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Dumb Ways To Draw

Dumb Ways To Draw for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Metro Trains located at Metro Trains Level 16, 700 Collins St Docklands, VIC 3008 Australia. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty ok game. The first original game was the best, obviously. This game is not necessarily bad, it's not interactive as the other ones.
When I pay a premium price to remove Ads $4 I shouldn't be dogged every other death to watch one for hints. Though I found the gameplay fun I found these abstrusive Ad requests unbearable and they ruined the experience. Unless an option is added to remove this annoying feature. I throughly regret my purchase and warn anyone that purchasing the Ad-less version is essentially worthless.
This is a very interesting game plus I like how it has the same concept of the original dumb ways to die, and I like how if I'm stuck on a level it will give me a hint
The gameplay is decent. Nothing original by any stretch of the imagination. But sadly, this follows the same trend of making a game for money and not for passion. Way too many ads. Also there is a bug where most of the time that you die, the audio gets muted and you have to back out, go to settings and toggle the audio twice to get it to work. Another bug is that when you retry (from death or back and forth) the moment you press down to draw you can get a random line that kills score.
Pretty fun. I dont really have any complaints for this game. I think the creators did a pretty good job, especialy with the funny animations.
It was fun but kinda ragging.i think this wont last long in my device but I don't know this game was really fun at first but some levels are very raging and very concerning
I like it so far, my only problem is that it keeps muting both the sound and music at random and it's really annoying.
The most stupid game I've ever played in my life. I thought it was a puzzle game, but it literally draws for you the solution to the easiest problem in the universe. So, there's a guy, there's a hole in the ground and there's a goal on the otrer side. The game traws the line to cover the hole so the guy could cross to the other side. And that's mostly what every level is like. Pathetic.
i love this game! the graphics are really nice and there are the same lovable characters from the "Dumb Ways To Die" youtube video!! :)
STUCK ON THE LOADING PAGE! all that i see see is a guy in what i thinhg is a moose hat and it says "dumb ways to" with a pencil. i know for a fact its not my connection because other games work perfectly. i also know other people are having this problem aswell please fix this!!!!!
The characters are cool and when you die it's funny 😂😂😂😂 Love the main games I pushed color it like a trillion time's I never stopped pushing color it five stars
So much fun!! 😄 Edit: Here's how a session playing this game usually goes... Play two levels, oh! It's time for a 30 second ad. Play another two levels, oh! Have to remind the player about watching ads. Play another two levels, oh! Have to watch another ad! Plus the levels are way too easy and repetitive.
it's very buggy and oftentimes the character and the goal aren't placed correctly, plus there are a lot of ads.
Not at all in line withe the previous games. Ads everywhere and soo many ingame purchases and "dopamine sounds". Nothing special game-style-wise
5 stars the fun never ends its also a good challenge one of the best offline games i ever played. Good job metro trains! Also there are 0 ads one of the best games ever I never have any bugs!
This game is knit picky on options and almost impossible to figure. Trial and error results differ and do not help solution.
Worst game i have seen so far. If you are wondering why i deleted it 30 minutes after installing that is because the game wouldn't even turn on. It always got stuck on the loading screen. I checked my wifi and it said it was perfect and when i restarted my phone it was the same progress over and over... This game is a waste of time and for some players even a waste of money...
From the earliest reviews it sounds like this game had a really bad launch, because most of what people said was bad about it aren't present in the game anymore. The reason why I don't like it is because it's just a generic line drawing game that's Dumb Ways To Die themed. It has all of the same mechanics as a modern mobile game. I do appreciate how there are very little pop up ads though, in exchange for banner ads which I argue are better. Though it's okay, it just doesn't bring anything new.
Dumb ways to die is a cool game please make another dumb ways to die game it is really cool I have all the dumb ways to die games on my phone and I'm playing dumb ways to die now
Hay algunos niveles bugeados pero se pueden pasar no detienen el avance del juego There some bugged levels but you can pass them so they don't stop the advance in game
Fun game. Too many ads. Like I've been getting one after almost every second level and often times the ads take longer to get through than the levels.
Bad app. I was on the third level and it was the hardest level I ever seen. When it said to draw a line to stop the wind, the character were movin' and got stuck, I tried to help him but I kept dying, I should uninstall this app.
