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Dungeon Princess! : Pixel Offline RPG

Dungeon Princess! : Pixel Offline RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SSICOSM located at 대한민국 서울특별시 서대문구 북아현로 29 (북아현동, e편한세상신촌 3단지) 304동 805호. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game it feels very nostalgic and the graphics are great, although I would actually like it when you press on the characters they say something but it's just a suggestion UwU
the way the game play is fun and i find the upgrading in this to not be as complicated as other games. the only thing that should be done is to make some of the buttons bigger other than that i think the game a lot of fun
Amazing game app Dungeon Princess. Beautiful design and graphics. Enjoyed playing this game. Recommended.
Seems there are error for google play cloud saves? Changed my device and could not retrieve my save , but either way great game ,especially for offline ,grindy but is my cup of tea (bought no ads the second time haha) Update : yea it works fine just that I did something wrong on my end
Nice update about free gold ads.. But cant see ads after playing a while. Have seen about 50 in a day and I get notice 'can not see ads' for the gold ads
I'm here just playing this game to kill time for myself and its really well made I hope you make more of this stuff so then I can have a try on it. Have a nice day and be safe!
I like how this game can be played offline and it's simple and enjoyable. But the prizes I get when I raise the difficulty is kinda weak. It would still give me newbie items despite having the difficulty up so hopefully you can fix that. Also online prizes sounds nice too. Perhaps building an online community can be a nice addition to the game. Hopefully you consider what I wrote. Awesome game and thank you!
It's a pretty nice game. You're tested, resets are free, and it's entirely up to you how you plan to build the characters. The game also bluntly lets you know if you're unprepared for a stage, and I get the liberty of exploring a game with minimum hand holding, which is nice. If you can in the future, my suggestion is to able to watch ads for the gold bars. 10 gold bars that aren't rising nor falling sounds like a really bad fate.
Pretty good game to waste my time quick and straightforward. Sprites are great and it's voiced so that is great. The only thing is the texts sometimes doesn't seem to fit in the text box. The gameplay may be repetitive, but there is a little bit of story so it really doesn't matter alot. Also in my opinion the gold bar is fine, i don't need booster or skins to enjoy the game.
Very simple RPG game. Straight forward. It's fun though, and does everything right to make it worth your time as an rpg lover. The art and graphics are even easy on the eyes. If this game costed a little bit of money to play, it would be well worth it to pay whatever price to be able to play this game...
Great game! But I have a little problem i cant get the gold from the ads. when im trying to watch ads it says "can not see ads" even though i didnt watch any ads yet that time, still everything is good thats all (oh can you add more ways to get gold?)
it really keeps me intrsted with all the slots of equipment to fill so i always have some thing to upgrade
Tbh , love the graphics(its one style that i like) , yet too fast paced for newer player, not that easy to learn the game is my only concern as it doesn't have any "tutorial" (i don't count as the first thing the game teaches is only the function of the things in the menu) , i don't mind about the ads because the game is good time waster (in a good way) and just need a bit of tweak here an there
While this game may claim to be the best of it's genre of this year it is anything but the best. While the graphics aren't terrible the sounds and bgm need work otherwise you would be better off with your own unless you like early 2000s "epic" game music. They do little as possible to introduce you to the game mechanic and story as they can and throw a multitude of skills and items that you have no clue what to do with. In short, there claim to fame is all but in their own heads.
It's really fun and addicting. The art is nice too... Keep up the good work! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) How do I get more gold though??
Cant see the shop item from that ghost things, idk why this happen .im too lazy reinstalling the game.
Very good since I like the combat but I'm very lazy to press a character and select a move it's good but it needs auto battle tbh
really enjoying the game so far, with some upgrades like previewing what the difficulty-based rewards for the next stage are without having to quit back to lobby could improve the experience
It's a great game and the character designs are great. You can move at your own pace and the story doesn't shove itself down your throat. The only problem is that I can play literal hours without dropping even a single gold bar. I wish there was a way on the menu screen where you could watch ads for gold
It's OK. If you're OK with ads pop up everytime you clear a floor (or died). There are a lot of parameter and skill. You HAVE TO remember them all. It's more of a memory game than using strategy at first. A lot of thing to read and a lot of thing to memorize. If you're looking for casual game, this might not be your best choice.
Overall if I can give 10/10, I'll give it 12/10. The game is very relaxing and simple yet fun and incredible. The visual is very pleasing as well as the sprites. Not to mention that the storyline is also interesting. The dialogue is also marvellous. Although the control is a bit unforgiving, the total gameplay is what makes up for these minor inconvenience. In fact, i dont mind grinding for hours on this game. Very good.
