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Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Not Doppler located at Suite 1106, Level 11, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Overall a good and fun addition to the ETD series, but with a few small hitches. Sometimes, especially with later vehicles, there will be a section of the level that is difficult to get past, and getting upgrades to help you get past can turn into a grind, more so when it's towards the midway point of a level. Also, the money earning system doesn't fully make sense towards the end.
The game is good. But the problem is that there is an ad that continously shows up that is trying to promote s**. So please report it
Your not really progressing in this game you just get a new car with the same speed and they don't even let you continue with your old car. The first car I modified was good then they tell you the second car is good but it's still the same. The gameplay is fun but it's repetitive, Modify a car get it fast and powerful then finish the level, lose the fast car for a weak car that is supposedly better than the one you modified. Then you work again to modify it again to lose it at the end.
I would give it 5 but it gets way to difficult to upgrade when you pass the van, it takes 2 runs for 1 upgrade and it takes about 50-75 upgrades to progress, is still fun for car rides which I feel earns a 3, but I've only gotten 75% thru the story mode and there's like 3 other game modes, but I've been playing for a month and can't get much further than the Van, plus there quite a bit of ads.
I thought this game was really good at first, got to the 3rd level and was going well. Then I came back to it after a few hours of sleep and it started me all over again, wasn't keeping my saved data. Played it again and signed in again and it looked like it saved my data the 2nd time around and again it did not. Plus on the 3rd level the vehicle isn't strong enough to power through all he damn boxes they put in it. If you're impatient pay for money, but you don't have to.
This game has lost the charm of its predecessor. Game added lots of explosions, levels and changed up terrain to up the difficulty in getting your car not destroyed. It's hard. The cars look like plastic toys and it's also very grindy. Worst of all, they added inApp purchases. In earn to die 1, this wasn't even needed. I'm disappointed.
Look I personally love this game . I used to pay this game from when I was little I downloaded this game today and started playing it . What the hell after every game I play there is a add . It is so irritating and frustrating . The game is good but the adds are irritating . So please look into this problem and fix it reduce the pop up adds . I am not telling to completely reduce the adds I am telling to reduce the adds so that they don't come frequently . Hope you understand my problem thank u.
This game is pretty great! This game is basically a grinding adventure, which I'm ok with. I like it, not a lot of bugs, but I did get this weird bug which when the game crashed. But that was only once and not that bad. I recommend it if you don't care about grinding and just wasting time running over zombies.
Was okay until I realized that it forced you to use a new vehicle when you unlock it. Good hour or two upgrading everything to pretty much be reset. No thanks.
The game play is stupidly grindy via docking the money you earned by half and doubling the prices of most upgrade purchases you can not run nor finish upgrading previous vehicles which is a massive downside theres pop up ads and regular ads for money (even though they don't work) its P2W and kills the nostalgia of the old flash game not to mention I can't retrieve my save data because of storage issues the vehicles are just reskins of each other no speed difference at all.
Not a five, but still enjoy playing a really fun game. The graphics are cool, the cars are cool, and in all the game is cool. My only down fall is that when upgrading your car ( which you can do) doesen't get very much money for driving it around. I spend most of my time playing watching ads for money. But then again nothing else really is bad about the game. Enjoy!
I love this game how you can customize the car and stuff and you can destroy the zombies to get to the gas station but the only thing that is wierd for me is everytime I go into the game it pops up (8:8) but you can exit it out but it gets annoying
I think this game is the most fun upgrading game and barely has ant adds ive never played number 1 but it looks fun so im going too get on that as soon as i can.And you can also get so far that you unlock a new car im on the lmabo and the rest of the cars when they get upgraded look awsome so i think the running over zombies is a good think too add too the game as obsticals and its cool how you can upgrade your wheels bash through boxes thats what i think you should try it yourself.
The game is pretty fun i read other review and is just as they said the slow-mo i dont mind that much but the upgrades dont do nothing exept make you fast give you more gas make your car cooler and thats pretty much it i hope you found this review helpful
Decent enough standard driving-kill-the-zombies game, some entertaining stuff, explosions, physics are fun - but a number of flaws. Biggest flaws are: 1. can't buy your way out of ads. I don't mind giving devs a few dollars to not see ads every couple minutes but that's not an option. So I get interrupted to watch ads. Annoying. 2. forced to "upgrade" to a better (more expensive) car every level, which is actually a worse (less fun) car until it too is upgraded. Annoying. Uninstalling.
