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Dumb Ways To Die 3 : World Tour

Dumb Ways To Die 3 : World Tour for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Metro Trains located at Metro Trains Level 16, 700 Collins St Docklands, VIC 3008 Australia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a shame they removed the funny death animations even the 2d perspective which made the game look bad the animations are so disgusting that most indian games are way ahead and ye they ruined it
ads ads ads and more ads! I dont mind a game that has ads that unlock stuff or give currency but everything is ad-locked on here even trophies you have earned and then just spring more ads on you out of nowhere, i couldnt play twice in a row with our getting unback-outable ads, then a promo pip ad (picture in picture) started playing and would not go away even after clicking it or even starting a mini game it just stayed there...they need to change name to ADpocalypse
Could have been an interesting game if not for ads at every step. Need to unlock a trophy sure see an ad. Want to get jackpot see an ad. Played a game see an ad. Most of the ads are not skippable.
There are only a couple mini games in this game as opposed to the previous versions, though they are longer, but some are not well designed. The game is also heavy on ads. If I unlock i trophy, I still have to watch an add to actually earn the trophy, which is ridiculous because they don't do anything. It could be better in my opinion.
I've been playing the last few weeks, unlocked all characters, fixed up every building, have over 5 million coins and thousands of emeralds. I constantly sit and buy every type of gift box level possible and I've won all trophies, but all I get are duplicate gifts, day after and day... and yet I'm still missing half of all the costumes. I'll never spend all the coins, what's the point of playing anymore if I can't actually unlock the costumes after 500 tries buying gift boxes??
ANOTHER MEMORY?! WOW!! I really appreciate this!! Oh well u know what I'll say! Reminds me of my childhood ofcourse hehe..I mostly play this game than the others! Like, minecraft, roblox and other more <3 Fav this hahahah!! Oh well better start playing it now! But no I'll give u a 5 star review Hehehe
This game ruined the hype! The first two versions were about offline puzzles and minigames but this? This is plainly a mistake! Less minigames, more fixing the city! Uninstalled. I recommend just playing the OG's (1 and 2).
After seeing they made a 3ed game I was really happy bc the first 2 were awesome, but when I opened the game my first problem is that you don't have to turn your phone to the side? Like what?? And the 2ed thing is that there like 5 games. That's it. You also have to by stuff with cash in this app. That's not How DWTD works. It never has been. As someone who had the 1st game on my ipod in 3ed or 4tg rade (I'm now in 11th)and got the 2ed one as soon as it came out, I am beyondPISSEDat this game.
The Game is Fine, Shifting from 2D to 3D gaming is quite fine but the content is boring. The Mini-Games is engaging but quite have small library of mini-games which makes it boring. All you have to do here is most likely repair stuff. That's it. Quite Fine but the Execution is boring.
Not as good at the previous ones. This one is just like any other mobile game. It doesn't have the DWTD feeling.
I expected to start the app and start the mini games where you try not to die like the first game in this series. When the game started it opened to a map with so many different game types and options and such that I immediately uninstalled it and installed number 2 in this series instead.
Worst app ever it just wastes your time and data i just downloaded it now and it doesn't work when I opened the app it jumps out again what the freek?¿
Can't open the game as it keeps crashing. When it does eventually open there are too many adverts. The mini-games are simple to play and addictive though there are only a small number of them.
In previous games you could WIN or die in a silly and funny way. In this version you can not win. At some point you WILL die and the goal is just to collect money. Btw the ways in which you due are not even dump or funny..... Love the series, this one? Not so much....
I'm sorry but I really tried with this one and I think the franchise has gone downhill with its mini games gone from teaching train safety. To just pretty much anything with the characters and I think you need to look a dwtd2 and look at what worked in that game and out it in this game. I rated three starts because that was honest dwtd3 was just OK.
This is NOT the dumb ways to die I expected for. Because this is literally not how DWTD works. This breaks my nostalgia man. Seriously.
I love the game, but I paid for no ads how come I still have to watch ads to unlock a trophy that's crazy
I love this game the most of the three versions. However 2 things keeping this from 5 ☆. 1) I have over 2 mil coins and I am unable to repair buildings in DumbCastle because the game says "Not enough coins" which is rubbish! I have twice the amount needed to repair the castle! It shouldn't be my gems because even lower level houses I am not able to repair either. Why is there no way to contact support!? Lastly, you really on adverts a bit heavy when it's required to unlock many aspects.
