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Drone Simulator - DRS for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Red Rock located at Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Lenina 81 Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Ленина 81. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app. Practice or learn to fly . only reason I did not give this app 5 stars is because............. I very rarely give 5 stars
Awsome! Best drone sim and no ads! I'll get the pro version to support! One improvement: should know drone orientation when it is far away.
I hope a developer reads this. I've run into a problem while using an xbox one controller. The throttle is always down to increase it. I know you can invert it, but it only inverts it on the calibration screen. Not the actual game.
Not bad but Google ads are really jarring when they start and it's need a setting to turn off sound. The buzz gets annoying fast
Your latest update has made only the beta battle available. The other 4 free maps just lock up the screen. At least before the update the barn mapped worked. Update: Thank you for so quickly fixing this issue! Have turned at least 3 people into FPV onto your sim.
The controls are absolute trash. Changing the thrust automatically gives it insane expo for some reason. You can easily bypass the expo locking with a half decent radio. The battle mode has nobody. The crash physics are non-existent. The only positives I can give this game is the map size and the map qualities. I would gladly play this if the controls were better.
Has less lag than other drone sims but is still quite laggy. If you fixed the lag this would be good. Feels totally weird compared to real racing drone.
Controls are a little clunky, Graphics were decent, the gameplay was great, but I eventually lost interest..
doesn't work on modern phones Im on a samsung galaxy s10,and it wolnt even load past the main menu Please fix or remove from store
This app is amazing. Tbh its not fun to play as a game but if you are planning to buy a drone for the first time. You better use this app to learn how to fly it as its not easy and many people return them because they cant operate it so.. its better to crash a drone in this app rather the real one haha.
like the way it flys but have found that on my samsung tab a there is often a delay in response of the on screen control. I am not an expert as I do not own a drone but the sim is fun and on beginners it does not crash much which is good for me.
Really love it! Struggling to figure out how to connect a controller though. can I connect my dji sparks controller to the game? if i can, how? if I cant, what kind of controller do i need?
Horrific. What Rubber world is this where it is impossibly unrealistic. That said I have no idea whether I want to purchase this as a 40 second advert appears whenever you turn a corner. I'll stick with Freerider.
i used this app to learn freestyle tricks its been great at helping me with pinching the sticks because im not the best and the app helps alot i find the practice to help me greatly while attempting to fly in real life its better than alot of the expensive pc sims i have bought in the past!
Seen this advertised on a youtube channel and jus had ti try it. i must say this app is great for the new drone flyer! Certinly saves me ALOT of time vs repairing my personal drone after hard crashes!! Its also way harder than the real thing so its making me better when i fly in real life!! Would be 5 stars if it were free and that would also help promote this hobby ive come to love!!
This is the best drone sim ive seen on the store. The fact it is free amazes me. Get this app if you are trying to practice drone flying/racing. The only ads are when the battery "dies" lmfao. Which is great it teaches you battery life and supports the app. 5/5 iso a dji drone in game. Ill pay.
Great app to get understanding what is going on. Developers, I need to now how much degrees per second the drone making,when I'm set on 2,0 on pitch,yaw and roll. I need that,because I find it perfect for me and want to implement this to my real drone. Thank you for the great app and hope you will help me out.
The game is great for someone with no experience in flying drones and will be the closest your going to get without actually flying a real drone outside.
So addicting!!! The controls are simple and very customizable. The game is still getting updated and bugs are being fixed. I have never actually raced drones, but I think this feels pretty realistic!
This is an amazing game but when they added the drone battery this game is the worst one battery flys for around 40 seconds please remove the battery please
Exiting the app is a nightmare the home button dissappears in 0.3sec after raising it. For the simulation it's alright I've spent some time on it. Maybe 3 or 4 hours by now. You could give the isers more adjustability to private flight simulation settings. The races are impossible. The throttle is very sensitive. Maybe larger analog fields aswell for less sensitivity.
So far one of the best simulators. Physics is pretty realistic, compared to other sims where controls might be too sensitive of movement too floaty. Helped me practice flying before buying a real drone. Which would be more difficult if I had not tried this simulator.
love the new updates. however even with sensitivities all turned down and response curves flattened the drone is way too fast to be realistic. Beginner mode needs to be more beginner lol. but otherwise this has come quite a long ways. good job.
Well i don't have a real drone and this is first time i am flying a drone (virtually) through this sim and never thought it would be ao difficult to fly a drone. I am literally confused. But will learn after some tries.
Pretty good, from a quick look. The only thing that struck out as unpolished was the audible uneven transitions between motor speed sounds. Love how it just opens up ready to fly, no menus needed to get started.
