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Duckz! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Shotgun Gaming Oy located at Henrik LΓ€ttilΓ€isen katu 8. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its alright. at a point it kinda becomes guess work based on the direction the bird is flying and you dont know where you're going to start to aim; might be ahead, might be behind, who knows? there should be a rating system that reports each shots accuracy in real time, so you know are you too slow, too fast, whats up.
Quick shooting keeps you on your toes it's chalanging lots of fun if you like to kill if it flys it dies
I love this shooting game! Addictive, fun, and relaxing. Just challenging enough to keep my interest without being to hard.
Fantastic Game, one of the best free games I've ever downloaded and it's not rammed full of ads after every round! Brilliant.
great freaking game yo! straight forward controls no BS setting up a bunch of equipment or whatever. The only thing I would change or add rather would be more guns and access quicker than it is now. thanks guys keep it up πŸ‘
Farmed got all the weapons reached level 315 and the damn game just suddenly won't open, just goes black and closes, ufb
I like the game, especially since they've redone the whole scheme. However, there is a glitch on level 256 (Dawn Hunt), that needs to be fixed. It is impossible to get past that level due to the game freezing up. I've exited the game and tried playing the level in excess of 10 times, yet the same glitch occurs. Please fix this issue. It's a great time killer, and a bit addicting, however, if this issue isn't fixed, I see no reason to keep the game.
i love this game it is so fun but I wish you could hunt in a feild and mabye throw out decoys and actually call them in
fun game till you want to upgrade or buy something. the banner add blocks the buttons. fix this and ill change my rating.
R2: Seems like more coins r made now after update & u can pass unbeatable (@the time) missions & proceed to advance. Solid 4star game now. Rev 1: fun but should be able to pass 1 of 3 tasks per day or some method 2 change it. Stuck on 1 means stuck on ALL No further quests until that 1z past. I don't play anymore bc of that but I'll try new update.
great physics, addictive and awesome game. im an avid outdoorsman and bird hunt often. i also like the use of the remington 870 there is two things i would alter, 1) cup the wings of water fowl that are "locked up" (ducks committed to landing have their wings fully extended and locked up in position that would cup the air, very similar to the way a parachute cups the air) 2) add gun customization and maybe a few more shotguns, an over and under, sawed-off or a lever action winchester
This game is a blast to play! I highly recommend playing it, I bet you wont stop for a while, especially if you like hunting games. Awesome job with this game, I hope to see more in the future! And about the ads, they are tolerable and your able to skip within a few seconds. Its worth it, I'm telling ya!
Way way way too many ads. And don't tell me to buy the premium or whatever. Also way too easy. Manual aiming would be much better.
The game is great, haven't had any problems with the app so far. I honestly can't wait till future updates showcase a variety of new weapons and more maps. Great game!
It was an awesome game when there was just ducks and the lake but went downhill after the update on the quad
Addicting game I've been entertained for hours.... But more upgrades to the guns and more gun options would be pretty great too.
Great game butsome thimes its ejeft me from game but its rlly good game and add more shotguns like down under
By far the best duck game ive ever played. Could use some different maps and definitly make it to where we can change it from auto aim or manuel aim. But at some point i apparently bought a gun i never bought and i cant access any of my guns to change it.
the Ad at the bottom block the in-game button. It took away my excitement so i gave it 1 star, if removed then i would give it 5 star. I already uninstalled the game beforehand.
Hi The game become so easy, It was more difficult before update It is better to have some changes Thanks
I love this game at the moment and the guns look nice but I think the aiming we shoud be able to do it not the game and there shoud be a sandbox mode but most importantly I think we need to be able to customize my character with different cloths and guns that I can change the camo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 10/10 game
*JUST TURNED OFF YOUR DATA CONNECTION AND LET THE HUNT BEGIN* πŸ‘ absolutely fantastic game 😘 πŸ’― is too addective. Please team do some changes if it is possible πŸ™‚ add landscape mode, more animals like cheetah, zeebra and chopper view plzzz if it possible it will look more AWESOME πŸ€—
Fun and aggrivating the game it self is fun but the to late an to soon are way off when it shows the shot in slow motion on either one you can clearly see that it's a hit or miss an its says to late or soon and clean kill shots that's aggrivating
Stage 256 let's me shoot the ducks at the beginning of the stage. However, the moose after that the game freezes up, and the gun just slowly aims up in the air. It doesnt let me go past that level. It just freezes.