Gave this another try and advise against it. Ads literally come up between levels, during levels, and sometimes you get 3 stars but instead they take away one and make you watch an ad to get the star you earned. Or, they give you a 'reward' of watching ads after every level..This game is trash. Many similar games that don't have malicious ads. I had an ad for literal porn while playing. I have reported this to Google Play. Unacceptable.
Bought the "No Ads" version. Game still had ads pop up. Great game otherwise. Would give more stars if they fix it.
Uhh people are complaining about the game logic being "dumb"?? The game is literally called DUMB Ways To Draw lol anyway I love it! Maybe it's because I'm dumb, but it keeps my attention longer than literally everything.
This game sucks!! If you are looking for anything even remotely similar to the original games, look somewhere else. This game is slow loading, lagging, and honestly nothing like what I was expecting, or what I wanted next from these developers. If you want a game like that, download this, I implore you! If not, move on. At least until they fix the game.
I subscribe to Play Pass. This app still forces ads. False advertising? Either way, I'm rating 1 star until it gets fixed.
The ads are absurdly place. Suddenly popping an ad to makr players accidentally click it. Putting hidden buttons to play as ad. And ads cant be skip. Nice money grabbing game here. I'd rate this 0 if i can.
Several levels, even beginning ones, you can't get through by following the tutorial, or help, whether the guy won't walk up ramps or what have you. I cannot get past level 35 because of the way the game was designed, the character cannot walk up the steep ramp at the very beginning of the level. And when you use your hint, it doesn't help whatsoever.
At level 7 my character can't climb up the slope. I think that the hint in it is useles I loved dumb ways to die 1 and 2 but dumb Ways to draw not so much.
Imposed ads always get 1 star. After a few levels an ad pops up from nowhere. Besides that, the game is the usual draw some lines in order to allow the character to get to the objective. Simplistic and relatively challenging.
This game is wonderful and I enjoyed the most ,im not saying about the ads because i love ads ,because i usaully find this game by one of the ads are coming ,I've played this game very much time as i know but now its new and intresting ,so I've played it many many times i can do and my family also enjoy it because it is a family game yeah but I'm not sure about this game that it is a prank game or what ,but its literally intresting i haven't played a game like this in my whole life duh im 16 now
Pretty Good for the forth "Dumb Ways To" game! really fun When is the fifth "Dumb Ways To" game going to come out?
well i really like this game because it gets your mind thinking and strategizing, and it uses your imagination on how to keep your little character alive and safe!! the only downfall is ads( if u know what i mean) they just inturupt what u are doing sometimez, but so far it's a pretty good game so👍👍💩✌👍 (Minecraft is also very recommended)
I LOVE DUNB WAYS TO DRAW because it is an awesome game no adds great quality and much more i would recommend.
Hints are too easy to get. Nice Interface and fun for maybe 2 days. It will get boring in a couple of days i guatantee.
People are complaining about level 8 the the is supposed to be a challenge if it was easy it would be boring I was ble to pass level 8 the only problem I have is the ads :)
Nice little puzzle game, challenging, but not too hard, I finished all levels using only two hints throughout, in the highest sketchbook. My problem is the ads, hence 4 stars. I have no problem watching an ad to get a star or hints, but they keep coming. At least some ads are interactive so time isn't totally wasted but having to activate flight mode to play is quite tedious. All in all a sweet and fun game.
the stupidest game ever!!! the one who gave the negetave review was right!!!! i tried to open the game but it alaways just goe in playstore worsat game!!!!i dont rate it even a star!! this game should be deleted UGH!!!!🙄🙄😒😒
This game is amazing on my first try I mastered it and on 2nd,3rd and 4th!!! You should download it now!!!
Its what u expect creative awesome ways to die and you will need to be on your game to stop the carnage. It gets ever so challenging!!! Play it!
Good game but it's a bit too easy at sometimes but if I could make it a bit harder I would but I commented a very good game I'm just saying if it can be a bit hard at times but it's mostly been easy to like level 5 and Up it's a really good game that's mostly I'm trying what to say
Sucks. There is a certain level that tells you to draw a line but It is wrong I dont what to be mean though I really like dumb ways to die!
