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Dungeon Breaker Heroes

Dungeon Breaker Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by LinkTown.co located at 2F 105-5 Jandari-ro Mapo-gu Seoul Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
first time download and try when in intro story im out from game in few minutes and play it again and it need to download additional data and then get stuck. so in my opinion this game is just a trash
After 1.17.3 update on 7/28 game wont load, sits on spinning circular arrow screen. Also posted on Discord site 12 hours ago - crickets. Been playing daily for a few months and never had an issue with previous updates. UPDATE: ver 1.17.4 allowed me to login, lost 3 days of progress but at least I can play again.
I love this idle game. But the rank required for Aida costume event is too high. I've played this game for over 2 years but I still at rank 80. T^T
great game good content good events grindy as are all idle games, but definitely worth YOUR time as well.
Great game for ftp players as the quests give alot of rubies to buy what u want. 1 thing i think would be cool is an event when new hunters come out. Something like fighting that hunter as a hellgate boss and it gives u equipment for that new hunter to help catchup to the rest of your teams equipment levels. Just dont see alot of ppl use them since they dont have the equipment for them
Great time waster game but the rng for the gear boxes is out of whack I have yet to receive parts for the heroes I have unlocked but tons for others.....gotta wonder if this is intentionally done to turn a profit
fun game. Too bad we cant take a friend char rep into main story battle. if only for a set time like say 45 secs or 60 secs.
Is that a bug or not about Lulu... She has a good atk in her info but in battle look like lvl 1 damage in any sort of battle.... (-_-) Additional bug: Most atk seems like 95% miss and 5℅ success hit from her even you upgrade sharp atk.... I hope it will be fix soon... ('_')
Excellent idle rpg. I'm a huge fan of the original demong Hunter, so I decided to give this game a try. Being able to set the auto-farming in sleep mode is a nice touch, all-in-all a great game!
Very boring, new characters are expensive for the amount of diamonds you get through quests. Just the same as all those other games. A better alternative I guarantee you might like more is endless frontier. Also 3d models are horrible quality I understand this is android but there are other games with way better quality than this.
Plenty of character and developer aren't stingy with the ruby, basically everything are purchaseable with the ruby
Great Game but i think because its easy to get Ruby i think the prices are too expensive if you want to buy... 5 stars if prices goes down
Offline progression couldn't be any slower. Forcing players to keep the game open all day if they want to progress is not good.
Latest version no smoot like previous version... Whyyyyy, new update like 30 fps hmm Plisss fix it...
Review Update:.... Sadly had to give this one up. Ads being watched but never getting rewards and the people who were clearly hacking but never got banned really killed this for me......
I downloaded the game/bought a pack because I saw the developer responding to reviews with actual meaning and not cookie cutter statements. that aside the mechanics of this game specifically the auto leveler and the auto skill use should be a given. This game is an idle game that you have to manually focus on which is backwards. The gameplay isnt interesting enough to warrant me staring at it upgrading my heroes. I will not pay 13$ a month for a feature that should be default.
This game is great and fun but there are a couple of issues: 1) Stages are too long. Hunters will spend a couple seconds running, battle the enemy and then another couple seconds to transition to the next stage; 2) Loading screens between stages; 3) The performance of the game is not that good for the type of game this is, there are quite a few FPS spikes here and there and this game shouldn't be this demanding. Still fun and I would had rated 5/5 if it wasn't for the issues above.
Well I like it but please, the gameplay are pretty boring, your hunter are fighting and you just need to level up. Whaaaaat???
Update: reducing my rating to 1 star, I just learned that some players are using mod accounts, no wonder some high ranking players are able to jump up 5 to 10 ranks in 1 day. Im at rank 31 and im lucky to be able to rank up a level twice in a day. Its just unfair I had to pay some real money while others just cheat their way thru and devs arent able to detect since they are still playing... for an old game I didnt expect this, i thought security measures are already in place, apparently not.
I like the gameplay and it is very intuitive but I encountered a problem that would delay my progress. My HELLGATE didn't reset and now I'm stuck with the previous boss and can't get the reward.
Great Idle Game..... By far the best Idle game. Been playing for almost the whole 2yrs its been out. Keep it up 👍
I literally played this game for over a year also had it synced to my Facebook accouny....got a new phone and now it's no longer has any of my save profiles...I also had my Google synced. Needless to say I'm pissed. Also done. This game wasted so much of my time.
I love this game! I have been playing for a while and it is enjoyable! Progression is kind of locked behind a pay wall, but you can progress slowly like I have as F2P! Recently, lag issues have presented themselves when large mob packs appear of screen but other than that it is a great afk game!
Wow I wish we had more developers like you. You actually listen to us. But anyways the game is really good.
so far the game is good but why 4 star? because the special features(which is in store and can upgrade some things) some is not worth it to purchase maybe at a later part when you have everything like hero and their equip and hone but in early its a complete waste like 3% increase for 600 gems? or 2% movement speed? make it a little more higher in my opinion. if not, then buying equip and artifat in early would be more preferable. anyway it's still a good gamee so keep it uuppp
As soon as I saw in game footage I saw how bad this game was gonna be.How hard is it to make decent looking characters and not 3d chibi characters with oversized heads? No thanks Ill pass on this.
Downloaded and loaded the game and it said something like "forced shutdown. We have detected unusual activity on your account" WHAT? How can you detect unusual activity when I never even got into the game? If you guys make a game you need to at least test it works before putting it on the playstore. And don't even tell me to contact your support as I'm not your free alpha tester. *Edit* just seen many other reviews with people having the same problem. Game is broken, uninstalled.
