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Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior

Dynasty Legend:Final Warrior for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by UnlockGame located at RM D 10/F TOWER A BILLION CTR 1 WANG KWONG RD KOWLOON BAY KL. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Won't be installing as for some reason needs access to my photos. No thanks and you can't install without giving access so might be a great game no idea!
I thought it would have some decent depth to the combat and play like .. 'marvel strike force's but it's just another one of them games that you see on Facebook and people put the 'laughing emoji'. I expected more, but it failed.. literally played 30 seconds of the game and uninstalled it. I'm sorry for the bad review but as I said if you made a game like 'marvel strike force's using dynasty warriors characters that would of been amazing.
Awesome Game. Love the graphics and even my old phone my handle it. At start the game looks very promising, the generals even have all the skills they really thought all around with the skills. But at the end, this game is a pure PAY2WIN game.
I gave this game about 4 days before deciding to make this review, At beginning it shows somewhat of a promise to be good, not great and definitely not terrible. However at day 3 it started to go downhill, The chats are restricted to what? 100 letters maximum so is the mails, combat message a bit weird, Clan/Alliance are decent system not unique. The lack of communications EVERY player I meet thus far shows as well that no one likes it either, they just complete their dailies and bugger off.
Overall the game is wonderful so far. My only issue is the constant banner across my screen every 2 seconds announcing someone activating VIP. Really need a settings button to turn that off. Will update my review as i go.
never seen a game this much annoying, first Login expired every time, then loading it legit took more then 5min just keeps going & going so aweful, 3rd this popup notification top of The Game..then these bots spamming in chat..then huge p2w the task can't compete bcuz if u can't find a guild to join, there is way too many issues..
Haven't even finished the super fast tutorial with the extremely fast dialogue and you already want a review, no worries, I got you.
Right from the star..you enjoy battles..not hard to learn at all..so far..I'm very impressed with it..give it a try and you too will enjoy playing it!
The tutorial when you first open the game is extremely fast-paced, I literally had no idea what was going on. The text dialog had around 2 second delay, so I wasn't able to read everything and the battling scenes were so fast, none of it made sense. Then, all of a sudden I was in the main building area and it told me to click to open up daily "cards" or "summons", I can't remember which. As soon as I seen that, I knew it was going to be a huge P2W game. I will be uninstalling this now.
Overall a nice game it could lay off with the packs but it doesnt shove them in your face every two seconds it's optional
Don't bother with this very basic game. Feels like a cash grab. Very little content. Chat filter doesn't work. Disconnect every time the screen goes to standby forcing you to force close and relog. Servers are dying already and it's not even been two weeks since launch, yet they keep launching new servers. Play something else.
Good game but alliance platform is a huge let down you get up to the task fir joining alliance which without spending money is impossible. Game not built for amount of players over 60. Disappointing as rest is great
The worst for sorry, i am sad to recharge 9 $ nearly, after attk boss on map, i loose 1 Million soldiers, so game ask to heal for 5 hrs, so game ask for more than 5 M food, i use all, and i but, but this make loose at arena and all champions as after healing not all cursed No. Back i must summon, so how to summon and u take 5 M fooood 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I am suffering from days no research no building and loose at any cursed quest , i need recharge code back pls? I need to restore my cash
The game is awesome with nice graphics and it doesn't take time to load.. it doesn't lag I think the game is very good...
It haggle me about this. Besides the consistent logging in its a bit better then the regular games like it. But I'll update this the more I know
This is an extremely addictive and entertaining game. For it just being released it is leagues ahead of other games like it. I've noticed a few bugs and a couple of areas that could use some improvement but overall I've completely fallen in love. I'm #3 on terms of power right now so that helps a lot - KK69
Ok...first off this game either tried (like it's the Dev's first attempt at a game) or it is a lazy copy/paste of other similar "RTS" games. The App Store says it's an RPG but it isn't. It a Gacha game called an RPG. The story is barely passable. The character design is great though heavily based off of Keoi's Dynasty Warriors franchise. Build troops, attack poor textured icons on a low res map. And the audio is very off putting. Sometimes is works and just doesn't. It's a mediocre time waster.
So this game was good ,not heavily p2w,it gave enough rewards to f2p players too.Now the thing is ,I left the game for 3-4 months and then when I wanted to login again,it's saying failed,click here to try again.I did everything I could (uninstall/clear cache/phone restart) but cannot solve the problem.So I want to know whats wrong with it.Have the Devs stopped the game or is it some another reason?
reach to chapter 5 of story but cannot progress because need to join alliance. problem is so few alliance to join. no point to play if cannot progress further.
A ROTK war game that actually have good mechanics!! Tons of stuff to do which can be overwhelming. Lots of events are poorly timed for North Americans. I want to rate 5 stars as it is fun and enjoble game but there are issues which I've brought up to the devs as it affected my purchase (I've made many purchases which are fine) and items in game that are bugged. Despite a thorough explanation of the issue I feel the devs don't understand due language barrier.