The game is nice but I tell u to add more obstacles in the game like a car avalanche and types of things but I really like this game. In short words if I'll tell YOU CAN IMPROVE THE GAME BETTER β˜ΊοΈπŸ™‚. I think it have only 9 levels, add more levels in the game and more cars. And also add traps and add more controls like jump and etc. BUT THE GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!! , And please release the 3rd part (Earn to Die 3) of this game Sir/Madam. The game is very very good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
This is a good game to play but the forceful adds that get thrown on you is what makes this game bad i can understand the adds for the money but not for no reason when your just trying to play it normally
The games really fun the cars are cool the zombies are cool the ramps are cool my two downfalls when I run out of gas I use my boosters but when I run out of gas in front of boxes that have steal around them I boost and I just sit there wasting my boost it's annoying plus the upgrades it's way too much money cuz then you're just sitting there grinding for hours and hours and it just takes way too long otherwise the game is fine but otherwise it's a great game but I think they should fix that
It's ok, but once you've fully upgraded a car, you can't play it anymore and you are forced to use the newly unlocked (not uprgraded) one. This is super frustrating. Plus, it's super repetitive and money is not made fast enough.
I played this game non-stop, until I beat Story Mode, after that this game looses its luster and becomes not as addictive. If the developers had brought the customizable car feature into the other play modes it would of improved the playability. However that did not happen and what we are left with is a very fun addictive story, and then three other modes that seem like an after thought.
"Slide 200 feet upside down" Level 8, missions mode. FIX IT!!!!!! Say I slide 64 feet upside down and then i cant go any further so I flip my car. Then, the next time I have to slide, I will have to slide 64 feet again before it starts counting the feet. Fix it so everytime you go upside down, it starts counting again. PLEASE!!!!!!!! I will give 5 stars for now because the game is great, but you have to fix this.
Half way through story mode at 190 days. Game is good but would recommend having unlocked at least one of the other modes by now for variety cause the story mode is starting to get boring. Would also recommend making a control so the user can decide when the the gun fires.
I have a very good experience with this game. So much fun. I love this game. But I have problem, I was watching an ad and suddenly the it said that "unfortunately, earn to die game has stopped working". I restarted the game and all the textures disappeared. I can't see my car. Please fix it. I love this game.
I enjoyed playing this game, but there were some annoyances. Things like gas running out while you aren't pressing the button or taking 10+ seconds for the lever to end when you run out of fuel because you're rolling backwards down a hill, etc. There were also ads after every one or two tries, and they were really repetitive. Overall fun, but there's still a lot of kinks to work out.
Earn to die is an awesome game and overall I think it only has one problem: when you have barely any fuel left and you let go of the accelerator it still uses up fuel If you fix this up this i will rewrite this reveiw as a 5
So, let's get the basics out of the way, I'm highly biased towards this game as it's an absolute nostalgia trip for me. However, I've noticed quite a few little details that actually made me rate. Something that either wasn't present in the original Earn to die games on notdoppler, or that I was too young ro notice at the time is that the armor falls off the cars when too much damage is taken, and that the cars deform when hitting stuff. That little detail likely requires a lot of effort.
Good game but the forced adds are so intrusive. I get a unskipable 30 second add every 4 runs. I remember a few years ago this wasnt the case. Please reduce the requency of adds or at least make it skipable after 5 seconds or something
Are you kidding me this is like the greatest game in mobile I ever played . If you could fix the ads that will be better . If you make e t die 3 Notice me love notdoppler
5/5 Good game, I would share to other friends | One thing though. | It's kinda hard using the controls on chromebook when you have to hold one button and stop holding it to use the other one.
If you make one simple purchase of .99 it removes all the annoying ads in between level. This game is pretty fun once you get all the ads out of the way, thats worth a dollar in my book.
Pretty good version of the original flash. Tons of playtime in it but its the same thing over and over again, gets boring quick and becomes a chore to play towards the end.
It's a nice game you can pick up anytime and it doesn't really get boring because of all the different cars armor and changing levels
It's a pretty fun game but the ads are annoying and I'm on level 4 and everything cost so much but it's pretty fun 4/5 recommend you download
Why cant I use my previous cars in later levels nor sell them? Why does a minor fuel tank upgrade costs under 100 bucks in the beginning of the game and millions later on? Stupid logic...
