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Dungeon Crawl:SS (ASCII)

Dungeon Crawl:SS (ASCII) for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by barbs. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please fix the screen redraw bug with most recent update. Otherwise, amazing port of the best game ever made. Appears simple at first but incredibly involved and well thought out game play. Invest the time to figure out the controls and you will be well rewarded.
You can't see most of the text even in the intro screen, then you realize that it is offscreen and you have to move it around to read it. The problem is that you have to move it with every move because the message text disappears offscreen again with every action you take. Annoying and unplayable.
I love this game, it feels like my childhood. However, the 12/20/19 update made the keyboard go all screwy. I had customized my keyboard so that game play was more user-friendly and like the PC version, but now I can't use either the toggles for the number keys or the command keys. I was able to restore the default keys, but I can't set it up the way it was before. It also won't let me set any keys to a ?. Please fix! Thanks!
Perfect Dungeon Crawl, top 1 for me, to a dungeon crawl fanatic, graphics are just a bunos :) good job devs, try to put lot more content <3
Don't let the graphics fool you. This is a very deep and entertaining game. It makes you think and imagine the setting you are in, which is part of the fun. Controls are a bit wonky on the phone but once you get used to it, it's not bad. Give it a try if you like deep rpg, loot based games it's well worth it.
This is just soooo good! Great adaption with good keyboard, good settings. It's so much more comfortable and has such better usability than dcss:online (and not only because of keyboard, but also because of the way you summon it, change size of game, etc)! Seriously through, you should release this keyboard separately — there's nothing better for dcss on mobile yet.
I would love to play this game . . . but how do you play it? I am struggling on what to do and how to move, any advice?
now its fixed. props to dev who fix the bug under 24 hour i report them. now my only complaint is the in-game keyboard not responsive(whenever i press the number tab/or symbol tab it wont show the "number" keyboard. so it still showing "word' keyboard but whem i press it it inputs number. very confusing. ithink its better to let user to play this game with their own keyboard app(i have hackers keyboard which is very useful)
This game rules. Might be the deepest RPG on the app store. Just gotta get using the touch keyboard for controls.
I love this game!! I was looking for a challenging and rewarding roguelike and happened to stumble over this gem. First time ive ever played any version of this game, and although I cant believe ive missed out on this masterpiece for this long, I am thrilled that I found it and will be a lifelong fan!
Seriously the best game in the play store. Can't beat this for 100% free. Unlimited replay value. No ads. Anyone who gave it 1-2 stars probably couldn't figure out what to do. Google help guides- knowing the keys it make playing a lot easier. I'd strongly suggest learning to play for anyone wanting a wonderful rpg experience. BIG tip for new players (took me weeks to learn you can do this) use "tab" to auto attack/ move towards the closest enemy. And of course "o" to auto travel! Lol
I like this roguelike but is there any sort of tutorials specific to Android or features added to make it more user friendly without a keyboard?
I liked the pc version because it has graphics. Hard to understand letters. Isn't it just Linux and the java stuff?
Great game, but just after this update my game stopped working, saying that it cannot find dlua/macro.lua anywhere. I tried to use the github download, but I couldn't find the download and the game still wouldn't work.
I never rate anything but this obviously deserves recognition. Amazing port amazing controls this is a dream come true. This is the exact same game as on pc, every feature, everything is here. DCSS is an amazing game and this port is near perfect. One minor suggestion dev, have different locked (savable) views for portrait and landscape. Kudos for keeping this updated. 5 stars 10/10 thank you!
Great fun for a device with no numpad such as a tablet or a phone or a soft keyboard without arrow keys. Fun for oh... seconds at a time!
Love the port. Ctrl+Z crashes the game and I tap it accidentally far too often. Any chance of an update to a later version?
As good as always but in this version arrows on movement keys are missing even if the option for them is enabled in settings. Big confuse
A very deep, very challenging game. It can seem inaccessible at first, but I would recommend it anyone who appreciates a good brutal RPG. Stick with it, don't be afraid to switch between holding your phone horizontally and vertically, and you'll soon get used to the format. Then you'll hopefully be able to enjoy one of the best RPGs ever made.
This is one of those games that you will have a burst of interest in once you get the hang of it, which will take plenty of time, trust me. If you're looking for an rogue-like game to dig your teeth into, this is a go-to. But be warned, it lacks any story elements without input or imagination from you, which might be a plus to you, to be honest. The game does have little hints of a story, but it's distant at most. This game is unfortunately going to get complicated the longer you play, so invest.
Great job dev, the customizable keyboard is a nice touch though it seems perfectly setup as is. Any chance of an offline tiles port as well? All the existing apks floating around are out of date and crash immediately :(
Frustrating and ultimately too hardcore for me. I played ASCII crawlers back when they were new on PC and this is pays great homage to the look and feel of the original games. However this version is simply too much for me. Died to invisible creatures I couldn't hit or run away from. Died because my character couldn't heal due to racial restrictions, died because I changed God's and was deluged by acid multiple times, and so on. Its an offline game, give people a chance!
Very complete and faithful to the original, but they font is too small to comfortably read and can't be adjusted. Keyboard commands are awkward using one finger.
