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Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game

Duels: Epic Fighting PVP Game for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Deemedya INC located at 1250 Borregas Ave. #118 Sunnyvale, CA. 94089. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Terrible gameplay. Went through literally 20 matches and couldn't win a single one and you can't change your starting build. All of the players you face are too high and it's all pvp to start. Edit: after STILL following the instructions given, even changing your starting build, you have to get extremely lucky and the game literally takes 0 skill. It's just watch your character loss or win depending on who dodges and randomly does only 10 damage each turn.
You somtimes do one damage to the other ai and which fighting game doesnt let you pick your attacks and you dont even know your attacks this game is ea but worst and if you lose then the bar just restarts they want you to pay them money to get better gear anytime a company says the game is not pay to win you play the game and its pay to win
Awsome game but when are we getting more campaign's, I've already did all 60 and would like more 😎
Played b4 was high rank then got bored cause it's always the same thing now just checking if anything changed hopefully a campain has been added or more heros can join party
Game is good but there is a lot of lacks in this game.. most of skills is so useless except fire(it has high damage than another) skill buff literally doesn't has any effect at all. When you hit button to fight,the winner already decided, and yes it means game can make you lose intentionally even you have high chance such crit or evasion, and game make you grinding back the winstreak to get keys.i hope dev can improve this game especially in the battle so players can feels rng passion of game
You just can't give this game a bad review. Let's be quite honest about it! Good game all in all. Looking forward to more content from the next update. There's a big update coming in the next couple of weeks btw.
This is an awesome game, but I cannot win cause everyone I fight on loot battle has higher attributes than me. Even some ppl who has lower attributes still win, now that's bs. It'll be better if ya didn't make it a pay to win game
This really isn't a good game at all. I've played games like this but this is just bad. I'd rather play C.A.T.S. then this "Epic Fighting" game
I love you this game but I clicked 4 star why? My game so max level 80 because my phone old ok next day new phone buy this old game account not connected new phone πŸ˜”πŸ˜­ not change new phone new account 😠🀯 please Google connected account please fix update I waiting duels old account play waiting thankyou very so much
Very good pvp game. I love how everyone has different gear. Other games force you to take a gear path where everyone gets the same thing. The pvp is simple and fun. It could improve by displaying the battle data a little longer. It goes so quick you can't tell who hit how much and what attack it was. It would be great if there was a log on screen.
they have glitches in the dungeon which causes you to lose to fight and your chest you used to be able to get some equal level items off the wheel now you get low-level items the chest that you buy they are misleading also they need to open up the next level on the campaign maybe add on a few different versions of warriors maybe a female version and they never respond to the messages that you send them or compensate for glitches in the system. It's fun to play but they need to get it together
This game looks good from the outside but once you start playing it you shortly realize its very boring and makes absolutely zero sense. Definitely a pay2win and that hardly matters either cause no matter what gear you have you still beaten by people much worse then you. Gave this game around 15mins and I wont be continuing to play it anymore. Hope you guys fix this game or dump it and make a better one with your consumers in mind cheers🍻🍻
If your character doesnt have good stuff even in the beginning you will lose alot but this game is very new and use some things from other games which isnt bad and makes it easy to navigate, and it is a pretty good game
Played the early access. The game is fun and a good relaxing arcady type of gameplay, just sit back and climb the ranks. It's always nice to have a game you can progress in without constantly pressing on things. It's good.