I have only just got this game but it is the best game I have. I really enjoy all the dumb parts even though they are hard. In my opinion this is the best dumb ways game.I wish k could complete level 7 but I keep dieing. The only thingy that bugs me is the adds. But the game is still Amazing so I gave 5 stars.
Yo like this game is so coooool I literally just got the game and I'm already loving it. Some of the ways are sooooooo dumb they're smart. If u don't get this game then u will be cursed. Just get the game already its sooooooooo fun. Like, its more fun then the funnest thing in the galaxy
Got this on Google play pass which states no ads but yet loads of ads if you want to complete a level with max stars or get any bonus whats the point of no ads if you have to watch ads this is google play pass fault
Levels too short and easy, you spend more time opening boxes and watching ads than actually playing the game.
So far, it's been very entertaining. The classic art of Dumb Ways to Die of my younger days is reminiscent, and I'm glad I was given the pleasure of playing this game. In any case, I would like to continue playing. The reason I gave 4 stars is because I haven't been able to comfortably adjust yet. I most likely won't remember to update this review, though..
I played a little bit (atleast 3 or 4 minutes) and it is extremely slow and boring. (ok it's for young kids but I digress) pretty decent sensitivity
i thought this would be a pretty good game cause of the rating it has, but i was so wrong. i can't even get the game to load. i'm stuck on the loading screen of the green guy and a pencil that doesn't move. when i finally got something to happen it gave me an ad ever 2 seconds begging for me to buy something. i highly recomend people to not play this game.
Great game which gets you thinking while also having fun, I just wish there was more variety of different scenes, a lot of the levels are similar to others
Definitely glitchy, or just draw on a hat; but it's my all-time favorite, still! my least favorite glitch is when it mutes all audio from its core settings out of nowhere. Otherwise, I love the scenic variety, and freestyling versatility; it really draws me in, never a dull moment.
Super cool. Brings back memories. Game is very intuitive, level desing is awesome. Some levels are challenging so one does not get bored easily
More like Dumb ways to spend your time. Puzzles are too easy, and every 3rd retry you get a pop up ad begging you to buy hints. Super rude and insulting to the player's intelligence, plus closing it repeatedly makes it harder to get back to the level again. (this is even with internet turned off to avoid ads) Yuck.
Was really excited to play this game but it kept kicking me out the game. Can ypu fix this please? (i am on android)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!I love the fact that it has lovely simple pictures!the characters are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing and beautifully simple ,but the game matters the most and it is amazing
Always loved Dumb Ways games, but the sound keeps muting itself. I have to come out of a level, and unmute the sounds in settings..
This game is surprisingly fun but it is a bit violent. I like how it's a drawing puzzle and the graphics are cool.
I can't get past level seven character always gets stuck please fix the game was really fun until then
its a good game. its not like these othere people say, like being stuck on the loading screen as long as you got good internet your good. and another thing is that people "get ads every 2 seconds" and "it does it for you". 1) you get ads like after 10 times and 2) it only does it for you after like 3 times of trying. hope you find this helpful.
It's an amazing game, but the reason I gave it three stars is because there's an insane glitch on level seven, where, you can't get the been man to go up a ramp.
Really fun and a creative game. it makes you think outside the box and to think ahead, also helps you be creative to find solutions to your goal. I recommend playing this game. Continue updating and creating more levels please!
It's not even getting installed dude... I don't know what's the problem. No other apps had the same problem. So.....
A rip off and a waste of time. You will get stuck watching ads even if you pay not too. I would enjoy seeing someone with the super fine control required to score three stars play this game. If that is not you, don't waste your money or your time.
I'm very disappointed. The logic in this game is very dumb and I cant even finish the first level pack thing because of the physics being so broken. And keep in mind that the creator of a (used to be a) popular game and yet somehow makes a game like this and somehow somewhere in the dev's mind does he say "yea this is the best game I've made its gonna blow up" when really it only blew up because of the popularity of the last game. Very disappointed. I would switch to warioware than this garbage
the game is great, but why did the creator censore kissing? not trying to get this comment banned, just saying but everything else is great
Its fun there is just not as many levels as dumb ways to die but it is fun and atleast u are able to buy and earn which makes it fun
It is a play pass app, but has advertisements in it. I want to give it a higher rating, but the presence of the adverts in a play pass game is why I cannot.
