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Dungeon, Inc.: Idle Clicker

Dungeon, Inc.: Idle Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a very cool, neat, and unique game. It was suggested by a family member, and I've really enjoyed it. I recently switched devices and was able to get the game again. I had lost my data, but upon contacting customer support and finding it was lost for good, they provided compensation, and got me pretty much back to where i was! A good game run by a truly good company. 10/10 would recommend. I will be putting a large investment into the company someday, as a token of my gratitude to them.
This is one of the best clicker games I've played. It doesnt push ads or microtansactions on you, and it clearly has effort put into it. Just small stuff like "7 days without a golden goblin" in the midas room make me happy and makes me think the game had effort put into it. 100% recommended.
Honestly a pretty fun game if you ignore the typical money grab and watch-ad-for-gift things. Payoffs aren't that bad, feel like there's always something to focus on. *However, I feel like raids could use a change, perhaps so that you're fighting people closer to your party score. As it is now no matter how much time you spend in the game you won't get very far raid-wise without spending a lot of money. It would be nice to be rewarded based on time spent and loyalty to the game not money spent.
Cute and aesthetically pleasing art. Great game mechanics and balance. Micro transactions arent needed to do well only if you are impatient. Ads are optional. Absolutely wonderful game.
Would have given it five stars, if it worked. It's been months since the game opened on my phone. I've deleted and reinstalled multiple times, and nothing. Whenever I open the game, it loads to 29% and freezes. With any other game, I'd have given up a long time ago, but I keep trying with this one. It was just a really fun game, with awesome characters and addictive music. I miss it.
Best game of it's type that I've played. It's hard to put down and rewards play in and out of the app.
Wasn't a bad game until it started crashing after only loading 29% I know I'm not the only person experiencing this issue and I really wish they would send out a patch or an update or something. I decided to update my review and give you an even lower rating because you seem to make no attempt to fix a known problem and I regret making in-app purchases since I know I'll never get that money back and y'all are just sitting on your ass is not fixing things
Updated: crashes still. The game is better than previous version. It doesn't crash, but it does heat the phone up and take up nearly all the processing. I found out because the game went into huge bug where wouldnt get to home screen, so I tried putting my phone to sleep. Then my phone wouldnt come back on for minutes. It was like everything froze after putting it into sleep. Needs a fix. On a side note, can you get rid of ads for subscribers? I know apps that completely leave ads out for one payment. Not a monthly rate.
Honestly i like this game but now it goes to 29% then crashes I even tried to delete and reinstall it and the same thing
Hackers are all over the multiplayer. Level 6 having characters doing over 8k damage per hit makes the game nearly impossible to progress in. If it's not hackers, its P2W in that you get 100+ cards (used to upgrade characters) for paying money. Rooted Devices can get these IAPs for free putting them at a HUGE advantage over anyone else. If you cant use multiplayer, progress gets put on hold at about level 5.
Progression is extremely difficult without spending money and even if you do spend money it's not worth what you pay.
Latest update, played for couple of hours, and now the game stopped working, I click on it starts to load, stops at 29% then quits, update seems like it resolved itself.
Decent fun game to play when your board, wish there was more of a story but either way its a great game! Definitely would recommend it to people who enjoy clicker games Also : Love the monster staff just have so much personality even thought they dont even speak along with there designs! 9/10 ( could use the slightest improvement )
Raids happen between anyone no matter your tier you can have 5000 power and end up going against someone with 60000 power
Fast paced, challenging, and cute. I was recommended this game by a friend and fellow bored person and I am so glad I installed it. It's just what I'm looking for in a casual clicker idle game. I also love the funny puns, art, and the color of this game.
If the game itself is not as good as it is ,the thing I love most about this game is its art style ,its wide variety of characters , the awsome soundtrack and all the funny details and hints on the characters and in the background itself. I hope you continue to make such wonderful and enjoyable games for years to come 🙂🙂
Not really an idle game. when you have to sit and click for your life through the whole game just to try to stop the audits it's not any fun.and seeing as how I just started playing this game I am not going to spend money to play it.if you can demonstrate that the game would be fun to play without having to pay, I'd be more likely to give it a better review.
I play alot of clicker games similar to this one, but this game's comprehensive, easy to pick up, and most of all it's satisfying. Exponential growth in an understandable currency is great fun! You guys have made yet another game I've loved :)
Roll-a-dex tap damage randomly drops off to make this game extremely slow and frustrating. I assume the damage i was dealing was a bug, but after putting up 4k per tap and then dropping to 350 per tap is an absolute game killer. If this was unintended please make it to where I never see 4k damage. Its killed my motivation.
