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Dungeon Monsters

Dungeon Monsters for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Greenlight Games located at Wellesley House Duke Of Wellington Avenue London United Kingdom SE18 6SS. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I think the game should offer more goods,(like food,life,diamonds) when playing the game I think 30seconds in a big dungeon to complete all tasks just doesn't cut it which means you have to spend a lot of money to play longer for such short game which to me is boring and makes me want to switch to another game.
I do not know what the game is like. The first thing it wanted was access to my contacts, so I uninstalled it right away. Just can't see why it needs that to play, unless it is to send spam to people.
Game mechanics and graphics are good. Sadly, just another cash cow and a scamming one as well. Play time is severely limited to about 10 minutes. Then must wait 2-3 hours. I purchased the VIP lvl 1 for £4 which advertises: "2 food refills per day", thinking that I will be able to play for 30 minutes in one go. No. It's a scam. The game ALLOWS me now to PURCHASE the food refills for a further few £ every day. What a greedy buggers. Stay clear.
Hmm did anyone else actually read the permission for google games where they get unrestricted access instead of the normal "for this app only". Controls suck too, half the time you swipe to turn it moves forward instead. Why not a generic crosshair control option? Yea and permission for contacts.. I have seen this hundreds of times and zero times have I seen anything in game that actually needs it.. never. So for an extra star.. why do you really want this?? No bs
Interesting mechanics, simple yet has some depth to it. I would like "Shiny" variants of the same creature that could be rarer with no stat upgrades, I might spend some £ on that :)
so far it's good though it feels like I'm due to hit the pay 2 win wall very soon. drop rates of evolution material monsters is quite low and grinding diamonds for the store is slower than most games. Some flaws but overall still a fun game and I'll put some more time into it.
😭breaks my heart evertime i spend my hard earned diamonds in the 'Premium Summon'. Chances of getting legendary monsters is way too low😭
Why does it want my contacts info? It says the best heroes are in the paid shop. So, what's the point to play the game then if you just buy the best heroes.
I had installed this game awhile back but hadn't gotten around to trying it out. Today I did and for some reason this game thinks it needs access to my contacts. Well I denied it and it closed. Then I deleted it. I thought Google was going to stop letting these game and app developers pirate our devices and ask for all these unnecessary permissions. What does a game need access to my contacts for other than to sell or use for some purpose I have not give consent for and would never know about?
This is actually my 2nd time downloading this game and I love it. The animations are great, simple tap controls, must re-enter dungeons to complete quests 100%, collect monsters in dungeons to fuse and upgrade team.. well you het the idea.. Its a good way to pass the time in a simple and fun way. Great Job DM team!!
Good artwork, enjoyable gameplay, lots of neat monsters to collect... No complaints so far, great job devs :)
Level up system & grind is cool. Not what I expected but the game is great. Love it! Thank you, its all I play😊
Just repeats the tutorial over and over for me. cant give more than a 1 star as my experience of the game isnt good. I'll try reinstalling.
Would be a really good game if it wasn't so heavy on limiting you and pushing you to spend money. Terrible freemium model. Should make the game fun first and then add cosmetic or optional purchase choices. It's clearly made to get your money asap. I don't mind spending big money on games but I don't enjoy being forced into it and for that reason, I'm out.
Good game but something is very wrong when giving the free diamonds, it says sharing and when i pressed the sharing button it displayed error, not intentional I hope. Lol.
this is the worst game ever..it will never open even if i had strong internet connection.....just remove this app from the playstore it will just be a piece of junk fix this: 1.it will never open after i downloaded it....it just keep saying " need internet connection " so i open my data and my wifi but still it never open it keep saying " need internet connection again and again.....
When they ask to access your CONTACTS for a game, that's a big old red flag. Then when the game has to be forced closed to exit that's another. Deleted. Id avoid this game or any by these devs in the future.
This is one of my favorite games. The only thing that would make it better, as far as I can see, would be to make it easier to level up and evolve. But I suppose it should be challenging, especially for the higher level monsters. Thank you for developing such a fun game. Good job!
I love old school D&D. This is the best by far. I hope you do more. 10000 gold keys now, that helps a lot. Ease to add friends. Great pass time!
Farming game. It needs too much time but it is not challanging: you depend on "allies" to use creatures y don't have. I hate that "light" system to make me repeat something 3 times. Done
User tip: In order to allow us to play offline comfortably, don't force us to connect. Uninstalled comfortably and immediately.
