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Dune! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If youre gonna have an ad after every round could you at least make the ads work. I mean honestly it's just obnoxious.
Dune is an ok game but it gets boring after a bit and its filled with ads. I understand that you need ads to make money, but after every other turn? Even if you choose not to watch an ad (which will revive you if you choose too) you will still probably get an ad anyway.
This game is the best! I have a highscore of 278 and I unlocked everything except 1 ball! I play this for hours even though it is not good for me. I just grab a bowl of popcorn and play this instead of watching a movie.EVERYONE needs this game.
I would give this a 0 star the mechanics are so horrible I was about to do the hardest challenge in the game the game randomly shuts off (I punched my phone cuz of this)
It's a great game! My only problem is that sometimes when I die it's gives me an ad when I don't click on the "respawn by watching an ad" button. Could you possibly add more skins (?) for the balls and backdrops? It's just that I have way to much money and everything unlocked.
Ok so fun game few bugs. you guys need to update the end sequence for the trophy section, after you hit the end it goes white screen but will go back once the sequence is over and you pick a new challenge. During the main screen game the end sequence clips and goes directly back to the beginning as a clipped screen try getting a fade out so you have a smooth transition for ads. Other than those two things you guys have an amazing game experience.
OMG this app is amazing it's fun but simple very simple but also super lol duper fun! You earn money and balls! The one thing that sort of made me mad was that there is SO many ads! I wish there would not be so many ads! Because every time I DONT push revive and watch an ad I'm watching an ad
I used to enjoy this game, but I come back to it about two years later and it's been turned into an ad machine. The ads are constant, I'll be in the middle of a game and get an ad mid-air, and the crunchy UI makes it so that I'll accidentally click the "watch an ad" button and get a 30 second unskippable ad
Would be the "Smoothest game ever!" if it wouldn't glitch and kick me out of the game every few minutes. Other than that, it is a fun time killer.
It's a good game, overall can be annoying with the ads every two rounds. Bit I understand, you guys are trying to make money with the ads in game. You don't have in-app purchases with real currency to earn that money. The ads are the reason I haven't given it all stars. Less ads, more stars.
It is Really, Really awesome! But, the thing is, It loads, Lags Deletes map in game, So my device is bad with most of the games i get, Please fix that!
I really like this game. Its addicting, but one of the best mobile games I've played ever. The ads don't get in the way most of the time, and its super satisfying to play. Would recommend.
IT IS VERY SMOOTH, I DONT MIND ADS, TO AVOID ADS: just turn off wifi then you have no ads. Please, very please make it dven more smoother, it is so relaxing
when I die it says "watch the video for an extra life" even if I don't want the extra life the game puts the video on me and that is very annoying
This used to be a good game but now there's an ad every god damn time you die. It takes 4 bucks just to remove them too. What the hell, voodoo? 0 stars isn't an option, unfortunately.
Ads, ads and ads on top of ads. The game has no flow whatsoever. Don't want to watch an ad to revive after dying? Here's an ad anyway!
Dune is an amazing game!! There is just one thing that I think should be changed. When you are playing the game if you go down in front of the middle of the curve you die but it does that if you tap to make the ball go down or if it goes down by itself so... I thing that it shouldn't do that so can you plz make it not like that!?
Its a good game but u know for a game that is so simple it sure has a lots of fps drops, there should be a toggle switch to switch off all the unnecessary balls flying by, and if ist already in there then make it easy to find.
I love that you can earn momentum in this game and go to record high speeds and heights. It is really fun to do quests to earn different avatars/skins. But, if you think the quest is too hard and you really want that skin, you can pay an amount of coins to get it.
I used to be obssesed with this game now its just full of ads... It used to have none. Vodoo what have you done....
A couple years ago this used to be a good game and there were adds once in awhile but now its not fun to play anymore 1st of all why did they add the fake players i ALWAYS die because of them its not fun or relaxing anymore. 2nd there are WAY to many adds If i could i would rate this a 0 star. And I hope the developers see this and remove the bots because there stpud
I love this game it is so much fun and I recomend that you get it it is so great. The only complaint I have is that there is alot of ads and after ever 2 or 3 games you get and ad.