I feel like I've been ripped off... subscription covers virtually nothing and doesn't even negate the ads... doesn't give gems...$10/month ONLY doubles income....very sloppy progression...WAY TOO MANY ADS.......NO WAY TO DROP ADS.......AAADDDDDDSSSS
All in all this is a great game it's not to full on but at the same time there is a fair amount to keep you busy of you wanna sit and play a hour or 2 at a time. My only problem is the paring when raiding other peoples dungeons for instance I'm new so my team is power 7658 yet it puts me against 57235 or above 90% of the time there for making it hard to progress with spending keys from what I have read of other peoples reviews this is a ongoing issue would be nice to have fixed please.
Long time player. I stopped playing a year ago. I came back to find out the game will not even load on my phone which is disappointing.
Game crashed at 29% out of the blue. After a week it finally launched... As a new save. That's right, it erased my progress. Do not spend money on this volatile app. Hell don't even download it.
Of all the idle games ive played, this one is by far the most interesting one! You dont need real money to win, and it doesnt drag your time just for a progress! You can play this for hours! Although it crashed and it wont open anymore. It sucks. Pls fix it.
It's a nice game but whenever I try to load it, it NEVER LOADS it just stays there like it has something better to do pls fix.
Nice and relaxing. Very pleasant atmosphere. Of course like any game that's not add polluted you have to pay to get anywhere. One may spend hours searching for ride opponent that's not million times overpowered than him/her.
Love the game, laggy sometimes but I enjoy it, it's funny and fun. The employees and the manager is funny and I find the concept enjoyable
Only played for a couple hours. Was enjoying it until it crashed and wouldn't load passed 29%. Cleared cache, restarted device, still didn't work.
Nice one cuz I Been in a bug for a year and you guys fixed it I'm happy now I can play every day thanks
It's great game that deserves 5 stars but after u get to the end the monster just do less damage than before and it keeps getting worse, I also suggest that you ad more dungeon and monster to the game its gonna make it more intriguing
I love the game and the concept. But all the time the game has a problem to sync, and it who's two versions: the cloud and the device, but usually no matter what version I choose I end up loosing money or gems
Really beautifully made idle game, excellent attention to detail and clever addictive mechanics. Love the art style and humour!
I really do like the game. However despite being total bigginer I get matched against milion times stronger opponents so I have no way of acwuiring those keys. It seems that match-making system is flawed. Edit: The game also frequently crashes while watching ads.
Game is fun but it's randomly won't load now gets to 29 percent then crashes tried reinstalling but no luck please help
After the last update, game loads to 29% theb crashes and exits the game. Seriously im not the only one experiencing this, nowi wish i had never spent any actual money in this game that i cannot even play anymore
I abseloutley love this game but in raids it has a problem the matchmaking matches only on rank not power which means that most of the matches will be unfair
Great game but wish there was a Facebook login so I save progress on other devices other then that no complaints in game purchases are pretty cheep for a game you scam people in.
I usually hate clickers, but this one really got me. It's gorgeous. It has *songs* (plural!), with lyrics. There's love and time and heart in this thing and I love it to bits. Pick it up and just revel in it for a bit-- and then maybe chuck the devs a few bucks if you love it too, because hot damn it's so pretty. Barbragh is precious.
The update is nice and all but its super buggy can u fix them and nerf some auditors that are overpowered Pls.
its an amazing game that is repetitive but its not like the repetitive gamestyles other games have. and they have alot of things to do while playing. and for the arena. I think you should make a simple ranking system like other games have like the top 100 get to go to the next tier. and I have a question will there be guilds in the near future
Good idle game. No interrupting ads unless you choose to watch. My game crashed though and lost all my progress.
This is just one of the many games of PIKPOK that I just love and sometimes download again to play it from scratch. PIKPOK is very cool.
A game with cute concept and graphics that ultimately grows stale quickly. Having played quite a bit both times (taking a break of about a year between) i played for about 6 months each time. The game requires time or money and alot of luck to do well. Even with luck most players use the same strategy of monsters and traps on raids which is their form of pvp due to limited choices that do well. I enjoyed the art and concept just find it grows dull too quickly. Others seem to immensely enjoy it.
The game itself is good, but when I open the app sometimes it kicks me out of the game, but I found a trick where I just have to tap on the screen. But sometimes it randomly kicks me out too, and in most cases, before I start an audit, it would show all five waves and a gold chest. Once I am kicked out, it goes back to 0 waves and a silver chest. But besides from this whole kicking me out biz, it's a good game for me. Hope you guys fix it soon! ✋👏