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Dungeon Mart

Dungeon Mart for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Orobas Soft located at 서울시 금천구 가산동 신한이노플렉스 361. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game would easily be four stars if it was playable. Crashes 99% of the time when you try to open it.
This game is great. Cute graphics, nice concept, and easy to learn controls. The only thing I have against it is I spend 30 minutes on one shop merging. Is there anyway we can get a system that makes it less time consuming? Merge all button or auto merge? By the time I've made it to the 3rd island I'm tired just from merging swords the entire time I've played.
Its easy to see a kit of thought was put into this game... on the profit end. The game has adverts for everything and even then you get random ads every 20 minutes or so. The game is simple and fun for a bit, id likely continue playing as it would be a nice one to do while killing time but it's just not worth the random ad to me.
It's cute, but the ads are excessive. You do have optional ads, but there are so many that you get just for looking at a different menu that you didn't choose to see.
Only played for a little bit, but very addicting at first, I like the ammount of shops you can have, makes the game more immersive that way and I love the dungeon aesthetic of how you have multiple dungeons you monitor over
Cute game, good time waster. The only thing I could recommend adding is a shop for magic staves or wands.
10 out of 10 this game is actually sweet I'm not a bot I was not paid to make this review it's fun it's addicting just combining stuff and you can mess with everyone or just chill and it'll get you money. Not too much excitement but it's honestly the best game I've played on android in what feels like forever. Thanks guys keep it up!
Forced ads ruin the experience. I could understand if there were no other ad mechanics but there are plenty ads to be watched willingly. Forcing ads in the middle of game play jars the experience.
The graphics for the temple shop are a bit bugged. The adventurers pray into an upside-down version of whatever they bought from the ice cream shop.
Cute graphics, interesting concept. If you wanna kill some time this game is pretty decent. Unfortunately, I got bored pretty fast and decided that it's not worth my time since the progress is slow and too repetitive. Also, random ads forcibly popping up made it a no go for me.
Nice little game but requires way too much attention. May i suggest recieving free crates faster? It seems like the only way to make progress is to constantly be active and merging equipment.
Good game but in my 2nd phone game start from 1st stage even linked with my 1st phone email why ? Please fix this I have 2phones. If u fix this then I can think about something purchase but I cancelled because this issue
What else is new in the Feb 22 update? More ads! Lots more! Previous basic functionality upgrades now locked behind ads. More intrusive "notifications" on screen to watch more ads. Oh, and a handy double tap on store items to automatically merge a couple of them. I think I'm done with this app.
What a gem this game is. Playing it for days now. Way to go developer this is enjoyable. In app purchases are priced perfect that make them feel like a benefit. Other apps will charge 20 or $30 to remove ads. There is no way im dropping that on a phone game. All i can say is great job i will continue to support you all.
Language is sometimes in korean. Ads are forced later in. Played hard for 5 minutes then it shoved an ad at me. Played for another minute and another forced ad. No thanks clowns who developed this. Hope this company gets kicked off the play store.
I love the game but your recent update made it where im getting less coins i should be getting 2t but instead im getting 200g and if i cant get my progress back imma just uninstall the game i lost over half of my gains
A very nice game. I accidentally lost my progress when i chose download to your device instead of saving to server, is there any chance that i can recover it? Also, do you have plans to add some multiplayer feature like pvp later? Thanks
A lot of potential. This game needs a lot of attention. I don't care for much of the forced ads. Maybe putting videos we willingly will watch if you put something we actually want worth it.
Good game but the description on the product collection which the item would sell around 500million but when you sold it it doesn't even close to half of what in the description will add on your money
Ads are not as bad as everyone is saying. Its cute and fun to play. The only thing I am upset about is I purchased the character appearance tickets for 50 gems and there is absolutely no way to use them. And no way to get support on the game.
I'm not really into those dungeon games, but this one I really enjoy. The characters are really cute and you earn money when you're not playing, I don't think other dungeon games do that.
Keeps crashing when I try to open the game. Funny thing is I tried to send the crash report and even that crashed. I have the newest Samsung galaxy 20 note ultra... and the game worked fine the first couple weeks I had it. Yes, it's up to date. Yes, I've tried it on wifi and off wifi. Yes, I've restarted my phone. Cute otherwise, when it works.
Super cute game. I would like to see auto level up buttons for the store or hold it down level up. Other that can't wait see what comes out I love the game
Can't even get in. Crashes every time. Even crashed when trying to send the crash report. Sad, because it looked cute despite all the reviews saying its a p2w game and wanted to give it a chance.
Not a bad little time killer with decent graphics and not too many required ads. Been a couple forced ads but not every time I play. My biggest complaint is how much time is required merging every time you reset. Should be a auto merge upgrade like many other merge based games. Its burning me out and making me not do the reset. This is a big problem for me and likely what will make me stop playing soon.
Very Good game, but crashes allot. On my pixel 5, I need to launch the game multiple times before it will actually finish loading without a crash. I've found that if the Google play logo finishes it's animation above the game before the games loading Bay reaches 98% the game will crash. Devs, please fix!!
This game's concept is incredible humoristic. You drive a dungeon-adventure business where you lure adventures into a dungeon delve where they find treasure and slay monsters. Then you loot them of all their cash😄 oh y - you also make them pay a entrance fee☺ hehehe
It was a fun little time waster, but then the game wouldn't even open. It just keeps crashing on the loading screen.
Very hectic but it was enjoyable until the forced ads pop up. Got 2 in under 15 min. Don't bother playing
Adorable little game, decent concept but shallow. HOWEVER FORCED ADS. I don't care if you have the best game in the world if you force an ad you get one star.
Very addictive at first, but then later part it became quite repetitive. Hope there were more elements to it like maybe you can choose your visitor classes, up their classes according to your choice, and create shops meant only for those classes.
I love every part of this game... except the forced ads. There are optional ads which I don't mind but, combined with forced ads it just isn't fun to try to play around them.
It's a great mindless game with some tap to gain corn and merging to create better equipment to sell. Upgrades and reset to start all over again. Really well done. It has some Ads but this are all optional.
This game is great. It's a great way to kill some time. I have found a few glitches though. Items not selling for the right price and upgrades not working. Other than that I really enjoy the graphics and the ads are not too intrusive.
This is just an advertisement generator. Numerous options to warch ads to have the game work fairly for short durations, resources that would be impossible to get otherwise, and even forced random ads! I do not recommend this game in it's current state.
Awesome game, really enjoying it so far (bought the ads skip and offline expansion just because how great it was). HOWEVER. the game becomes extremely tedious once you start resetting the dungeons. It easily takes half an hour to fully remerge one shop, and it's really ruining the fun. I can have millions in bank, yet I need to buy tiny 10k swords and merge them up. Was fun for the first time, but not anymore.
It's not bad but kind pretty cute game because they look so cute and their voices I don't see many problems what you mean is a good game 👍👌👏😂😅😆😋😏🙂😹😸🙉🙈👋🤝🤣