The game is pay to win everytime i log in i Go to battle then i see a person with mythic weapons and they have to buy it so they can win what i think that if people dont have mythic then they dont fight people with mythics and there stas are 909 damage and 4000 health and i played this 2 years ago then i just left it because of this
Please fix your game, the AI for fighting makes no sense, I heal when I don't need to, then don't heal when I should, this leads to healing when I should have pressed the attack and could have easily won, its soooooo frustrating, I hate this game sometimes
Good game but can't restore previous gameplay progress if i reinstall the game i can't get my old account its start from beginning all time...😑😑😑😑😑
The game is nice but I got nothing to do in this game..just upgrading characters am sorry but in game I wanna feel something here I just feels like a specteter I don't like that.. I want to fight put buttons to control them.. OK all right Mr developer I will try it one more time just to show some respect to u
Okay, where do I begin. The gameplay is basically nonexistent. You start the game with no tutorial (I think) and you can battle other players (If they're even real people). You either get curbstomped or curbstomp the opponent. You have no control over what happens. Most of the gear you get has a minimum level to be usable, which makes it very hard to use the equipment you get. You can also buy keys to open loot boxes (chests) which probably have equipment you can't use. I'd say it's pretty bad.
Switched devices and account lost. (Edited) Emailed developers and was fixed within 48hrs. Brilliant customer service
I don't like the inconsistency in my damage, it's clearly meant to make you want to spend money. To many times I'm fighting and I lose because my crits do NO dmg. The game wants you to get mad and spend money to get stronger.
I just can't recommend this game.. which is sad because I like the gist of the game, but when I have 45% dodge compared to my enemy with 8% dodge or 17% dodge and they dodge 90% of my atks and I dodge 1 in 2 minutes.. it just isn't a good game. Broken mechanics.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
This game is terrible....graphics aren't bad but once you download it there is NO tutorial on how to play. The fights are so inconsistent. Someone way weaker than you could wipe the floor with you. Same goes for the reverse. Its ridiculous. There's no structure or goal for the game. It's kinda like walking up to two strangers and betting on which one would win in a fight. Pathetic. If I could give it a 0 I would.
Not only is this game fun and addicting but the customer service is incredible. Ive personally expierenced 3 or more times where ive had game pieces and progress disapper and they were happy to help and in a quick manner at that. Go Duels!!!!
Middle of the road game. Slow progression but that works out because progression actually feels possible. Loot needs fixed. Fights need fixed. You can fight someone with 500 less health and 300 less attack and get absolutely destroyed. Overall decent but needs more content.
It's the best game ever seen! Just can you do something to make us control our character? It'll be more fun for us to play!
Spoiler. Boxes from wins cost keys...everytime. Most clans you see are dead and full of inactives. And there's only 1 real event and thats xmas. Any other time of year you play your leveling slows @60 and with out xmas gear it is a long grind. Gear is the only method of gaining xp. They recently made dungeons unwinnable......so. In short, I wasted the last couple months so yall don't have too. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Dev team, go ahead and shoot me another automated responce to that....waiting.
I'm an old guy, but love playing Capcom Style 2d side-scrollers and stuff like that ... I thought I would update with some newer games so I tried Duels. I can't really review it, because it's hard to tell what it does. The characters fight, but you have no control over them, at least none I could figure out. So, google "how to play", and in zillions pages, but not one tutorial or explantation of how it works. Is there anything that actually explains what this is about? It looks very cool, the clan premise is very cool, but right now it's like watching two other ppl play while you just sit there. It would be great if they had even a paragraph of what this is about. It has to be more than just collecting stuff, right?
Fun for the first hour or so then after that first initial jump your at a hard roadblock till you start spending money dont recommend.
This game is ok . It would be nice to have a fighting option where you can do easier levels because I am low and I have to kill a 1k . You get too suck on levels
Somewhat fun until you keep losing to ppl who are only half your strength and life. Then it loses its fun. That actually happens a lot. 10 matches. You win 4 and lose 6 to ppl who arent even as strong as you. Please fix this. Its frustrating and annoying. Winning seems to be 100% random. Ill be deleting soon.
I'd give it 5 stars all day if there was more to do, but for a game thats in its early stage, i think its pretty good. Add more features and maybe a few more game modes and get more people playing and i think this game could have potential
Only issue I am currently having is on my new phone I cannot get onto my account. So I currently cannot play on my level 59. Hope this gets fixed soon so i can start playing again
One of the best games. I see a lot of people hating, they just don't get how this game works. Though it could easily do with some updates.