In general a really fast gameplay...I like that..is challenging and need time...also is not pay to win si, I am grateful for that. The characters are good...maybe you can continue de story...it has a lot from where it can continue. If you expand the monster would be even more fun.... Some says is repetitive but......if you look deep in the system only monster are repetitive.... thanks for this great game...I hope you can keep development. Take care.
this game is really enjoyable and fast paced! i love this game. i wanna rate it 5 stars but.. i cannot claim the gold drops cause when i click it says "can not see ads" then gold stays at 10.. im connected to the internet though. also, some dialogue isnt complete in the box. anyway, i really love this game and i hope this improves more and the problems get fixed. cheers. Edit: finally received the gold. 5*! ps hope the dialogue text is fixed in the future!
I like it! at first I have no idea what to do but the more I play it the more I understand how to play this game plus I like how the story going. But for sure it is a good game! 😁😆 KEEP IT UP DEVELOPER!!!
Everything is good but I can't recieve the gold from dungeon please tell me how or help me or fix. Plus it would be better if you added a feature of ACTUALLY going outside the dungeon entrance and into a town to buy/sell items or equipments but it is just wishful thinking and the game itself is already good though, so keep up the good work.
The game characters are cute and the play is addictive, so I think it's a game that anyone can enjoy.
Ladies and gentlemen...... THIS IS THE BEST GAME I EVER FOUND ON APP STORE!!! i recommend this game to players who are looking for intense action at the same time testing your patience. it is very the type of game ive been looking for almost 2 years and has sweet graphics. :D
I LOVE THIS GAME! Its a bit hard..But whatever I like it! Please Make more updates! Or Add more Characters!
Well. . sorry guys, your game didn't starts. It's force closed after Unity logo. Using my lame galaxy note 8.0, yes, it's android 4.4.4. Lot of ppl try your game on older devices, assuming it's pixelated would be light game. I'm waiting future update though. note: 1 star just for attention seeker.
The constant popup ads every freaking stage clear is really pissing me off. Even the last update where we can get occasional gold doesn't entice me to unblock this game from using my internet. I know you need money, but come on.. At least make the ads only popup when we get the gold.
game burns my time good! the turn based strategy and timing in a fast pacing is so good, stats and set equipments, strong monsters (well some are OP but able to handle) though i would like to suggest make the bosses more stronger, cause some of the mosters to be true are much stronger than boss monsters, make gold available for f2p players so we can afford to have costumes as well, add some money system and another npc for hp potions stamina potions. the game has lots of possibilities!
a linear offline rpg with simple gameplay, looking for more updates. i'll give it 5 when things have improve. good luck devs.
Feels like an old school classic. TIPS:Grinding for gears and reseting is a must. Timing and combos(enablers) are equally as important as gearing up properly (fill all slots with better quality equipment >build around 2 or more sets(while keeping in mind the use of the character)>use Best in Slot).
This game is enjoyable..i love it...i little problem tho the words or numbers i cant read it very well because they are very small please make it a bit larger
So far so good. I haven't encountered any problems in my gameplay as of now. Imma give it 5 stars since I really like the game overall. The gameplay and story got me hooked up. This is really good.
Probably my favorite game❤❤❤ i love how cute the characters are and (spoiler maybe??) The story where they talk to each other are the best its no boring👌👌👌👌
Not perfect but really fun to play. The story is great. You can tell the developer really cares about their game. Keep up the good work.
Very good game please make a princess battle for free and make it offline please i love this game so much 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Great game! smooth controls and variety of equipments to choose from. Cute characters. looking forward for the next game update. may I suggest some kind of combo move which differs depending which characters in the party. overall amazing game. keep up the good work devs!
Its a nice old school offline rpg game. the feeling was amazing when you play this one..the graphics are really good for a pixelated game..controls are working well no bugs & the gameplay was balanced.. 😀😀 but can you please add some more skin & please add some sort of storyline 'cause it looks like repititive & of course new monster skin/look..i enjoyed the game..the game hasn't forced me to buy something in the store..totally recommendable... good job 2 thumbs up for you devs...👍👍😍😍
Dungeon and Princess is pretty hard if you don't have any kind of strategy in mind I had trouble at first as well. But during the way into the second dungeon it became a little easier because I kept rotating certain characters to keep my whole team alive. Damage, buffs, healing, 1 tank at least, and timing are always very important when playing. With out any strategy in mind the team falls apart pretty easily and you get no where.