This game was... Originally fun, easy to play and all of that. Then Voodoo had to be Voodoo and bombard the game with ads... Not only are there ads between each attempt, but the game sometimes will CRASH mid game and at this point it's just taking space up on my phone
The first two ratings are salty trash and are also useless and have nothing to do with the game if you hate the ads turn off your internet connection Great game very much recommended
You know it's a really good game so addictive but there was this one point where the map border started glitching when I got a lot higher than "and beyond" part other than that good game and thats the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ‘
I LOVE this game it's smooth game but please make more skins plz I would like to more skins for people can have more skins to play and make plz make it online so people can play together
I used to love this game and what made it so amazing was that it barely had any ads. I've been away from this game for a long time, but now I get an ad everytime I crash my ball. What's up with that. A great game now destroyed
This game has so much potential but falls short of creativity. Once you unlock all the balls and dunes there's literally nothing else to do but jump dunes. I'm not trying to over complicate a simple game but having some mini games, more challenges or maybe even battle mode (competing with 4 others to see who can go further or higher) would be awesome! I would even pay for that
too many ads, glitchy, buggy, great idea for a game, terribly executed thats all i have to say about it
The physics of it are near perfect, but just about my only problem is that you start of way to slow, and that doesn't really help when you are trying jump the pits in the challenges.
There are other people on the same thing as you and they are really annoying. I discovered that this game is rubbish within a about 10 seconds.
I Love this game is the best game ever! It's m favouritest game on my phone and on the tablet. People say there is a lot of ads but there is only 1 ad after 3 games so if your good and get over 20 points each time there is basicly no ads please get this if you want to have fun I really recommend it! It's the best game ever! O but it not offline :(
If this game weren't fun, it would be 1 star. The ads are excessive. Any open space...ad. I finally had to put the phone on airplane mode to play because the ads were interfering with the graphics performance. Found out the ads are so integrated, without them the game crashes often. Super awesome.
This game is so fun, relaxing, smooth. Probably one of the best games i've ever played. Not once have I ever rated a game but this one is so worth it!!
If I die ad if I try to do challenge and die game crashes or take like a hour to load an ad so I'm sorry I will never download a game from this company ever again πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
It's a great game!! I would rate 6 out of 5 if it was an option. Just to probe I'm real I'll say gibberish, fhenbghebfbjejrnsnejejfnne. Anyways I have one minor problem that doesn't matter: After I do a challenge it will stay on the end screen for a few minutes before it goes back to normal
Its really fun and simple to play, i got my baby playing it and he really likes it. I do have a problem though, it has too many ads I know that it gives you revenue but children like mine don't know how to get rid of them. So I have to manually get rid of the ad or he will start screaming and the neighbors get mad. Thanks for your time -sincerely Alexandria
Good game I think it should be explained more at the start cause I didn't really understand much until I played it few times. It also however has ads but there is not excessive amount used. Otherwise great game 100% recommend!
The reason I give this a 4 star is because there are tons of ads and my child and I can't even get past the moon and can't get TV to space so please get rid some ads and make space a little lower
It's fun, but theres an ad after every 2nd death. Not even worth playing unless you turn off WiFi and mobile data.
Last time i reviewed this game was back in 2018, i was only smol but my feelings for this game are still the same. This game is very addicting and i mainly play it when i cant be bothered to read. I have let my younger brother play this and i didnt get my phone back until an hour later, he said he really likes this game too!
Latest update made ads appear literally every time you die, which is almost every 20 seconds given it takes multiple attempts to get a good streak. Time to lucky patch this garbage.
Easy gameplay that you can build skill with. Coins are easy to obtain and challenges are hard. My only critique is that without events or boosters it tends to get a little stale. Otherwise a great time waster!
If you're going to have an option to be revived by watching an ad, dont put ads on even if you click no. Its stupid.
Amazing game, only i wish you could have a race or something with your friend, as in like having an invite button and being able to press it and then invite a friend to have a race with you one-on-one, that's why I didn't give a five-star rating(also, a free tip: I hear people complaining about the ads a lot, so just play without Wi-Fi and it's a lifesaver, you won't get a single ad!)
Great game, a bit excessive on the ads and sometimes I land perfectly on the curve and the ball still does a full stop - try to fix that!
The reason I'm giving this game a 3 star is because of one glitch, it will end your run even if you hit a smooth landing.
Its fun and enjoying. I think you should give it a try and it can get frustrating but still cummmmm on
It is a really fun game, and satisfying! The only problem is that they are too many ads, in my opinion anyways so,yeah#πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜πŸ™‹ooh, and some nice calm background music would be nice.
Buggy as all hell, but a very fun game. Perhaps just a touch too many ads as well, I find myself just exiting out once too many ads come on when I want to get in the zone. Again, fun game. Simple concept, nice graphics, good zen mode game.
Gave it a 3 star review because the last time I played this game I didn't have a sudden white screen after a mission. I always have to tap to get back to the mission selection and if I tap more than once, it starts another game. I have to try and fail that one and sit through an ad so that I can finally select a mission.
