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DUAL! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Seabaa located at 1658 Milwaukee Ave # 100-2580 Chicago, IL 60647. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is really good and it functions really well. There is practically no connection lag and it is very smooth. But it would be better if there were a few different types of games rather than just one. The game is mostly free but you can pay to unlock skins which somewhat enhances your abilities.
Not happy. I purchased the game a while back and I dont have any of the new ship. Can you help me with this please
It would be better if this geme will have all stages unlocked.Cus this game is not that good for taking money from me !!!
Very good game, good enough for me to spend money on! (I never usually spend money on games). However, it's only good to play with new people or every once in a while. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an online version so we can play with random people over the world. More game modes will also be appreciated.
Bro I suggest adding A.I. with multiple levels of difficulty because we can't play the game most of the time. Not everyone has a friend to play with. The covid also hindered schools sooo. Please make it available for solo play.
Pretty good I play this with my sis but Me and my sis get tired after playing the game because it so much tilting
It's a very good game but I don't like that you have to pay to get the full game you should add more game modes and skins that you can get without getting the full game and you should be able to play online with other people not just locally and you should add an AI mode where you can play with the AI and select the difficulty and stuff like that
i am giving 3 stars because we can't play this game without purchase we can play but it is too bore please take the purchase
It would be awesome if it is unlocked all..... Can you please free few of them? I like the game very much....addictive! I would rate this 5☆ when you unlock all preety please?😊
The game itself is okay but I love the fact u can play with a friend that's sitting right next to u. Looking forward to playing more games with this feature .
I love this game. Super fun. Fun idea of cross-screen play. Simple controls, but loads of fun. Though I haven't bought the full game, I would much rather have a slightly limited version, than the game have ads.
The game is really nice but the problem is you need to pay for the full version i think the creator should make it free to boost up downloads and ratings.
Really great game. However if you add ingame currency because most of the people can't buy full version
Awesome game but the only thing I didn't liked that is there should be players in same area to play this game. At least there should be a mode to play with players all around the world. By adding this feature I think the popularity of this game will be very much, I should say Billions of people will play this game after adding this feature.
This game is great and I love it but once in a while my opponent and I win at the same time and no one fired? Sometimes we both didn't do anything and someone loses too? It isn't that big of a bother but it would be great if it was fixed. It would be great if there would be more free options as well because the game feels pretty limited without spending money on it.
This game is very fun ,you dont get bored,this a very internet friendly game,bluetooth option works great ,new updates are great,expect more updates
The best game game I ever played,easy to play ,no hidden fees,just on e purchase,the updates are great ,pls continue bringing updates.
Good game, could use some improvements like: training zone, playing with bots or other players that are not in the same area, would be nice to use more skins
It is very nice game to play with parents and brother, sister. Please give quick game to play multiplayer to all world players
Not a bad way to spend a few minutes with a friend or with family, it works pretty seamlessly and has a few fun modes. You probably won't play it forever but there aren't many games you can just whip out of your pocket and play in 1v1 immediately for short bursts of fun. I say it's not bad at all, it's not perfect and not the deepest game ever but I had fun playing it with my sister over Christmas and so did she 👍🏻
Very coool. I like it. It s very nic evuz u can easy connect with people. I hope you add more game types and more ships. Keep doing hood work! 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴😉
Really love this game! Super fun, easy to play for everyone and not even Ads on the non-premium version! Instantly became a supporter and bought premium for only 3€ which is really fair imo. Only problem is that for premium you seem to need a constant connection to the play store. Furthermore Id love to have the option to edit my nickname without reseting. Hope that can be improved on in the future, aside from that, I love it tho and I already convinced all my friends to join and fight me!
One of the most unique games I've ever played on a phone,hats off to the developer Also a reminder that if you want more ships you have to buy which means it's a freemium. Note to the developer please add more game modes,please!
This game is addictive arcade but i give 4 stars because this game needs competitive multiplayer. So we can play it all the time.
To make it better, Could you add a solo mode, like bouce a ball off the wall and destroy flying objects please. If you do I will change my rating to 5*. Pls respond
Very fun game to play with friends. Sometimes we have to disconnect because the game won't let us start the game but overall it's a good game
Very interesting and fun game to play with friends, a little confuzing to set up at first, but when you do, you just dont want to stop playing it. Would reccomend.
Please make everything free!! It gets very boring. How about a ship you need to pay to get, and the rest you unlock from playing. And unlock game modes for playing
Great experience. Fun experience playing for a while with others that Ive longing to experience since I saw this. Thanks
To be honest, the game is good what pisses me off is the fact that you can only play in 1 mode with 1 ship I mean, at least we still get to play and I understand that but can you atleast add a currency to buy ships and make all modes free? This game has a lot of potential if you just break up that obstacle made of money. I know it does not cost a lot but some people just can't afford it. Can you just make the whole game free and add a paid promotion like vip to get new ships? Thank you.