Fun for about 5 minutes, but you hit the P2W wall almost immediately, and the prices they're asking are insane.
Was fun to begin with. Been playing a few months now. I'm level 59 and losing interest. Theres a HUGE gap for those pay to play and those free to play. Yeah you may have the same chance when opening a chest, but impossible to get chests as cant win fights. Campaign 100% and cant defeat anymore dungeons. Clan wars are 50/50 as sometimes I can defeat some, others are impossible.
Decent at first but then got harder and harder to win which made think it's a pay2win and then on top of that erased my entire progress. Was good but got crappier throughout time.
Interesting concept but becomes pay to play really fast, almost immediately. No control over character so you're at the mercy of random choice. To get keys to unlock chests and get new gear you must have a win streak. Almost every time you're about to finish a win streak you get matched with a fight you can not win, thus pay to play. Keeping the player just slightly behind on a constant basis. It is obviously a pay to play game.
It was fun at first, but then you start losing everything. So many times, my stats are so much better than the other person, yet I still get demolished It's so dumb
Not a bad game but puts you up against players way above your level and it quickly become obvious you have to spend money to advance leaving the game dead in the water
Very fun little game. Can be played in your spare time. Just play a bit every day to do well, and also takes very little data.
Game is heavy pay to win. Every time im on my 3/4 win streak i always lose to a person with lower stats and gear. The game is designed to make you pay in order to win. THIS GAME IA TRASH FOR FTP PLAYERS!
Support is there when you need them. Game is addicting. Well done. There's always room for improvement so keep up the good work.
These guys are the best. RNG gear grind is fun and also their tech support is the best.fast and very responsive
Game looks good, but match making is not good, also cant switch opponents( available if u watch add one time only) ...cant go further in pvp battles...so i not recommend to play this game
I really enjoyed playing the game but after opening it again after a few months all my progress and items has been deleted. Sad part is i have eaven spent money and everything is lost.
1. Good Game. 2. Luck Based (so be prepared to be frustrated more than once, when you think your high armor/health and Damage sees u losing more than once). 3. Have patience (you'll need it to collect the keys to buy better loot boxes). 4. Destroying your unused loot levels you up. 5. No armor/weapon upgrade (need to buy loot boxes for extremely random drops to upgrade). 6. Questing requires you to watch ads for 2 more tries (if u die twice on a stage). 7. Good Luck, you'll need it
Not gonna lie this game is the best and they managed to recover my lost account and I pay respect for that. Overall the game is awesome and if you text the developers they reply instantly something improbable for other developers wasn't expecting that
I guess it's ok as a game just seems unbalanced which is why I did not play for very long. Quite disappointing to be crushed many times in row, even when you are stronger then your opponent. Hate to say it but games design is not for these developers.
Everything is OP but there is auto battles,there should be manual fight.AI fight automatically for both side.I just hate it.It should be in portrait mode,so it will be just like SHADOW FIGHT ARENA and that would be OP
great game. like it all, would give 5* but dungeon chest say 40% chance get legendary, seems I might get 1 legend out of 3-5 chest, seems more like 10%
I am loving this game and it actually helps you after you get to campaign but it does need to have an explanation of the game in the beginning is the only issue I see
While I like how the game plays and how smooth it runs, I wish there was more things to do in endgame. Being as there is only 60 levels of campaign, the only thing left is loot fights, dungeons, and Champion leagues. Being at the top of the champion league, the war is 48hrs long but it will take awhile to get there in the first place. Dungeons get repetitive after a certain level and loot fights are lackluster. TL:DR needs more content for players that have completed everything. 4.3 stars
I like the concept at first. The graphics and fIghting scenes. Eventually it became a much a 'paid game' and no room for those who can't spend that much. Also i've won many win streaks but it's either not giving me the right amount of keys or none at all. So dissapointing.
