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Duel Summoners - Puzzle & Tactic

Duel Summoners - Puzzle & Tactic for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Nyou Inc. located at 15, Pangyo-ro 228beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's almost there, it really is. Firstly yes it's another match 3 tile game but this one is very charming and you can get hours floating by on this game. The only thing I will say is that the 15 days log in bonuses are great but can we do it for 30 days? Some people like me end up getting no rewards for logging in each day. I'd love a feature where you can purchase additional cards of the specific character you're looking for to complete.
Update erased all my information now i can not even log in the game just says connecting as guest for waited 10 mins nothing happens ..
So far it's a really good game and i am really enjoying it. I have encountered a bug so i just e-mailed your support team before i wrote this review i hope they can help fix it. . I have around 4 tier rewards that won't let me collect them.
Literally lost to a lvl 4 or so when I was a lvl 10 because I was given some of the worst RNG I've seen in a game. Gave it a chance for a few hours of play and experienced the same situation multiple times. The bigger the level gap between you and your opponent, the worse the RNG for the higher rank. Extremely disappointing gameplay in that regard, skip the frustration and play something else.
Love the game, there's a little bug when you emote it lags the game for a couple seconds but you can use that as part of your strategy
The game seems to still crash mid game on cell phone platform. Not sure if it applies to android or iphone or other. The game still seems stable on computer/laptop or 3rd party application like bluestacks. I'm also not sure if the animation & graphics are the cause of cell phone crashes. A way to reduce them may be best to reduce crashes.
I would give it 5 stars but the only 2 things I have against this app 1 is hackers and 2 the fact that people can steal your people and use them against you its so irritating when you have a power 84 character while your at 35 health and then it gets stolen by a dude with full health that heals every time you hit him so it's worthless to fight him and then he kills you instantly
This game is disgustingly pay-to-win. The core mechanic is good and an interesting take on the match three genre, but it's let down by the fact that if you are playing against someone who dropped a lot of cash you have no shot. Its a shame, because I wanted to like this game and tried really hard to make it work, but the pay-to-win aspect just ruined the experience. On a minor note, the graphic elements run off the screen on devices with non-standard resolutions which can cut off buttons.
I agree with other reviewers saying it seems like the game picks a winner and loser automatically before each battle. The game could use a lot more features such as guilds/clans, events, chat, messaging, friends, etc. Would also be nice to see a list of players I could add as friends since I don't have any friends i know that play the game that I could add. A summon portal would be nice instead of only being able to buy cards out of the daily deals section which only has a few cards.
Seems fun enough but 1. The game doesn't display correctly with my screen resolution making bottom menus unreachable [motorola one is the phone model] 2.The tutorial is needlessly aggressive with what you /have/ to click in a way that it feels unpleasant and forceful making a first impression I'm sure you didn't intend for The game isn't really playable on my device with the resolution issue but I'd love to come back to it when it's fixed so feel free to reply then
You only earn 10 gold per game if you win. And you need 1000 just to upgrade one unit. And the game is rigged even though its PVP. the board will increase the chance of your opponent of winning especially when you're on the borderline of moving to the next level. There were several times when i was still above 200hp, and the opponent was under 20hp, and the next round i got hit a little over my HP. F this game. I'm out!! uninstalled
It's a great game that's is for sure....the reason for my 3* rating is your gems rewards are laughable....2 gem...average, and that's per achievement...I would need to complete 1000 achievements just to buy one epic summon book....you gotta do better than that
Awesome I like this game and it's pretty fun! Would recommend adding events, guild, and guild missions. Mission levels and things like that but really good game.
This is an awesome puzzle game, as well as an online battle game. I couldn't have made anything better if I knew how to code.
Really fun and its addicting. As there are so many diverse characters and unique gameplay its been a while since I played a new type of game. This is a real fun game I suggest you try it out!
I really want to like this game. 1 star because the tile drops are not random, but predetermined... meaning the game is choosing who wins and who loses each match. One side will get ridiculously large strings of matches, while the other side gets matches of only 3-4 tiles for the entire game. This is so blatantly obvious as to ruin the game entirely. If the matches were consistently fair, 5 stars. But the game's a cheat. 1 star for cheaters.
Awful. Matched against higher LV players - always. Meagre to no gold to upgrade cards, check. Opponent always has match 6 or 7 or 8 every move to your match 3, check. Uninstalled - check.