Great game but please make the other game modes free. Ive never played a game that you can only play one game mode and the other ones cost money!!! this sucks!!! FIX THIS PLEASE!😢 Imagine a kid that gets this game and thinks its a fun game to play with his friends but then when he gets on the game he can only play one game mode. He\she probably doesnt have the money just to buy new game modes, and his parents probably wont give him the money for a game like this! Just please make the modes free
This game was amazing. We bought it like 2 years ago and just recently bought it again. It's a great game for family and it's cross screen gameplay is on point. The only downside is that there isn't much content without buying things. But that doesn't matter, because even if you don't want to buy other content, the game by itself is amazing and I would really recommend. 10/10.
Amazing game but needs screen share or maybe a simple joystick because its almost impossible to see the enemy with the devices tilting so my idea is make an option so that the devices will be used as controllers and we can see both the players on a 3rd device which will act like the screen
I played with five friends of mine and we had so much fun the only thing or two things that are not my favorite is we have to buy the game and their is a but when you shoot or while you play.Thank you
This game is very nice because i play it with my best freind the creator of this game is very creative and super nice!!! ...See more
This game has brought so much life into me and my life. Without it, I would not have life. It is such a simple game but is so enjoyable (Jezzzzzz) My family love playing it together. Definitely recommend it! (Koooooomaaaarrrrr)
This game is fun but i wish you can make it a online game too that would be fun and because of covid you cant do much soo plzzzzzzzzz add online
Was expecting to play. The controls are too hard to play, and not all are accessible. Hoping for at least I could play each game, but you have to pay to play.
1/5 because the game is fun but I bought the full version and it worked until it just didn't. I opened the game back up and it says I need to buy it. I have the purchase saved in my history saying I DID buy the game but the game says I didn't. Please help or just give me a refund or something this is very dumb.
This game is amazing! It's super creative I love this game's idea. It's very fun and I wish that you could add more ships for example there could be a limited time ships or maybe there should be ships to unlock by completing missions. I have a good idea for a new ship. you should make a ship with a cluster bomb ability or a ability to stun player or make them move slower.
Omg! I finally found it this brings back memories i use to play this with my brother and sister since 2018
Was cool for about three turns then you either have to watch ads or buy the game, boooo. don't waste your time unless you wanna spend money.
It's a great concept and execution of it but the only problem is that you have to pay for other bots, you should make it that there are at least 3 bots that you and use and then you can buy the rest becuase it allows there to be a challenge of different bots and not just skill with the one bot.
I found the concept really fun and was impressed to see it work so fluidly. I enjoyed every game mode and ship available. I want to suggest an offline option. I understand that might not be part of the developers vision, but even if it was offered in the premium version, a single player target practice mode would be great, since relative to other game modes it is easy to implement (I think) and it would allow practice with aiming and ships.
Its a fun game but it makes you pay to play other characters and more modes ( if it was free this would be a five star)
It's fun playing with your friends and all but once you can't it's kind of boring if you could make a section with levels and CPU vs. players that would be fun really but for now it's a three
very dissapointing. me and my sister played it and theres only one mode you have to pay for the others.I dont recomend it :/.
Its fun but the problem is you NEED a REAL PERSON WITH a PHONE INFRONT OF YOU to play. Its kind of a problem but it's still a good game
This game is pretty much good but it need some improvements , like , we should have more than I one game to play so that we cant get bored 😒
Love the game. Have had this game even after phones have changed. Only issue is connecting over bluetooth. Wifi works without any hiccups.
Really good game! And in the next update cam you even add something so we can play with people around the world without getting connecting to their wifi or their bluetooth or their mobile data . But game is still the best!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!
I paid for the full version on this account and when I logged into it with my Google this one it still shows me the option to buy full game is it only a one time thing and I have to purchase everytime? Please let me know
The game is good but there's not much room for people who haven't paid for the full thing. The ships and skins are all locked and the other two options of games. There should he an update that opens up what's already there and additional things like bots to play with when the user is alone.
I love this game! Super fun to rage with your friends! The one thing I would like to see would be a joystick setting, so I can hold the phone still while playing. Maybe a way to toggle between the two? Thanks for the fun!
(Developer Please NOTICE me) - I just Wanted to say that this is an Awesome Game, Everything looks nice, I understand We need to Purchase The things We want So u Can Have money, But Would it be nice To add A Coin Collecting system Where U Can Unlock some Characters For Free Gaming Uniqueness And More Awesome reviews, Like any other Games Put Nice characters/Skins To purchase And others. Plus Adding A SinglePlayer System to practice would be nice Thank you, Great job.
I like it, but I thought it would be the whole game my friend and I was disappointed when u can only play one game, and we need to buy to get the real game, what a joke!!!
This is very interesting ,easy to play ,you dont get bored and great updates are coming to this game.I think there should be a discord for suggestions.
Ya it's good and all but the devs just want the money like you almost can't get anything without money
I love this game, this is kind of addictive but, the thing is that there is no many games, there are no challenges or that stuff. I would really apreciate it If you could some sort of challenges, levels, and more games to play with the other player. Overall, this game is awemazing, you have to try it.🙃
if you want to spend more than 3 minutes with your friend, then you have to pay. because you get only one gamemode for free
I've played this game for a long time and bought it twice (switched from apple to android). I love this game it never gets old. My friends always are amazed by this game and get every competitive. I wish there were more game modes but the ones that are there are entertaining and I always have a good time. To play with my apple user friends, I usually turn on my mobile hotspot and we play that way. It works well.
