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Dungeon Knight

Dungeon Knight for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Fire Shrike Games located at 124, Sindorim-ro 19-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Manipulative in app purchases. I'm willing to pay for a quality of life upgrade in a free game. I paid $10 to remove ads for buffs as it seemed to be the only buff you could buy meaning the game wouldn't be pay to win. After purchasing I was imediately printed to spend $40 to increase my attack by 25x.. pathetic snakes your game deserves to fall into obscurity
Clearly a money grab with no substance. Same thing level after level. Let auto play do the work, fighting endless moster until you can level up, fight next boss, and repeat on the "next level". Then you hit the obvious paywall and you're stuck. Not even a story line or anything to even make it intersting.
Great game, wish it had Game Moderator on it to stop some spam/language lol. Also an auto translator to the users preferred language would be nice since everyone from all over play and don't know what they say. Guild system would be cool, private chat or even a friend's list be nice. Could add like 50-100 friends and give gifts. Maybe hearts or another currency to use as another summon when given X amount of gifts. Overall its a great time killer and like idling =)
game is amazing and fun, but as i updated it this morning, since then i couldnt get into the game no matter what, i have deleted and reinstalled, still doesnt work, please help
It says idle rpg but you have to be online for you to actually gather anything. I make 60q in a minute or 2 online. while im offline for about 3 hours i make that same amount. It forces you to be idle on the app and there is not alot to do because eveything is limited. Arena limited to 30 times free gems limited to 30 times with a cooldown of 10minutes. Upgrades are good but it takes time to accumulate to actually make a difference. ITS AN IDLE GAME WHY SHOULD I BE ON A LONG TIME TO ADVANCE!!!!
Good killer time. I actually enjoy+ like⁶⁰ this game also enjoy auto mode. Like example I was cooking last night and playing on auto in same time. Plus game in 3d mode and it has a lot I'm saying a lot of levels and diferent characters. I've been playing none stop for past 2 days now in clue nights. 5 star also I wish it will have free mode where u can run around and kill monsters . Like platform what allows you go whanever youwant and explore the world.Hope y'all enjoy this awesome game.
Fun! The game is simply fun to play, at the beginning the fun part was being able to get loot and upgrade super fast but then the game gets a little tougher which is not bad at all.
Forces you to log in to your google account before you can even play.Potential data miner who can sell your information.At least let me enjoy the game first.Any app that does this is a red flag.Uninstalled.
Tried to play but since can only use 3 letters for the name tried different things for 20 min and cant all names are taken just a big waste of time and data
I will gave 3 right now but if you add more skills and more events i will probably make it 5 The game play is overall good for an idle rpg same as graph but just a little lacking at some parts like what i just mentioned.
i was in the charater name creation then may battery died. then i reopen the game after charging, it was stuck in name creation. I can't click anything. tried to reinstall the game but now I'm stuck in the log in page. can't click anything also. I've read it was a good game but somehow i can't play it. olease fix the issue.
The game is amazing, you don't have to pay to win which is good. I just have one question? The arena only lets you play 30 times and you get 10 points everytime you win. So that's 300 points, how come I see people with like 400,500,or 600, I'm always below the within 100th mark. Please answer this thank you. Other than that, amazing game.
Character Growth designed around P2W. There are "walls" that cannot be surpassed without buying bundles. Game doesn't bring anything new to the table. My experience after about a week: Hit a wall for a few days and decided to buy a beginner pack for 10x power/Gold and no ads. Hit an even bigger wall. In game chat of players ranked higher said they have 100x power gold (2 additional tiers of purchases) and they are at even higher walls. Announcement today implements yet another paid feature.
This game is trash and a money graber, you need to to spend 200$ just to reach a top rank. This game is P2W(pay to win), you need to spend a lot of money/cash in this game. This game is so boring that you just need to afk while griding. There's no good at social status also there's a lot of toxic people. So if you guys are finding a good RPG game, I advise you not to install this because this game only thinks of a money.
The idea is decent, but the gameplay just doesn't go anywhere. Same generic levels and you arbitrarily upgrade stats. That lets you progress to further levels with the same enemies, skills, etc. It's a grind fest with no noticeable payoff. Oh and Arena? Don't bother trying it. You get matched with people who are 10-50x stronger than you. There is no actual calculations to their matchmaking system.