Only NOX Android emulator player can run the latest version of this game , still crashing on other android emulators and getting the infinite loading screen on phone , but still love the game and finding different ways to run it. P.S. Fix compatibility issues on some other devices too
The game itself is fun for a while up until around floor 200 i believe then you hit a massive grind wall. It gets really boring really quick after that
It's my perfect and addictive idle game I ever played.. Hope it will be more many years can be played..
kinda pricey and in dire need of more hero's and the interduction of villians and the many shades in between just keep original and not gimmick us to death with yet another "epic crossover" and you will do fine
Game was alright until after playing less than a day my account was suspended? Lol? Whatever, on to the next game
An excellent Idler. Found it at random, was skeptical, glad I decided to try it. Slow but steady advancement without paywall, just actively playing a few minutes a day (once set up a bit). Events are not a major deal (like some games) but do happen & grant useable rewards regularly. Even has a screen/battery saver option for active idling, which is just aces.
A reminder for those who want to play this game, JUST DON'T! LOL! SOOOO P2W, BOOOORING, BAD GRAPHICS, UNBALANCED DUNGEONS, UNBALANCED GUILD RAIDS, UNBALANCED RETURN POINTS, EVERYTHING IS SOOOOOO UNBALANCED THAT IT'S SO BAD! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! Edit : December 19, 2019 This started to grow on me even though I hate it, I literally ate my words 😂😂 playing for 2 weeks now!
Hello Why Some Heroes Have 6 Gears And Some Have 5 Only? Its not balanced....can u explain? Have please add advance reward after complete daily quest..... And Lower The Price Of Item That You Sell....
It's not a bad game but they give you a load of speed up boosts when you first install. Which is nice. Only issue is after they run out it feels really slow. Probably a ploy to get you to buy speed boosts. But in my case just a reason to uninstall.
Fun and easy gameplay from the idle game perspective. You can spend as little as five minutes a day and still get decent progress, or you can check often for greater boost. It even has a battery saver mode for when you want to leave it running for a bit.
Fun idle runner with great character artwork and good ingame graphics. Mechanics are simple enough and the devs are very generous with the ingame currency(rubys) and new player rewards. Keep up the good work devs!
After return, I can't open the game anymore, it's always forced closed. unusual behavior detected, what is this?
Good game, not entirely pay to win though you do have an advantage when paying though you can just grind, It's more of a time comsumpsion game. Wish it had a better chat system such as Global, PM, Tge chat is annoying since you can type si much and when you send it, it cuts half of it and you'll have no idea till you've sent it. Could use a word counter, Also the word filter is quite weird as to what it blocks "mastery" comes up as "######y". Could you by chance rework the word filter?
Hello I just ranked personal number 2 and guild number 1 on North America server for this last week's Coop but I received no rewards.
nice game but it seems new hunters can only be acquired by gems. After playing some time, I want to make amends for giving low rating before about gems... These are acquired a lot easier and faster than anticipated. Keep up the great work :)
Only mobile game I actually come back to. The AAA industry could learn a thing or to about power scaling and reporting bigger numbers without the the messy noise of showing non-signifigant figures. The game hundreds of hours in is exactly what it starts out as, so if you dont vibe with it in, like, the first 20 min you're never going to.
Cursed garbage, 😠😠😠😠 helllll, i paid 700 gem to enhance cursed offline stages, but game still at the same Stage
Been playing this for almost a month and I can't stop.. Please send help.. Edit: It has been a year and a half.. Where is the help I asked?!
Updated my review. Avoid this game at all costs. They are clearly gaming the ad system and are not paying out on their ads. I have reported the game devs for fraud with Google. Uninstalling this game. Sorry devs, your greed has cost you a player.
As someone played lots of gacha games / tap games , this game feels really underwhelming, is it a time killer ? Yeah i guess. Some notes to developers: 1) The heroes are overpriced. Yes its possible to farm rubies to some extend and i managed to buy 1 Suggestion : Give 1 free hero selector ticket at first clear at 100 and 1000 floors. The 100th clear will at least show players some diversity. 2) Remove 4 second running phase (start - clear) There are more things i could feedback , but 500 limit
Downloaded on a whim, regret it. Not enjoyable, totally boring game with hardly any gem gain and stupidly high prices for those small amount of gems.
Enjoyable game no problems with it would like more playable characters to be made if possible game is better with greater variety. 👿 looking forward to more addictions to ur game.
love the game. I've been hooked for a while now can't stop playing. there should be more games like this
The game is pretty fun but kinda pointless. I was in one of the top 3 guilds and we were still unable to beat the first easy mode guild dungeon. This was with multiple teammates who had played since close to when the game came out. I love idle games, I understand its just a wait and get stronger kind of game but it has features that are just too difficult to get over.
way too idle for a idle game but anyways nc graphics and all just wanted some other things to do in game
love the afk elements, the simple heroes rank up systems and easy to understand ui. the perfect game for people who likes grinding but doesnt have time to do so like me
Unable to remove from device. Forcibly installed and can't disable or uninstall from phone. DO NOT INSTALL!!!!
After return, I can't open the game anymore, it's always forced closed. I love this game for we could upgrade in one screen. The new version still have this error, no improvement.
While I enjoy this game, I can't ignore the fact that no effort was put into claiming gear for the characters available to you. I'm sitting on loads of upgrades for characters that I'll more than likely never be able to get, but am getting absolutely nothing for the characters I do have; which makes progression difficult.
this game is by far ine of the best idle games ive played. the art style is good, several characters, the characters have plenty of skills and the developers arnt stingy with the purchased currency. i highly recommend this game. keep up the good work guys, youve yet to disappoint me!