Horrible game The controls are so bad that you would want to stop playing after 30 minutes of playing and it's not just the controls but also the gameplay is so boring that there isn't anything to do in the game and there is an ad ever minute that it just feels like the developers put no effort into making this game or another way to put it is that it feels rushed Do Not Waste Your Time Playing This Insanely Bad Game
Great great great great great game it's just you need to put more mini-games in that would be really really really really really great because brother versus brother it would have more fun to the purpose of the game but still even if you don't you still made an awesome job so please add Morris game maybe I'd like to know what you can do all the big building track for 10,000 give you like way more coins at a time and like the rectum 100000 builders oh I'm a kid bike give a thumbs up bye how bye b
Controls are not very responsive especially in pyramid slide. Swiping does not work all the time. you need to improve on the interface.
I am giving 2 stars only because when i watch an advertisement it will come to black screen and i want to take it once more and when i want to play a game some all the when i want to play any game it will also come black screen what is this
I give 1 star because this game is stuck. When i download and open this game it stuck and lagging my mobile.
Hello! I loved the franchise and still do! (Apparently you've got a tiktok, huh?) The app is fine, but there's a glitch with decorating where it will keep redirecting to the decoration spots no matter where you tap. Closing the app fixes the glitch, but only temporarily. Otherwise, good game!
Pros: Fun and simple mini games (there are 7 now), youre bound to death by many things on each one. Cons: the ads, omg, other than getting free stuff, you get ads by clicking character info, clicking back, clicking main menu, clicking play, even when i was on a level... but just turn off your internet and you are set
This "game" is a mockery of the past 2 DWTD games. Instead of making it a fast minigame rush, they made it a snore inducing, ad filled, boring tycoon clone.
your trying to stay alive in this game and its really hard unlike 1 and 2 make it easier or we are going to have a problem and there are so many adds to the point where i got rid of it to get the 1st one
The game is so good Bailey any ads the games are good But it's come a bit boring But please play the game and if you don't like it just uninstall
Make it look like it was in version 1.02 because the two space games and the 4 removed characters need to come back.
I loved the first 2 games as they had plenty of fun games to play, this one has 7 mini games that quickly get boring. The last town requires excessive amount of gems to build up as well as lots of coins too. Full of in app purchases and ads that do not give you rewards when you are forced to watch them. Well done guys you ruined dumb ways to die 👏👏👏👏
I had an issue with the addition of the dumb castle village. I had enough coins, but was not able to spend my coins in order to fix the new area. Due to the fact I could not progress I had to uninstall the app and reinstall to continue the game while also losing my past progress.
It is an overall fun game. It only has 3 stars as it needs some more minigames. Also, the minigames are not as refined as in previous games. The animations are not in the same fun style, and need some attention to detail. For example, when you are eaten by a shark in the boat, the shark sometimes jumps beside the boat, and your character disappears. Honestly, I prefered having "stock" but good animations. The extra objectives also do not give benifits and do not add to the experience of the game
Played for an hour or two before uninstalling. The ads are extremely aggressive. (Example: You finish a challenge but then need to watch an ad to unlock it.) The price to remove them seems small but I didn't like the minigames enough to keep going.
I love this game, but after a while it gets a bit boring. My suggestion is to add more games. There are only 7 games unlike other games a few years ago in Dumb ways to die 2 before updating. In the pyramid slide the game doesn't sense the movement when I slide up. I loved this game and I hope it can be updated so there are more games. Tq
Not going to lie this is by far the worst dumb ways to die game, only 7 minigames, all of them are ripoffs of other games not to mention they all run at 2 fps. Also there's a problem with you dying from the worst reasons ever, the devs probably made it so that you cant get too far without dying so that you can try "one more time" and therefore watch one more ad. Honestly I would rate this 5 stars if there were just a few more minigames to choose from.
I just spent 12,000 tokens and opened gift boxes.....my gifts are not there but it tooky coins that I transferred from saved gems???!
This game is by far the worst edition of the DWTD series. THEY ASK US TO WATCH ADVERTISEMENTS TO RECIEVE ACHIEVEMENTS WHICH WE HAVE UNLOCKED BY COMPLETING GOALS??!!! In what godforsaken world does that even make an inkling of sense. I played the game for an hour and ATLEAST 20 minutes of that was spent on watching forced advertisements which cannot be skipped before 30 seconds. The game may be fun but the advertisements ruin EVERYTHING. Would rate it 0 if i could. Disappointed.
It's so fun and easy I love those characters now I know their all names now :D It is so fun and easy I give it 5 stars and by the way nice job for making these games keep it up! <3
Probably not a bad game, byt its not what it says it is. Its dumb way to die themed game, but not dumb way to die you would expect from the first two games... It should have been named differently.
I absolutely love this game! I've built up all the little train stops/lands and now have nothing to work on other than trying to meet all the milestones in the mini games but that is kind of boring. I'm accruing coins & gems that can't be spent on anything anymore. I'd love it if more levels(train stops/lands) were added and more items could be bought with the coins & gems. That would keep me playing it.
