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Dungeon Princess : Pixel Offline RPG

Dungeon Princess : Pixel Offline RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by SSICOSM located at 대한민국 서울특별시 서대문구 북아현로 29 (북아현동, e편한세상신촌 3단지) 304동 805호. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A pixelated game, and offline!? Nice!! I always dreamed to wanted to have or buy a game like this!! Worth the price for me to buy!! Awesome!!
Pretty good, grindy but combat is fast and rewarding enough that it's easy to get into and out of. The English text boxes need work in order to fit some lines, but other than that it's pretty good.
Thankyou for answering fast answering my question. I bought this game long ago didnt know that it has a free version. Anyway one of the thing i didnt like is about the textbox. if you can make a button to press for the next text to pop rather than holding it to fastforward the text to the next textbox to appear, it would be great. It would be better if you can view the scenes that you already unlocked, played this before it doesnt have it. Ill update this if i have some issues or things to say.
English conversation text are missing when the sentece is too long. Control and interface are still confusing, you xan improve it.
okay, worth buying the game (tho its on sale) its a really good rpg type game the characters are well made its fun not boring to play and good killing time. But its just the navigation of characters upgrading is a bit hard you can probably make the text bigger but nonetheless 5 star deserving (bad English sorry)
Pretty good spritework and battle system. VA is also appreciated. Wish the UI is better designed though.
A really chunii style nostalgia waifu collector. Offline, which is rare for a character collector game. I love it as you can play over and over again without getting bored. I love the fact that your character are identify as rpg video game character and have fun role playing, a nice subversion and tickles my childhood. Worth every penny like Witchspring series, also another RPG i truly love.
Surprisingly fun to play, with a neat battle system and extremely pretty pixel art, especially on the characters. I hope the developers add more skins and content, because I'm having a blast with it. I'm surprised there isn't some kind of 'captured' animation for when a character is defeated. A lot of rpg's have downright-graphic armor breaks and such, and it's a little surprising the girls in this just fade off screen. But obviously this doesn't weaken the gameplay at all!
Okay game so far. Edit: After grinding for hours I beat map 1 and I get nothing, and later game gets pointless as now the devs are making you waste more time by increasing the dang levels you need to beat by 100 per stage and it roughly takes a minute to 3 minutes per lvl. So if you are looking to beat the game, good luck its like hundreds of hours of nonstop gameplay. Beginning of game is great but once you make it to map 2 (after the evil dragon) it gets boring, without better gear and armor.
nice game! bro, just add some cool interface when u the chara attacking, i think that part is lacking, kinda clueless if this will be played by a beginner in any game genre, looking forward for this update, anyway overall 5/5
So far it's pretty great. Somewhat complicated at first but overtime it's get simpler as you progress. The level are short and quite challenging. The characters design is decent imo. It's pretty enjoyable to play. Overall, it's good!
Dont regret a minute of playing this, keeps me entertained and looks great, I love it, only downside would be the UI which is a bit messy from time to time.
Love the graphics and premise of this game, I'm happy chapter 2 has dropped! As others have pointed out the controls and interface has some issues but over all a fun experience! Kinda miffed that after paying for the game you have to pay again for gold bars for new skins.
The UI for the game is not showing up for me. I can hear the game ticking as if there is text scrolling across the screen but I do not see anything. Unfortunatly the game is unplayable for me. Please let me know if there is a fix.
using your party members efficiently is key to cpmbat system. I founs myself enjoying this game very much and still trucking throufh it. It has a little of a grind for gear and levels but if you pull through you are rewarded for your efforts. I found the story to be intriguing and felt dor the characters as i continued my adventures. All over a great game that you can also play offline
An addicting grindfest, I've been playing for a dozen hours now and it is surprisingly engaging. The game is all about finding gear and then experimenting with stats until you find that game breaking set combo.. and then finding new gear then proceed to the next area and start the process again. It's perfect for podcasts since after a while it gets repetitive with the grind. Did I mention the game was grindy? yeah, it's all about the grind bruh
I just lost all my damn data for no freaking reason after 6 hours of gameplay. Welp, no going back now, just gping to reinstall it and see if it resolves that issue. It ain't even connecting to google play. BRUH, IT RESETS MY DATA THE MOMENT I CLOSE AND REOPEN THE APP.
