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Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Shiny Box, LLC located at Po Box 928 Manvel, TX 77578. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really liked this game when I first played a few months ago. I reinstalled this app and everytime I press the play button on campaign it jus crashes the game. Please help
There is a bug...in the stats,/offense... Previous skill(passive) from previous weapon will still remain in you character even though you have equipped a new weapon with new passive skill...example for my warrior... I have a weapon with charge skill(randomly activated)... Then i unequipped it to use new weapon with much better skill.... Then my character will still have this charge skill... And it's pretty annoying...because my character jumps from one place to another unintentionally.
The game still seems to have alot of people that have things on there stats that should not be possible, not been updated for a long time, seems abandoned by developer. Could have been a great game.
Boring. Nothing can hurt you. If you're a wizard with magic barrier and everything put into power, then enemies actually die instantly when they hit you. Which I managed within five minutes of starting the game. This is just electronic panhandling, except a gofundme with no actual purpose would be more honestthan this game, and just as entertaining.
I cant pick up armour and weapons in the game for some reason... this game has potential but when I cant pick up the most vital thing in the game, it kinda goes downhill from there. I tried deleting and redownloading and that didnt work. I tried going to other difficulties and that didnt work either. I tried even deleting my character, that didnt work either. I love the game but no loot pickup brings me here.
Its fun for a few minute or hour, it gets repetitive because it uses the same map over and over again with just slightly difficult monsters (Depending on the difficulty) but overall its a great game if you looking for something to spend time while on the bus, train or car
When ever i try to play battle arena it only says match not found and again,why is this happening?my friend is online but it contineously saying match not found. Please make this work so i can play battle arena!
There's only one feature to improve this game and it's local multiplayer (Wifi and Hotspot) 2-4 players with requires same ranking .add saveslots of 6 slots.
Overall this game was good but for me it needs something like multiplayer campaign using Lan Wifi or bluetooth with 4 to 5 players and please add more heroes like healer or priest in the future update that's all. Hope you notice!
I use to be able to play the game when i was 14 but now When I name my character =Oaken=to=Mr. Toothpick=... It will shut down or close. Can you please fix this cuz I love this game that I got to Mythical 2 level on stage/floor 23......PLZ FIXIE THE FIX OF THIS GAME... I beg you! Same as you YDW Warden
I like it this is the best game! I don't see any problem, but this games is so fun! But please next update please build more maps and monster I like it, please make many many game like this and please create new weapons on next update! This is so fun!
This game is alright but please add more dungeons And make higher difficulty levels more difficult because for example I play on the highest difficulty and the enemies still barely do damage even when u just start Maybe change their ai or smth idk but .ale it more difficult because for now it's just long
Pls update this game with some new content or a make sequel. I used to play this game years ago and I like the concept. But the game feels after reaching a certain point
I used to play this game,but when I redownload it I can't play it again when I try to open it the game always say error pls fix this bug so that we can play dungeon quest again
Hi i liked the game and all but one thing im frustrated about this games is the ad. The other adds does not have an exit button so i am forced to return on home screen it alway happens whether i am offline specially when im online game it always happens to me plss help me
Used to be great. Now you can't pass a single map without the entire app freezing, and occasionally locking your device requiring a hard reboot. Sad, because this was always one of my favorite offline hack n slash/rpgs for mobile
Game is still the gane ive met before, last 2017... its aswome still it works in my tablet and phone and until now im still addicted. But i wanted u to add more pets like dragon, eagle, and lion plus eagle.
Its a good game fun to play addictive but i think we need an update ive almost collected most of legendaries eternals and other stuffs also maybe put some online features aside from pvp also add some events new items so many players will be enggaged to play
I am still new to this but as I opened the game. I was expecting that the characters are cute but they are not. Although the operation of the game is quite simple so it was not really hard to understand.
repetitive bosses, monsters, stages, etc. but it matters not coz the customization of your character's skill build is way too amazing that i don't really care anymore what boss or mobs im fighting. one thing to suggest tho,... please add auto-fight feature. my phone is not the best and is really unresponsive sometimes with the controls, but if there is afk button then it will make things really easy.