Great learning exercise. Would be nice to have the reset mapped to a Bluetooth controller to so I don't have to tap the screen every time I play with my Xbox game pad.
Great start to create muscle memory. Use this until you don't need to think before doing something just like you learn bicycle.
Awesome game to practice on. Best one out of all in the store. Most realism and setting control for free
Glad I downloaded an ad Edit: developer thinks ads after each landing is reasonable if you want one with less ads I recomend fpv freerider. Only has ads when you close it or when you chose to play ads to help the developer.
Awesome flight simulator. The acrobatics is awesome controls are great and helps learning piliots how to fly on their phone without breaking their new drone. I'm very well experienced and just using this for fun is still amazing.
Good to learn when your a beginner also i would like if there would be more activities just to make it more fun maybe...
I have paid and got the confirmation email but cannot install the Pro version. Its still shows the £1.79 price... When I select it a message shows "you already own this item" ... Help, all I want to do is install the full version.
This simulation was good, but the Nov. 5 update took away the Hanger are leaving just the Field and the Parking Garage. Plus the only drone available any more is just the racing one - which is the only one I use anyway, but it still lists more in the the description. Unless a quick update fixes these issues, I may be deleting it soon.
Looks like it could be good but I do not see a way to change the Throttle to the left hand stick side. I would prefer Pitch on the right side.
This is my FAVORITE flight sim for mobile. I only wish it had a bit more customization like an OSD configurator, weather and drone size/style options so you can practice in more realistic situations... otherwise this is the mobile best mobile quad sim I could find!
I Promise myself : i'll Play This Sim till the day my bank account become ready to buy me The Dji Phantom 😀, And i'll be freaking professional shot taker😂😂, .. All in All, I love The App, Thumbs up for the developers👍👍, We're expecting more updates.. God bless y'all
Would be nice if it showed distance from the ground. Also larger better areas to fly like over an ocean, lake etc....I uninstalled it. When it says recharging battery it loads up a add. A game that you have to wait about a minute before the x appears so u can stop it. Annoying
touch controls are a little finicky but I guess that's just the nature of phones. The amount of control without paying is nice. can adjust thrust, pitch roll and yaw rates. Can not adjust cam angle without paying but that's fine. The maps are nice, and acro mode works well. airmode is on by default but I turned that off to fall faster. Very cool to fly fpv when I don't have time to go outside. now I want a bluetooth controller to play with lol.
The game is almost perfect with the controls and physics but I think there should be a setting to have the throttle dead zone at the bottom and be able to adjust the FOV of the gov camera.
Good free fpv simulator for a newby like myself that wants to learn acro mode. I tried to use the daulshock ps4 controller but it doesn't respond to the inputs at all from the controller? I had it connected to my cellphone via Bluetooth and it was a solid blue light in back of remote showing solid connection to Android. I believe it is solid orange when you link ps4 remote to ipads.. nontheless its fun and a good acro learning tool for beginners that just want to learn basic acro stick movement.
Game is somewhat real.but not like real drone flying experience and of course you cannot give the real drone experience in Android touch joystick.for fun time you can play this.developer,please make the game bigger like adding extra objects and add maps like pc games.make it realistic..like that.
okay but nothing like real thing. no adds awesome. would be good if camera angle could be moved around to see all angles
Awesome game! The tracks are fun, control settings 2 on pro with throttle at 0 and acro on is perfect for fpv practice! Also, use the 2nd camera view.
Little free to play fpvdrone sim that i can play 2 min to an hour when and where ever i want to improve my flying. Pretty amazing!!!
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad flight simulator. This is probably one of the best drone flight simulators on play store right now, but the reason it's not 4.5 stars is because of the ads. It's difficult to explain how many ads there are, but every time you do something, change something, basically any pause in your flying there is an ad. Another option for simulators is Freerunner FPV which doesn't have as much content but doesn't have the ads.
Great Simulator to practice before actual droning. Translated well to actual flight with my DJI Mini 2.
The Drone does not fly correctly. It does not ROTATE left or right... It just to the right or the left without any rotation or turn around. The Yaw also told the Drone and doesn't rotate it. It was not possible to turn the Drone around to face me. One has to pull it back to go behind. Tried it also in the pro mode without success. It does not Exit when one wants to get out. One has to force stop it. @Red Rock: Thanks for your reply. I will not argue with you and, have just deleted it.
Helpful for training control muscles of beginners. Helps to tame anxious hands on the controls. Must be good at keeping the challenge up.
