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Dungeon X Dungeon

Dungeon X Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PLAYONE located at 서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 187, 2층. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! Reminiscent of them good ol' console RPGs yet simplified at best. Controls are fairly easy to use and can be memorized over time. Honestly, I'll give it a 4.9 if I could 'cause I just didn't like the way the magic sword functions especially if it should be the best attack weapon ingame. The whip on the other hand was superb. Wish it could have better power. Overall, it did not disappoint even if it's a short game but truly is a masterpiece of its own. Can't wait for DxD2!
Definitely not the best but the game is a good deal and story is interesting, if the combat could be improved a bit it would be a great game
This game is a very nice little metroidvania. Bluetooth controller makes it even better. I've been searching all over the play store for a decent metroidvania. Haven't found one that captures it quite right. This one is definitely the best in the bunch! Check it out!
The controls are bad. U have to hold down the jump button in order to jump higher. In some cases, like playing it on physical controller, is totally fine because u could remap the attack button to something else so ur right thumb don't have to move back in forth just to hit enemies in the air. But in touch control? That's a bad decision. Also not mention the tedious control when crawling on the wall using either d-pad or analog. It's just awful to experience and stopped me from playing more.
Arrow buttons are too small. Kept accidentally hitting other buttons by mistake or completely missing them. Lastly an option to skip the dialogue would be amazing, especially before boss fights. Fun besides all that. Note to all: Don't underestimate the moon, especially on the final boss.
Great game, good story would rate 5 stars but the controls are a little odd, people rate it low because it can be hard for noobs, I like it's difficulty, don't install if you don't like a challenge (it makes you work hard or just watch ads which is the easy way)
A passable game held back by one of the most scummy advertising practices I've ever seen. Controls are a little clunky, and jumping isn't an arc of motion so much as moving up and then immediately down as soon as the jump button is released. There also is a menu for editing the exact positions of the on-screen buttons that doesn't seem to do anything? Worst of all are the ads. Ads required for opening certain chests, and a trap that, if touched, forces an ad on you.
This game has some fun elements although it can be confusing figuring out where to go at times and the need to switch between different special items is annoying. The final boss was partially difficult to beat but doable.
Beat the game recently, & I enjoyed the ride all the way! Yes, the boss battles were rough; leveling up ur best equipment A LOT is a must beforehand. Not sure if there's a part 2 game coming...because there NEEDS to be some story resolution!!
Best platformer game.I have played many game but this one is my best.I don't understand why it is downloaded 100k.It should be at least 10 million.
the game is okay, but needs customizable controls for controller. different controllers have different mappings, and this game is just awkard to play with my controller. R3 is the pause button for some reason.
Mediocre. Controls are really loose, and you'll find yourself hitting a button for it not to respond, the control pad resetting itself when you need to move, or falling when you needed to jump. Recovery when hit takes too long making the gameplay sluggish and clunky. The ad traps were mind numbing, and killed what fun I did have in the game. Good pixel art and artwork overall, but the unresponsive controls make it hellish to play.
Very good game. If you played Dan the man and liked it then definitely will like this too. I am getting many diamonds/gems for upgrades for watching. I am tempted to pay to remove ads but will that means no more ad rewards ???? Doubtful here
Amazing.. It's just amazing.. But the problem is that the map isn't really helpful to find desires locations again.. U get lost in the map
This game is certainly a hidden gem and one of the best games I've played on Android so far the only reason you're missing one star is because the controls are a bit stiff and tad awkward between trying to escape certain situations and accidentally powering up it doesn't make for fluid movement which puts the player at a disadvantage long story short I want to be defeated by the enemy A.I not myself it becomes excruciatingly frustrating especially trying to evade the final boss's attack.
I absolutely loved this game! Was so sad to see it end. It brought back for me the good old school side-scroll games that made my childhood great. I loved how the ads played a huge part in the atmosphere. The very first game in which I didn't mind the ads. Was equally as challenging as it was easy to get the hang of. I truly hope you recover to continue this series as well as develop more in this style!!!
I love this game so much. It's easy to understand and play, and the pixel art in the game is great, with a colorful theme that is never dull, and low-resolution pixels that are chunky but detailed. It’s the strongest aspect of the game, and it shows that the developer really put a lot of time and care into this portion of the experience. Anyone can have a great time with it, regardless of whether or not they're used to Metroidvania games.
One of the games that I proudly finished.. I enjoy the obstacles and challeges in this games...I am happy to play and finished it, I have no complains about the controls, characters, music and the gameplay. For me everything is over all great and awesome 😎!
Could be amazing but major issues hold it back. The difficulty is absurd. 1 hit by the first boss killed me, there's no way to use my sp that I can find, and way too many ads! Like the most ads I've ever seen in any game.
Overall, this game is awesome. The controls can be janky, and sometimes it is hard to tell what you are suppossed to be doing or looking for. But still, very fun! A sequel is needed!
This is a really good fast action game. Finding items is what really makes this a good game. There's a little delay in the button reaction which prevents rapid pressing. Having a controller would really make this a much better gaming experience.
Classic side scrolling action adventure game. Good story and characters. Takes time getting comfortable with the controls. The best part is that it is not a pay2win game and all challenges are medium to moderately difficult. Completed the game in approx. 10 days. Great game overall! Kudos to the devs.
A really good Metroidvania game with nice story(unfortunately it's not finished) and cool environments in each level. the music is good but nothing special, good fighting system with good number of weapons to choose from, the art of the characters is surprisingly good unlike other games in this genre. overall it's a really good game and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes Metroidvania games.