Lost 2 stars for generic response and deleting my review. Here's the original post to everyone else: It's a "Free to play" mobile game. Means it is riddled with ads and microtransactions. Venture at your own disgression.
Unstable! Unplayable! Always crashing when collecting an item, or advancing to the next stage. Crashes when using the summoning to get items. Not an enjoyable game if you have to restart the game all the time!
Pretty good, I've been playing the game for over a 3 weeks now, it does really get hard once you start getting to T, in my opinion just a tad I feel like I'm putting in work but not getting anything out of it, feels like I'm running a treadmill on the same setting. Overall it's a real addictive game nonetheless.
Cool for the first 4hours. After that, goodluck grinding or spending cash. Barely get any incentives and the "IDLE" part yeah you don't get enough from being idle either. Game could have a lot more opportunities on skills and add ons but nah its more for quick cash. Gg
This so promising,Easy and simple,but the graphics is excellent and I enjoyed the game so much,I'm looking and very excited for an update in the near future.
Another idle game where all you do is control upgrades. One star because it's "3d" but the camera swings wildly back and forth making it obnoxious to look at.
It's a good game but I can't get onto the game now because they blocked access to it with their "more games" popup. Like do you really have to show me your other games? If I wanted to check out the other games I would have gone on google play don't bombard me and pressure me into playing your other games I'll never play.
There is literally no tutorial. The gacha system is designed to be super p2w. You need to summon 100x to get better chances up to 800+. Also ads can be watched only 1 time every 10 minutes. Since they have 30 ads you have to be checking 5 hours a day. Dungeons also exactly the same. Maybe will change with time ⏲️🤔.
Idle done right. Easy to play, good progression, walls are easily passed. Great purchase value. Generous free premium currency system. In an app store filled with bloat, this one floats.
hello? why does it say my device is rooted?its a brand new Tablet and stores do not sell rooted devices..What is going on here? can i get an answer?
Tried playing for a short while, the camera is not fixed and jumps around like crazy as your character moves and made me horribly nauseous.
Pretty good balance plenty of in game gems not a pay to play but if u play u do get a boost that's well worth it
Uninspired idler with poor draw gimmicks, gets very repetitive very quickly and while cash currency is given to you at regular intervals it's never close to being satisfactory. (Also Ad heavy.)
The game is limited, addicting but limited. I love fighting monsters but there needs to be exploration. I love everything, the pets and stuff. It needs to be more interesting, maybe like you find someone that you care for. A story line would be a nice addition. I feel like a party of friend and someone you care for would make it more fun overall. Not just pets if you know what I mean.
I think the game is a decent time killer. What really irritates me is the arena. Out of the 30 battles, I won 4. The other 26 I was put against people that literally do 100x more damage then me. Really need to figure out a better way of matching people.
Ok but when you beat a boss youd expect a new map and a new power up or something maybe if the character had a summon ally or attacking pet it would be better or to make the game multiplayer as well
Good game so far.. just put on some story background and add more power or items on player. Thanks What does it mean when you said review what i said?
The game itself loop is okay, it doesn't really do anything innovative but it works, but the big problem the game has is that it relies extremely heavily on the premium currency to do anything in the game. That wouldn't be too much of an issue as the game allows free players to earn premium currency except... I've only ever managed to get an ad to work once—ever. And it didn't even give me my currency. Any other time, all I've gotten is "no ads available", so when ads don't work or load, a free-to-play player basically has no way to progress in this game because the game relies so heavily on the "diamond" currency to progress. There two ways to fix this: One— try to load the ad, and if it fails, give the player the currency anyway since it's not their fault that nothing loads or is available, or two, balance the gameplay loop so diamonds aren't SO important that they are basically a requirement to progress through the game by giving you extremely high multipliers (also fixing the ads so they actually work would probably be a good idea, too). If the simple gameplay loop of your game wilts for free-to-play players because something as simple as ads not working, than it may be time to rethink the current game design balance and how much "support" you may be 'asking' from your players.
Lame and boring. Do yourself a favor and dont download this. But if you wanna disprove me or if you are willing to throw away several minutes of my life donloading and trying this, which I regretably done, you are free to try. But you have been warned.
