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Dungeon Legends - PvP Action MMO RPG Co-op Games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its an okay game, but be ready for constant force closes, and deceptive ads that'll close the game for barely touching your screen, i.e when you pull down your screen to check the time for example. Could be an excellent game, but it's so buggy and laggy and the developers seem to not care. So 1 star. I hope everyone else's experience is better than mine, because it was very frustrating. At one point i could even open the app because it would just force close as soon as i tried. Good luck!
Generic looking enemies and bosses, tons of grind - unless $2win, no character design other than wearing different gear - you are a male dwarf and nothing else, poor matchmaking in pvp...just too much not right with this product. The sound effects were not bad though.
most simple ass game ever there is no challenge what so ever and controls are not meant for this game at all. I highly recommend you never get this game if your looking for a fun game to play with .
All ready wrote a review but can't find it,I wanted to add that when braking some containers the contents sometimes lands outside the map or behind items in the map which makes it impossible to collect, thats the only one little bug ive noticed, as far as graphics,and game play it runs smoothly and is enjoyable to play. ...definitely worth the DL...
Game seemed okay. Was enjoying playing it then I couldn't get back in because it crashes every time I try to open. Brand new phone. Good internet. Broken game. Uninstalling.
Loving it so far. I love the idea of the power levels. I hope it's uncapped and I can't wait for future updates.
Wth is going on over here, due to connecting issue the game won't connect and when I do connect and join a raid , it again comes out without joining the raid but then I lost the Dungeon Key WITHOUT EVEN JOINING, AND NOT ONLY FOR KEYS, ITS THR SAME FOR HEARTS ALSO, I recommend this game to my friend but hell no, got to avert him from thr rage I got, goodbye, Uninstalled, thank you for the worst time.
Lots of fun so far, easy touch screen control, graphics and sounds are great. I just finished the training and I'm not very far into the game yet so that's all I can say now, but I think I will be playing this one a lot. Thanks Devs!!!!!
Hello! I'm very excited to this game. It is unreal beautiful and interesting. Unfortunately there is one drawback: there is no movement joistick and attack button. U know it is really hard to move about the location by tapping everywhere by finger. I think the vast majority of players agree with me. Do you think it will be better to make a movement joistick and attack button? Then it will be the best RPG-cell-phone game and I definitely leave 5 stars! I hope you will listen to me and do it!!!
This game is awesome! Great time killer or if your into RPGs. The only thing I don't like about is it can feel repetitive, raids and or co-op are limited, doesn't have quick access to add someone as a friend nor can you view someone else's equipment, but the biggest thing for me is you can only play one character. But with all that being said those are minor issues for me. This is a solid game and I'm sure that if the game and the devolpers got more support new doors would open up for a game that has a lot of potential
With only one type character to play, a warrior of sorts, the last type of character i like to play, this game is boring and uninteresting to me. everything else seems to be pretty well done, just not my type of enjoyment.
The game worked great the first time I downloaded it. The next day I tried to run the game and when I got to the load screen it would crashed. Tried restarting the game multiple times with same application crashing. It's a shame too because the game was quite fun.
Great game but it feels like the Devs just forgot about it and left it as very hard to find other players just feels dead what a shame as it really is a good game where don't need to pay £1000 to get ahead
Server connection are weak when entering co-op mode and when I want to upgrade weapon theres nothing happen when clicked start button and it make me annoyed . Fix it ASAP or just terminated this game from playstore . Theres no point to continue this game if developer do nothing . ;)
its pretty good. i couldnt get it to work for a while but i uninstalled and reinstalled it and got it to run. i haven't gotten far yet but its got nice graphics and the controls are solid, menus are easy to navigate. overall its definitely worth looking into.
A lot of bugs in this game,when i don't have hearts i can't do arena(arena doesn't need hearts), window opens that ask me to buy hearts and i can't close it,so i have to force close the game! In the arena i get opponents that are way better equipped than me,like, how am i lvl 13, supposed to win someone who is lvl 19??? and if you really want to enjoy this game,you need to donate and when a game is based on that, it's just sad!
Game crashes 100% of the time on one of the skills while trying to unlock it. PvP doesn't even come close to matching players of equal rank up. Huge time investment of ad videos to maybe get something to still make you suck at the game.... Honestly you are better off playing a more balanced game and a games tested enough to not crash the game constantly on a basic skill unlock.
Fun game but click to move really sucks,and can never find anyone in arena to fight,and i have let it sit for 10mins searching for someone,if u can fix those issues game will 5 star
how to get 5 stars..? 1. please fix the server for the arena. In my case, it is difficult to find a match up in arena. I dont now way, yet, my best guess is because the server in my country is quite empty. 2. thus,it is little bit annoying to arrange the best equipment stats one by one. please attach new fiture that allowed us to always use the best stats of equipment. thanks, 😘
When I first played this game it was fun and exciting but then the very next day the game refused to play and kept say sorry we are experiencing some network failures but that was the thing my WiFi was perfectly connected so I don't know what happened to my game weather its a bug or just a glitch in the system but if you guys could fix it then I would give it a 5 instead of a 1.
Editing my post. Is this even viewable ? Game deserves a 1 star. Hasnt been updated for over a year. No developers care about it. Theres still bugs. I played 4 days and I'm already at the end lmao. The dungeon goes to chapter 6 then stops. Gg
Really great game love the fact that you are able to team up with friends to take down dungeon bosses. I would love to see more creative ways to battle along side other people and progress through your epic adventure with all kinds of amazing people. Looking forward to keep on enjoying this spectacle ;)
Everything about this game is Pay2Win. Ridiculously long skill timer's that can be sped up with Gems. Impossible to collect all the dungeon loot because some of them close prematurely. Play at your own risk!!
