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Dynamons Evolution Puzzle & RPG: Legend of Dragons

Dynamons Evolution Puzzle & RPG: Legend of Dragons for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Kizi Games located at Beechavenue 182 1119 PX Schiphol-Rijk. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not really a game like this i saw it I thought it looked cool so I got and I got it was just a black screen!!!, I waited it was still black... This game is trash fix it please πŸ˜’
I thought that this game would be a nice game.... That's why I installed it.....when I tried to open it, it showed loading..... When the loading completed the whole screen became black and nothing happened......i came out and again open the app..... And waited for a long time .....but it happened nothing 😠😠😠😠😠
I was so excited but all of a sudden my screen turned black,all the other dynamon games are fine so can you please fix this game
When I load the game its all ways on the black screen every day I've wait for an hour now but it's still stuck on loading screen, I was very excited to play the game since I play all of the other kizi games and all of them work but for some reason for me I doesn't work I hope I am not the only one who gets this experience but can you please fix it so I can play
Umm, i have downloaded this app many times and, it is always the same. The same black screen the same quietness and all of them is the same! At first I thought it would be fun to play it, but when the main loading is done, the black screen appears! I have waited for little bit long, and it doesn't change! Please fix this! Even though I have changed my divices, it was still the same! Please fix this! I wanna try to play this game beacuse I like dynamon world so much! Please fix this! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
I've played the dynamons world game and quite liked it, but unfortunately it was missing evolutions, which is why I was willing to try out this game. The problen is that as soon as the load screen disappears, a black page covers the screen and renders the game unusable. It would be great if the developers could indeed resolve this problem. Thank you
I had hopes that they would fix the bug. I have installed this game three or four times and it still would not let me play. Black screen. FIX THE BUG!!!
I dident like this game beacuse when i onpe this game it loding when loding over the screen was blank i wait for very long time😑😑 so i request kizi to fix it
This game should have got no star terrible game I can't believe that I had played every kisi game but not this one when I open and start this game there is black on screen and it last for an hour please fix this problem so we can play this
This is can't opening when i try it ten times when the loading is done then the full has in the black colour .Please don't download this game.😠
There are so many things wrong with the game, things keep acting up with with it sometimes not letting you play the game, you can easily lose progress with leveling up your monsters and the game is just straight not very interesting to play I know it's an app game but it seems the creators never checked it or forgot about and never try to solve the problem.
Most ediot game I tried to start it but it shows just a black screen and a music and nothing else......please put a sight on this problem
I had so much jope from this game,but when I open it after loading a black screen appears and nothing else happens. This game would be great if you fix this bug. I will give you 5 star rating if you clear thos bug because I really want to play this game.
I have seen gameplay of it and it didn't have a black screen however when I tried it when it loaded there's a black screen which is annoying annoying annoying and annoying fix the bug will you
It's a really fun game and I love it. But a few issues. One, the success chance of something dropping is way too low. I had to spend half an hour to get the fire slug. Even had a stage with 3 of them and none dropped. The drop rate of evolution material would be nice. Also fusion frenzy isn't worth it. Spending 15 energy and 10 minutes to get 1 terrible fusion material is a rip off. There should be a 100% chance that something drops. Even if you get 5 of the small fusion things, it's better than getting 1. The move time is way too short. Increase it by 2 or 3 seconds. And lastly, increase the chance you get skyfall orb combos. They are way too rare.