LIKE: Vehicles are cool and fun to drive. Graphics are good. Stage obstacles are nice. DISLIKE: Have to replay stages over and over to move on. You earn money each round and use the money to upgrade you6 vehicle, this is required to pass checkpoints - monotonous.
There's no other cool games but this, but there is a bug here! That stops then moves and the music and sounds are gone fix the bugs please
Whoever brought this to mobile..... I love you. I would spend so much time in computer class, lunch, or even just whenever the end of the day came around playing this. I have so much nostalgia from play 1. 2. And 3. I do believe there is a 4th one but I don't remember. Anywho I'm getting off track. But ye a lot of nostalgia here from Miniclip.
I don't like how getting to the next level basically just restarted the game. The next car is trash compared to the maxed previous. Make better levels instead of degrading what we worked hard to achieve. I understand the next car max will be better, but it feels like progress digressed. Don't want to work all they way back up. At least let us use the first car.
I used to play it as a kid then 4 years later I started playing it and nostalgia got me on how fun the game was
The game is a pretty good game. The biggest problem that the game has is that it's a bit repetitive but it gets a pass for actually having gameplay. It also has a sensible system for in app purchases and ads. I definitely recommend this game. *On a side note, while this is a port of the flash version of the game, I have not played the flash version, so I don't know how different both version are. However I refrained from comparing them for this review because, even though the flash version is currently preserved in bluemaxima's flashpoint, as far as I'm aware flashpoint isn't available for android. So even if this version is just a direct port of the flash version, there is still a reason to prefer this version of the game. Although, because Not Doppler did actually make standalone ports of the game, I have no problem with them removing the game from flashpoint. If they do decide to remove it, I will remove this part from my review.*
I had this game a long time ago but my phone got lost and rest so Im redownloading it but it's the most fun game I've ever played it kinda teaching little kids that zombies are bad I love how there's not lots of ads like ulthere games and it's offline so it's my favorite game it's amazing I recommend it I just really like it it's one of those games were if your really bored then this is the game for you I think the creators did a amazing job with this game I really hope that you like it also ❀️❀
Interesting game i like it but too many ads really thats the most irritating part. Approx after every chance there is 30sec ads that cannot be skip or anything. Thats the worst part.
Awesome game id be so happy if you guys made like more levels,more vehicles,and new types of zombies or even chapters like the levels are episodes and there are chapters in the game
A good game to begin with sadly ruined by adverts. The Devs need to add logic in that if player has watched an ad to earn gold, don't show another 30 second unskippable ad immediately after. It's like watch ad, play level, watch add, play level maybe throw another ad in there if you choose to get extra gold. Better incentives for watching ads is preferred. Also the game becomes mundane quickly. Cars have to be fully upgraded to progress and you can't play your old car on a new level.
Really good game with good destruction physics and nothing wrong maybe have booster unlimited in free ride but it's still fun and my shortest gameplay of the game in normal mode is just 4 days! Not Doppler please notice this, I have an idea, Custom campaign designer where you can make your own story using the ingame content, have the vehicles from both games, possibly you could add destruction physics to the vehicles in earn to die 1, this would get the game more attention 100%
It's a good game and all, but the adds, dear God the adds are always 30 seconds unskippible adds and when they are done, bathe bring you to the app store, and Christ that is annoying as hell, if there is a way to tone down and let me skip the adds that would be seriously amazing
Awesome gameplay and controls and graphics (for a 2D game). The only thing that is missing is the difference between the zombies sounded. Still, I rate it 5 stars cause it's fun.
It was almost a great game but it has a lot of issues. The slow-mo is really annoying. Sometimes it would even do a slow-mo for an explosion off screen or even for just destroying a single crate. Gas still gets consumed even if you don't press the gas button. Even with max weight upgrades, you still lose a ton of speed with hitting minor crates and zombies. Gun upgrade is practically useless. Wheel upgrades doesn't give you grip, it only gives you bigger wheels.
