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Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Valsar located at 서울시 송파구 한가람로 446 103-1104호. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
An excellent game. Hours of play time. Fun, challenging, rewarding. Offline and no ads. Just like a classic PC game. If you're into life like graphics and cut scenes then this might not be for you, but if rewarding gameplay is what you're after then download! One request to the dev team, please can we have a save feature for endless levels??
Having played a lot of tower defenses over the years, this one is easily the best. Pace of play is great, skill curve is brilliantly adjustable with the rune system, replayability is excellent, and every turret feels like a critical addition whose utility is tightly entwined with the landscape at play. If you like tower defense games, you are doing yourself a disservice by not giving this game a go.
If you enjoy tower defense type of games this is 100% for you! Been playing for just 30 minutes and I'm hooked. Super fun, lots of content/variety, just an overall great game.
Excellent tower defense game, very fun! Love the music and the theme here - bit of metal fits nicely with "evil dungeon master kills the heroes" haha! A great game with interesting combinations of turrets, enemies and use of environment features (mostly pits and the really cool mine carts). I played all the content and had a few endless bouts which was weeks of playing before I ditched play pass. One slight criticism is that some of the turrets felt underpowered and others felt mandatory.
I hate mobile games with all their pay to win garbage and general tacky, cheap, crapness. This game is something else, it's the only mobile game I've played longer than 5 minutes in about the past 3-4 years. Buy it right now, you will be hooked instantly.
This is a VIDEOGAME for mobile platforms. If you like strategy games with an old school vibe and graphics but good physics and overall great playability. Do not hesitate for a minute. It is worth every penny
Dungeon Warfare combines physics and damage based traps, player XP, a persistent tower upgrade tree and optional difficulty modifiers with accompanying rewards into one solid TD game. No ads. No microtransactions. The full game at a fair price. We need more TDs like this on mobile.
I'm totally hooked. Can be very challenging at times but sometimes you just need to find the right combination and then just watch the carnage
Fantastic game. Plenty to do. You can make the levels harder to give yourself a challenge if you feel so inclined. You can play this offline. You unlock traps and other things with each level you complete giving that replayability. I hope they bring the 2nd game to mobile soon.
Very good game. Just no real incentive for replay...which is a shame with such good gameplay. So after 10-12 hours maybe..game is finished.
I normally dont leave game reviews but I had to for this one. No pay to win. It's an incredibly detailed and repayable tower defense. It's an unconventional one in that the environment plays a large part of your strategy. I love how the weight of each enemy plays into the physics of it and you can add "runes" to increase difficulty. This is a perfect game in every way
Tower defense like Dungeon Keeper in 8bit. Hilarious physics, using cannonpult to fling people off cliffs or into spikes is especially funny. Better than bloons. No IAP! Great indy dev doing it for the passion. Replayable with multiple ways to beat each level. Rewards clever tactics over button mashing. You can choose your style of play, and since I hate button mashing added to other TD, it's perfect. Play your way. Perhaps one of the greatest TD ever made, Dungeon Warfare is brilliant.
Nonstop fun. I bought this game because I was tired of micro transactions and being forced to rely on waiting for cooldowns to beat a level instead of skill or strategy. If you are all about strategy this is the game for you.
Way, way too difficult early on. Don't get me wrong, I like a challenge. Successful games build slowly into the more difficult levels and have more than one solution to complete each level. This doesn't. From about the 3rd or 4th level things get too difficult with only one solution that takes 5 or so attempts to find. I don't want to play the way the developers have decided I should play. I'd like to have some variety in how I complete the early levels.
It's good, like a cross between Arknights and Dungeon Keeper, it has absolutely no IAP and everything in the game can be earned for free. The difficulty is alright, not too easy or hard, but you can challenge yourself with the runes that buff enemies.
Great twist on tower defense. Some decently tough levels as well, and mechanics of game allow you to change your strategy and re purpose your power ups as needed for each level.
It's fun, but too difficult at higher levels. The rate of earning gems to advance traps is too little. And the reward for leveling up isn't enough since there is no way to decrease the price of traps short of spending gems. Dungeon warfare 2 is a much better game in those asprcts
Great TD game. Runes add great replayability. Could do with some more speed ups for long infinite sessions.