So I rate two stars because 1 the ads! When you die, you will have the option of reviving yourself in exchange for an ad. And even when you choose not to watch the ad, you will still get one. It seems like these kind of games are always slow and buggy and glitchy and it makes my 1 year old phone seem like it's 10 years old. And 2 for some odd reason, right in the middle of the game, it will get laggier and laggier until it all of a sudden freezes and then closes the app like nothing happened.
The game is HORRIBLE if you play this game you probably have a 9.9/10 chance of breaking something because the game has an ad every like 3rd time you die and you can die from the smallest mistakes. I had an actual mental breakdown on the 19th challenge and tried to commit suicide. HORRIBLE game don't download it.
I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about the ads, because I don't think that they're that bad. There's an ad after 3 rounds so as long as you're not dying every three seconds they shouldn't be THAT annoying. The challenges are pretty glitchy, which is annoying, but other than that it's a fun way to kill time and a somewhat enjoyable game.
For those of you who are complaining about the ads, disable your wi-fi or mobile data, then start the game. Wait for the screen with your ball to appear, then turn it back on. The app requires WiFi at startup to find ads.
Pretty ok game, but WAY WAY WAY too many ads. 1 ad every time you lose, and this is a game you lose a lot at at first.
I gave it a 5* (star) because it is soooooo addicting and that is the type of games I like. You should definitely download it. :)
I love ths game. You jump over hills and you can g higher then the moon, and beond, and outerspace. Its so fun. I recomend this game to ages 5 and up, and to people who like kind of challenging fun games.
It's an amazing game. But unfortunately I can't save my progress on Google Play. I would like to transfer my progress to my new device.
I like this game but you should add a feature to save data on your google play account because my high score was 104 now i have to go back
Okay, im been trying to play the game for the past five minutes and it keeps crashing every time i die and its really frustrating to deal with have to re-open the game everytime i die.
yall are dumb get rid of the ads stop being sick pigs and get THE ADS OFF greedy fools . i do like the game but yall need to step it up PERIODT HUN .
There's too much going on, they show you multiple balls even though it's only you playing and it's easy to lose track of your ball and to lose.
I think this game is fun. If your looking for a great time kill then you have found it. I literly spent 2 hours on this game and it even didn't feel like it. Now you notice that its not a 5 star because theres a few problems. First there a lot of adds. And second there is sometimes a lag too. Not to much though. I highly recommend this game for those who are looking for an adicting time killer that doesn't get old. I think that was the whole purpose of this game. Go ahead and try. Enjoy
No sound!? The sound stopped working, I tried the tricks of forcing it to stop, uninstalling, and checked all sound settings and still there's no sound. Help!!
I enjoy the game and so do my brothers, but it's irritating that I get an ad after a good run, or when the ads stop my music. The description for the different cosmetics are kinda vague. And the balls that go on around mine are distracting. I think that it would be a huge plus if they add another game mode where you can't die or lose, but you don't gain points or coins.
When I first played this game, it was alright. Graphicha are awesome, but the balls and backgrounds need to be updated to more options. Although after a while the "once in a while" ads, became pure ads. I got tired of this, and its most likely other reviews have this. So hopefully it changes to have ads not pop up constantly, but rarely. This is why Im giving it a 3.
Honestly, the game is actually good but it has to many ads. Also giving this 1 star cuz I got 99 points and to get one of the balls I needed 100 so ye
it's pretty much the only game made by VOODOO that isn't completely covered in paywalls but there are still lots of ads
Rating 5 stars because this game just tickles my brain with seritonin even though its not very stimulating. V much like going high but i wish sometimes i can go higher as a new and unexperienced player. Also, the challenges are nice but some are hard(yet skippable). Maybe there can be a storymode? If you get creative you can do a lot of sandboxing with a ball going zoom... Also, love how this game has short ads, whenever i fail i just want to keep on going again and again and again and again aga
I'm rating this 4 stars because I love the game, but the vibrating is really annoying and feels weird to me.
I used to play this game when i was young and it was alot better now every time you die you get an ad when you decline i just miss when you die you didnt get ads and its honesly made it pretty boring.
Its a great game people have tried to make it better but its bot the same. The controls are easy to learn and the game cannot be beaten. The game gives the feel of you having fun on a sand dune. 5 stars a legendary game if you ask me.
This app gets all my stress out of me and it's an offline game thats why I love it. It defently needs 5 stars. πŸ‘β€this game!