Finally was able to play more than 2 matches. This game is complete RNG, there's no strategy involved at all. If your opponent starts the match with a 6+ match, you're screwed. You'll often be matched with people multiple levels higher than you too (they have 200hp compared to your 120hp), so there's zero matchmaking balance. There's an energy system when there's no need for one at all. So many little things that other games can get right just fine, but this one somehow struggles. Not worth it.
Great game. Fair play and fun. However need to adjust the UI gestures in the Battledeck page. When I try to scroll up or down on the collections part, it thinks I'm swiping left or right. Sensitivity needs to be adjusted quite a bit. Other than that no other issues to me.
Extremely unbalanced game! Sometimes the "NPC"s get suddenly so extremely lucky that you may end up in a 10-0 lost battle streak. Don't insult our intelligence! The NPCs are randomly given extreme favor!!!
Not a game it's a business. No balance so no actual talent vs talent. Just who has wasted more time or money on fractions of a cards instead of playing with a complete card to see who's actually good. Waste of time for the sake of money.
i enjoy this game very much. it has cute graphics and interesting gameplay. but i can't collect awards from silver III and upwards please fix that
The game is really good, the crashing issue isn't happening as much but ads still don't load, which makes progressing really slow, but still a fun game. .
I still like the game its just I've encountered a bug like i passed 1,500 and im in gold 1 but i cant pick or collect my summoners same for 1,300
The longer I play, the more obvious the game issues become. The lack of game modes aside from simply 1v1 gets pretty old after like 1500 trophies. Further, I don't like that a lucky player can win a game in 2-3 turns. It's more often that you win or lose within 3-5 turns than have a match that lasts longer than 2 mins. Fun game, but needs improvement.
Love this game!! Response to reviews is great! I had an issue with the game not fitting in my screen and within 24 hrs Nyou Inc. responded with the fix. Thanks so much!! Game is much more enjoyable.
A nice little game, and quite unique, BUT... NOT A MATCH-3 GAME, it's a LINE MATCH GAME. Please change your description, then I will improve my rating. Thank you. PS. Please add Achievements! Thank you.
Decent game but flawed game system, getting really tired of either getting all of the moves or getting absolutely nothing for moves, fix your card system, and match balancing. Oh also when I do finally start snapping out of a losing streak your app likes to force close, fix your game
Update: The issues I was experiencing seem to have been caused by an issue on my phone. Since factory resetting, I have not had any of the same issues as before. Great chain matching game! Lots of unique characters, very fun pvp. I spent no money, and have had no balance issues. Sometimes the opponent ends up with a lot to match, other times I have the advantage. That's the randomness of match games. Definitely worth getting! I would like to see more summoners added.
The concept is good but drops are horrible and progress is too slow. Game is set to make you want to buy not on player skill. In fact less incentive to buy based on the algorithms set to determine winner not skill so that is a fail.
PvP game play I don't think so, and if so very little? I truly believe your mostly playing against a computerized player! I'll admit I'm wrong there's more to this game than I noticed in the beginning I truly enjoy this game 🙂.
Game is very fun and the tactical strategy is awesome. There is only one problem which literally kills the entire game experience for me because my opponent's board is littered with 6-8 block matches while i can barely scrape together a decent 4. It would also be better if you could have more player autonomy over which creatures attacked which. There have been plenty of times where i would have a low level monster which could kill an even lower monster, but they always attack the highest one.
Don't waste your time. Most matches last 3 or 4 turns. Spells don't really matter. You basically win or lose based on RNG putting 8 to 12 colors in a row on the side. Game freezes for 5 to 10 seconds when emote is played. I some how survived 4 rounds when opponent had 9+ matches each round while I only could make a match 3 each round. The only neat concept is spells/units can switch sides due to matches but that is it.
Good concept, poor execution. 90% of the matches are against bots, who are either really easy to beat, or impossible to beat. No in between. I'll check back in 6 months to see if anything changes.
Laughably bad game with no balance. Most game last maybe 4 turns, meaning the only thing that determines if you win or lose is your cards' levels and RNG. Did you get lucky and get a 10 match and your opponent didn't? You win! No strategy, and rarely does the powers the cards get you play into the game or you winning.
LoD (Dark Mode) Warning! This game's colors are so dark that it hurts the eyes to look at, and there is no "Light Mode" to make it more friendly to those with health issues who cannot play Dark Mode games. The opening intro is unreadable due to the eye-burning, migraine-triggering colors (i.e. Dark Mode text). The graphics are cute, but the devs' discriminatory color choices make it unplayable for people like me. :( EDIT: I can't join discriminatory Facebook - Banned for protecting my name.