3* rating due to loot being dropped outside play zone, loot time isnt long enough when map finishes ive lost several rewards, takes too long to get more lives, and arena battles shouldnt use dungeon hearts.
It's glitchy. it keeps crashing yet will take my lives and keys as if I played. Absolutely unplayable until this issue is fixed. Get rid of the life system and key system if the game just crashes 75% of the times you try to play a map
It's a pretty fun little game the graphics are good if you're not a clicking what kind of guy or girl then it's not for you
This is one of the worst laggiest game I ever play because the more I play this game more I lag and it makes me frustrated that the game just gave me a headache. Sometimes I lag and the game just crash and the heart I spended just didnt came back. Please develop more of the game or put a graphic setting.
More stars if issue is fixed. My issue is that when I attempt to do co-OP, I get a message saying unstable connection and then get booted back to main screen and I lose a key. I've lost over 30 keys so far from this issue. If it gets fixed, I'll be happy to give 5 stars. No reply from anyone in regards to my issue huh. Well I guess I'll drop it another star. So now I've LOST over 25 keys for the Co-OP. This is ridiculous.
Was great for about 20mins until they tried charging me to continue playing, and on top of that the welcome pack they wanted to sell me was £21! Reduced from £110!!!! ARE YOU NUTS? and ironically before installing I read reviews and seen that loot jumps outside of range so you cannot loot it, that happened to me. BIG NO NO.
Sad that you gave up on game. :( no more updates no dungeon 66. Many bugs. Ex. If you kill all but one enemy on co op and let pet hit to low health walk into door. It will then let you go to boss. Kill the enemy instead of the boss and you will get complete. Many times background will go black and youll have to run dungeon blind. Sad because it reminds me of old school diablo.
Look, gameplay mechanics, stats, skills, levels.. they're pretty good made. But whatever resource you have, LIVES (energy), ingame cur., premium cur., you can buy them. Ingame currency is hard to get, when you compare with "lives/money farmed". Any skill or stat upgrade need money. They give like 25 stat points for you to spend freely, but each costs some and it goes up. Pay wall is everywhere. Upgrade skills? Wait for Half an hour. Wanna speed up? Pay in premium cur. Trash except gameplay.
At last! I've found the game your mobile was made for! Enjoyed it hugely since my first dungeon raid... The ONLY game I've seen that is as close to Diablo as you can get! Well done guys! You get 5 stars just for that, never mind that it's VERY good
Love the game! Wish I could be something besides a dwarf warrior? Confusingly limited? Other than that though, beautiful premise and execution! And wonderful graphics :)
Upsetting As F*** & Extremely Costly.... $$$ 😢 reset my phone and before I did had the games info backed up and stored on sd card as well as the cloud, plus I was logged into google play games before the back/reset.. yet when reinstalled I am unable to restore any (I thought was saved) progress.... please dev. help and I'll give you a 5 star that I want to be able to give.... please and thanks.
fun game but I dont play games that limit your energy then make you either wait or pay money to keep playing. No thank you!!! let people play the game and get money through other things in the game- not by limiting people's ability to play. wont be getting any $$$ from me
Why didnt you guys add a joystick? This game is mind blowing but the touch to move is literally anathema to any real PVPer. Add a joystick and youll get a million more downloads.
Overall a good game and f2p friendly with some patience. 2 stars cause I want to see more coop content I don't think the dungeons are enough. Also Facebook connect does not work so I don't know what will happen if I change phones and want to keep my progress fix this asap.
minus not using wifi the gameplay is fairly smoot. however! all the ad pppups seems to take away from the flow of th game! also at the end of a dungeon it doesn't allow you to get all treasure drops. it just goes to 'completed' screen. leaving all the goodies on the floor. but is an enjoyable game. reminds me of Diablo!
Played for 30 mins the servers wont let me back on the game keeps saying server connection issue try again and also multiplayer arenas are Slow at connecting to a match everythings over priced and the best part is they arent gonna ever fix it for us ir read these reviews 👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕
You tried to make it like Dungeon Rampage but that's why the game itself doesn't have personality also add joystick controls because we're playing on mobile not pc
So far so good, great ARPG graphix, smooth controls, looks to be great character attributes and skill building system. Little to early to decide my full true rating though as like a lot of familiar F2P/P2P games tend to lay on the latterit in side of the line. Nice game so far codigames!
Great game but it's quite incomplete, a blacksmithing info page would be nice, better legendarys with level so they don't just become irrelevant once you get mystical gear, make blacksmithing require lower levels for upgrading gear by like 5 levels each, finish chapter 6 and possibly make inferno and winter loot have rings for it, more co-op chapters would be awesome, Drop rate information would also be amazing, If you are a game developer and are reading this, thank you! I came into this game not wanting to spend any money, and so far on my main account I've spent over $100. You guys are awesome and I hope you take my thoughts into concideration. Thank you and have a nice day, -Jared Cameron Aka -Ragnarawk -TeaWrexx
Bad controls. Hero sometimes moves on its own, delayed response, wont attack enemies when we missclick the enemy, but auto attacking when we trying to run in low health. Disliked.
So can we like log back in our accounts or not? I left this game thinking everything was saved only to find out that I have to start over. This is really irratating. I love this game but its too time consuming and costed a lot of investments to not be able to log back in pur accounts.
Fix the game crashing due to playing ads. You don't get the rewards and you have to watch them again. I guess they just want to get money by the shear amount of ads being played so they don't care. Edit: Now I cant enter dungeons and it says my opponent took too long to enter. My opponent is the cpu! Not even an arena battle! Garbage game.