It's basically like every other VOODOO game-fun at first, and fun for a while, although quickly get boring. It's one of those games to play when you're stuck in quarantine, and have nothing else to do. Personally not a big fan of offline games, but this one smacks as hard as my dad when he is drunk. It'll leave as much memories as he leaves bruises, not enough for you to stay outta trouble. On the real though, give it a try, and other mobile games this company makes, because most of them AreFun
I like this game but find myself wondering where's the sound? It definitely needs something besides silence that and all the ads every time you die kinda kill it pleasee fix and ill give it 5 Stars no problem
It's amazing! You should really download it. It's addictive and satisfying! There aren't too many adds too. Overall great
It's a pretty good game like others have said it's great for killing time but I have a problem where once I get to a certain amount of points past 100 basically it glitches a whole lot then says that the app has stopped working and kicks me out of the game which makes me have to restart the game and after this happens it doesn't stop glitching till I uninstall and reinstall the game.
The game is addictive and super fun and it is a great way to kill time, but whenever I first played the game there was sound. I then deleted the app for a long time and whenever I re-downloaded the game again I played it and there was no sound. The game was super fun WITH the sound. The no sound happened after I updated the app. Overall, it's fun and it's one of my favorite games, so it does deserve five stars.
Its a really great game. 9/10. Only thing is when you get in the game you lag alot and can move until where it lets you. And cant move till you score 5 points. But over all i love it and would recommend!
I would have probably give it 4 stars but there so many ads. So. Many. Ads. I've seen more ads on it then actually game play
I like this game i play it alot but however. There are alot of ads and some times when i try to land and it says smooth landding or something like that. And i die in the game so theres that non the less great game. Thanks to the peopple who helped make it and the voodo company. And i highly recommend trying there other games as well. Ps: i would really like it if they updated the game and added new stuff like skins. But i know its hard to work on so i wont rush they all worked hard.😊
Fun game. Very addictive and competitive. My kids and I are constantly breaking each others high scores. Easy way to pass time if needed.
Fun and simple, but you usually get an ad whenever you fail a jump, whether you choose 'continue' or not, so it's basically 10 sec of gameplay to 30 sec of ads. It's fun, but there's not enough to it to justify paying $3.50. So, there needs to be fewer ads, or it needs to cost less.
I got maybe three ads in the three days I've been playing. Either they fixed the ad problem everyone is complaining about, or it's not as bad as people say. It's actually really fun! The other balls in the game are slightly distracting but definitely dealable. One of the best games this brand has produced.
Really a great game and I love it so much. It's fun and addictive and it's just relaxing to play. I only give it a single star rating because you cant do anything because everytime you end the game an ad pops up. Every 5 seconds your having to skip and ad and its irritating to me because there wasnt so many ads last time I installed this app. Great game though if you like skipping ads every 5 seconds.
This game was great, and would have a 4 or 5 star, but now with a large number of ads it should have a 2. I can't give it a two because of all the other fake players they put in, it ruins the relaxing fun part of this game and attempts to make it competitive, even though no one got this game because of that. It is sad to see a good game ruined by people with no backbone. They made a good thing, and then destroyed it.
5 out of 5 stars its a really amazing game.My only complaint is the ads like you have to put your phone on airplane mode so ads dont pop up randomly. You could spend hours playing this game☺☺☺
It is the best game and the best things about it is that it is free to play it is not rude or inappropriate for kids from how easy it is a 1 year old can play all you do is hold it and the ball goes up let go for it to fly and then hold for it to back down.
The ads are a bit intrusive, sometimes if you start your game to quick the ad will come up anyways. But I enjoyed the challenge of it. I went on a road trip and during that time I mastered the game. Then I came home, didn't play for two weeks, and now I am a noob all over again.
Good game, could use some improvements though I have had this game since 2018 and really like it, its a nice time killer and addictive something that I don't like is the smooth landing, sometimes I should get them and end up losing my skill streak, and (Rarely) when I get over 150 the game stops. After about 1-2 hours of game play it stops working and displays this: "Dune is not responding" or " Dune keeps stopping". But the controls were simple and I learned quickly Overall recommend installing
If your ever bored it is a great way to pass time and really fun and in the game you can change the ground and background but the thing I don't like about it is the ads that come up after you died.
This game is soooo fun! I reccomend for you to get it right now! It is my favorite game made by voodoo because you can collect backrounds, hills, and so much more! This game is obviously a 100000000/10!
I rated this game 5 stars because for one it is so fun and for another you don't use real money. You can also unlock things and earn coins. If I were you I would definitely download this game.