The game is good but leveling up is based on dismantled items? Are you kidding me? Leveling up should be based on experience every battle. Perhaps change the way leveling up by using experiences instead of dismantling equipments
I've enjoyed this simple game since it came out. Dispite what some people think it's not pay to win. I am currently in a top clan an havnt spent a dime.just diligent farming goes a long way. The game is progressing very well and the devs are always around to help. They are adding content all the time and even take suggestions. Come join up and challenge the various clans :)
Pay 2 play BIG TIME! you have to spend money to continue to move up in the game. And it's not all guaranteed if you buy a small pack that's not more than $9.99 then you out of luck. You spend money on something you can get in dungeons. If you want to pay to win then spend $19.99 or more. Good luck.. lol #uninstalled
So far the game is fun been playing for 5 days. If more content was added I could see playing for a very long time.
This is one of the worst games I've ever seen.. even worse than auto playing mmos. You literally do NOTHING besides change your gear. Why does this game even exist? It's pure garbage πŸ—‘οΈ All you do is watch your character fight and most times loose.. there's no point to it what so ever. Fight until you're lucky enough to win, and it will almost always be luck, get some "keys" open some "chests" change your gear, and back to watching and not actually playing.
I've been playing duels pretty well since initial stages, and theres really nothing I have bad to say, besides the obvious of a new game (theres bugs and glitches and freezing) but I understand how things work and you've got to iron out the wrinkles as your creation unfolds. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the game play, the fighting system and everything else demeedya is implementing in game. Not to mention the customer service is prompt with service and always helpful. Would recommend. πŸ€™πŸΌ
Really awesome one. Before downloading this game i read the bad reviews but still i have downloaded it, and In first i felt like this game no good but trust me we need to understand this game by playing it, then we can become one of the strongest warrior.
I never heard if this app until Mistplay. I would give five but I give four because I downloaded the game through mistplay and they didn't credit mistplay. Also it takes forever to get loot in this game. Other than that it would be a five.
I have been playing this game since day 1 of beta and I have loved every second of it!!!also the devs are very helpful and listen to the community's feedback and suggestions!
I thought the reviews would be fake and gave it a try and no it doesn't work why can't I dodge or anything or heal bad game :(
Me and my friends have had so much fun on this game and its only in its early stages. For a game so early in its development, its already such a great game. 10/10 recommend to anyone - Its easy to pick up and play - Its great for interacting with new players and meeting new people - Its not something you can only play for a couple of days. You'll get hooked - The Duels Developers and staff are really friendly - ITS COMPLETELY FREE
Decent game with good customer service but is a little like a pay2win game and matched me unfairly. Also as i got deeper into the game it got a lot more boring.
At first the game seems like it's pretty good, It's not till you realise this is literally a pay to win no two ways about it. I enjoyed the game till very early on i was getting defeated by every enemy and opponent, there no fighting controls its a random attack generated turn by turn game play. This only got one star because of the fact I put $30 in to this prick of a game and still got nowhere and the development team had so much potential to make this game awesome, alas..... disappointed.
Most stupid AI fight ever. You had good attack and hp but you will lose the foe weaker than you because your character not use weapon just kick and shield bash. The experience and level system depend on your gear. To get gear you need to open lootbox with keys. Keys are your money. No fun at all.
Please add private message ... Overall Rank Leaderboards .. World Chat... Friendly Challenges etc. It could a lot better and the players will not be bored.. make this game more alive.. it is a great game.. but add something to it to be more alive.. Please read this..
Hard game. Dodge is too high. I suggest you make it so that crit cannot be dodged but can be blocked.
I like this game! It's almost like an idler rpg but without the idle part. Graphics are pretty good for whatever that's worth with this kind of gameplay. And the implementation of ads are superb!! Normally with this type of game you'd have ads ruining it but not with this game! I think I've spent money on this game just because it's so playable and doesn't have stupid ad utilization. πŸ‘πŸΌ
I must say ... those who cry that the boxes require keys are stupid because keys are like the "only in-game currency" which can be obtained easily just like me. But one think I think must be improved is that mystic weapons must also be discoverable from boxes.