I love this game before because theres a lot of weapons and misteries๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š but when the time past i found something boring๐Ÿ˜ข the place and enemies are repeting all the time๐Ÿ˜ฌ even if i pass levels i coudnt even feel the victory because there are only 3 places. I wish you guys make a new update about this sooner . please make a new places views and maps just to distinguish the past levels cause its pretty irritating . Ps. Please make a places every level like it was an adventure of a traveller ๐Ÿ˜Š
I played this game once a long time ago and I wanted to start playing it again. I couldn't remember my.when I went to reset my password and then log in and told me invalid password and took me back to resetting my password and it just kept doing that over and over and over I can't get logged in can you please fix this
i love this game the graphics its so good and a lot of item but i hope next update will add hostpot and coop multiplayer so that i can play with my friend but overall its so good keep it up.
Well I created a character. Thats as far as I've gotten. It says loading and then crash. I've restarted etc. Gonna delete and pretend it was good. Sorry guys.
It's really a great game. But I'm waiting for big update. The last major update was when they've added Rogue. And please buff Rogue. Some of her Weapons are kinda useless.
It keeps crashing you can not even play it I'm on oppo but it did not work for me.this game works when I'm 8 years old now that I'm 11 it can not work.
It still does it even with out my bluetooth ear buds, btw is there a way to fix the sound issue while im using my blutooth earbuds? I realy love this game ive been playing this game for almost 6 years now.
Nice game ....i love it .....keep updating .....but one thing.....the controls are not smooth ....please fix it...but it's fantastic .......i recommend all to download it.....best game ever after swordigo.....โ™ฅโ™ฅ
Ive been playing this game for half a year and this is fun but there a bit problem in it after i downloaded the account that i save in this game and i tap the campaign button it doesn't show the floor levels and I can't play it so i hope you fix this problem
Great game! Wish you would decide to make a sequel with more bosses, enemies, classes, weapons, items, armor, and better graphics :)
Please make an update for this game this is the most best game at all. Make new heroes, item, stages, and enemy and make a game to play along with friend using hotspot or online. Thanks.
The gameplay is exceptional, but i do suggest you implement Wifi Multiplayer. Freestyle classes, more weapon variety on wizards. (My personal opinion) Groups or Clans you can join. Invites to dungeon raids. And Referral Rewards. Add Healers/Support, Dual Blades, Summoner, Knights. And improve the "Touch Controls" (Put the skill set on the side of the display instead of the bottom)
I really love the game, but it could take use some promotions or some kind perks. . I.e Free stuff, freecredits
I enjoyed the game a lot. However I was sad when I saw there's only one free character slot. I wish there was at least 2 slots free. So I decided not to continue. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
I dont whats the problem but........ Cant open the game. Everytime i open it.....it being "FORCE STOP" you know!!! Like when i open the apps i being redirect to my home screen. Such a shame. I really like this game back in the day :( i hope you fix the problem
I've been playing this game for 5 years and i wanna say that can you pls add a multiplayer mode here where we can play, get items and level up together
Everything is amazing. The animations, the controls, the weapons. But it would really be appreciated coming from a veteran for an update, for new weapons and heroes.
I very like this game.I played last this game in my tablet.Amazing graphics and this gamw is an action.Because my all game in my phone now is all racing.l find a little bit action and i remember this game.that's why i give this game an five star.:D
Unless you fix the audio I won't rate it back to 5 star. I really love the game.But the problem is when I put my headphone on the game sounds very2 annoying. The sound system is very2 late. All my other game sounds works just fine. Please fix this.
I love the game and everything about it but the only problem that I have with it is that the rare mythstones are hard to get I ask of you to add in a mythstone in the game that is fairly easy to get that would increase the rarity of mythstone drops by anywhere from 10% to 50%, and I want to have an obsidian Crystal affix that would increase the rarity of them dropped by 250% to 500%
I always get error in this game, it says it is not compatible with your device, a higher version of android in my phone still not compatible? Please update your game
When the tutorial played that was the only time i was able play because i keep pressing the play button it does not work i cant but is fun...
i just downloaded this game today, wanted to try it. But instantly disapointed that couldn't even play it since it keep crashing whenever i wanted to enter a floor.
Having ad popping right infront of you every 5 sec makes it unable to have fun. Obvipus money grab game which i paid years before just to realise recovery is impossible.