Will the game screen appear after the black screen and if , then when. I have played all the games of kizi and am also excited to play this too. Plz reply . 1 star for this problem. If this problem will be fix then definitely I am going to give 5 stars
Please fix the mobile bug.when i start the game its loded and after load the screen is black.please fix the black screen
This game is worst than I though .... 😑😑😑😑 It deserves 0 starts . Do not wast your time in it because it doesn't even open a black screen appears after loading 😑 and than nothing happens 😑😑😑
Hello I downloaded this app I was quite interested to play this game but plese do not download I have full network it takes at least 5 mins to load then comes a black screen and I waited for at lest 1 hour but the game does't start the UNINSTALLED the game
This game is disgraceful and stupid it doesn't work! I loved dynamons but now this game ruined my experience I don't like dynomons anymore and I'm not changing the rating until someone makes Dynamons Evolution a better game so it can go on Androids! 😑
Please fix the black screan after the Loading screen. I really want to be able to play this game! I loved the other 3 and this one disapointed me because it doesnt load all the way! 😭Please fit it. I will give you a 1 star for now. When it is fixed i promise you i will give it a 5 star. Everyone is experiencing the exact same thing as me, and im pretty sure they'd want the exact same thing! I love pokemon and i get this is a rip off but its fun and you added evolution and made it similar!!!😭😭
It is the worst game I had ever because the black screen games and it is starting from a lot of time I waited and I think I have to delete the game do something for this problem please don't download the game it is the wastage of network
I was so excited when I downloaded and then when finished download and it show me a black screen pls fix this bug and I will give 5 stars
In the starting when it is loading and the it's showing black screen so this is the problem but i want to play this game plz repair that black screen
There's only one problem with the game load and go to 100% it turns into black .......and what that's it the game will not come it shows nothing so please kizi Fix this damn problem
This app deserves one star because when it starts the only thing appears that a black screen please fix this problem developers please i want to play this game
I had so much hope from this game,but when I open it after loading a black screen appears and nothing else happens. This game would be great if you fix this bug. I will give you 5 star rating if you clear thos bug because I really want to play this game.
This game is the worst game i have played i thought it was the best game but i was wrong because when i install it it takes alot of time to load and then a black screen appear and i reinstall it and it is doing same again i close the app and reopen it but it was same
This game has so much potential. From a walkthrough of the gameplay it was so cool and I was looking forward to the game. The evolutions look epic. But the loading is very slow. When the loading is complete, there is nothing but a blank black screen. Developers, if you are reading, please improve this game. It would be so much fun and everyone would be able to enjoy it.
For seeing this app is nice but the app is loading for so much time after loading the black screen is coming this is very time wast game
When I open the game after loding the screen turn black and l am so excited to play the game after 15 minutes the game not start I disappointed please fix the game will I give 5 star after fixing the game
This was a good game but it shows a black screen after loading which is bad please fix this so that I can play this
I can't rate it coz it never opened atleast for once... One star is a necessity to post this other wise no star at all... Please kizi fix this... Looking forward to playing this....😊😊
Love this game yes it is like Pokemon but I prefer this 😁 there is 1 problem , which is every time I enter the game it says 100% and the screen goes black I would be ever so grateful if kizi could fix it . But apart from that I love this game. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day
I will give it all the five stars but when i open the game a black screen appears and it waisted my very much time but the game is still not opening
Hello Can you please help me? I'm having the same problem as water sheep gaming. Gamers, I think you can download this game on your computer. There is a walkthrough of this game on YouTube.
This game is the worst game in the world. After installing it takes more time load. Then a black screen appears.
Same problem like other users your game take long time to load after load black screen appears and nothing will apper so, this worst game ever i play.
Took ages to download, then had to wait ages for it to load the title screen just to be greeted with a black screen that does nothing! Please fix this i really wanna play it!
Worst what are the creators doing after loading it goes blank fix the bug I didn't get a chance to play it I re-downloaded it to
I am bound to give a single 🌟 to write my previews. Totally this app is the worsted version of dynamons series. The problem is that this app takes our precious time in loading. After loding a black screen appears. and there is no other option to do. This is very disappointing to bear. I therefore request to the app developer to give a useful solution for these irregularities.
A waste game I have waited for half an hour but it is still loading 😑😑😑😑 I was excited to play this game because I have play all kizi games and I liked dynamos world very much but this one disappointed me😧😧
Worst app 😑😑 This app is loading very slowly after 30 minutes the app is downloaded when I start the app it is blank it is showing nothing
I think that it can be very interesting game but when it loads the whole screen became black and i became very sad
A black screen only after loading and when I turn off my internet and then on it a tune comes on the black screen only
I played this game once it was realised and available. I hope the developers are going to fix this bug. Once you download the app it won't start. I tried finding it online but it's blocked.
In 2018 i ever played this game.This game is so fun like puzzle.Im played in google and i want to play again but when i download this game just got blank Im just got four 4star in my account Because of that im want to play again. This game needed lucky when u use your gem and get new dynamons.u need an items to evolve your dynamons and i like it. please fix it.i hope you can fix it
I wanna play this game but i am not able, after half an hour of loading a black screen occurred I waited for 12 hours but it didn't work. Worst experience ever πŸ‘Ž
There it is the same black screen wow the ratings everybody is complaning about the loading and yes its true i cant open the game its just a black screen.