Great game it has some problems like adds but that doesn't bother so much especially cause the are rare. One thing I don't understand if it's a zombie apocalypse why do you have to pay for fuel?? My opinion about this game is to install it and have a great timeπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Fun game but man, there needs to be a 'pay a pound to remove ads forever' feature!! Enjoyable game but way too many ads that makes me not want to continue playing. Also, no-one EVER purchases anything from the ads!! 3 stars given for gameplay and fun element to the game, 2 stars removed for the super-annoying and constant ads! Shame.
Its fun as hell, Well made and was not glitchy. This game deserves 5 star because everything was well made, The cars, The maps, ect. It was fun and i really enjoyed it. Everything in this game was well made. And I loved the music aswell. :)
Wow! It's got so many greatly built elements in this game, the awesome physics, awesome! The shooting and splattering, nimble and fast tracking, and pretty rare these days, good honest money rewards for the run, man what a game! Thanks devs!
This game has potential 2 b a great game if the rules of the game are more customer centric rather than being a non-stop advertisement platform. As other have highlighted, there are just too many flaws. Example: you can't win a stage unless your car is fully upgraded. So you have to play same stage over & over again unless you earn coins to upgrade the car. Another example is when you move to next stage, game wouldn't allow your previous fully loaded car and instead give new car. Uninstalling it
I gave this more than a fair go expecting it to be good based on the reviews but it's very bland, every level feels the same. The difficulty never seems to increase you just upgrade your car enough to get to the end of the section then start again with a new car on slightly different levels that look and feel the same as the last, rinse and repeat....
Ads can be fast forwarded if you clear a zone, they are not intrusive tbh(as of this moment, but no telling in the future). One less star as it takes FOREVER to upgrade a vehicle unless you watch ads. I would have taking 50 days to pass the first stage(days are equivalent of turns) if I didnt spam the ads(I did install a few games from ads, they seemed interesting and are interesting).
The game itself is great but there are 30 second unskippable ads every other run, and there is also a 10 second black screen of loading, and after there is a 10 second screen that says "download here" and after all the that it's almost a full minute unskippable ad every few rounds.
Good game, but too many adds for my taste. It's not too easy and not too hard, which contributes to making this very good, but the adds are long and most of the time I can't skip them. I love the creativity though, keep going :)
Saw DangerouslyFunny playing on YouTube and it looked like fun, and it is! Just wish I could pay to get rid of the ads.
Would have happily paid for this game but this is absolutely trash, adverts adverts adverts and option to buy money? You also used to pay better for completing levels not its 200? But its OK because I can buy money right? Not a chance. Saw my second advert and thought this IS NOT the earn 2 die I loved originally you absolute sell out!
Such a good game not too much ads perfectly balanced between story and gameplay really enjoy and would recommend πŸ˜€πŸ‘
A very awesome game i have played ever.All about the game is nice,good fuel price,boost price, efficiency and so on. But you would have made the zombies to be more eager to attack you before you kill them,let be a little competition among the two.
Game play is enjoyable but the story is so simple. Player must add accessories one by one and when all are max, you will get a new car. All are the same. There is no adventures. Just tap the speed and try to get money to buy power from begin to end of the game. I want to try to reach the goal with my option, the car that I liked or other ways.
I rate and review games a lot and I have seen some amazing games in my time but this, this is above it all. It's a grate time waster, fun, cool and even has a small understanbl backstory and makes it 1,000,000 times better then it alredy is. I recomend you try this game it as almost 0 pop up ads makeing it fun to play and giveing you longer play time before it gives you a pop up ad and the best part is most of the videos you can watch to get rewards are only like 10 to 15 seconds long. BEST GAME
Games sorta fun. It gets a bit boring. After every 3 stopping points, you get a new car. Can't use the previous one so you're stuck with a slow, unupgraded car yet again. It's pretty much rinse and repeat. If you don't feel like playing, you get much more money watching adds than you would actually playing so if you want to get through the boring parts, do that.
This is so much fun - I can't believe it took me this long to try it! There's gear to add to the vehicle, it's relatively easy to play yet, challenging to see how far you can travel. It even provides the option to watch a video for more "cash" .5/19/2021 changed from 5 to 4 stars after being kicked out of the game and put back at the very begining.
Originally a browser game, this version has many design flaws. There is an in-app purchase to double the money you receive, which means the normal game is longer than needed. Also, the in-game upgrade prices increase over the levels, so the other IAPs are a waste of real money. Finally, the game has some additional extra modes, but they are locked until you finish the long and repetitive storymmode.