AWESOME game, HORRIBLE interface. The skill buttons should be in one vertical row on top of the head of each character all the time, instead of tapping a character to see two rows of skills. Instead of putting the two back characters as portraits in the top of screen, they should be on screen and also have skills always appearing on one long vertical strip above them, in place of portraits. As a real time RPG, opening menus to use skills is just bad. Also, some horizontal scrolling in combat *during attacks* from monsters and characters would be perfect.
I've been playing it up to 459 in-game days, and i've cleared up to Dungeon F. And why did the story stop appearing? Last story was back around in-game day 250. And i didn't see any of it ever since, and the regular training part neither. Was it intentional? Or is it a current bug? Please let me know, dear developers. I absolutely love playing your game
ideas: 1: Select items and throw away better than 1 by 1 throw away... 2: rare weapon and equipment is easy to get then some armor is harder to find (cape and boots) 3.high grade equipment stats lose to low grade equipments EDITED: PLEASE ALLOW FRESH NEW GAME OPTION ....
This is a really fun game but how do you level up fast so that you will be able to kill bosses🤔😣
Chest size is too small. Collecting equipments is fun but the chest makes it a bother. Also, some of set-5 effect is only achievable with Shield Knight since she can wear a shield, why bother making it? Nevertheless, good game.
I'd recommend swimsuit costumes, and not those one piece suits either, I'm talking string bikinis. Also bigger tiddies please.
I really enjoy this game though, a turn based mode would be really cool since i often fail to process what is happening due to the lack of thinking time. The game is still great, I'm not though.
This is legit. You've even got different character skins. Awesome so far. Only thing I can see is that progressing dialog is a little weird, and I can imagine the game likely gets repetitive, though I'm not super far yet. Keep updating the game and don't be afraid to ask fans for feedback on new features they may want.
only part of an actual game...what i mean is your saying these guys are playing an mmorpg, but it doesnt feel like it, theres no town, no trade of gear, no buying of healing items and weapons. and the character designs are just pandering to teenage boys, they dont fit the character classes much, if at all. seriously make a study of sao or dot hack sign, great examples of character designs. also your translation at least in english is TERRIBLE, maybe in the future provide a free copy of the game and some premium currency to a reliable translator in exchange for better quality translation.
I'm on stage B, so far I'm enjoying the game play, strategy, graphics, loot system with set bonuses, and story. I'll update review if anything new comes up.
Great game. Classic RPG style game. Would be nice if you could see your skill points while in the skill menu instead going into another window for it or trying to upgrade before seeing how much you have. Also maybe make a shop for random gear as well instead of just microtransactions.
Enjoyable and has relatively unique gameplay. It does have a few issues, such as the inventory being a bit hard to use, but overall it is a fun game
One of the great game I've played, aside of some unpolished aspect (eg. Bgm, equipment management), its worth to give it a go
I game is really fun. I like how the combat system is and how you can keep earning experience to upgrade stats and equipment. I play 3+ hours non stop.
I've been playing the game for hours and my phone battery has barely went down I love it I just would like to know if more outfits or dungeons along with the new characters we would really love to get a guy for Gunner class or be able to change other characters class but I love your game so much
Alright ive had this game for a lomg time now and i gotta say its worth your time if you like grinding. And since i travel quite a bit it is a good game to kill time with. Only complaint is that i miss pick every now and then and that can lead to life and death in higher level dungeons.
Please fix the dialogue, i kept clicking to go further but it's not working... (But it's a great game!)
Sometimes parts of the dialouge is missing because it cant fit in the dialogue's box. I suggest to add an option where you can check the dialogue of all characters in the current level being played.
Decent graphics but nothing else. Boring storyline, grindy, not much else. Paid only £0.7 for it but I am sorry I did.
Its ok if it has microtransactions but id like the play it offline at times and get free things if we pay for this game
Okay, so I think i've spent enough time on the game to give a proper review. This game definitely deserves a spot on the playstore. However, the game is still new and it really does need improving. I felt like the game would get boring quickly if there was no side-story to it at all, so it was a good call to make one (I'm eagerly waiting on chapter 2 lol). It isn't the best written story for a game, but I don't think that was really the point, it's a great addition. Many players have said this already but I will say it again. Smooth UI is necessary. Music wise, it's rather half decent. And with that I mean half of the soundtracks are actually good, but the other half...gonna have to take the music in area B and C as an example, it really doesn't built up any "battle" tension. Other things I gotta mention is the somewhat lag I get when I open the inventory chests and it's full of "new" items. Lastly there's just loads of bugs. I'm aware that the game is a work in progress and I'm writing this review for the simple opinion that you guys are on good tracks and i'd love to see more.