I love this game so much. I play offline and was pretty buffed already but when I registered for a DQ acc the game won't play anymore for both campaign and BA. I uninstalled it then downloaded the L.V. and I tried playing, it works fine but whenever I try to retrieve my saved progress it wouldn't let me. It says something like "connection timed out" and it just keeps repeating the problem wherein It won't let me play. Please fix this. I wanna retrieve my account back. *waiting for response* TY
I wanted to try this game but it kept shutting down by itself. So annoying. Yes I had plenty of memory and space. Another thing which also annoyed me was the fact that I couldn't change the sex of the character I had chosen. The main menu was very confusing since I was a new player. I wouldn't waste my time trying to play this game.
The is broken and I play firstime when I move the control it lag the screen is have a line blue and black
I always find myself coming back to this game after a while it's one of the few phone games that seems fair and ballanced. And 1 year later I'm back playing again
Why not full stars? (1: not enough weapons (2:pets are hard to get even its useless (3:its not challenging (4:not enough armor (5:not multiplayers (6:theirs not a dual wielder (7:theirs no berserker (8:theirs no reaper (9:theirs no rapier sword (10:theirs no elf (Go add that and we will give you 5 stars
Fk this game when I created my account to play arena when it's done I cant even click anything even the campaign pls fix this if you fix I would rate this 5 star I am not gonna lie it's a good game but pls fix that bug or whatever
I dont usually leave reviews when I enjoy playing a particular game. But this game is an exemption. I actually downloaded this game in both apple and android devices and it got a total of 10 stars from me. Awesome game! They are not after your money, what they want is for you to be challenged and at the same time, enjoy the game! Kudos to all people behind this game.
I like the game very much, I love the maps- and the challenges aswell...I rated the game 4 stars because everytime i play a 1v1 battle and the connection times out for a second there i taught everything was fine but actually i lose that game beacuse i wasnt there to control my character.. But i still like the game very much but it still needs some improvements thanks!
The bad news first is the control stick there should be a setting to choose to have fixed joystick then a free joystick I cannot control my avatar properly. Good news I been searching for arpg isometric games for long time similar to torchlight games with elemental DMG and great loot like torchlight games like this have been forgotten by developers I like how u can play this game for free and gives u the option to pay but if u don't want to pay the game let you choose makes me respect
Love the game. It is clearly Indie (generic dungeon crawler) but it is fun, minimum ad time, easy to play, and no two plays are the same. I just wish this game had more of a community, and a more unique name, so I could find people that play this game.
Hello, I really emjoyed playing the game. I've been playing for almost 5 years now. I'm giving 4 star now because I'm ready for something new. I'm hoping you add new characters to the game and new mobs and maps.
I've been playing this game until now but it's getting bored because I'm only leveling. I recomend if you could add some quest to do. This game is really good I'll be waiting for the next update
One of my favorite games, playing for how many years then, stopped for awhile because I'm bored from the repeating levels and please add more content in offline gaming like many kinds of monsters, because the monsters and bosses because I'm bored of that repetitive style, please let the eternal items edited by the crystals and mythstones. Anyways this game is great but please add more content
Sometimes when i play the screen freezes and i have to force shut it out. But everything else works fine other then that. I have cleared my cache and unistalled/reinstalled but still freezes. Please fix.
This was a surprisingly enjoyable game, lots of new features get introduced as I progress further, keeping the gameplay fresh. Not to mention PvP combat makes hours of grinding feel very rewarding! Paid features are definitely handy but you can run through the game without getting any, overall this is a very well thought out game.
The new shadows are bugged on my phone (samsung galaxy a5 2017). They appear as multiple stripes. Also now i cant start any level anymore. I enter the game and when i choose my character the game crashes.