I deleted game. I don't think it is right that you have to do exactly what the tutorial says. Game is a bunch of BS. The one fighter I really liked and they want me to fuse it with a c fighter. Right before this it said your on your own and then makes you do what it says. If I'm on my own then let me play the game and not force me into moves I don't want to do. P.S. when game says on your own that means go play and good luck, not hey come fuse this with this. Why can't you fuse what you want in tutorial. Better yet just get rid of the tutorial because it's a waste of time.
dis game is so fun and offline it keeps me busy there is no problem with the game but it will be fun if you make the pvp better iets fun but little boring but love the game
Stuff is fine but the gold acquisition could be better; things get expensive in a hurry and removes the curiousity for experimenting with new monsters.
I enjoy this game. I like the dungeon crawling aspect. There is alot to do, big time sync. The rewards come slowly so you'll need to play for a while to see results.
Pretty decent game, albeit the microtransactions are a bit pricey, I know I'd actually buy if I got more for my buck. I'm turned off by the greed in these games, I get supporting the dev but there's no get rich quick formula that ever works.
Surprisingly fun to play! Nice graphics, sound good too. Old-school feel to it, well worth the download.
Really enjoy this game had an issue with buying something and they fixed it. Made it right so overall would reccomend
An hour of casual gameplay later the game already forcing the premium currency on you. Why: so there is energy system in game-you spend 5 energy to enter a dungeon at 4 th chapter-and you have limited moves called torch for exploration, the problem is: you run out of torches if you try to complete the dungeon in one entry(4th chapter) even if you plan carefully. You must spend energy to enter twice or you must buy torch potions with gems.GfG. Was good to pass time in toilet tho
First person dungeon crawler / monster collect/upgrade. Easy to understand tutorial, gets into game steady, enjoyable graphics and gameplay. Free 2 play is good and arnt pushed to purchase all the time like some games. If you enjoy dungeon/loot/monster games then sink some time into this!
Fun dungeon crawler. Upgrade your party by fuseing them with other monsters you fight. Just like the others but its free and no wifi needed!
this game never gives out free diamonds. every you click on it it goes to a home improvement site and i live in a apt. the game is glitchly sometimes and restarts ever time u post to facebook.
Edit: hit the pay wall and it it pure pay to win now. Very disappointing. so far it's good though it feels like I'm due to hit the pay 2 win wall very soon. drop rates of evolution material monsters is quite low and grinding diamonds for the store is slower than most games. Some flaws but overall still a fun game and I'll put some more time into it.
I liked to play this game on PC. When it was no more available I missed it so I installed the mobile version. And I still like it. Remind me (in a way) a good old Dungeon Master. And I like collecting and evolving monsters. Unlike some players I appreciate that I can't just play it for hours, since I don't want to spend more hours on mobile. And I think if you know how to work the game mechanics, you can get a lot of this game for free. Unless you want to be top player, but it's sort of understandable, you may need to invest in that. (P.S. I love the new desing of Daruma's :) )
Turn based card collector with almost instant energy cap. cute monsters and a story line, but not enough to care to waste the hundred of hours it must take to get anywhere near end game. dungeons become microscopic on the mini map. otherwise a near enough game.
Ive played the tutorial for more the 20times now...Why do i always play over again and again?..is the game bugged or something...i cant even proceed to the next dungeon?..can you fix this?..
It was fun playing, and addicting, until the events can only played online... Wish it was like the previous time when events were playable offline.. And also it would be nice if we can buy torches and life with gold. That's all for now and more power to you!
So far so good, gameplay has been smooth since the update. I enjoy the simplicity of it, straight to the point, and easy to adapt and learn.
Great Game. Facebook screwed a bunch of us but we like the game so much we found different ways to continue to play.
Extremely addictive and fun. Could use some more variety in creatures to collect maybe, but then again that might conflict with the charm of the simplicity.
Interesting gameplay. Nice looking lass too! Be interesting if the dungeons were BIGGER and the monsters bigger and scarier like DOOM!
like the game.. would give it 5 stars but your pvp changed and your progressive events make it impossible to complete. dont care about the progressive as much but your pvp sucks... I get 1 person who is my level and then the next is 3 players 3 times my level?