Never played a game with so little gameplay. Gear is randomized, attacks in battle are randomized. You gain gear by opening chests with keys that you gain by winning streaks, which is hard given how random everything is, and the stronger gear you (or opponents) get by spending money. Every game is pay2win if real money can buy anything other than cosmetics. No exception here. Overall, it's slightly more interactive than a slot machine, but not much.
Very fun, immersive, and not overly intensive. While they need to add more late game content, it is still quite early in release and I expect much more to come. Great game.
Best rpg game ive played.the most dedicated players can mix it with n beat those who pay to play if u stick at.also the support from deemedya is 2nd to none.they can be alittle slow with updates but it is a small gaming company so bear this in mind but still if u like this form of rpg than check it out.
If you don't like pay to win games you should totally give this game a try if you put the hours in you will be a top player choose the right gear and you will be set
Fun . Needs a few tweaks and could be really good some duel control and a rework of the keys to per win maybe .
The game is really good but the reward system is the most stupid thing I ever sow. You climb up in rank, I got to Grand Master Rank 1 and you need to wait 24 hours to get the same reward as you get at diamond rank in 1 hour(that's like 10-15 ranks lower). Basically the better you are the lower rewarda you get
Cannot even start the game and i stuck on loading screen,i dont even want to gave you a single star,but there is no option...i just write this soo you will.saw my opinion... UNINSTALED IT!!!!!!!
Returning player. Game is still good. Giving only 4 stars couse of lack of do things. We need more content guys and gals! Tower system, random weeky or daily dungeon crawler ect. Also campaign content.
I uninstall this game for some personal reason and when I reinstall it I can't get my old account it will start from beginning and I got fresh account. I also login my old ID with fb but when I log in fb in the game it sync in the new account 😑
Great game, really enjoy it, only downfall is the limited things to do when at high level, very exited for future updates in the campaign, great game keep it up
Damn fine start to a game. Unique, in my experience, in terms of gameplay. I've never played another game like this, where I, at least with most app games, I've played something like it before. Keep improving! I have some specific feedback for developers, if they are interested.
Overall, a pretty poor game. You have meaningful things to do for about the first hour of play. After that you start being pitted against opponents who are vastly superior to you to the point where you start a fight , any fight in any mode, and you die in one hit. The only "progression" is gear which is gated through loot boxes and keys. You can buy boxes from the shop for more keys than it takes to open them or you can find them after winning a battle and then open them for 2 fewer keys.
This game is way more addictive then it should be. Thoroughly entertaining while minimally demanding. Could use some different game modes, and I wouldn't mind a little more player controls, but I feel like they're on the way.
This is the second time I've tried to review. They deleted my first one. Not offensive at all. Dont download this game. Complete waste of time. They didnt do a good job making it and purposely make you lose so you have to pay money to advance.
Love this game. No hidden paywalls. Great graphics. Would help if there was a world chat to help guilds recruit. Also a chat translator would beneficial. Otjer than that this is a solid casual game that I really enjoy playing. Great jobπŸ‘
Trash! You can have over a thousand more than another player and lose cause of doge I have maxed doge and barely doge anything to many pay to plays forces you to go against higher level people so you watch a ad to change appoints campaign is easy dungeon drops suck all the guilds are inactive the clan war matchmaking is broken the wheel of forchin is over priced overall the game sucks you just sit there and watch people hit eatch other sorry excuse for a game you can't even skip battles. TRASH!!
