im getting more coins thats cool just pls add more car
This game is cool but earn to die 2 is better. btw add more level sand more cars. also i want the full vursion of earn to die.
It is an awesome game but it would be rad if you could not have this be the lite mode cauz some people don't have the same currency as you guys.
It Was good, but you can only play 20 percent of the game... I would love to play earn to die but not willing to pay for it... But overall no bugs or glitches.
This is my favorite game one of my favorite games actually but I have to pee so if I didn't have to pay for the full game I would give it five stars but you have to pay some not
I love these type of games... Earn to die is one of my Favourites Game Ever... I super love this game... The Music of this game is awesome.. 5 STAR GAME
This game is bad because whenever I downloaded this game I thought u didn't have to buy when ever u get to the end but the graphics and stuff are good
Its just good never mind u have to pay for 8 more levels and u can only play 1 level for free that just messed up they pull u on to the game then take it away😯 1 out of 50000000000 stars Id give -7
An epic game, easy to get hooked, played about 20 minutes to get through this Demo. The Devs did a really good job. The games an instant classic.
it is pretty fun. i know it is the lite version, but at least add more than one level. does not have to be all the levels.
Enjoyable for the first level then it just repeats over and over the goal or the difficulty doesn't change at all. So it gets boring real fast.
I like it. it has great graphics . It is really good and cool 😎😏☺. I can't wait to play earn to die 2 I m shore that it will be better than the first. I will post what I think of the game. 😎☺😏😏
Why can't I complete the stages with that app.... I don't want to pay the money to complete the game with another app.
It is ABSOLUTE BS that we have to PAY for a FREE GAME!!!!!!! Look it up, this game is free to play online
I have loved this game ever since i was around 5-7 years old. Now i am 17 and i STILL love this as much as i did as a kid. I love all of the earn to die games. It makes me feel happy. Thank you creator.
Well it's a great game I played the second one the graphics are good I see no bugs and the only thing that sucks is that you need bigger cars to have more fuel
This rating is 4 stars because I like 2 game The 1st 1 you pay 1.49 or play new hope the 2nd 1 you with ads
Trash because u have to pay the whole thing it used to be free dont but it's a joke. Go and play the second one it's better free and not like this peice of garbAge!
This is the best game I love it but it's lite I search for one hour the pro version of them but I don't find it