This game is a great time killer for my kids and actually has good problem solving for them to learn.
a nice fun puzzle game with classic dumb ways characters. a good time if you dont mind a little 'blood'
This game is so much fun! I love to try to figure out difficult levels. Sometimes if your stuck they'll give you a free hint! This app doesn't have as much ads as I thought it would. I love this game and can't wait to see how better it gets.
I love the idea of putting a game and art together I get how some people say it's violent cuz it's teaching ways u can die but I mean just keep UR doors locked and u will be a ok amazing app graphics and quality I'm a kid and I really enjoy this I recommend bringing UR I pad and if UR car has no Wi-Fi like mine's does just play this app amazing app keep up the good work but anyways hope UR having a good day and a smile on ur face♡God bless u and so have a good day/afternoon/evening/night :))
I love this game, but so far I'm not far in the games and after losing just once I am getting a hint in how to do it which honestly takes the challenge and fun away. I hope later in the games it's won't be like that, but other then that it's a nice addictive game.
The game Is OK. There are some things that could be fixed. When you fail a level once, it wastes your hint for you, even if u don't want to use it. Once you waste all of your hints, it flashes an annoying light at you so u can get more hints. In the game there are some obstacles, for example,wrecking balls. If you try to draw a huge contraption to try and get the character to the end, but draw a little bit inside a wrecking ball, it won't tell you, but when you finish, it doesn't let u finish it
This is the first Dumb Ways game I have tried. I read about it in an article. It is very entertaining. Even if you lose a round, it us still pretty funny to see the characters meet their demise. The graphics are fairly simple, 2D, etc. But this is appropriate for the game.
The game keeps me busy from calling a '' friend '' of mine and is also very entertaining for 6 to whatever age, I would just lower the purchase price and ads but other than that I would totally appreciate anybody downloading this game!!! Its amazingly amazing and amusing!! Hahaha, to be honest I don't think anyone should.............................. Hate on it!!!! Make sure to rate it while you can!!!
This game is really really fun but one certain level is not really that good it was really really frustrating and I just couldn't get past it I'm not going to be super specific because might be people's favorite level so yeah it's pretty good though you should definitely download it if you're new to this I actually had it on my old phone but I lost it and getting this game again isn't that new to me but I pretty much forgot most of the levels so yeah I hope you think my review is helpful!
When I when I finished level 18 when it's your three stars a guy hugging a Rocat showed up the pictures is very annoying please make it better and make this app better okay plz plz.
PlayPass says this game has no ads and in app purchases. First level has ad banner at the bottom for clash royale, and level rewards can be increased by watching ads.
i love this game beyond words. its fun, challenging and literally makes me laugh our loud. highly recommend to all!! fave.
It's a really simple game. Doesn't require much gameplay or thinking for the puzzles. Kind of wish for more of a challenge. I'd say it's for ages 6+. There is a bug though; if you keep restarting/dying before beat level 23 and then move onto level 24 afterwards, the levels will merge together and the player will keep dying at the start. The bug will disappear when you exit and close the game, and level 24 will return to normal. Just a heads up for the devs. Otherwise, it's an okay game.
I really like this game other than the fact it says you need 50 hints to see the answer it takes a long time to get 10 hints let alone 50
Absolute Master Piece I Really Recomend This Game To Anybody That Loves Drawing It Is Very Fun. The Only Thing I Would Be Upset About Is .......... The Point When I Die It Muted Sound Please Fix But I Really Recomend It
i dont like the game because it has a green guy just standing there and theres a pencil floating in the air i think its ment to be writting the word draw because above the pencil it has dumb ways to ... thats why i think its ment to say draw. And what sucks is that i didnt even get to play the game wich is sad i tryed a bigillion different ways to fix it i even deleted it and downloaded it again . when the app was installing i saw some feedback and that person had the same problem. game sucks!!
Pretty Bad, Every Time i Reset, or Sometimes Die From Something, The Sound And Music Mute Automatically.
Oh my word this game is the most amazing most time passing game I have ever played. 5 stars from me definitely. All of my family play it and think the same as me. Phenomenal!
Decent game, but not very unique (from what I've played, at least) and for some reason it keeps randomly muting the sound, which is insanely annoying.