This is what an app game should be. The first appeal is that there is no mechanic built around you as the player paying money. Pay once and never think about money again. Then, after playing, I was surprised that this game seemed to bring novel twists to the genre along with great production quality. As a bonus, when I'm playing with sound, the sound effects are incredible. Thanks for a great game, team!
OK this is one of my favorite Steam games ever but there's two really big issues with playing it on my phone. Because my phone's aspect ratio is larger than the app's, the app shoves itself to one side instead of being centered like other apps do. But worst of all, it stops YouTube picture in picture and background app audio. Please see if this is just a minor fix you could apply!!
by far the best tower defense on Android right now. Tons of levels, traps, options and strategies. i don't think I've ever played a game on my phone for so long. definitely worth every cent.
Great game! It doesn't try to sell me a ton of stuff or connect to eight servers, it just plays. The effort went into the game instead of monetization and it shows. Super fun and worth way more than a dollar!
I've tried a ton of tower defense games and this one hits just the right spot for me. Lots of levels, lots of modifiers, lots of towers. Only complaint: no info on what the enemies actually do, but it's visually pretty easy to figure out so it's no biggie.
I wet my feet with tower defence playing Kingdom Rush which was really enjoyable but this is simply sublime. Graphics reminiscent of oldskool arcade Gauntlet but much more gory and visceral. Contrary to another review, there seems to be many ways to defeat each level but the game does demand a large amount of creative thinking. The sound effects, physics and hammed up music perfectly compliment the theme of cartoon heroes charging to their bloody death in a demonic dungeon. Simple but clever.
Played it through. Play pass. A different kind of tower defence, but guess it will appeal to those sort of players. Innovative and enjoyed it. Wish the graphics were a bit better. Will prob buy the second one. Edit:forgot to mention NO IAP thank christ for that
Wow. What a fantastic game we have here. No ads, no iAP. It almost feels strange nowadays, in a good way. This is a hardcore tower defense game with physics implemented right. Extremely difficult at higher difficult. Forces me to think of the best traps and paths. Thanks for this. Better yet, I was coming write this review and i found out there is version 2 of this game. Bought it.
Everything I want in a TD. For those saying it's too difficult, you need to experiment. Every level has a different strategy and requires different towers, which is where this game shines. Otherwise, do some earlier levels with a lit of runes, or look up a strategy if you're really stuck.
It's fun initially, then after a few levels (10?) I dont find it as fun, and dont feel like starting a new match
Great game! You get the whole thing for 3 dollars. No ads. Endless kudos to the devs for taking this route these days
I'm burnt out from micro transactions & p2w games, so it's refreshing that this game has NONE of that. Dungeon Warfare isn't the most sophisticated tower defense game I've played but it certainly is worth the 3 bucks. Another selling point for me is the difficulty. Some stages require several failed attempts before you can figure out the path to victory. Although I have not used it yet, you also get a rune, Breeze a little way in that reduces difficulty of a stage letting you exp farm if needed.
You know those awesome ads that sometimes pop up with a little flash game with age of empire RTS elements, but the app being advertised is actually a micro transaction nightmare with no redeeming qualities? And you sit there and think, god, I wish I could just play a game that is a deeper more nuanced version of the ad? THIS IS THAT GAME. I honestly had lost hope in the mobile game industry to scratch that itch, but this is a shining example of the value in paying upfront for games, phenomenal
Best tower defense out there! I will be buying the second one but still have a long way to go in this one first, thanks devs superb! if you know the game Orcs Must Die on PC ps4 etc, this is like a top down version of that. if you like tower defense you can't go wrong.
Along with Dungeon Defense, these tower defense games inject much needed flair in their respective genres. I cannot begin to describe how exhilarating it is to watch carefully layed out traps make hamburger meat of the unfortunate adventurers lining up to invade my dungeons! The game weaves specialty "runes" that can be applied to each stage, which enforces unique challenges in exchange more experience points, giving players rewards for replaying stages previously won. A staple of tower defense.
Game has quit working. I get a few stages in, then it starts crashing every time I open it. Uninstalled and re-installed with no change other than starting from the beginning. Its a shame, this was my favorite game, and one I've beaten multiple times...