Its fun but i feel the arena isnt. Ad speed boost works in the arena, i guess its not random, i spent 7 tries fighting the same guy whose miles sbove me in damage. Before id beat some people and get my rank up but i guess its not so this time. There is a gem achivement for arena defeats but losing over and over just makes me not want to play the whole game. Fun though, till you stop progressing
This app is amazing, i enjoy playing this idle game really goodjob for the developer, but this game has a guild and guild war or guild raid 5 star would be no brainer. Thankyou
Overly repetitive and bottlenecks really fast so you have to buy gems to proceed. Garbage pay to win game.
Game is new so there is still plenty of room for it to go either way, but as of now I say it is a solid game with pretty good potential. I would like more ways to cooperate or bring people together like events and such. But the BIGGEST down fall of the game as of right now and I hope they work on this, in order to get the most rewards from the game by far, you need to have the game up and running in a power save mode at all times, even when you sleep. But other than that I say kudos and keep on
too much focus on gem.. very hard to collect gems.. at the end it becomes money game where money talks
Bugged right now, mobs are hard to kill as well as when they die doesn't go towards the gold boost % either. Any help? Thanks
A very fun and very enjoyable game! I like how merging is easy (button press) much better than drag and drop. Though the flash when Summoning is really sudden and bright. Perhaps add an option to disable that flash? For future class/weapon ideas. After merging a UUU tier class to X, then say Archer. After getting through Archer all the way to UUU, merge to X for Mage. Then starting at D for Mage. Then: Druid Paladin Necromancer, Ranger, Wizard, and same for weapons. UUU merge to D for next type
Its decent, hope it progresses. Edit: extremely bland after playing a couple days. I figure almost everyone powers up the exact same way as the price of upgrades is fixed in inflation.
Surely needs improvement. But the general concept of the game is good. Needs too be updated with more things too do. Something too keep you on the game. More coupon code give aways would be incredibly nice too.
Absolutely love this game 🎮 but once again My ads aren't working they started working and now back to the same message please fix them
I actually downloaded the game with the sole intention of leaving a review and uninstalling. Reviews do matter and after reading a few (because it looked like a game I would enjoy) I was not interested in it due to the fact that it is another app clearly driven by profits. Developers really need to start considering balancing their greed with customer satisfaction.
I liked this game i love the graphics and also cute characters i only have suggestions why dont you try to put other class not just swordsman ahahahaja but still a 5 stars because i enjoy a lot .
Not a bad idle game. The 3d aspect is cool. Lots of cool armor and weapon designs. 4 stars only cause there is a p2w aspect in that you can pay for permanent damage and gold boosts. You wont see the top of rankings without spending money. But still not bad time killer and decently fun.
Pay to win... The upgrade system slowly reduces your % chance to succeed down to 1%. (This is fine and makes it feel rewarding when you succeed) The catch is that if you are spamming that 1% chance over and over, when it finally succeeds the next option costs gems and does not give any prompt. So it's designed to trick you into wasting all your gems. So that you pay money to buy more. Having just started the game and it stealing all the gems on a low lvl item is a major turn off...
Easy idle play,simple upgrades on weapons,equipment,etc. If you want a no hassle idle game this is it !
The game is simple and easy to learn, but it lack a bit of substance. Guilds or alliances would be great, Friend's lists would be good. An endless tower of some sort and ways to collect gear etc without spending diamonds is needed.
Seems fun, but the bug i encounter was watching ads for x10 dmg/gold. Everytime you finish watching, you'll be prompted to sign in to GPlay again. This is where i encountered a problem, I was given the menu to name myself,again. I lost my account, Fourtysix. I don't mind losing that since i just started, but i do hope this never happens again to other players.
Providing 5 stars now. Ads issues are being resolved now and I rarely get the problem of having no ads available. Just need more improvement on avaibility of shop items. Friends/Guild feature would be cool too. More skills to come as well and probably classes to choose from in the future! This game have lots of potential and please add events!
Boring enviroment, the $ bundle way rip off, really small chance getting weapon loot drop, take a lot of time.
This seems like my kind of idle game. I'll update my review if that changes. I wish there was a way to auto challenge the boss every so often, but I'll live without it. Edit - Eh.. getting tired of it fast, it's the same thing all of the time and so little of it at that.
This game has tons of potential... sadly there is literally nothing to do. I've had it for a few days and its the same thing over and over. Love the graphic style. Ypu literally stand there in the same tiny room.. Make the dungeon bigger, add exploration. add visual loot to pick up and equip and make it visual on your character...