Its a fun game there are some adds but they dont bother to much. There are minor issues like the game taking a second to load. I wish there was more content but the game is still good
I really love this game. Super fun and all, But there are way too many ads I can barely do anything.. I also don't like that there's no sound.
it's super cool and it's a super challenging game overall, like we get like smooth landings, you get like a special thing and it's just purple and whoever reads this you should download this game because it's super fluent in all of you should download it, and if you don't I will destroy you
This is a really really good game this is like the best game in the world it would be better if it didnt lag as much because it lahs way to much
Dune is a fantastic game but all the adds every five seconds are getting super anoying and that is why I didn't give it a five star rating I gave it a 4 star rating but i recommend that you turn off ur wifi then you wont get a single add Thank u whoever made this game also there is another game like this but u have all menus and have to buy bikes with dimonds that u earn and it is called Rider Bye
This game is truly fun but after playing tiny wings the game that came before this...thing it just can't compete after all tiny wings had great music a lovable character and a sence of accomplishment. Dune just has ball roll on hill go high. And thats my say
This game is pretty good for a momentum based game, unfortunately the business practices of the company that made it are pretty wack. My primary issue is that when you fail you are given the option to revive yourself for watching an ad, pretty standard stuff. However, even when you choose not to watch an ad, 9 times out of 10 you'll still be given one! Frankly, it's annoying and makes me not want to even bother playing.
4 those who r complaining about adds turn ur wifi off and then all u have to do is click the x instead of waiting. But anyways i do reccomend this game its actually fun! Edit: TERRIBLE DO NOT DOWNLOAD GAME its sooooo laggy AND the wifi thingo DOES NOT WORK. (It does work on other games tho)
Ehh pretty good game I rated three star because ads.... It's really annoying me πŸ˜’ everytime I die it gives us a chance to revive with a ad but even if I click no it still gives ads
Used to be a great game. I downloaded it out of nostalgia and I was greeted with just utter disapointment. Why is there other balls running on the screen with me? Why do I still get an ad even if I choose to start completely over? What you see here is just another mobile game publisher that follows the EA's guide to cash grabbing. Look at them now. They just publish consistent, low-tier, garbage games that are only used as a way to shove ads down your throat. It honestly just makes me sad.
I really love this game. A ton of people complain about all the ads but if you turn off your wifi it's not a problem. Anyway amazing game and it's super fun.
I want to play this game because this game dune is a game that where you increase speed high speed in the air
It's a very fun addicting game. I have some ideas for characters maybe you could add like a brain as a ball or like other organs like a organ bundle and their trail would be like blood or red for the brain it could have tiny eletric sparks and blood. Those where ideas that I would love great game
Great game, so many people complaining about ads it's kinda sad, if u dont like them just turn off ur wifi before loading up the game, problem solved enjoy the game
Good idea. Poor execution. The ads are annoying but not too bad. Biggest problem is the input lag. In a game where timing is everything, you can't have frame drop/lag issues.
This game is Loki kind of annoying watch an ad to revive and I clicked no it's still freaking puts the add up there and that's really annoying And on another note for the people that don't have phones and you're on a Chromebook device it's kind of hard for the play on it kind of hard to play the game especially when you have a crappy laptop like man this game is good for passing time but definitely not one of my favorite games either kind of trash but you know it's a good game to pass time.
Played about 20 minutes when I first downloaded it and now it just constantly crashes when I tried to play again, all of my friends have the same issues.
This game is really good. Used to play it long back. I have recently downloaded it. Observed lots of updates. The game is as interesting as it was before. But few things are annoying me a alot. Like the white screen appearing after you win or loose a challange mission. And somethings the screen is directly loading to the classic game after few challange missions. Besides these i love this game.
It's very glitchy to many bugs and ads and plus sometimes when I press down it doesn't work. This game can go suck balls
This is an incredible game! all u have to do is turn off network for ad removal DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! if you turn off your network it removes ads because it is NOT online, all the other "players" are just superior AI, they are not people so definite 5 star.
I really like the graphics, and the challenges are fun, but it keeps on crashing and I can't even get one minute of gameplay.
Best game ever. Nice landings. Nice gameplay. Not too many ads Ive seen more so I know people should be happy their not getting the game of ads lol. Just saying amazing game. 5 stars!
The game is ok but the amount of ads is huge. After every attempt in the game you have to watch an ad and find your self watching ads more than playing the actual game. Unplayable
So, first of all I like how there's a lot of balls to choose from. I like to have options on those types of things. But the only thing I absolutely hate is having an add everytime I play. After almost every round I play there's a add. That's really the only thing they need to fix. But they are short but it's, again, way to frequent. Lastly, even if you did want no adds you'd have to pay 4 dollars for it. I'm not paying that much money on a game that just helps with passing time when your bored.