I love this game... But sometimes my phone is lagging and there are so many ads when I continue a next level the ads are popping out. Please fix this game if u want me to rate it five stars :)
It is a good game. If you're having a bad day, I recommend this to you to play. It's an offline game and worthy to install. Too bad I uninstalled this along with other apps for my classes. But still, I will install this again. One of the best games I played.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Completely forgot about this game. I used to play this back in 2015 but then I lost my phone and forgot about the game. But when I downloaded this again few months ago, the graphics, the ai, and many more have improved. I love it, it's addicting, totally recommend๐Ÿคฉ
Umm..hello!i really like this game and i played it since i were 7๐Ÿ˜„.the problem is when i tried to connect my email,its perfect but i cant tap the campagain and i cant play it.im dissapointed because of my hardwork with my Wizard character....its so sad๐Ÿ˜”....i will give this a 5 star if they can fix this๐Ÿ™‚
This might be the best game i have played!. But there is only a one problem, there is some bugs in the stage where there are many black lines. Fixing this will be epic!... pls notice this
Cant play campaign after log-in, it is literraly cant press. Also the map was distorted. please repair it.
The game is great but I would like to play it with my friends. Please add a coop mode for easier dungeon clears.
I log in account to play online but when I did I can,t press campaign and arena.I rated this game 2 stars for atleast a good gaming experience.DO NOT LOG IN ACCOUNT IN THIS GAME
Not worth the time to download and install! Installed the game, made a character and entered the Campaign to start getting new gear, and that's as far as I get. The game then continues to crash and close.
cool game wish you add more characters in the game like an archer,spearman, or a summoner who can summon monster to help them fght other than that the game is fine
I used to play this game before but had uninstalled it. I installed it again today because I wanted to play, however, when I tried to launch the game, it just keeps on crashing. Says error has been detected, I uninstalled it and re-installed it for a few times but still won't work. It just keeps crashing.
Its nice but the reason i dont like this game that much cause of the acts they reapeat every time you finished the other 4 acts the tepeat and the graphics im sorry to make you made this is one my opinion
Really liked the game very addicting even tho it can be repetetive, I would always play this if there were no problems but I always have this one problem that if I play for too long the game crashes it's happened so many times that I get pissed I uninstalled the app knowing it will take Quite some time to be fixed
Great game with good graphics.. no need to make it 3d. Please do make a free slot for another character if you don't like the 1st one that you created..
I love the game that's why it's 5 stars but I have a bit of a problem,when I logged in with my old DQ acc,somehow I can't play campaign,every other button on the title screen is fine but only the battle arena and campaign doesn't work,it's like it doesn't want me to play
Ive been playing this game since 2014 until 2018 any ways i love this game and ill come back after 2 years i hope this keeps updating add more stuff and items and tasks and a shop in a floor ^-^ hope after 2 years i those will be there ill be back
I will tell you how to get skins and others, first u need to download mod version and buy all what u want then go to create account. After u done delete mod version then install official version and login account that u created in mod version. Note( you need to buy what u want in mod version before create account ) enjoy guys don't ban me Google hahah๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
By far one of the best games ever created! If this game were available on PC I would happily buy it. Very highly recommended. A favorite for years. I came back to add this comment as this game stands out as phenomenal.
I just got register my account and when I tap the "start the looting campaign" it didn't respond... even when offline.. I'm super disappointed to that... For now I will give 3 stars cause the game is good but not when you log in/ register for account in dq and the graphics is not that nice cause when I got in level 12 it has a black line that look like an old movies and I can't properly see my rogue... in control it's kind'a ok ... please fix these, I don't want to start from beginning again
This is my favourite game when I was a kid it's so addicting I wish there's a multiplayer playing with friends using a hotspot. But thank you for making this game I really enjoyed it.
The game is initially fun, but becomes repetitive after level 100. Nothing new happens after that level. The ads are also badly designed. Sometimes the ads shown before a level starts have no way to close them, and you have to force close the app and reopen it. This is annoying if you waste a challenge map and end up getting stuck on the ad. Also sometimes the ads are inappropriate. They have some for dating sites and it's embarrassing having it open on your phone when people are around.
Not bad, pretty fun cause of all the unique weapons and abilities. Can get boring awile offline but still fun if you just started
I love this game but I wish it could update and add new stuff to the game like multiplayer and new wepons, armors, and mabie a new class, It would make the game a lot more fun to play.
It's a sorry game. A total waste of time. An example, they present boosts, but want you to watch an ad which is wasting your time. You do this all so that the boost that you get is random. You don't even get to choose the boost that you just wasted time watching an ad that you didn't even want to see. Furthermore, the boost only lasts several minutes. Now, if you buy the boost, then you can have it for 2 hours. Whoop dee doo. Doesn't mean much when your rewards are all random, lol. Pathetic.