Got quickly bored without a storyline or something to aim for. It's just grinding over and over to collect cards and upgrade your warriors so you can grind a few more levels.
I would give it five stars, due to the game being partial to to opponent and giving them the starting move 9 our of 10 times, the computer or physical opponent is clearly favored. They ha e 6 to 7 blocks to choose then on your turn you have 3 to 4, that's every game played today. Disappointed with the favoritism shown to the opponent.
After another couple of days realizing the game is almost rigged - generation of block pre- favors certain player from the start so that you can't keep a win streak. Probably another tactic for players to use cash by frustrating them... will probably uninstall. Not much of tactic...heavily depends on luck (what blocks are generated). Game mechanism are good but luck >> skill unless you invest heavily.
this game is fun but i rate it 3 stars.Reason 1st: unfair rival> i got 240 hp fighting with more than 300 hp? 2nd: the skill description skip me from channeling cubes in the middle, please fix it
The game, all in all, is fun but also very frustrating. MANY times have I started the battle with 3 or 4 matches, but then I've seen so many of the opponents start the round with like 6-8 matches. Almost as if the game automatically screws you to the point of frustration to make you consider purchasing characters. And thankfully, it doesn't give you the option to utilize a global chat. If so, I would have called thos game out on all the BS with the unfairness it gives you to benefit itself.
Game has lots of potential but currently is a buggy mess. Thr WORST of these bugs: you collect trophies for wins that increase your rank and unlock rewards. At 599 trophies, a bug occurred that's prevented me from opening any more rewards. I'm now at almost 1000 trophies and have not been able to get any of my rewards; about 200 free summon cards I can't get but are essential for levelling up to actually match the harder opponents.
VERY buggy so far. The game is cute, and I like the graphics, but it's crashed every time I've tried to load it for more than a few minutes, and froze my tablet forcing me to reboot it. 2 stars for now because I can see the potential, and I'll re-evaluate once it will stay up for more than two minutes at a time. I do hope the difficulty will become more nuanced as the game progresses as well, because from my brief gameplay it is a bit too easy and dependant on card stats rather than strategy.
Has potential. Way too grindy, no way to flag inappropriate names, serious balancing required. I'll revisit it in a few months but for now it should really still be called beta. Also it seems the devs aren't actually reading people's comments before replying, for example they suggest connecting to a stable wifi connection in response to a user complaining about the terrible match making system. Download and have fun for 5 minutes but I wouldn't waste cash on this game in its current state.
I'm really enjoying this. I wasn't sure in the early levels, but now at 340hp the cards work well. Wondering if you could do a coop mode. 2 random people vs 2 taking turns. Could be fun
I really like this game. Love the concept! I have a Galacy s10+ and the menus get cropped at the screen borders. The matchmaking seems a bit unfair sometimes. Also, I kinda dislike the elixir system. But it's definitely one of the best games of its genre out there at the moment
Looking like a great game! The rules are simple but the mechanics are deep, you are offered magic books for an ad watch if you fall behind on your summons allowing people to catch up for free. I tend to match up with people 1 or 2 levels above me but that may just be on skill or luck in a round allowing me to punch up and win. The RNG aspect can be frustrating (seeing your opponent get an 11-match for free is no fun), but overall it's quite entertaining.
Let me start with the good. This game is really good it has the makings of a GotY hit. The way both your opponents and your boards is a neat idea that works well and allows players to use strategy to win games rather than just rng and paid power ups. With that being said it does have some kinks the matchmaking is really unfair at times and certain sprites wont load and your screen will be mostly black (the background, opponent player model, and health bar)...other than that great game
I don't why but as far as I observed, the opponents chances of spawning matching gems are somehow higher than mine. I would see it as normal if it only happens a few times but it happens almost every time. The opponents side always spawns 5 or more matching gems every now and then. While on my side, I can barely have 4 matches. Is this some kind of like, you have to purchase something in order for your chances to go higher. Also, the coin rewards after you defeat an opponent are too low.
Could be really good, but I'm pretty sure 90%+ of opponents are bots, and the game board is so small that it's really more up to RNGesus than actual strategy. A bigger game board and player base would make this good. For now, it's sort of just meh.
I really enjoy the game and the strategy behind it. I only have one issue,and that is with the friendly battles. All of my friends are at different levels in the game, and there is no general balancing, which makes it impossibly unfair. I have 200 hp, and my friend has 340. Another has 80 or so, and the heroes levels won't match either. If you could just add a flat rate for friendly battles, I think this game would be perfect in its own way. ^v^