Pretty cool game, challenging and with awesome characters that is difficult to pick a favorite. Very challenging and fun.
I absolutely love this game so much. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I wish for the stages you could rush them for equipment. its confusing to explain. You know how some games you can rush a stage 10 times to get experience and equipment and money? I think that would be cool. makes grinding a little easier. Probably just me tho. Anyway it would be awesome to get more costumes too. Maybe add more features too. Maybe make more ways to get gold. All in all love this game so much. I'd rate it 10/10. Keep up the good work.
I enjoy this game!!! Really fun, well for me it's good to waste a little time after work and class!!! But if you really want to play a game that just gets right into the fight I recommend this game!!! "Have Fun and Happy Adventuring". XP
This game has a ton of potential! The translation is pretty shoddy and I don't have a clear idea what I should be doing most of the time, but the gameplay is solid and the party has a lot of fun abilities. Give it a shot!
Does not seem to work well at all on tablet divice. Unable to see the inventory chest in main menu and once I got the 4th character they were off screen with a small section showing that I could click on, and then when clicked all the skills were off screen. Game doesn't allow swiping to move camera so I can only assume this is a bug, and a bad one at that.
The game is good but the text keeps cutting off. And for the skins, the other skins idle animation is kinda limited than the school uniform one, I hope you improve it. Anyways it's a decent game with a lot of fan service even in loading screen.
I really love it, but it is missing 2 stars because text boxes usually overflow the text under the characters artwork making it impossible to read. The way the text boxes are handled is annoying, having to hold the box for few seconds until it skips to the next part and it throttles the whole screen, I really feel like I waste a lot of time on those interactions so please fix/upgrade your message system and I will gladly change this review to 5⭐.
Just bought your game today and I'm already in love with it, I hope that you'll continue to update this game as it grows in popularity and support. I hope that you will add something loke event quests were you can get special loot and skins, if you read this thank you for making such a great game, I wish you best of luck with your amazing game.
I bought the game for the artwork, which I'll admit is good. The spritework and animations are high quality. The game itself is slow and boring. The story and tutorial text boxes are poorly designed. (They have a set time that you can speed up, but you can't tap a single box away, only skip the cutscene. Text will always automatically disappear, meaning whether you think it lasts too long, or not long enough, the only thing you can DO as a player is make them auto-play faster, or skip them ALL. You should be able to dismiss one text at a time.) The menu to select your attacks is inconvenient. It takes too much time to kill even basic enemies, because you have to generate mana to do basic attacks. The game would be more fun if you could rapidly tap the screen to build up mana faster. I only played for a few minutes, honestly, because I thought it was sluggish and dull. It gets 2 stars for the artwork but otherwise it's 1 star.
All in all the game has great potential. The story is nice aswell as the characters dialogues. The gameplay is cool but abit grindy. Characters look great and cute aswell as sexy even on their pixel forms. Btw I finished the Chapter 1. But Chapter 2 seems abit difficult to Delve unto...especially the characters are split into two Parties, and on early J Stages ,their power is measly weakened due to this. Hope you would be so Kind enough to lower the Bar A little to clear some J stages until we get that New character...even getting the RED Drops are abit Difficult due to this... Even if the Characters skill levels are at LV30 and Orange/Gold Set Equipments were in place...
The gameplay was really good, not much IAP which is awesome for a mobile game. The artstyle is perfect IMO since I used to the anime fanservices. The grinding didn't feel too bad at all. The only problem with this game is the overall game balance, specifically the character skills: ism skill are kind of meh, health cost on arie are a bit high, speed boost on liweli are kind of not fitting, etc... although it just my opinion, you don't have to take it too seriously. great game overall.
Edit: Still wish for a respec skill option, managed to kill the boss after farming tons of books to lvl Kalika's skill. The second part of the game looks very grindy (first Dungeon is 100 lvls, you need to clear them all to access the next whic is 200 lvls long and so on upwards 1000) Game is good in short burst/if you like to min/max characters and dont mind the long grind. Their newest game uses the same combat system but looks more polished than this one.