I already verified my account but i get the error of needing to verify it. I already reached out to your support via email but nothing is resolved. I was planning to do an in-game purchase once i open my account!
I will give 5 stars for keeping me happy back then when I used to grind this game. It's been years since I last played this game. I personally believe this had potential back in the days if it were an MMORPG. Battling in arenas with fake players is kinda boring in the long run.
Good game but due to mostly repeatitive events and repeatitive encounters its just a copy paste game now its like copy a part and jam it to another level of the game to make it look just a bit different
I played this game 2 or 3 years ago and it worked perfectly fine, but ever since I redown loaded it it won't let me go into the first room so I gave it 2 stars if it let me go into the game I would've given it 5 stars but they need to fix it.
Great game. Did an amazing job. Only one problem and that is I've been playing this game since the day it came out and it is like 95% chance that when things drop its all junk. No green items at all and I'm level 99?? And I even upgraded the the perks that are supposed to give green items etc. Heck I upgraded all the perks all the way except for 1. Other than that this game truly is amazing awesome.
I like it but in first game my first game was laggy but I'm level 46 then I want to get a one eternal item cuz my legendarys is one inventory with full legendary.
I love the game, actually I played this a lot last year and then I just installed it again. But my concern is that the Joy stick while you move the character seems to be stopping all the time, it is difficult to move tho and sometimes it'll slide up even though I'm not moving it, character seems to be stiff while moving. please fix this.
Kinda suprised that this game is still alive. The graphics are okay. Its pretty good but there is someone copying this game in roblox. And its kinda better no offense..
Its a good game, but every time I choose my character and start a dungeon it crashes and doesnt let me play it.
Have been a player since 2014, the game can get repetitive, but it still doesn't kill the charm of such a great dungeon game!
Ive been playing this gem since i was a kid, and i always find myself coming back to it after a year.
Nice game but you can add multiplayer mode which the two of you can goo to dungeon and play each other
Overcomplicated character stat system, with unclear description. Especially when compared with very repetitive gameplay - I estimate it has about 10 actually different monster types, plus 5 special, plus 4 bosses. And that's it, everything just repeats over and over.
It's a good game, it really is. But there's a lock of levels and monster types. Kinda surprising that there are barely and monsters that do ranged damage. also, I think it would be nice to fight multiple types of enemies at once. Like fighting Fire and Ice and the same time.
An excellent offline RPG, hoping to add some heroes like brawler/monk or whatever with only fist weapon
5 star because it is good less lags and bugs and glitch. And i think every month you have an update. So im very happy to play with it! Great Job!
I give it 5 star because its so amazing game but there 2 problem number 1 how to change my hero there no button of change hero number i rlly 2 know this game but i dont know if i play this game i have recomend youfix the graphics the game and anythin tha you need to fix and add more hereos
Great game ... I love it .. But it has that repetation, trash drop and it needs more class .... I totally love this game ... Pls make improvements
I played this game a long time ago and loved it but now after a few years I tried to get it again an use my old account and it won't let me like it can't find it but when I try to make a new character it won't let me use my old name I had
I rate this game 1 star , it's because If I open it , it's starting well but if I click something like the login or campaign it's crashing . Please help me or fix this so that I can play.
I love this game three years ago... Even if I deleted cause sometimes I don't have a time to play, I install it again because I love the graphics and the strategy to play
This game is freaking owsoem, its good to fixed your strees and problem I'll play this game to relax and feel so good. it's only for fun and enjoyable. Here graphics is not totally good but it's doesn't matter because I'll play this when I'm a child until now.
This game is good but I suggest if you make a next level map on each stages like in easy, normal onwards and lastly better to make a awakening skills in different Hero's. And if ever the ads appear make sure you give a rewards by watching it.
For me, maybe you should add more staff, pets and equipment because during the time I was playing it, I felt like I was getting tired of the staff because there were only 3 of them and the others, but thank you for making this game I hope you can read what I wrote๐Ÿ˜Š.
