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Durak Online

Durak Online for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by R-Soft LLC located at Russia, Moscow, 12 Profinterna st.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty good game, but with a few bugs and there could be a few adjustments like being able to invite your friends multiple times.
Awful game. After you reach some cash, server gives you bad cards to make you buy cash with real money. After you reach 10K you start to getting awful cards and you lose until you <100.
The game play is fine. I have played the game frequent for over 3 years. HOWEVER, there is rampant cheating, with people playing on 2 phones or colluding with friends so that the cards you have are known by the other players. There is no method provided for reporting cheating. As much as I enjoy the game, since there is no way to win unless you resort to cheating yourself, I am dumping the game.
Nice server part. Awesome local part. Im playing without any bugs. There's numerous servers, and you could make a choice, that's all cool, thanks !
Very simple and easy to play. Looks like connection problems disappeared since latest update, so that's a reason I'm here to put 5 stars!
Cannot install on Google play first, get from my friends phone by ShareMe. I don't know why but it is not working good. Sometimes it doesn't open. I need some help, uf possible.
1. I'm glad to say about a game but just a little wrong because a stranger and I have already finished and had a draw but why give him a win and I lose it must be a draw and proved a serious draw, thank you report 2. Once upon a time this game is a little dissatisfied .... because I see this fake part gives people like how much money it takes and it is no longer pleasant a fake game with cards, I will leave for the game Thank for game
I Had to change my Ratings from 5 Stars to 1 star!!! At 1st this game was fair Game Play. But then i noticed it was NOT FAIR PLAY, IT SEEMS LIKE THE GAME IS MEANT TO BE NOT FAIR PLAY!!! I LOST ALOT OF MONEY!!! AND THE WORST THING IS THE GAME FREEZES ALOT THE SERVER SUCKS!!!!! I LOST ALOT OF MONEY!!! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!! Очень хорошо
Fun and the graphics are nice. The gameplay is just like your playing with someone in real life. I would recommend to any one who knows how to play durak.
This game is supposed to be real time game! Sometimes, more than often, you will be playing against a bot....at the last second, before the timer runs out, the bot will throw a card,,,the game will last forever, therefore, you will want to quit the game, and by doing so, the opponent wins automatically! there are too many of these bots! This game is now becoming annoying!
Worst scripting ever, you will lose 80% of games when playing with free credits. If EA made a Durak game, this would be it.
As mush as it is enjoyable to play this game, it is a hell of fraud... just try to record when you're playing.
Yeah, nice game! But, sometimes I lose all credits, and I should wait 6 hours for get credits. Please, remove this 6 hours. If you will remove, I get 5 stars
They force you to loose and buy coins/credits. As soon as theybsee you winning, they give you low cards, so you loose. Everything is designed to make you to spend money!
Sometimes it slows down or stops. But anyway it's a good place to practice cards so just kill time. Иногда лагает. Но все равно хорошее место попрактиковаться в карты и просто убить время.
Game ends with me losing randomly, long before the game should be over. Usually happens on my turn, with a lot of time left to make my move. Currently, 4 games in a row like that. Lots of toxic russian players, terrible playerbase overall. Only play this if you have absolutely nothing better to do. And maybe reconsider even then.
Sometimes application is really slow, or not going at all. And often also buffering what lead to lost game... But overall picture - I enjoy this game.
Many times after winning the play money is not being added to your account. I emailed support and they just ignore it
Problems with creating private room and inviting friends (The game was deleted…). Game chat needed also.
Nice game, I recommend it BUT it would be nice if support tab would be added to the game and I'd really like to see dark mode added.
Simple design and high flexibility for rules. Many people have problems such as that sometimes 5 cards can be placed and sometimes 6 or that they get no good cards. The first point is a game design and done purposely as the player could get rid of all the cards in a hand in one go. Because its 5, the last card in hand cant be placed. It becomes 6 once there cant be 6 cards per person anymore. Second point is decided by the random generator. Paying to win is not needed to be good at the game.
Often get disappointed. 1) In game rules state u can't take card back of the table if other player already placed his card. My opponent in final row changed his mind and pulled card back, so my card been knocked off. 2) Always my card get knocked off the table, even I placed it first. 3) It's still didn't make a sense, why other players often get away just with 5 cards. Even if he hold 6 cards and I keep add 1 by 1 it's didn't let me play more then 5 cards 🤦‍♀️
Game is good but when you've won some money then at one point the game starts giving you bad cards to make you lose.