Lovely little app. Just what I was looking for. Would be even better if your time on a race could be recorded for you, and you could challege yourself to get better on each track. But loads of fun nontheless
This is a cool Game i wish, i had a drone but.... no need now just with red rocks DRS drone simulator you've got a free drone PLAY ThiS now!!!!!! Plss i love red rocks games #redrocksforlifeandronez
ads galore! ads every time you land or make adjustments to drone. I read reviews about too many ads and dev gets pissed. Great way to get more people to play. Maybe cut down on the excessive ads, fix the bugs other people mentioned and more people will buy pro version. I have deleted game and play Freerider now. Much better game.
Good simulator to actually learning how to control a drone. Have lots of maps where you can fly and some of the maps have tracks. There are some ads but they appear rarely and does not bother at all.
Ugg... ReSt blues... Sim restsets on it's own if you are not in a preset area. Deliberately tried to fly to trees and it could not do it. Tried to hit a real drones celling and it failed that too. Best I can say about this is it would be good eye hand corrdination for a child.
Finally a game thats not trashy and has acro mode. Perfect for practicing when its either raining or your fpv battry dont have enough juice, good job. Please update this. Thank you....-ANDR3W
Updated review, controls were reset to some kind of null state after the most recent update, once I was able to get into the settings and reset the control settings it works better now. Have not tried it yet on my new LG Stylo 4, it ran well on my Samsung S5, so we'll see.
very easy to give this 5 stars, great graffics, great simulator, just great in general! The only thing i would like to see is a leader board, but other than that, no complaints.
game ads pop up when you crash and very unrealistic controls. The controls are either too sensitive or not sensitive at all. But I dont wanna buy a pro version. I'll give it 3stars because u replied but plz just improve sensitivity and ads thx
It has a problem with joypads, I used a DS4 but the Up/down movement of both sticks is inverted. I tried inverting the vertical movement in the configuration but it doesn't work
Just buy a drone and this simulator has being so use full,totally use if you gat into the drone world,use this DRS Drone Simulator
Its pretty good at simulating actual drone flight. It also helped get me used to the on screen joysticks without crashing a real drone.
ok, the throttle is correct, but if I bank left it should move left, not right. And a real drone doesnt lift off at .o1% throttle. Pretty terrible design.
Realistic Flying simulation. i actually learned how to fly my micro quadcopter with this app recommended using first person view with on the ground looking to your eyes not the drones i crashed like 150 times but 3hours last night 7/25/2020 uesing this app and im flying the real one now the very next day 7/26/2020 wonder full app
Good app :) i love it! But too sad... The graphic is still look not realistic,but i'm happy it can play with OTG USB controller and when the button is not affect that can change at the setting
Well done. This is not game for kids but for those who really want to learn how to fly drone in all modes. Acro mode is beast. Well done with all the physics.
I am kinda new to fpv, and this is about 60% realistic. My only problem with it is the gravity. You fall really slow. But if you are wanting to get a small bit of what it kinda feels like to fly fpv, then this is for you.
Appears as though it is going to be pretty close to the real thing, also it looks like it is not really "free" apparently costs a buck to be able to use physical controller least on my Galaxy TAB A! So on google play store where i downloaded it from it says "this app may not be optimized for your device" not sure what that means since i have not had any issues as of yet,but anyway seems good so far!!
Best drone simulation out there for a phone! Only added feature that could make it better is if there was a VR mode for a true FPV experience!
This app is kinda nice but it doesn't offer much as landscape. Don't get me wrong, its a great app to learn on but its very limited as far as landscape is concerned.
Extremely hard for a first timer First learn to fly this then get a fpv if not its going go be a really expensive hobby 🙃
This is a great app simulator for knobs like me. When I first started I couldn't get the thing to fly. Took quite a few turns and I love the fact that I can practice flying without destroying my quad and draining the battery. This is PERFECT!
I love this game but I the only thing I dont like is that they dont let you play the other maps, but good and I would recommend playing the game with a ps4 controller for better experience.
man!!! I'd like to give it 5 but it needs some improvement. 1st "starting point" it would be nice to be lined up with the first gate. 2nd "sensitivity" I started with default control settings and it was TOOUUGH but then toned it down to throttle 2.0 pitch 0.4 roll 0.4 yaw 2.0 and had a BLAST!!!! but only after putting it in "beginner mode" and it was much more user friendly. I love the app and hope to see improvements in the future..... maybe another map with a little elevation change!?!?!!?!?!?
Bought the full version to dismiss the ads for $1.50 it's a small price to pay. Helps teach you the controls of manual flying to try and override the bad habits DJI's GPS flight controls have taught us. Would like to see a city/skyscraper level added.
This is very good but the controls are very hard to control and we can't go so far😄😃😄😃😄😃
Didn't think much of this as a sim. Modern drones are much easier to fly and much more intelligent than how they are portrayed in this sim. It's OK, but could be a lot better.