Not a bad game, actually quite fun to play with good ability graphics and a user-friendly interface. The trouble lies in progression. Starting a fresh character on hard, you breeze through the entire story and reach the "end game" levels, which are repeats of previous levels with stronger enemies and nothing interesting. Progression is nothing but bigger numbers on better versions of previous equipment. Character graphics are also PlayStation 2 quality, for some reason. Five minutes of fun.
The game got taken control of, could not get it to launch after hitting level 36. After uninstalling from my phone and deleting all the files. Showed up still installed in the play store and had to uninstall again! Hope this helps.
The game is fun an all but I cant even play it anymore it just keeps on crashing even though my phone isnt old at all, just pressing play and then crashes nothing fixes it...
This game is actually good but it becomes stale game as time passes by. I would definitely recommend more weap and hero vareity since this game has huge potential and expandable like AQW. Ps: Also please fix the online pvp to more functioning one. Definitely would love it when it is stable.
I'm sorry that I'm rating 2 *. It's because I can't play the game. Totally. When I made my character and when it is about to start a level, it crashes. I really want to play it though but I have played this multiple times but it just keeps crashing in this device.
Add more summoner clashh or items or at least buff or revamp summing items and add a gear for summoner. All im saying is add summoner class this would be a huge impact because im a veterain in this game i played it like 6 years ago would be great for players
This Game is totally awesome you know what i reach eternal league easily even if i have difficult enemies. And its drop rate is awesome when i was still lvl 5, i already get 10 legend item. ShinyBox please add new armor so that the game will still be awesome and add pet that will fight enemies. Hope you notice
Unable to play Dungeon Quest as it crashes every time when trying to load into a dungeon. Please fix this, devs, and I'll update my review!
I give it 3 stars because the multiplayer doesn't work Multiplayer It's just disappointed that we can't play offline just waste
A great game. But once your op(in a week or 2). Thats it. Developers abondoned this game. no updates, no events. Just plain out grind.
This game is actually good ,it is fun and worth it to download and purchase those things inside na game but a lot of people like me wants more,, please add new stages , hero , and armors ,weapons and other accessories of the hero
I quit playing for a while and when i downloaded back and signed in its saying i already own the other slots for the other characters but not letting me use them now.. I paid for them a long time ago and now there gone! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
The gameplay and graphics are great except for that it just become repetitive. The game has been around for many years now. Would be cool if you add more character customization feature(choosing between male and female) in the future. And please add new class. I'll install it again if you implement this one.
I really luv this game! U can pick ur hero so I pick rogue 'coz I luv bows... And because I have 4 stars there are so many ads, when I start the game the ads are popping out, so plz fix this game.....
Honestly it's an amazing game played it for a long time, just recently it loads, black screens and crashes every time, I reset my phone, didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times and still not working, its a shame cause this is an amazing game.if it worked it'd be a solid 4. 5 only downside is you can only have 1 character without paying
I'm excited to download this. I playing this game, I want to change my hero, after changing my hero I play the floor 3 I look to my inventory, my legendary staff is gone. -_-
I've played this game many times and enjoyed it a lot. I probably spent spent hundreds of hours leveling up my hero(es). I played all 3 classes and they are quite balanced in terms of strenght although I will say some weapons types are definitely preferable to others. I would love to see a second title of this game with even more weapons, achievements and so on. Really loved this game. Huge compliment to the developers! Thanks for making me have such great times!
I've been playing this game on and off for about three years now. I love every bit of it and I've never had an issue. But when I redownloaded it, the game won't actually run and it'll just crash before I can play. Please fix bc I really love this game and I want to get back at it.
I love the game, I've played it a long time ago and it seems awesome. The only issue is I can never launch it. The game opens, I create a character, I attempted to launch the dungeon and it instantly crashes. Ive tried 5 times, different difficulties, reinstalling. No progress. Ill change my review when this is fixed or I get a solution.
INFO-overload is confusing at FIRST but d more I learned, d more I got FASCINATED; concept of CRAFTING item w/ crystals, mythstones, dusts is truly BRILLIANT; overall gameplay somehow meets my expectations as gamer; I suggest GENDER option to every hero class, another floor BOSS, Act V for ARCANE element, or anything new to keep d game exciting; But I'm DISGUSTED w/ BATTLE ARENA since d CONNECTION server is very UNSTABLE; Once U loose connection it reflects as a LOSS on d stats, just so UNFAIR!