Is Nice and Leisure Gameplay, But Can u Update more Costume on it, It would be good focus more on Grinding gold. Thank u
It was pretty disappointing to see how shallow the actual story is on top of the grindy rinse-and-repeat gameplay used to pad out the wholr experience. If I had to say though, it's still worth the money. Just lots of room for improvement if you guys ever make another game.
This is the worst game I ever played. Kind of play like a PC mobile phone game or something. It's just another PC touch screen gaming classic rpg style back in the old days game. Seems boring to play but the characters looks cute and very mature looking anime. But their not very good at doing their part and I have to control their every moves.
Pretty addicting game. So far I've been playing for 2 hours and having tons of fun. The battle system is really fun and timing is really important in this game. Will update the review as I play longer.
this is really friggin good, fun story, nice pixelart graphics, likable characters and easy to understand mechanics 5/5
It's actually a real RPG I feel like now all mobile RPG just feel fake and Don't have the same feel as real RPGs do but this one does have that awesome feel of killing bosses getting good loot. but the game does have some flaws like why make each section 50 level long it's just clear that they are expanding it for the sake of expanding it i'd rather have 25 levels with the chance at getting the gear it says and have higher difficulties give better chances at getting instead
Game so good. When dungeon princess 2 coming? You should add loot boxes that you buy using gold to get better gear. I'll buy tons of them lol.
Pretty satisfied with the game, nice battle system. Getting a good equipment set seems awkward, but my characters are only level ten so idk if that is normal. As with most translated mobile games, the grammar is pretty bad.
Pixel Princess' with an RPG vibe; I love it. I honestly only have one criticism. Character text isnt always entirely readable, as the text either scrolls past the device's finite edge or seems to be in the background of the character's sub vector cutout. Sadly, it throws away a bit of the immersion, but a simple fix will make this game a 5 star in my book. Amazing job.
Game is decent, it's your average hard grind and get op game. End game content (Last boss n after) is extremely grindy. All my characters are lvl 70ish. New characters are cool, but their skills are way too hard to level up since the new dungeons are too hard at higher difficulties. You get these characters every 50 stages on the first new dungeon. Haven't gotten the dual gunner cuz too much grind. So, I can only get one skill book for them a dungeon If I'm lucky. Just be ready for a huge difficulty spike at the dungeons after the last boss. All in all, decent game, is offline and burns time well. I just want the new character's skill books to drop in all areas just not the new ones. Makes them literally unplayable in the new areas cuz their skills are so weak.
The BGM is garbage and is a poor fit. Disappointed, as the graphics are beautiful and look interesting if ye like playin in silence.
fun game thats easy to pick up but upgrading weapons and stats adds some depth. the only improvement i would suggest is that in some cases after upgrading items the rune total doesnt update until you leave and go back to that item again. great work though! keep it up!
The graphics may look bad in our current gaming society , but the girls still looks beautiful even if they were pixelated. Not only that I love the combat system where if your faster than the enemy you can kill them before they could even touch you!
i hope it has auto-play while im so busy doing my job. can it display the real time turn? edit: seems no update. the game are boring. grinding and grinding time and should waste your time and most effort for it. you could waste your real life as an teenager. there are free version you want to trial it. and also there is online versions where you can trade items on Itamgames. the game too wasteful time for me.
good game, entertaining and fast paced, good character design and a decent story. Just a complaint is that sometimes the dialogue doesn't fit in the box, so it cuts mid phrase.
Exceeded my expectations. It's actually a really cool though not perfect game. Some exploration, towns, combined with this awesome real time battle system would make it even betta
Gameplay is similar in many ways to Darkest Dungeon, including the grindy aspect but not including the highly depressing story. This fits me fine, there's only so many stories of utter hopelessness that I can take. Translation is okay, most annoying part is that some text gets cut off and words are missing every now and then. The gameplay seems a lot more important than the storyline for this game. Not bad, will keep playing for the time being.
Gameplay wise, it's pretty good in my opinion. As it gets harder it becomes more challenging, which doesn't make the game boring. But, the problem remains on the dialogue. The texts are often cut off