This is a great game and the idea is amazing, although it is a little difficult to use. (Button controls?) Also, even if you have gotten the game you still need someone else to play with, so maybe adding tutorial like ai screens in the form of different ships that you can play against if none of your friends or family have the game is in order. Minor tweaks and maybe the ability to purchase extra ships separate from each other would be nice. Other than that this game is awesome!
This game is good to play with friends who don't pay any other game that you play. This game is good to play with friends because it does not require data. Bluetooth connectivity is the best thing I saw in this game, because Bluetooth does not require more charge to stay connected. Connecting with Bluetooth is also faster. I played this game very much. I would tell you to not play this game everyday or this game will become boring for you.
It is a good game but when i got the full game and tride to load the data on to my phone from my tablet it did not work =(
I want to use other ships and modes on this game, but also it is the game that we want, I hope we can use all ships and modes. 👍🤩
This game is awesome and it is probably the greatest Bluetooth-baised multiplayer game ever made. There's a slight catch,tho. Ya need to pay to be able to use the other ships or to play in a different game mode. But that really doesn't matter because this game deserves those greens. Although there are people who are limited but they really wanna enjoy the life while they have it and that, sometimes causes em to download an illegal/pirated copy which is no-no good,ma lad(and yeah,you too, lasses)
It is required to have a nother person playing on a different divice wich makes sense but you need to pay money for the full game and you cant even play it that much the game goes until one of you get bored then you play it like 3 weeks later
I love this game were playing this game everyday but... I would love to tell that its more easier if its joystick not moving phone and fire button thank you 🥰
People keep saying they need to have a feature that they can play with people around the world but then how do you know where the enemy is? What he/she is doing? The phones are supposed to connect to play like in the pictures above the ratings!
Pleaase do more game modes! There are only 3 of them. The making then free was a great start but still add new modes
I love this game alot but i think it would be VERY awesome if we could play with bot and be able to set the difficulty. Amazing game
I rate 3 because you need to purcase full game to host the other game mode if you dont purcase it you only get 1 ONE GAME MODE you can play pls make the other game modes its free to play
Tldr Fun game. Boring quick, must pay. The game is super fun, and the other rmodes spice it up a bit. Still get stake very quick and those other modes must be purchased by atleast one person
Honestly, really fun! I always play this with my family members, but to be honest, the one time payment thing is a bit annoying, still though, it's a worthwhile game!
keep the ads to play or 2 stars for you plz this game is great i just cant pay but ads dont bother that much
It's a great game to play as it encourages interactions with poeple on a much closer level. A proper game between friends.
Honestly a sick app. I absolutely loved what it gave me for free and the stuff you get for the rest of it is all actually really neat for a mobile app. Check it out if you want. Great for car trips with a lad.
I REALLY enjoy this game, moreso for the fact that I can play with someone else. my only complaint is that there ought to be a single player mode.
This is a nearly perfect game. The only thing that should be added is a practice mode, where you can fight against bots. Otherwise, the game is flawless! The ships are awesome, and all have different abuilities. I would LOVE to play more games like this!
Very fun game i just bought the premium today and i installed this today so yeah very fun and addictive but can you make a campaign so when ever my friend is not here i can play campain more fun with campaign but you can play tutorial but boring keep repeating i wish you could put a campaign
I really like this game so much but I wish we can play with people around the world, Please make it happen. Also add in a option to play with AI's instead of other players.
Was a great game till they started doing this one ad three plays thing I understand you need money for the game but be reasonable with the ads
It's a really good game and, one time our Wi-Fi wasn't working so, it's good that we can just use Bluetooth and if you use lucky patcher you can get the other skins for FREE!!! So I would recommend to download this game and the app called "Lucky Patcher" to get the other skins. The gamemode I like the most is "Defend" me and my brother's highest score is 589!!!!!!!!! So yeah.... I really would recommend this app/game and the app called "Lucky Patcher" 😊💖😊
It's decent but i find it pretty hard to move since you are only able to tikt your phone to move, and when you wanna know where the other player is it's pretty hard and i don't think you can change it, i also don't the menu user friendly to nabigate but that's just my opinion
Bro I suggest adding A.I. with multiple levels of difficulty because we can't play the game most of the time. Not everyone has a friend to play with. The covid also hindered schools sooo. Please make it available for solo play. Edit: Just bought the game it does not cost much but I still hope to play solo.
I would say this is an excellent interactive mobile game with no ads, because that's exactly what it is! Very fun to play with a friend with the same device as you, or any other device on the same Wi-Fi network. Three very amusing gamemodes that include Duel, Deflect, and Defend! The only issue is that it costs 3 dollars to purchase the full game and host games of defend and deflect. Very good game, nonetheless!
I want a refund please. The game said only 1 needs to buy the game to unlock the game. So I just bough it and it just allows the other player to play the game modes, not the ships. And the ships is where the fun is... Please refund.
I love this game but i would like to have a single player battle,like survival and defend the bottom of the screen againts rounds of shootless bots