This game is good and very fun but I had a problem with it...I got to dumbgypt but when I repaired bungles house it didnt give me him...so please just give me him or fix this :(
Who else was confused from this game. The whole game is easy. The minigames are the most conflict. First of all, in one of the mini games, you could long jump, but why? Then on the related minigame I last described, sometimes where ever you swiped, it does not always sence you actions. And it's hard to collect the Monday Madness rewards. That is all I think that is bad.
it's a good game, but They should fix the boxes with epic gifts, and spent more than 2 million in epic boxes and none of them give me an epic costume. the same things always, and sometimes gives me rares or common gifts in those boxes. it's not fair! Another bad thing is that the difficulty on some achievements is too high. Do you try to make 65 flags in the sky level? or 125 crystals in the pyramid ?! it's impossible! I spent many hours in the game, and I'm very disappointed by this.
There are 7 mini games which is fine but there are only 4 places to unlock. I wish there were atleast one for each of the mimi game themes of not more. I've collected all colours,artifacts etc and have so much money that i open gifts for hours but have nothing really rewarding to spend it on, only duplicate are available. Also their are too many ads, many of which i can't even exit.
I know I want you to make a dumb ways to die for but could you fix the game please it's extremely glitchy could you just fix it please fix the glitchy freezing
I downloaded this game after wanting to check up on the series, because I had fond memories playing with friends. Needless to say this game is a disgrace to the original, there are so many glitches, way to many ads, and too little minigames. This game feels like a quick money grab.
I was excited when I played the game, it was alright, I have been playing it for about three months and have reached dumb cove, but then the screen goes gray and I can't play it at all, I don't know if anyone else has experience this this or it is just from my side, but please fix it. This is the sixth time I've installed it and unonstalled it, and especially how far I got each time, please fix it or else I'm never playing this dumb game again
I liked the first game, but this one is so limited. 7 mini games? You'll do the same things over and over. There are so many ads, many crash the app and it force closes. Play a game, ad. Get a prize, ad. Crash. Die, ad. Get a trophy, ad. Ad, Ad, Ad, everything has an advertisement tied to it. Edit: Nevermind, this is just a cash grab app, you can't do much without watching ads and can't finish because you need gems to complete the last level. You can buy cash with gems, but not gems with cash.
Cute graphics but the games are way too hard, they go very fast and the characters are hard to control. Might be good to make it slower at the beginning so the player can get used to the controls?
The games are fun but I spend tokens on chest and it says you got the tree decoration but I didn't get it! Please fix this
Its a good game. My only complaint is that theres not alot of mini games. Adding a few or random ones every few days would be nice.
I wish this game is better than it is, it follows the garbage modern games you see and the experience just fizzes out you don't get the enjoyment from finishing a level it's just out right frusterating
So...I mostly play Roblox also this but there are some bugs in this.first is that mostly when I open this game is that a blank screen comes without the game so please fix it otherwise I give this 5 stars and there is not any other bug.
So I was playing the game normally and I went to piramid run and then I experienced a few glitches such as double jumping but you cant. I also fell through the ground too! Please fix those and read my review on dwtd 1!
This game has too much ads and I have some bugs I think that always make a blank screen even in the mini games and I can't continue play it if I don't exit.. Please fix it, I want to play it comfortably..
No. Just no. Such a cheap games like it doesn't even polished. Such a poor quality affects perfomance. I recommend playing the 1 & 2 than this crappy 3
I have been a huge fan of this game, have played both 1st and 2nd version. But somehow this 3rd version is not at all good, the controls are super weird, especially the rafting game. The visuals and graphics are impressive and neatly done.
I love this game, I play it all the time. But how do you get past those flipping dragons in Castle Catastrophe??? And the game lags sometimes so you can't play it properly. My brother has it on my mum's phone and it still lags for him. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, it might be my wifi. But if it lags for other people, please try to fix it.
I like this game but what I don't like about it is the Monday madness. I keep on pressing claim, They keep on writing Ads not ready yet, please try again later. I have pressed that claim button for a long time but it kept on writing that exact same thing. And also, make the controls better for pyramid slide. It's very complicated. Well, 4 stars. You can do better. Please just fix the errors
They have destroyed the game series by unlocks it was fun back in the day when everything was unlocked.Anyways still dumb ways to die 1 is much better
guys if i unninstalled this what you think this game is no hosrpital that everyone open the host, maybe android for kids because my characters reset to start.
So laggy added to the fact that whenever you play the small amount of mini games when you die or try to get rewards you have to watch so many adds