Everything is good but it would be cool if you add more MALE character. Plus it would be better if you added a feature of ACTUALLY going outside the dungeon entrance and into a town to buy/sell items or equipments but it is just wishful thinking and the game itself is already good though, so keep up the good work.
This app has a cute characters and smooth user interface. This game is very fun at the start. It is an offline game as well. I really love the work into this game.
This game was very fun at the start, simple gameplay, interesting story. the grind was a bit hard but doable, after you reach around the 2nd chapter of the story, everything just turns into 6x more harder. U need to grind an extreme amount before you could explore a bit on the 2nd chapter. The story is interesting but its insanely hard to progress even for the story when u reach that point. Hopefully they rebalance a bit
The gameplay is pretty good, while there isn't much of story in the game, i still enjoy playing the game. I think most players skipped the dialog which contains the instructions but most of us don't want to read dialog and get to the gameplay, i got used to the game after learning to play for 15 minutes of gameplay. i think players could use a tutorial mode or a level would work that way players can learn the basics. I kinda think your missing many players becuase of tutorial being in the dialog.
Fun rpg gamr. Also offline and very enjoyable. Could keep you entertained for hours. Highly recommended 👍🏻
i have two complaints : characters are not likeable ... they sound more like archetypes than characters . also this game is just fighting , I really wish it includes some moving and exploring . the battles are awesome but if there was no exploring , no story that gets you hooked *as soon as possible* it's only going to be a matter of time before the fights become boring and for me that happened way too soon
This game is good. Maybe next time you can add more characters or skins because I love it. Also, stuns and bleeding are OP and great for clearing dungeons so fast. Overall, 'Dungeon Princess' is indeed one of the best RPG games out there in 2019. (Edit: If there's a manga about this, I would definitely read it.)
Video add every 15-20 seconds, gets annoying super fast. Maybe if the ads came on initial loadup it would be fine, but in between battles is just annoying. The game itself isn't bad, maybe the devs could offer the video ads as a feature and give small rewards for watching em, this way players would watch em all on their own, that way devs still get "game support" currency and the players wont be annoyed.
A good game but a little confused! I bought this while ago but now its showing up twice on the play store? I can see a purchased version and one that costs 50p??? What gives?
The idea of Harem brought on RPG made me keep playing this and I really like your Anime art.The Game is satisfying and somehow unique which kinda attracted me.The controls are easy to get used to.Keep making cool stuffs and adding events.Weaboos this game fits you.
This is a good game even though its the first part of the story it's still good and I don't know if some of the characters are unlockable by paying but hopefully not and a good thing this can be played offline so I can play this on road trips and if I am board and the first chapter of the story just broke the 4th wall and how you have made this game and I thought this would be a bad mobile game because of the decline of good ones but I have stumbled upon a hidden gem
Good game, but I suddenly stopped playing this game when I get stocked in a certain level with very strong opponent. I tried to play harder, I tried to upgrade my weapons and items more better but at the end I can't even get through of it but as what I said before, the game was good:)
Awesome game fun progression and many characters to build teams out of and is very long with a lot of content.
The game overall is enjoyable, and a great experience. The UI needs some work (mainly convenience updates, like being able to just tap outside a box, and not have to use the X in the corner). The game can be confusing at first, but it has a lot of depth. The game is pretty much about min-maxing. Getting those 1% bonuses which eventually build up, making you strong. The progression is slow, but rewarding enough to keep you going. Please keep updating the game, it is awesome!
Multiple forced ads not even 5 minutes into the game. Without a shadow of hesitation I instantly uninstall ANY game that shoves forced ads into my eyes. If your game is so crappy that you have to supplement your income with forced ad revenue, then my time is better spent elsewhere.
This game feels nostalgic, almost the same as thr game thag I used to play on console. What I'm trying to say is this game is fun.
it keeps crashing whenever I complete the beginning stage I don't know if it's my phone or that something isn't working but every other game I have works fine and I really just want to have a go at this cause it seems... "interesting"
Game by self is great, each character have their own stories, how they appear, their move sets. Graphic for 8-bit is great, though I can't say, is it okay or not, those animations, like Paladin girl. Control, well, this is control. It does have few bugs, maybe it is my own fault. I can't attack enemies sometimes, I'm not even in stun or anything else, like I just can't attack. Feels like hit boxes are too small, or it is my fingers. :'D Gameplay, Is a bit unexpected, I am about training. - Onemix
Nice game, entertaining and unique. I love it. Sounds effects and smooth aminations are of high quality.