The game itself is fun, but the fact that I need to watch ads despite buying the "ad-free" version is ridiculous
If I paid you money to remove the ads, it should remove the ads. I shouldn't have to watch an ad to get a new pen. Waste of money.
It's a good game it does not many ads or anything so I think this app deserves 5 stars It has mini games and many levels it's a bit too easy but there is nothing wrong with it I totally recommend you this app
I love this game. It's really good and entertaining. A good sequel to dumb ways to die with nice animations.
Its so fun and its a good app for you if you like drawing I highly recommend this app its AMAZING!!!!!!!😁😍👌
I decided to read the critical reviews, I thought they were over exaggerating, however once I downloaded it and pressed on the game it took me back to the play store. That happened 2 more times. When that stopped happening I was stuck in the loading page. After 2 minutes of having the game I uninstalled it. It was a waste of my time!
Its a good game, but there are loads of ads to the point where they get annoying, and when you watch them to increase your reward it does nothing and you get no reward.
dont see any problems with the game. Except for ads. Lots of ads. But overall, good game. I mean great game.
Dumb Ways to die was great in, after the game dumb ways to die was made I played it and it was fun, this is good too.
Great game but it does glitch that's why I only give 4 stars. But it is very fun.!😀 and works better with the internet. Just letting you know
the game is ok i thought it would be like the original dumb ways to die with drawing but it kinda was. i didn't get stuck on the loading page but i didn't like it when after you fail a lever it tells you what to do.
Poor attempt at an ad-grabber disguised with DWTD franchise. Puzzle difficulty is scattered, repetitive and unintuitive. Too many puzzles can be completed with luck, and in a few cases without input. Sound design and graphics are glitchy and play at the wrong times, if at all. Should have just hired a pro puzzle designer, cut out IAPs, and charged a couple bucks for a complete app. Look at Monument Valley. Quality over quantity. Really disappointed to see this in Editor's Choice.
I actually enjoy this game a lot. My only problem is that it doesn't like my stylus! I have the galaxy note 10 plus and it gets angry when I try to use it. Other than that....nicely done!
Game is okay. Even as you reach higher levels like 50 you are presented puzzles like of level 1. The option to buy in game coins don't really make sense when you only have pens or levels - also which you dont really need - to buy and I have been getting 3 stars in each level (not to mention they are so expensive as well). The ads are annoying I'd say. Not recommended. But playable.
In the first levels you get stuck when using the pre-designed solutions. Like you can't walk up the slope in level 7 and 13
I always liked your games this one was a good twist to the original idea. Hope to see more from you guys
No support for stylus, I have a note 10+ and I tought It would be funn to play with the included S-Pen, sadly, the app dont recognizes the s-pen input, please fix it Kinda fun, but sadly not so challenging, even at higher levels normally is just repeat the same lines and that's all
T The whole gameplay is good but i cant get past lvl 7. The bean cant even climb the ramp and he dies himself. Level 7 is absolute hardcore i cant build stairs i cant block the spikes it just went through the line. Im deleting this game rn this sucks
it's stuck on the loading screen, it's literally that green guy with the moose hat and with a pencil not moving. I'm assuming it's supposed to be drawing the word "draw"? ugh it won't load, I restarted, I checked my Internet connection, and it's still not loading.
Shallow game, repeated levels, rubbish additional pens. But that doesn't really matter because you'll have to watch ad after ad instead of playing the game.
Very good game. I've been playing dumb ways to die for years and now that i find a game with the same characters. Also: The little endings when you succeed are adorable lmao
I love the game it's actually really good and no legs and no ads I think they're ADS I just didn't get that far yet
Its a fun game, especially to watch the characters get splattered, its kinda funny, but at the same time pretty graphic. I wouldn't recommend for kids under the age of 15.
this game is sooooo much fun! you get different characters! every character has its own prize!!!!!!!! its just awesome!
this game is fun, and creative. it makes you use your brain and eyes to get through a trap, to get to one of the characters item. I recommend this for people who can deal with a little fake blood. I had a blast 💥💣
If I made it past level 8 maybe it would have had more than one star,and even the hints DO NOT HELP. This game is SO bad I'd rather get the covid 19. P.S. If you don't wanna throw whatever you play games on in lava then DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
this game is so so so fun. i think anyone who dosn't even enjoy drawing would love it.or people that do draw would like it. i just love it.5 star rating!