This game is straight fun. Also everyone is complaining about adds, just turn your internet off and if you have spotify I recommend listening to music while you play, it's very relaxing
I give the game 3.5/5; round it off and it becomes 4/5. I'd like to see a couple things different and that is: a) Don't hide the (yet to be attained) possible game balls quite so much by having them as shaded as they are. Show a bit more what we COULD have; entice us to play more b) I haven't had the game for too long, but I feel that there's probably only a set amount of game balls for selection and that selection probably has never changed, or very little at best c) Opt to shut off AI players.
AMAZING I love this game it's so lovely and well great display it all the time on the bus and I'm only 9 it's my go to game keep it up but I do think there can be a : and beyond the beyond, but other than that I love it <3
The game is fun but the ads are a problem. If you are playing music while playing the game, the ads will either pause the music or close the music app.
Very satisfying to play and look at, offers a nice variety of scene and ball customization; however... ...the "missions" must be manually queued one at a time, there is no pause button/menu and the mission menus (all the menus, actually) aren't very responsive or well-organized. Also, every mission ends abruptly with an inscrutable screen of solid white, with no buttons visible - you have to tap to reset to sandbox mode, fail one run of that, then go back to the mission menu to try again.
I used to play this game years ago and I loved it but I downloaded it again and there's other players around? I really dislike it if you could remove it or have a option to remove them it'd be really nice
I love this game but the thing i hate is the insane amount of ads yoy have in this game like ever match i get done with it just gives me an ad
This game used to be very fun, but now it is full of ads and all kinds of bugs and i remember when i could play this game for an hour straight and nothing would happen at all and now i cant complete a level with out my screen going white or an ad playing.
Too many ads?? Then spend a few $ and buy the game you spoiled morons. Millennials are self centered, crybabys with short attention span, who expect everything given to them and be top-tier, completely free and no ads. Think about that! Why don't you make a top game and just give it to everyone for free?? No? Didn't think so. The Devs. nice enough to let you try it for free and if you like it, then buy it. Get it??? You idiots ruined the gaming industry! We are doomed as a species. Uggh.
It's actually a great game but I gave it 1 star because it's not the smoothest game ever lol, it lags and crashes a lot and it's making me dislike it more, if those lags are gone then I would really love this game
I love this game it's so addicting. I can't stop play ever sence I started. I have a cool idea for an update. How about when the ball ghost or whatever your using smashes when it stops or hit flat ground. That would make it so much more fun or funny. But I do love this game. The wife and I keep trying to beat each other's score. It's so fun
I like how you can change the different things on the game. I really enjoy it! If you ever get bored, this is the game you need to play
It's fun, easy to learn, and the challenges are pretty difficult! Not too many unlockables, though. I got all of the unlockables within three days. Some people on here have been ranting about the ads and while, yes, all ads are annoying, they're not intrusive and really not more frequent than once every few plays. All in all, good game, would recommend to a bored friend. :D Edit: It would absolutely benefit from adding sound effects, though.
had this game a year ago and it was great, now the ads are atroshis. they put one after you die as a revive but the issue is YOU DONT HAVE A CHOICE, you have to watch an ad every time you die (which will happen often in the begining), they also put one where most players upr the thumb to control the game. I turned off my internet to play but ads still appeared! they must be built in to the game.
I feel like the hate this game is getting is a tad undeserved. It's a really good and fun game. Even though it's pretty simple, it never gets old! The ads though. That's probably the reason so many people dislike this game. Other than that it is an amazing and addictive game. Just tone down on the ads, and it's an easy 5 star!
I would not recommend this app. Although the quality is good, the adds are just ridiculous. There is an add almost every single run and it's very very aggravating. Also, while in a run, there is other bots going on the course as well, and they are very annoying, distracting, and self depleting. They go so much fast and better than me, and it makes me feel horrible about my skill in the game. I had this game when I was younger and I was amazing. Overall not a great game :/
Almost a perfect game, but not a five star for these reasons. 1: There are quite a lot of ads. I understand that you want to make money off of this game but the ads are really annoying. 2: The challenges aren't that great. The challenges are fun to play through if you get bored of the main game but when you win/lose it goes to a glitchy white/yellow screen and then kicks you back to the challenge select screen instead of allowing you to restart which is annoying. 3: Not a ton of replayability.