I love the characters,lots of fun couldn't let go till reach another level.Offline supported🙌🙌🙌
Great app! I'm going to use this to address some issues and suggest ideas 1) Menu & Battle UI and Exit (X) marks. Make it intuitive, spaced and clean, not clustered 2) Exclude sliders; make the finger the slider 3) Needs a better font (make texts stand out). 4) More organization options. Ex: Bleeding Amt, Scythe 5) Needs voice volume 6) More skins? They're cute c: 7) More ways to get gold (the current rate is fine) 8) Challenges, quests... 9) Gear sets 10) Revisit stage levels. I LOVE YOU & THIS
I like this game.But there something that I don't satisfy with.It hard get the item I want to because it random.Update this game that can craft item to get stronger.Like Newbie item that need 5 of the item and can be craft to supporter item.when it became combatant item it can be craft to green item that need 10 of grey item to be green item.Just like add 5 Everytime it need to change item colour.Please read this and update it like I wrote for you⬆️there.Please i begging to you update it
Nice game requires a bit of exploring to know how the game works. Areas to improve: 1. Texts are too small (EN), my damned eyes can't see sh 2. Improve the dashboard for character menu 3.Some texts in story mode are cut (EN)
Too noob to play? Giving a bad rating cus you can't win easily? This challenging game is very interesting, it interests me to continue to play and win at every stage! There is not easy mode lol, try your skill if you said you are pro player!!
Very challenging gameplay. I just hope that there will be an easier way to execute a certain character's skill that u want when u need it to
Similar to other hack and slash games except its in pixil style. Interesting and engaging battle system and nice story.
Good game, pleasant story, but often the gameplay feels empty due to going from a dull turn based combat system to a home screen with your characters, a chest and a vendor. A bit more background imagery or something would make the game feel less monotonous. Or adding extra menu options like a bestiary or something similar to enjoy when not battling.
Pretty nice,but if you don't wanna pay ypu gotta suffer a 5 seconds ad after each battle andnthe interface when choosing items seems kinda bad,atl ast for me
Amazing game very addicted to it story's are great, fun game to play offline and its defently worth paying a low price for the rest of the chapters
Very easy and fun to play. Dungeon & Princess app can play as a offline game. Really recommend to download and enjoy.
Yes PERFECT this is just what i needed also the addition that it has a green haired character is great !! I love rpgs and that i also love pixel art and this game is just an absolute blessing from God .
Game is really fun to play, but i can't stand adds after every level! That is way too many adds. I might come back to playing this game if the adds are no longer after every level.
i really love the game i do plan on getting paid vision and all the dlc outfits just wish for more cooler/beginer costumes or something and few more characters ❤️
It is a great game, let me tell you. The fast pace style of this game is refreshing, but mostly the ability to improve your warriors well, without hitting the high grind wall or feeling as if it has become too easy. However, is it wrong for me to ask that the game has more 'interactivity'? The artstyle is awesome, I love them, don't get me wrong, but i sort of wish characters had more expansion beyond the story given, if that's fine with you. All and all, will keep on playing, done a good job.
Could be fun but i'm not watching an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Sorry but that's not fun and breaks the experience.
disapointing. it seemed like such a great game, great graphics and ideas. the only downside i see: it keeps crashing. i managed to get the slayer, get them some decent gear but after that: crash. load the game again, try tobopen endless dungeon: crash. try again: crash. if y'all can get that fixed i would more then gladly play this! hell i'd even put money into it! aside from that the game is astonishing
I love the graphics but oml the constant ad after ad in this game AND ITS NOT EVEN OFFERED TO WATCH FOR GOLD AND ITS STUPIDLY HARD TO GET GOLD! LIKE OML!!!!
Dungeon Princess is my absolute favorite. What a cute character! 😊 And her story is exciting and full of mystery. I am trying to help her in every situation. Super interesting to play.
I really like the cute characters of the game, I'm not into rpg games but I really loved this one. I would recommend this to everyone!
it is a good game. it would be cool if there was a way to see which equipment has been collected so far, like a collection book or something.
I love the game, mostly the cute art style. I suggest you to make another action rpg where players are free to move and use skills, interaction and etc. I believe it's possible for you to make it. I'm sure it will be more popular than other games. There's a lot of online anime games now. I think it's better to make story offline and multiplayer online. The combination of cute waifu, cute art style, having cool gameplay where you can move around. It's definitely gonna be popular. I love it.
I love the game....the old school style....but i sure do hope that u can earn gold bars sometimes...but i still love the game