The "lead" that the game is centered around is faulty. The auto aim won't aim at a duck fast enough and you end up missing it. Or I shoot just on time, but the shots too early, yet it went behind the duck? Game's broken, don't install
The game has a lot of potential. Im having some black streaks during the game which kills the entertainment. I would also like manual aiming rather than automatic aiming. The automatic aim is just too easy.
Fun game. My only concern is at times it doesn't point fast enough at your intended target and you miss the shot. Easy fix but not good for those perfectionist
Game was fun but the vibration after every shot is irritating! Please dev an option to turn off. Uninstalled due to this.
Fun game I would give it 5 stars if player had the option to swing the gun and follow through the shots like u would in real wing shooting.
Very Nice Now, little weak graphics... good duck fall dynamics, should have some free choice of locations and gun upgrades, must have ducks at higher altitudes and far points, good game though and lots of fun
For the settings you cant choose to turn off that music for sound affects its so annoying also the game mechanics and controls suck i would love to play the game but its just unbearable.
I actually think the game is great but after the second time playing it I uninstalled due to the ridiculous amount of ads
The game is much polished and improvised but I thought that this would be manual aiming ...but I was wrong...I wanted manual aiming and not auto aiming like kids....why do you even made this game ......
This game illustrates proper lead techniques and form, very classy game... love it!!! (remember folks its just a game)
Fun little hunting game. I would recomend trying it passes the time. Good job on it. And thanks. Graphics are good controls are good movment is good. Ad's here and there but they go by fast.
It's a fun way to kill time, I grew up in the duck hunt era, it kinda reminds me of a more modern duck hunt, but it's cool if you like hunting games you should definitely download this one
500000 + coins got added to my account by some glitch...this would definitely be unfair to other players who are paying for this amount of coins and an unnecessary loss to you as a developer...please reset the account...
Good game but once again plagued with ads..yes ads are needed to pay for these free games.but come on more time watching ads than playing the game... i deleted the game because of this..think about it less ads more people playing and watching more revenue...simples..... Has anybody noticed NOBODY REPLIES TO BAD COMMENTS....only good ones..lol
Wonderful game. Very addictive. And the music really compliments it. The random pheasant shots are also a treat. The next part should be pheasants and the fields. Great job altogether.
I have very much enjoyed playing this game. It is very well thought out, easy to control, even with one hand if need be, and is straight- up fun! Great Job Guys! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
Rewind doesn't always occur after watching an ad video. Also lost an opportunity for double coins for the same reason
I like the level of skill you have to have to beat it, I'm a gamer and very good at timing things and this game has been a challenge I love it.
should have three strikes till your game ends. it sure gets anoying getting soo clise to completing a misson and having to start all over cause i missed 1 duck. but hey, its by far the best duck hunt game ive played since nintendo. they should add a clay disk shooting too if u ask me.. 5 stars though . love it!
Its super fun it almost never glitches unlese you have bad internet. but over all it is an awsome game!
Pretty good at first and then it starts to get laggy after a little while but other than that is pretty good.
Excellent job Duckz! This game reminds me of an old game I use to play on NES called Duck Hunt. Keep updating the game for more maps, guns, and more missions.
Thought it was going to be a good game but after 100 levels it was just repetitive. So I gave it a while longer hoping it would change, but after 350 levels guess what, "THE ONLY CHANGE WAS THE GUNS" 147 PERFECT STAGES AND ALL OF THE GUNS 😑 Absolutely nothing changed. All the hunts are the same, just different weather πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
It's like experiencing a real time hunting, but in the safety of your own home. It may not be like being there in the rough. Where you don't know the territory and stuff, not like a real hunter who knows what to do in a situation.
it's fun, until I can't continue playing after a round. The banner adds at the bottom block some commands.
Very good and addictive game! I hope you add the option to disable the auto aim to make the game a higher level of challenge