I think that game is easy, but is not that easy and is too expensive to buy and upgrade the items. Is weird sometimes because it usually say "AWESOME!" when it brokes some part of the vehicle...
Sussed out how to continue without spending large sums of money, just spend enough money to get a few dollars ( Β£2.49p) use the money to upgrade, you can make enough money to play each round, just think what upgrades to the vehicle you need most, play the level,until you get enough money, make sure you watch the videos, that's another way to get free money, ok it might get boring watching them, but its better than spending real cash. Oh the game, it's ok.
The best game I've ever played on Android. It's ultra fun, accessible, the car upgrades are out of this world, the graphics are wonderful and the zombies something do the funniest and craziest things to try to stop you in your tracks. Kudos to the team. Perfect game.
Very fun! Very addictive! It is a lot like the first but improvements to the physics keep you playing again and again. Only thing is it's pretty much the same as the first, nothing really new. Still great 😊
This game was the best game I have ever played the end is boring but I give it five stars because the graphics are awesome the controls are good they could use some improvement and the zombies are great!
Good zombie killing fun with one HUGE fail. Spent a few minutes watching promos for free game cash, spent a small amount on more then upgraded vehicle 1 to max and completed level 1. Level 2 gives a new vehicle, fair play. Won't let you use the level 1 vehicle tho, which would be very useful to grab some fast game cash to help upgrade the level 2 vehicle. Please sort this heinous violation against having a game garage. It really spoils an otherwise great game.
Very cool game, excellent graphics for the art style. One complaint: why did you make the last level so grindy... I want to finish the campaign but it looks like i either have to spend my evening watching ads or spend the next 2 evenings playing the same level. All the other levels are fine and i would totally appreciate a slight buff to the money earned in stage 10. Thank you
This game is fun it helps to pass bye time and just fun in Jenerel but I wish that the price of things would be a bit lower I would recommend this game to people that love killing zombies and survival games this is why I would give this game a five star rating think you craters for making this game
Speed and distance Dynamics clearly biased to make sure you have to purchase almost every upgrade before you clear a level, and the bombardment of ads made it feel like downloaded an ad distributor that is generous enough to let me ram into zombies every now and then. But was a legit game nonetheless. One star off for the constant bombardment of ads. That was overkill right there.
Love this game is just when i drive into the bom it is awesome but when i drive on a hil and do a back flip it is not awesome . If u can make when u do a backflip u get point or bonus mony it wil be cool .and if u use boost and u in the air maby u can get airtime . And then get bonus money. But otherwise it is a good game . Hope u can add that to the game . Would be so much fun
It cost a lot of $ to play. Controls are good, graphics are good but it's not much on gameplay but it's an alright time waster.
It's just hold down go button and repeat till you have enough parts. There is no skill to the game just the skill of grinding.
Best offline game I have ever played super cool except I just wanted to say... Pls make this tory mode a bit different cause it gets boring to drive the same track with the same st uff and all and also I would love if there was another way to earn money than just driving apart from that the game is cool! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
It's a fun game to play it's addictive the control is good the graphic is the two but I give only three stars because when there is an ad or they want us to pay to get more coins in between that it's freeze on us you wouldn't freeze I would give it five star
Good game, but when i first played it, there was a lag. It freezes for 3 seconds and then the game continues. The 2nd time i played it, the game freezes on the same place. (near the bridge part the one that is close to the gas station.) please fix, please reply.
Overall, it's a pretty good mobile game. The only reason personally to give it a 4/5 star rating is because I feel like I get stuck too much in situations where a reverse button would be useful. Small gaps, areas where you missed a ramp but can't back up to get to it, and so forth. Other than that, it's a great game. I hope they make a 3rd one with even more and crazier vehicles and mods. :D Oh, and a reverse button if possible.
This is actually a good f2p, where ads don't overwhelm the game. Gameplay and graphic is good, watching ads is optional, and spend 1$ to remove some ads between each run is acceptable for me.
I enjoy the Trials-esk hill climb experience. Splattering zombies with the buzz saw, weaponry, and jumbo tyres are satisfying. I'm 2/3 the way through the firetruck and am waiting to see what other modes offer. I'm really hoping for an endurance mode with chance items to restore armour to the vehicle. So far so good.