Downladed, Registered and Can't even log in, even tried with Facebook and still nothing, needs to be removed from the app store
Its ok no different then any other game in its category. I love Dynasty Warriors so I had to try it out.
Pay to win. Everything on your screen, SCREAMING for you to spend money. It's just like thousands of other games.
Do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on this game , the support staff does not know what it's talking about. Pay to win and even then there are a lot of bugs. That's coming from a Vip 13 player so go find another game
Stupid dev, merge server without brain... S25 merge until s32 while s32 new server meet with old server... The gap so huge
It's is definitely different and it would be so much better if you actually got it to be a hack and slash by the way It is a good idea for a good game though
The game could be good ,if it wasn't for the tacky graphics and the poor system for upgrading main building. You need to be a certain level ??? Why make it this matter complicated is beyond me . Stuck at castle lvl8 can't upgrade until my character level is 18 im currently lvl 16
At first it was a nice game, but after reaching higher lv u got nothing to compare if u only free premium to big money premium players
Low quality, no sound effect of skills, low quality graphic, VIP System that gives you more stamina the higher your VIP is.
there was an event called Travel Around.The event ended just today but there were no ranking rewards.I had used about 7000 coins on it and had 1 rank.How come this happens?I urge you to recheck it and give the ranking rewards.Unless you correct it,I will only give 1 star. UPDATE:I have contacted with the developers on FB and they said they are taking appropriate steps.Let's see what happens.Once the issue is resolved,then I will rate it 5 stars as the difference between P2W and F2P is minimal. Update:The Devs were very helpful.They successfully solved the problem.
cute low size game worth low rate star. this game doesn't recognize @ymail as an email? once open the app, login within registered id, you can't go offline. if you offline means you need to re install again the app ot else forever gray screen it's gameplay around like coc style but in here all event is top up event.not worth my attenttion, 10mins play more than enough for me bye
The 5 stars rating are probably the devs, or their friends, as soon as you login(i installed it as soon as it was available) there was a bunch of people suddenly reach vip 5 which was suspicious, the game just launced and ther was already 10+ VIP 5 users(i uninstalled it not long after that so it may be more) i knew that this was going to be a huge P2W game and those VIP 5 Account are probably the dev trying to take the highest ranking so other people let out more cash in order to compete
Bored game, p2w, no competitor many bot, wasting time, bad server, many new server but just little player in that server active player
Worst strategy game ever! There is no customer service ! No official webpage ! This game just ask for money and will leave players alone very soon i believe, dont waste on this gamr
A well structured game that is fun to play. Lots of rewards keep you going forward. A few bugs as a new game, the Devs are hopefully working on.
I won't even give a single star. Worst experience with this game. It does not load & even it loads, it soon stops responding.
This game is cool,the graphics are really good and the controls are clear. 5 stars, i definitely recommend this game to try.
Good game, not your typical pay to play, unfortunately it doesnt seem very popular. Not a lot of active players.
The game is fun for now. The only qualm I have is that the dialogues of the characters are TOO FAST! Sometimes, I can't read them. And, the Benefits thing is kinda too crowded. Like, the whole game seems too crowded, feels like I can't move without clicking something. Otherwise, this game is pretty great.
Awesome Game.. Plenty Of Freebies for new player .. Good Support Team .. they heard what u complain and sugestion and fast repond .. i recomend it to anyone that love playing a game that similar like this..
Great game... but I was expecting it to be more like the console version ( dynasty warriors) .. dnt get me wrong it's close enough lol apart from no free roam missions like on the console , but theres time to update it 🤞
Still needs some work like only having the banner used for speach horns and update news because i just tune the banner out and i don't pay attention to what it says. Also the text is always stuck on system. So when i tap out of alliance it goes back to system instead of staying on what i put it and i miss out on rallys and alliance conversasions. The dialog goes by to fast to read so i don't know the story. The prices in the alliance shop are to pricey to buy any thing. Ect. Ect. Ect. It goes on
Uninstalled permanently. P2W game. New players of this type of game wont have a clue whats going on thanks to your tutorial. OBNOXIOUS banner of cash spenders every second begging for money and overlapping multiple icons.. lose the banner. Improve tutorial. Stop begging for money. Good luck with your game.
Good game and balanced better than most i see between cash and free players. Biggest complaint, March orders. You get 20 and you have to use then for everything. Attacking players, gathering resources and attacking npc mobs. Update: pvp is nonexistent in this game and the events are poorly thought out. Capturing the cities is costly and pointless because you just have to recapture it from the npcs again the next day. Really nothing to do, but collect generals and train them.
Its a strategy game. You can easily earn coins if you participate in daily activities & event. Need improvements on battle gamestyle.
I love the game but there's no introduction on how to navigate through the game you pretty much do it for me.
Amazing game u have all these bad reviews and I can't find one thing wrong with this game nearly on 3 million power with out putting a pennie on the game five stars all day