It is fun and you shoud get this game some times it makes me mad but most of the time I love this game it is asome
Great game, good controls, I love it! Only a few problems. Some of the skins stay unlocked unless I pay for them, and ads play every other time you die. Other than these couple problems, I love this game!
What otherwise would be a relaxing game was ruined with ads riddled through it. Every time you die you get a chance to watch an ad to revive(I don't have a problem with this) but even if you decline to revive it goes on to show you an ad. The starting page has ads on it as well. Just detracts from the overall experience. TL;DR it's a fun game, but there are too many ads
This game was Astonishing as it was a long time ago since I first played it, The game cannot really get hate because its very simplistic. Its a bounce-type game and really not many ads I recommend downloading this. You Don't have to but, Its something fun when you can't do anything because of a pandemic...So give it a try!
Very nice gameplay, but also very sensitive. Sometimes I barely touch the screen and the ball dives. I remember having this game when I was younger, and I saw it under my reccomend. I was a little dissapointed because the other balls are distracting and make me mess up. Very good variety of maps, backgrounds, and balls. Sometimes I go very high, and I land in a small space and I can't do anything because it is so small.
There are to many adds for one game and also if you don't press the button to save the your spot you gust start over.
Too many ads for me. Uninstalled. I understand that this is how you make your money but you don't get people watching when the game is uninstalled.
Fun and VERY addictive. If you want a game to kill time, this is it. Time flies when playing this, trying to beat your previous highest score.
Game is fun but there is a ridiculous amount of adds there's one every time you die and sometimes even one mid game which can make you "die" easily. I understand devs have to make money but there's no reason for this many adds it just encourages people to either turn of their WiFi or use third party programs to remove the adds so you start making no money all voodoo games are filled with adds and I hope they fix this. Using lucky patcher every time I install one of there games is annoying tbh
The game is good theres not much adds in it the coins are for if you want all of the skins and the game is just good. Why are ppl saying there full of ads? If you want to get rid of the ads just turn your wifi off.-.
This gams is so addicting and fun, but it has a lot of ads. I don't find it a problem when I have wifi off though. It also lags some when I have wifi on, so I tend to turn it off for a much better gameplay. My main problem is on the levels. After every try, you get a white screen with no back buttons and it stays there for a half a minute at max. And it's not like it's my phone's problem, it does this on other devices too. Overall it's a really greta game, just some issues with it.
It's a great game. Ads are a real nuisance. I would definitely recommend while playing please turn off your data or WiFi.
Good game for passing time and working on hand-eye coordination, and it is fun, but it is most definitely not my favorite game. I really don't enjoy when it asks me to watch a video to be revived, I click off of it, then get an ad anyway. I understand this is a revenue for a free game, but I don't want an ad when I choose the non-ad option. Some of the challenges for unlocking the skins don't make sense (speaking of the hint it gives you), although some are helpful.
Personally, I love this game, it's hella fun and I've played it for about a year now. I'm still not bored. And about the whole ads being super annoying and stuff, i really never run into the problem considering I don't use my internet when I'm on it.
Why do u idiots have to have so many ads?? I dont want to be revived by an ad but i get an ad anyway. U just make money of ads cuz ur gamd doesnt get hit but the reason it isnt hit is because of the ads and that is the thing that small game creators like u and others need to know. We all dont want to turn oc the wifu everytime i play ur game u idiots.
It's an OKAY game. I think it's pretty fun when there's nothing else to do, but there is not really anything that exciting in the game. Overall it's pretty ok
This game is super fun! I really enjoy playing it except that there are too many ads. I used to not mind but then they played the same one over and over again which is so annoying. Also some of the challenges were really difficult and got me quite frustrated. But the game is really fun and and I love trying to beat my high score.
It just has a problem to where when I hit the slope it shoots me backwards but besides that it's the best game ever to pass time
I would hace had fun but no. They have to fill it with ads. The only reason i get mad when i die is not because i died. But because i will have to sit through an ad. The game would be fun but nah. Inside the creators minds is all like "hah u thought the game was supposed to be good? You must be insane! Its just to stuff our wallets with money u dumbo!"
The game is okay but it lags out whenever it sees fit. This isn't due to my device because I have 6gb ram free, and it isn't my internet. And the game gets a little repetitive.
It's a overall good game but there are a lot of adds. Graphics are good could be better, it's pretty hard but once you learn when to go down it is easy
I have played this game time and again and honestly I love this game. It is super addictive and a great time-passer. A few things I'd like the developers to do are: 1. Please introduce new balls, landscapes and backgrounds. 2. It would also be great if you could have different gravity settings on different ground. 3. I would also want to be able to go higher than "to the moon and beyond". 4. The ads after each game are definitely annoying and would really appreciate if they were used for coins.