Very good port, but is there any way to hide the on screen keyboard? For people with physical keyboards it kind of hinders the experience.
The best port of the major roguelikes that I could find. Played nearly 90% of dcss here, have passed the game twice. I probably have given away 200+ hours of my life easily. Made me realise how a roguelike on a mobile is a deadly combination. Conclude by saying this port has no big technical drawbacks that I know off, there was nothing I wanted to do that's isn't possible here. Find out more on GitHub. For best gameplay: recommend forcing landscape mode and increasing keyboard transparency.
The game often freezes when I press z or Z^. I play in the horizontal mode. I hope you fix this soon.
Thank you so much for this amazing port. I had never heard of this game before and it's one of the best games I've ever played. Is there a way to press the - (minus) button though?
I recommend hacker's keyboard instead of the default one (so far). I'm hoping to get my hands on the tiled Android version but that seems much more difficult than it should be.
I couldn't give Stone Soup any less than 5 stars as it's my favourite rogue of all time, thanks much for this port. Okay, it's not as nice to play as with a keyboard, but mapping keypresses to onscreen buttons makes it playable. Is it just me or has the game been rebalanced? Seems like the main dungeon branches (mines/forest) are much smaller than they used to be.
First time playing DCSS (and i 'm not very experienced in roguelikes), excelent game, there is always something new in each playthrough, very recommended, if you 're new use the ingame guides or look it up online. The experience is pretty good for a mobile app, you just have to get used to the controls.
Love this kind of games. Unfortunately, the need to switch the keyboard between numeric, alphabetical and symbols makes it a clumsy and at times, frustrating experience.
Cant even play on Note 9. Directional controls are hidden under a completely black display. Randomly touching certain locations seems to register for moving the character but ultimately too messed up to do anything.
One of the best apps I've downloaded on android. Near flawless. Ultimate replay value. One of my favorite goto games.
It's really confusing and kinda strange but I thought it would be more like 5th edition dungeons and dragons My dad and I play dnd all the time!
Honestly one of the best games I've ever played, simple yet so advanced, the lore is amazing, and the game brings you into mass of adventure, magic, mele, and even trying to make an orc army if wanted. Give this game a try and you'll fall in love.
Perfectly ported and great controls using landscape mode. Fantastic RPG overall and extremely rewarding once its finally beaten. I seriously have to thank the developer for this. I've been playing this game for 10+ years and this port continues to make that possible. The fact that touch support was added is the genius that truly pushes this into the hall of fame for me. If you added a donate function in the top level menu it wouldn't be breaking the game license. There's no way this is easy to port over.
Pure dungeon diving goodness. I am using a Bluetooth keyboard to play, I recommend using an app called 'external keyboard helper pro' if your shift key or other keys didn't work in game like with mine.
An excellent port. The screen movement controls work perfectly, and I think this is about as good as it gets in terms of the experience of playing a roguelike on a phone. My thanks to the developer for all the hard work!
Definitely love this game back when I first got it for PC. The graphics in this version makes it slightly more enjoyabel for me to play. Only issues I have are that the program exits to desktop upon character death instead of the main menu and the onscreen keyboard doesn't seem to work reliably to pull up menus. Though it could be an issue with me trying to use a physical keyboard. In that case a setting to remove the on screen keyboard in the presence of a physical one?
The full DCSS experience in the palm of your hand. I've only docked it a star because, unless I'm crazy, the included keyboard is missing the apostrophe and hyphen, which makes it hard to switch/unwield weapons.
Good port of a great game. Edit: I notice this isn't updated to the latest stable version. Not much of a problem, but a little bothersome.
This is everything you need from DCSS. It's flawless. The horizontal interface is so perfect it makes me cry. The devs added chunks of flesh to autopickup so noobs don't starve. It evokes the feeling of playing for the first time again. 99999999999/10 Needs updating tho
Where to begin... The learning curve is steep, but suffice to say its worth it for a game you could literally sink hours into and still find new ways to delve the dungeons. Character diversity, and skill sets are great, and the progression system is top notch. Overall a game worth trying at the very least, however if a quick, and simple game is more your taste then take your time elsewhere because Dcss is the long term gem you'll be putting hours into.
This game needs arrow keys to be able to be played properly and no keyboard app as arrow keys it could have been a good game but poor execution
Awesome game, of course, but what a great port! The fact that it includes its own keyboard with a layout that's DCSS-friendly is a great touch, since installing a separate keyboard just to play would be a pain. The terminal was a tad too large for my screen at first, but fortunately you can resize it. I like the fact that you still have two movement schemes (numpad-like and vi-keys) without having to actually switch the keyboard to the numpad view -- just tap the appropriate edges of the game screen and it works much the same, and the arrows on top of the vi-keys are also a nice touch. Very well done.
It looks really cool but the UI is really difficult to use. Maybe it's because I haven't played many text-based games. It gets bigger in landscape orientation but I would prefer to use portrait.
Love this game. But without arrow keys (they used to be in red in a previous version), it's hard to adapt. Thanks for all the work you've put into this game. It's really amazing!
I've never had it crash. Works well once you've got a hang of.the keyboard controls. I kind of miss some of the species that could be chosen (various elves, besides deep) but I suppose they weren't different enough.