Been playing a couple days plenty of hours. It's enjoyable but the makers are extremely money hungry so much to the point they design the game to allow players to get so close to a "win streak reward" and on the last (random lol) NPC opponent (LOWER IN LVL AND STATS) beats you....so you try again and after 25++ ads you've watched you realize that the game is designed to move at a VERY slow and unreasonable pace. and you all know you get a lot of ads promoting a sure win for $$$$$$$$$$$$++
The probleme with this game is the constant grind to get new items. By the time you find out what you really want your build to be you are at a stop in adventure and on online you find yourself almost every time getting matched up with someone who has better loot than you before you are able to get keys to open the reward chest. The worst part is that they knew that grinding for keys was going to be soo hard that they capitalized off it by making them purchasable items.
Beginning to agree with every negative comment on here. Nothing left unsaid, glad to hear im not the only one that thinks the devs are mentally incompetent. Update: Theirs attempts at fixing this broken p.o.s of a game is make it even worse. Becoming more and more unplayable unless you pay. And to that, my only reply is if you want my $ get sucking.
some gear stats change between matches not sure what the glitch is but it's quite the annoyance. Ps thanks for transferring my game data to my new phone. Your awesome
There is no reason whatsoever for you to need access to my photos and storage files. Uninstalled before I even started, congrats, this was a new record for how quick I delete. And before you say "but we need access to your storage files to properly save and store your data" no, you do not, not my storage nor my picture files. Saving to a server is not difficult. To require either of these you must think I'm a fool.
If you liked Crash Arena Turbo Stars this is a similar game except it doesnt screw you over with physics and timed lootboxes. The game wont show you ads unless you choose to do so for bonus turns, which is very cool!
If you want a game that will put you at a constant disadvantage, constantly losing 4 out of 5 fights, then this is the game for you. During my brief play of about a week, I've noticed the game keeps you at a severe disadvantage to try and make you purchase items for money.
Great game, doesn't shove ads in your face and you don't need to be the CEO of an oil company to get good at the game.
The worst game I ever played."NO TUTORIAL AND ONLY HAVE AUTO PLAYING" I hate this game.graphics are nice but I hate auto playing.please fix that.😠😠😑😑
It's been a long road with ups and downs but I have decided that the game is fun and the development team is always trying to get my problems fixed while updating the game. You could spend your way to the top but, you can grind it two
I've been playing this game via Early Access over the past 3 months. Absolutely love it. Very easy to pick up and play. Easy controls, great graphics. Clan wars is an awesome feature which keeps you returning to the game.
Love the game. Just don't like how they said a bunch of content was coming with the update. But I already had the beta, been playing since it first started. I already everything so now waiting again. More career levels and better gear
Game is interesting from the out side. If it was not a autoplay game it would be the next best game on the market.!
The developer is on discord begging for 5 star reviews. I think a game should earn and not bribe for it. That's the reason for the 1 star. As a former long time player, from early in its development it was a 5 star no questions. Over the last couples months it would sit at a 3 maybe 4 star. The dev have a real issue about taking there time to push new content or fix early issues of the game. The game is not p2w but does have paying options which are over priced and not worth the money.
Great game. Very strategic. Unlike some games that try to dictate when you play, Duels can be picked up and played when you have time. I will gladly give 5 stars when my character stops using heal when health is full.
Exciting to watch your warrior in battle, fun to get loot. Game doesnt require much time and can play in quick sessions. Love it :)
It was coo at first but once u get a in to silver 3 your really not moving anywhere there are literally people with like 1000Atk taking over the leaderboard and the game is pay to win
You literally do nothing in the game, full auto fights... nothing interesting at all... just watch ur toon fight.... yay... no skill.. guessing later game its pay to win... trash
hi gm kindly return my account back name john 3:16 level 63.after the update i lost my acct back to level 1.please help.its hard playing taking months of effort and sudden gone.i contact in messenger and post comment on your fb page but no respond.
Sooo a random, loot based, no skill PvP game is my first and last impression. Lost 10 battles in a row. Realised I could open chests with keys at the very bottom of the store. Got 2 helmets and like four shoulder pads. Eventually won a game. Opened some more chests. Had no more keys, lost 10 more in a row.... Some PvP games you can at least outskill higher level players... This is all loot chance.