What is happening to this game? The developer did not granted support to my device OPPO A37F. I had been playing these game in the past, but I stopped. I was waiting for the next update and here I was hoping to play this game again. I'm so sad right now because I can't play the game like in the past ๐Ÿ˜”. I hate downloading in an unsupported website. I really love this game, if possible can you make this game playable on OPPO A37F. Please fix it I really want to play this game.
Plss add more maps cause it's just repeating the elements of the map can't there be a new one you know like your in the grass area but not just slime monster other monster too like wolf or something you know what I mean so plss I'm giving these a three stars for now until new maps and monster are in the game
I put over $25 buying upgrades for my character let alone the time to level the character up. Their web server deleted my character on the download to the server. Sent an Email, nobody responded. Cant recommend this game
I loved the gMe but since i equipped.the epic imp i cant pick up any items even if i have a diferent pet. I sold it and i still cant
Hey thanls for being the best game ever!! But can you add more dougens or levels, and also can you adda co op game mode for thr dougens to help the low level players get to a higher level THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST DOUGEN GAME EVER!!!!
Game is very good, also for the people who rate low on very games or in this game, you JUST DONT KNOW how hard it is to make a game. Games may take even years from developing, and you DONT even appreciate it, saying its bad, or to other games that is pay to win a pay to win, ofcourse its ptw because its REALLY REALLY HARD to Develop.
Can you not control this game, make some major changes are something. I get so far and it freezes up, I have restarted so much I am SICK. Now six months later having the same problem. You can't give me any kind of communication from anyone.
Well meh,this game sucks when I played it a log time ago when I played it in long range of time in just like a month my device is broken like it won't open it happened on two of my devices and its broken and cannot fix it no more,like I had I'm level 100 maybe and had lots of coins like 200k and maybe I earned a million and all that's worth is my device being broken!.this is my first bad rating on a game.i don't need for customer support because I've just come to say my word for this app.
Great game! Add more destination to make it more exciting, bosses, stuffs.. everything is perfect not unless you will add more then it will be perfectly great!
Amazing game but gets repetitive in higher levels, also it would better if there were more FREE character slots, instead of being stuck with one character the whole of the game.
There's only one thing I have to say....this game is amazing but the reason I gave it 4 star is because of 2 problems. 1) the controls is kind of complicated especially when you equip your gear and strengthen your character. 2) maybe you could make the normal attack much more simpler because when you attack and use the control, the character will also attack on the same direction she/he is facing and not on the enemy on his/her back,it's quite irritating especially when you are long range.
Overall is good. Maybe you need to add more hero. Add friend system that we can play online co-op and PvP in real time. Thanks
I like it so far, got some adding and suggestions in time, so far is just few notebook lines lots to improve, you got a three cause its solid, aimed at whatitis,whack&sack,youdidthemathematics, andyougiveamplechancestokeep playingifheplayerisobservantsofevident mechanicsatthegamestart, themainthing missingisthemapthatshowsitasmap,notas playingmap,thisenginelookslikeatweaked updatedfromthesystemthatwas madebe for Warcraft 3thesmallboxmakesthemapbe, i'llwriteyou more if ican, phone'bout2crackDPot
In first its was good but after a while it seems to be boring.Please make a armor,swords whit highlights and new swords like katana & bisento.And please make a multiplayer in online and WLAN mode so i can loot and pvp whit my friends and don't forget to put a new vanity on vanity shop and thats all=)
The best game ever I play even without hack we can get lots of money like unlimited very easy to play and it don't take up too much space we can play in offline and online the loading don't need internet connection
This game is still great until now but im still waiting for multiplayer, if possible, im not trying to rush you take your time :)
I Played this app when i was once a kid, and ofcourse its about 2-5 yrs and now i am playing it again. hopefully there will be updates coming out this 2021! please :((
I would give you 5 stars but the buttons for the warrior doesn't work very well. I like the wizard and the rogue better than the warrior. Anyways I love the game and the graphics on it. But I would not recommend this to any of my friends. Unless they have a better phone then I do.
This app is really awsome if u bored in other game just pkay this game its endless level with strong and stronger boss figh i really like this and the graphics are so good not hurting my eyes like other games graphics its so bright and so hurting my eyes love this app๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„