Awful. Way too many ads, physics are not good at All. Overall bad game. Graphics are also so plain and dull.
I like it an all but there are too many ads! Every time i die i see an ad! There are too many bumpy hills aswell. please fix all my problems. Until then i will rate β˜…β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†.
OMG I love this game I love all the world's and the balls, and I can go on and on, but i recommend this game 100 percent
they used to be this game called Hot donut but they got rid of it and not to be rude but this is a rip off of the game I mean this game so fun I enjoy it but still I miss that game so I'm wondering if you can make a remake of that game please if you do then I'll wait this game five stars no joke. :-)
Sometimes there's a glitch where you can go very very fast is that if you can go up to the highest point and then if you go over it you will get to the end and it's very cool you should try it out
I tried the challenge stuff and there was 1 that said to get to the end but it was a glass ball and there was a big jump and I can't get to the end because the ball will break
pretty bad, everytime I do anything my phone vibrates. I know it's just this app because all the other mobile games don't do this. I've tried turning off all vibrations but it still vibrates. Terrible game, too many ads and it constantly vibrating is super annoying.
Unplayable - too many ads. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game. But when I first opened the app, it gave me an ad. That's the first impression the devs want to give me of this game? An ad? I've played some games where ads interrupt the middle of a run. Definitely no 4 or 5 star.
Good game in general, had a lot of ads that are usually five seconds so I don't mind. Only thing is that it's sometimes repetative.
I've bought this game twice. Ive unlocked 80 percent content TWICE. I don't understand how you take peoples money and reset everytime you update. Its not cool.
0 Stars if I could. The game wants all of your personal data and if you don't give it, it places pop ups that you can't remove which really distract from gameplay and make simple things like changing settings or accessing the menu impossible. Even though it has a 'X' to close the pop up, it doesn't work. Awful game. DO NOT GIVE IT YOUR PERSONAL INFO AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!
It's a great game but as voodoo developed it's company I started to notice issues with the game such as ad spam and or fake bots randomly appearing and distracting me. Though, it's a pretty good game all-in-all
Fun game... Too many ads I hate all the ads. Fix it and maybe I will leave a five star... You have 3 days! Or I will bring it down to one star. Your choice, my decision. Argue if you want but I dare you to attack. I'm not joking!
Well this game is kinda boring BUT.....THE ADS. I wish that this would have 1 many ads AND THAT WOULD BE IT..but why 2 star because its sooooooooo hard to not die i got 11 points and i COULD NOT BEAT IT so dont really play it. if your a pro then play it and tell me the proof. BUT DONT PLAY IT IF YOUR A NOOB SO im a noob so i would delete it so IF YOUR A NOOB DONT PLAY IT I DARE U SO THE ONLY REASON IS ADS THE FΓ—Γ—KING ADS UGH!
omg best game ever! (just saying if you play this game on your phone its way more smooth and less laggy!) Edit: I was five when I wrote that and disagree with my past self. Tons more ads now days. Sad.
Dont get me wrong it's a very good time passer but i think it's time for an update it'll always be a good game like this but a "good" game doesn't cut it you gotta add to it maybe some obstacles in the sky that can kill you possibly even bosses once you get to a sartain spot it needs to get harder as you go that will make it a much more successful game so I'm going to give it three stars bc the game has been the same with no update for a long time
I like this game, it's got smooth gameplay and it feels very rewarding when you get a nice jump. However, the other balls that play at the same time don't really have a purpose, and it's alot easier to just buy the different ball skins with the in game coins than earn them. The worst part is that on my device, nearly every time I start a new game the game just crashes. I don't know how to fix this, and it makes the game unplayable. I use android 8.1.0, so can anyone help with this problem?
This game is amazing! I used to go on holidays with my friends and they all had this game. You can play with other people and interact with them so easily so that's why I gave this game 5 stars!
Terrible app. Whenever do a challenge (fail or finish) the entire screen goes white and you either wait five minutes or two the screen a lot. If you take the screen it'll send you to the endless mode already started. There is no in game pause button so you have to die in order to get back to the challenges, which will take a minute. I wanted to try Voodoo again, but now I consider it an abomination to any respectable games.
Amazing! I went so high that the ground went higher! I like the feature where you can buy things with coins. I love where there are other balls so I'm not a lonely ball.
The game is fantastic , but the only thing that makes me to give it 4 stars , is that It will be awesome with a music in background πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ But the game is perfect at all