Visciously low effort cash grab. Just some cobbled together art assets with a cash shop. No tutorial, no context to anything. Your first match is done in 5 seconds and followed by a screen telling you to spend $30 and then a screen telling you to spend $60. F off
Not really a pvp game you have very little control of your toon from what i have played so far. however that being said this can be a great game slap some buttons to smash on the bottom and you have a great game. then you would have a pvp game worth playing
help me im stuck at splash screen duels after loading screen im waiting in about 15 minutes and still there
It's sort of fun and the concept is good. But the attacks are way to randomized. The good gear can't be worn until your player is a certain level and it's extremely hard to level up or win without the good gear. Also this is definitely a pay to win.
I would have rated it 4 stars but when you keep dieing and wait and all the things you fight are stronger than you then there's nothing else to do I suggest mini games for like keys and chests
It's fun, and you don't have to spend money, but it can take time to achieve whatever build you want. I would have rated it five stars, but I am a serial starter over, and the only way I can do that for this game is to factory reset whatever device I'm playing on. This is extremely annoying, especially given that there is no instruction manual, tutorial, or excetera. Normally I don't mind that, but having to reset my device as I figure out optimal play is irritating.
I dont know about anyone else but when I first loaded the game up I didn't get a tutorial for anything. Went into two fights, its a auto fighter and your moves are randomized. i was put against two players in way stronger gear than me so I lost.
Good game. But too simple, not much concept. The longer you play, the boring it gets. Please add some twists and turns, events, or other things to do. Maybe dungeon where you can get good items, not just through Real Money.
Concept is good, not gonna lie. But the game is pay to win, unfortunately. Want progress? Buy keys. Want to win? Buy keys. Also the devs squeeze money in every single bit of the game. Want to battle in campaign? Ads. Want to re-roll your opponent? Ads. After battle? Guess what: ad. Also also, the game is not balanced at all. You can get an opponent four times better than you, and (as mentioned before) to get a fairer battle, you have to watch an ad. Overall, I definately do not recommend.
This game use to be amazing and still has potential... But the problem lies with the Developers. They rarely update the game. They can't even fix the Clan Leaderboards!!!! I mean come on. Played this game for over 2 years and have spent over $500 on my guy. I lead 3 level 6 Clans using Discord. But I'm done with this game mainly because it has become completely a pay to play game. Moving on to Bullet Echo.... Isn't a pay to play game! PEACE OUT AND GOODBYE. P.S- THANKS FOR WASTING MY MONEY
AMAZING GAME! The game is F2P and not P2W at all, Luck based items drops and plenty of content to keep you busy throughout the day, the only downside is you really need to download Discord to really communicate with the community and get the full experience of the game! Otherwise it has tons of potential and am looking forward to future updates!
Its a decent game but my character does not recieve xp after any battle I just cannot progress from level one
As far as the game goes I really like it it's fun and can be very exciting at the end of events or wars ive been playing since day one and I still like just as much as the first day I play every day and as far as a phone app this is really the perfect app you can grind out for hours or can check in for five minutes and still advance i give it 4 stars because i think some of the new event timers are a bit long and i wish there was a little more attack options instead of full auto
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! I got to play for a couple months during early access, and the developers made the game worse over time and proved that they don't care what their players' concerns and complaints. Everything about this game is BROKEN!
There is literally no gameplay or controls. The only thing that determines if you win is your gear, which you can coincidentally buy. Dont even waste your time with this, its not even worth checking out to see how bad it is. Cant even call this a game really its more like a watch dudes attack in the same pattern over and over simulator. Or throw your money at the game and probably still lose to some bs avatar the system pairs you with simulator. You literally dont do anything.