The fight against the demon king or queen is way to hard and once you go through the portal you are limited to the Crystal's in there so you are limited to upgrading your stuff plus when you get a full moon during the demon king or queen fight you basically have 1 health other than that this is an amazing game one of the best free games every I find the ad traps funny.(I'm saying demon king and queen because I cant remember well if it was Male or female)
Fun game, but finding the last mirrors is proving a pain. I wish there was some kind of hint about their locations and hope they aren't in the beginning levels, since you can't reach those after a certain stage
I've just loved finishing the whole game - even if i didn't found the 1st ring - but the end disappoited me a bit, it's just a To be continued, and i found it so bad .. but if this is for saying there will be a second game, i just can't wait to play it. I hope the second one will come up soon.
The boss battles are WAY too difficult! I thought I was gonna have fun, and I did at first, but then I became nothing but constantly stressed out. Also, movement is a bit slow.
I really, really wanted to give this 5 stars but I just can't due to how unbalanced the final boss is. Having pretty much maxed out the majority of the equipment and still dying in three hits (two if you're unlucky) is kinda ridiculous especially since he can fill the screen with projectiles and the fact that your magic attack will often decide it doesn't want to hit. I've really enjoyed it up to this point and found it to be a fair challenge but it's shattered at the end. Looking forward to seeing what you guys or out next. Great little metroidvania/arpg would certainly recommend for the most part.
This game is crazy unbalanced! The same enemy can hit you with 1 damage, 7 damage, 37 or 70 using the same friggin attack! Not suited for those who are faint of heart! Maybe I overdid it, but it's really short too.
the control no response when moving player runs on his own even after force stop with in a few min control respond when moving player just stop i really like the game but im dying while playing it's getting frustrating fix don't wanna uninstall 😰😭
This is one of the best f2p platform adventures available on Android. Old school feel comparable to Swordigo and Magic Rampage. Good controls are the key to any platformer and this feels smooth right from the start. Ladders can be tricky, but 3 varieties of controls allow you to find your groove pretty quickly. Shout it to the dev for the idea of "ad traps". If you're not deft enough, you'll be punished by an ad. Love it. A "must play" for any platform fan. 9/10
Terrible controls. Joystick is far too close to the corner and the attack and jump are very small. But never mind any of that. During the tutorial i was prompted to watch an ad to receive the contents of the box. Immediately uninstalled.
This game is one of the best RPG that I play.I do like you make the ad as a trap and those are the one that really annoys me.I hope you make the part two and I hope that the style of this game pixel art is like the Breath of Fire or Dragon's Crown cause that will bring a lot of details.Pls make part two!Their is no game like this.
it's kinda of a cool game. it plays well, but sometimes the ad traps or blue chests send me to the play store and I lose my progress. Also, today, I started playing and suddenly monsters that were two hits before are taking like twenty hits now and killing me in one or two shots. i think that's a bug.
I played this game a while back and I remember being hooked on it. The ads weren't that much of an issue, but to my dismay I uninstalled the game once I reach the final boss which was unbeatable even when you are maxed out; it's nearly impossible to dodge the projectiles and if you get hit 3 or 2 times it's game over. Don't know if I will give this game another go (I am a completionist) but even then I can acknowledge when a game is imbalanced and unfinished.
Good game to play offline. Just some issue in jump button, it could be smooth. Also no ads these days, please check this immediate issue, it is making me leave all those chests that could be open only by ads. Will give last star if improvements done in game soon.
This is the best mobile game i have played,at the start you feel weak and move slowly but as you gain power you also gain more movement options,the armor's are also very inventive since would you rather use the stronger health armor or use the weaker mana armor which is needed to use the final weapon,add chests are a way to avoid grinding and if you watch all of the adds no grind is needed,controls can be adjusted, add traps can be avoided with skill and adds are optional if you don't like it.
Was going to rate 5 Stars, but I got stuck in the Lava Caves at the bottom. There are too many enemies & ghosts & difficult to jump between walls. So could'nt complete game. Controls lag a bit too!
I really loved this game . Quite interesting . I love the game character luke . Its a real adventure game , with a great story. Soul eater is the worse . But there is a drawback luke is pretty fragile,mere touch of a monster makes him bounce which seems like forever. But awesome game 👍
Unexpected ads make a bad experience. In this game there are 'AD traps', which when hit will display some 30 second ad. It's really annoying as it disrupts regular play so the creator can forcefully earn ad revenue. You can also get chests which optionally open if you play an AD, but if you see too many, or are hit by too many AD traps, you can't open the chests. These traps will be back again if you play the stage later. . You can pay to remove ads altogether. Game is alright, ads are bad.
Great game controls are nice and if you don't like them you can change them up gameplay is very fun and challenging I like that the ads optional and avoidable instead of being shoved in your face every five seconds And to the people complaining about the ads it's a free game if you don't like the ads buy the no ads thing the devs need to make money somehow
I love this game, it's quite addicting and i just finish the game recently but seriously there has to be part 2 of it because barraat left with the crystal of life and needs to be stop. Anyway the game is nice but sometimes what usually annoyed me is that whenever am in the edge of a place and a monster touches me, i bounce back, falling to the ground and unlucky me, i haven't found the thunder ring yet but i found all the other items. The keys PLAYONE sounds great. Very nice game.
This game has so murch potential the controls felt unresponsive the graphics looks a pixel art but zoomed in a bit the fact it use ads like that is stupid (even making it a hazard) and i. Disapointed plot wise and character wise its good but only if the controls and the graphics is i hope this game gets later updates to improve but a part of me kinda doubts that