The game when I first opened it, took a super long time to load and when I finally played the game, I pressed the button to draw and it wouldn't draw. Then the whole game froze and said the app had stopped working. :/
Was fun, at first, but ran into a level that, even if I follow step by step, results in the alien getting stuck. Every time. Even when literally following to laser precision. And these games are generally easy, the level that I got stuck on practically plays itself, so this is just a desperate ad revenue cash grab that's not even properly designed and relies on constant losses to trigger ads
I have a problem in level 54.So stumble is walking and you see 2 wrecking balls (one of them are not roped).then the wrecking ball tries to fling the another wrecking ball that fails.So its Easy to get through level 54.Please Fixed Bug for the wrecking balls physics
It keeps muting the sound for no reason dont download this app waist of space if I could I would give it 0 stars PLEASE stop making games they all suck
Don't kick me out to do a rating while I'm still in the tutorial. Either this game is crazy boring, or more likely, it hasn't started yet. But here I am. Writing a rating. Because you dingdongs couldn't include an "ask later" button.
Such a shame. Its a fun game, great style and good gameplay. It is completely ruined by the invasive ads. I do not mind if there are ads, I get it, if I don't want ads I can pay for them to be removed but it is the malicious nature of the ads that I have a problem with. Some of the ads use every trick in the book to get you to click on them. They will black out your screen, locking your phone, in an attempt to hide the 'x' or close button. Renders the game basically unplayable. Avoid.
This game is like my favourite game this is the one the best game ever so that is why I rate 5 stars and no description ahead
I just started and it's pretty cool. it's like the games where you draw a line to get water in a cup, or two balls together, but it's kind of creative and very original
Dumb ways to draw is my favrite game it is so cool i play this game alote off times my favrite level is 25 its asome to play this game
4 stars becauze its a great gameplay but there is kinda prob. with the music and sounds even if they are left on... When i play they randomly are on or off..i like music/sfx on because i like that but there is a bug which does not put music on so plz fix the sound bug
The best time pass I've had in a while . would have liked if the levels were more Organized . But over all a very fun game
It's always pretty obvious when a game is really just an attempt to push microtransactions and ads. You can't actually get rid of ads, even after paying $4 for them, you still are prompted to watch one or two after every level. The actual game concept isn't bad, but each puzzle is poorly implemented--way too easy, with no real difficulty curve. And there were typically much easier ways to solve a puzzle than the way their obstacles would indicate.
Absolutely lovely game for children. But way way too easy for an adult. First time played got to level 30 with over 300 unused hints. And got bored, sorry. I would have actually liked to play a few difficult levels as this is high quality.
I can do all and i can make makes a little guy to the ending and the game at the level and i can imagine anything it helps me to imaginate it just wow
When ever I failed the I have to turn on the audio and music again and I have to click it twice before it turns on. Fix it!
I'm stuck on the loading screen with the pencil not drawing is it supposed to write draw please fix it I'm deleting this game when I'm done.😔😕 I really wish I could do 0 stars did not get to play
This is the best game. I never thought metro trains could make more games than dumb ways to die also they are good too
I really love this. I have been a fan since the original song came out. However there are too many ads and having to watch an ad to get your last star is a new low. :(
Quite honestly, this series has been milked for all it's worth, but i decided to give this game a try anyway. It is by far the worst game in the DWTD universe simply because it is so boring. I get that it was made for a younger audience, but as a fan of the first animation all those years ago, it offered a bit of nostalgia; still, it just feels so bland to play that i can only give it 1 star. Also, the ads are just... bad. Messed up once? You must be stupid! Here, watch an ad for hints!
God awful physics in some of the levels which make them impossible to beat. Stick to the original game.
it's a pretty good game with creative and challenging levels, but I did notice something that just.. ruined the game for me. After completing certain levels and having earned all three stars, I noticed it took away one of my stars and gave me the option to watch an ad to earn it back. I am certain that I had earned all 3 stars. So, idk, do what you will with that.
Not bad, asked me too soon to rate it so I'll rate what I played. Very easy, decent graphics, cute game