There were times i was supposed to have won,now they are asking to pay real money to play a game. If that was the case I'd go to a casino.
Such a useless game, giving bad carda all the time. Adding bots to collect money. I have lost a lot because of your stupidity and idiotic development I am losing to fully noobs. Be cause they have all good cards and i have nothing 10 times in a row
I love this game and it's well made. Only problem is obtaining assets. If somebody wants to trade assets with me. Add Хенкел to your friends and hit me up.
All this game wants to you pay money. Sometimes it makes you lose the game. Does not give aces to you or kozrs to you.
When try play game at any bet, getting error message: "You cannot start game at this bet. Please wait until all the games with participation will end."
Dogshit garbage card shuffling. Took me too much time to realize that playing an online version of cards is too dependant on luck. You play 24 cards, all it takes is for two people or one to get good cards, rarely can you win with bad cards. 52 cards seems better to test memory and your opponents but the game takes too long even on 2x speed. I was once forced to play with 2 morons who kept stalling the game, the game took 10-15minutes.
Game cant shuffle at all. 9/10 times I have all reds or all blacks, and no chance at defending anything an opponent puts, not to mention my opponents always manage to have all the matching cards to throw in. Either u pay and win or pray to get a single trump card.
Game of random! Some time u can attack with 6 cards some times 5. Its random. Money u earn ir u join table with 1k buy in, 4 players.. So if u finish first u get only 600$+. Hmm how does that works out? Developer's plz spend more time in school. Trash game.
Good game, however there are issues with the daily rating bonus system. Most of the days that you get it, it does absolutely nothing and even in silver ranks you oftentimes gain 0 levels after getting a 30x multiplier. Even though some days when it does work, you gain ~20 levels with the same multiplier.
To be honest this game is good! Everyone says the connection between server is bad but i dont see this problems.
The app is well made, it looks like it has been translated from Russian language, because some words are in weird structure, but the app itself has plenty of functions and nicely represents the good old Durak game.
I cant install this game again, i used to play this game with my friend. But now it freezs at 99% and doesnt going to finish and install
Very fun! Easy to get into a game, make your own, and invite friends. No ads. Everything I'd ever want from a game like this.
Perfect, but it could be faster. When the cards are beaten the game always freezes for 3 seconds. (To the people who wine that sometimes you can attack with 5 and sometimes with 6 cards - read the rules, you can't attack attack with 6 cards until there are cards beaten from the previous rounds.
Fun game,but its lagging a lot and then u loose .Also sometimes its hard to log in.And really its very annoying that sometimes can put 5 cards sometimes 6 cards..
The game actually does not allow you to play much if you run out the credits. Once you run out - you forced to purchase more credit or quit.
1. Game is slow and laggy. 2. It crashes my phone, and I have to restart my phone to be working. If they can't fix those problems, probably I will uninstall it soon.
Do something about the network lags! I have perfect connection and keep losing coins because of your server issues.
Does not support split screen function. You should fix that. Especially if you play high bid games, you just wait too long
I enjoy the game. I do agree chat could be better and the connection through the internet. what I really would like to see is a green dot of when your friends are actively on? This would make the experience more fun
The android version lags behind compared to iOS. And at the end we have non synchronous game between two different platforms. Otherwise, the game is awesome.
The game itself is fun, but in-game currency system is too dumb. You should pay with coins to send photo in chat. If you win, you only get 50% of the money, when it would better if everyone paid with in-game currency for playing. Also there is a fee of 8%, seriously?? Where the hell does that go?
The algorithm is very strange. It doesnt let you win after some amount of money by tossing bad cards. Probably developers/owners want you to buy coins to have more "money". The Naebalovo. The good thing about this game it doesnt have ads.
Rigged slash fixed slash super bs wish it was more random you can predict what games your going to win and what games your going to lose eventually..
THE CHAT FUNCTION NOT WORKING AFTER UPGRADING TO ANDROID 11. I have informed the issue by email but, still no answer after 1 week.
There is intrigue, however - the bad randomisation on card shuffling creates the feeling of obvious cheating, correct this please; in addition, please reduce the credit refill time from six hours to half an hour.
The worst game I have ever seen.... 9 times I had 7,8 and other small hand.. It seems, app analyses your account and if u have more then 15k. So its over, it won't give u any good cards...
Good app, but yes there is a strange algorithm that after certain amount like 5k will not Let you will, till you will drop to 1k and but a free or paid credit
A great game to play while your bored of waiting for someting. Games tend to go on from 5 to 10 minutes.