Like the game, at level 65, getting a little bored. Ive beaten all 60 campaign levels, and now its just dungeons, championships and clan wars, so leveling up has really slowed down. Also, when i get a legendary item from a dungeon chest, why is it 20 levels lower than my current level? Zero benefit as a new item. No follow up
This game tosses you into battle without a clue! Who would play this garbage except retards with unlimited access to mom and dad's credit card. The developers should have their skin peeled from their bodies and then rolled in salt. Then, remove their eyeballs and pour chlorine into the sockets.
This game isn't very fun. What's the point of calling it "epic fighting PVP Arena" when you do NOTHING to fight, the fighting does itself, and I'm half sure the "other players" you fight might be computers, but that's just what I think
Stats mean nothing, there are no mechanics or goals to this game, just random avatars fighting with the occasional pop up in game purchases and ads that coincidentally makes up half of the game.. Here's a free tip. Instead of arguing this isn't a pay 2 win game with your reviewers when it clearly is, how about turning this turd of a download into a game first before taking on opinions of what type of a game it is πŸ‘
Nice game but has no tutorial whatsoever and I find opponents that are supposed to be weaker than me doing 30 damage and I do 5 barely started and not getting anywhere.
This game looked great at the ads, at first i thought like "graphics are gay but im fine as long as it looks fun" but when i installed it I CANT EVEN ENTER THE GAME. I tried uninstalling it but the same problem occured. And dont bother being like "well se what we can do in the future/contact our website" IDC I WANT IT FIXED ASAP
By the the best experience I have ever had in a mobile game community. The Team is amazing and really takes care of the community and their issues. 10/10 will continue to Duel
While the game is fun to play for a short while it's definitely a P2P type game. I'm in the beginning stage and there's already players that have bought the $$ bundle. Putting me at a severe disadvantage that I can't make up for unless I spend real money too. So whole the game looks okay it lacks integrity. Micro transactions ruin matchmaking balance and ultimately make it a waste of time playing. Unless you do intend to spend real money
Love the game wish you could ad an option where you can combine all the items you get from the treasure box. To get a powerful weapon. But overall it's really good.
Well well well they actually did something.... Something USELESS. They still haven't fixed the problem with being stomped or stomping somone else and instead dodge and block chances are really high for the enemy...devs plz I beg you to actually fix the proper issues.
Stupid game. There is no skill or strategy required. Just click to fight, all the job is done by your character. The matchmaking is made to find you stronger opponents most of the time, so you need to watch ads. That's the whole "game". It sucks and is waste of time.
Addictive, fun, & cant stop playing it. Wish you could keep your account stats when logging In a different device. My phones character is different from my tablet, wish i could just add my google account my character with level & stats loaded as well. Besides that love this game.
Fun game but there is no tutorial so you will need to learn the game alone and the game also doesnt tell us what which button does so I got a rare helmet but acidentaly dismantled it cause the game doesnt teaches us that that yellow button mean dismantle I thought it was upgrade
This game sucks after the second time i downloaded it i lost my campaign and Food fight options and now i can't play ether of them
Outstanding game I've been playing for a good while now and it's not a pay to play like other games devs use discord so their always in contact with you it's amazing
This would be a great game if it got some updates every once in awhile. The population is steady declining and devs only drop more cash shop items rather than a single update to the game in a very long time
Battles are too randomized. Your stats mean nothing. You can be stronger and still lose to weaker opponents. Keys are obtained by win streak, but the battles are so randomized you wouldn't know if you will win. You need to disassemble equipment to gain level and mastery points, which you need to obtain from chest, which need keys to open. Pretty much you need to pay2play.
No need to download. Waste of data. Initially they let u win. Then its pay also cannot win. Because u need 5 win streaks to get some keys to unlock chests, 1st to 4th win streak is ok ok only. On the 5th fight, its a guaranteed lose. U will never ever progress and theres nothing to do in the game. Only keep pay money to get better gear by luck and watch ur avatar fight while u sit and do nothing.
A great game!if I had to look for a problem...I'd say it's "almost" not possible get far without purchases