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Dropping Ball 2

Dropping Ball 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Len Fox Game. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Developers don't pay you out I have figured out the sequence to win big but everytime you hit those numbers on the bottom game freezes forced to exit and lose all if it's 2x across the slots that light up you get the 25 or 50 green money balls. To reach the red 7 the sequence is x20 x50 x50 x100 x100 x100 x50 x50 x20 seems impossible and when you do get that another glitch game freezes and forced to exit don't download this game if you think your gonna win big$$$$$ or gift cards for Amazon.
As an app tester i tried this game for a couple of days,,my earnings stuck at $144,,pretty smooth in the beginning,,as you get closer to the prizes i got bombarded with ads..and green balls is not showing anymore..seems like no intention to pay...just like any other fake app who only survive by telling lies to users...the 6th app i tested/reviewed this month..you still lucky to have 1 star,,im deleting this app after this comment.
It's an interesting game there's not that many pop ups in less you run out of balls or it will ask you if you want a free spend of the wheel to see if you get anymore balls to drop gold, or they're giving on the green! Give it a try and in 45mins if you don't have at least $25, or more then keep going and see where it takes you!!!!!!!!
Just another rigged game. I've been stuck at 25 (out of 26) collectibles and at 99 (need 100) for an Amazon card. Green coin's another thing. Developer added 3 digits after the decimal (i.e., $148.607) which takes longer to reach $150. And 2 million yellow coins? Forget it. The roulette lands on the crying emoji (no reward of any kind) almost every other spin if not back to back. Uninstalling in the next couple of days...
Everytime you get a egg it counts like every 7th egg. 1000 bucks when you get 26 eggs. We'll see. Right now not looking so good. I'd have easy 300 eggs. Please fix.yours truly still broke
I have played so many money games don't know why I keep doing these games. I get to the said target and they never pay , This one I have $148.589 or something and now it shuts down everytime I try to play it, I am so fed up with them and more so myself for believing in the jerks. Just one could be truthful. I FINALLY WON WEEK RIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!!!! NOW I REALLY NEED THE MONEY BUT HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET IT PLEASE REPLY
Well got up to 97.00 and just like the original dropping ball you end up with alot of gold balls, sad faces, you hardly get the money balls and you don't get the 7 at all towards the end of almost reaching the $100 because that's what you need to withdrawl. I will update when I reach $100
The percentages of the chance of getting a certain roll, like getting the money balls, eggs, and Amazon card, drop dramatically they get you close to your goal than lower the chance of getting to that threshold to practically 0. Don't waste your time with this, many of us have and have gotten no payout. These developers are sneaky and think they're clever, but they are nothing other than common thieves of time and money. Will be contacting the Better Business Bureau against this atrocity.
The first Dropping ball game,everything went great. Could cash out at $100. But the game stopped at $97.50. Stopped giving me money,then started freezing. But never got to cash out. I quit playing after a month and it only got to $97.50. I REALLY hope this one isnt the same as number 1. So far it seems like its just the same. Fake AF
Won't pay out. I was able to "cash out" with both green and yellow tokens and was told pmt would be made in 3-15 business days. Nearly a month later payment is still "under review." - update - it has now been a month and I sent an email with no response so I officially labeling this as a scam. I do not believe they have any intention of paying out nor are there any reviews from anyone who has actually received any money. Stay away unless watching ads is your thing.
Great app and I was able to cash out $300. But I'm disappointed because almost 3weeks since I cash out and until now I was not paid. I will give 5 stars once I get paid and recommend this app to my friends and relatives.
Got up to 144 dollars in less than 30 min. Has taken me 2 days to get to 148...and appears impossible to get to 150 to cash anything in. Misleading game with ad after ad
HAHAHAHA! love your attempt at humor(PLEASE NOTICE THAT STATEMENT IS DRIPPING WITH SARCASM) This is a very stupid app. it started out great, but then as soon as you have $146, you "suddenly and very mysteriously" have bad luck, and don't manage to get any points. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. ITS JUST A WASTE OF TIME. next time try making your app legit.😡🤬oh, and Don't even try apologizing for "my bad experience" cus you knew in the first place no one ever wins in this covid-infected-app. 🤮🤢😡
Dunno if i reach $99 for amazon reward and 25 eggs with version 1 will freeze also, but so far much faster to earn.
It's an ok way to waste time. I have wasted over 200 hours. In that time, Ihave need 1 more egg for the past 195 hours, 1 more amazon card for the past 180 hours, have never hit the green triple 7's, and after reaching $150 for the payout on January 3rd, 2021, I took a screenshot that showed "payout will be 3-15 business days. Today is the 15th business day. Guess what I probably won't see. Do your advertisers like Home Debot and Ibotta know that you don't pay out? I think I'll let them know.
I read all reviews and so far no one received any cash. This is bs. You'd wanna vomit your guts out. I spent days and nights playing this bs and all i get are ads and second chances. No longer green balls or Amazon. You'll get bombarded with ads left and right. No one can win its sickening, the time put in to this does not wish it. Waste of time. May Karma serves you well someday for our time and efforts and hopes.
Game is a scam, after you get close items no longer added to you totals, example once you hit 21 eggs it will stop adding to your total when you get new ones. Another example the money goes from dollars to pennies to half pennies, to not even registering past $146. Games like this and their publishers need to be banned from the app stores!
To many things you have to concent to, to be able to load game! I do not like to have my phone & other items the game wants to access, therefore I can only give 1star!! It looks like it would be a fun game if you are willing to let them have access to your private apps!!
Got $146 in one day then started getting $0.002 with ads with each roll, each egg, each card, each clear. Basically the "game" is a constant stream of ads. The developers are getting mad paid, we however, are not! When you get to 170k of the 200k needed to cash out the gift card, the game stops giving you free balls, you have to pay $2.50 for 50 balls. The $2.50 is deducted from the $$ you've amassed of the $150 needed to cash out to paypal. In short, there's no possible way anybody cashes out!
Seems to be easy enough to play. So far so good. Not really any complaints. Too early can really tell that much for evaluation.
The game is fine. But once you get to 145 dollars it quits. Cant cash out until you reach 150. They make a ton of cash off ads but you get nothing. FAKE APP. Must be half owned by gov cause this game is as big of a joke like them
This game cheats I was up to $126.00 and it drop me all the way down to 119 this game is fake I've been playing this for a week and a half and still hasn't won anything all these fake ads (win 500 in a week) the lies
Been playing a few days and the egg keeps popping up. I been stuck at 23 of 26 eggs. Each new one does not count. It's very frustrating.
I wasn't going to do a review but once I got to a certain amount of mm money precisely $138 it stopped giving me coins and is making the game frustrating, it's like everyone says maybe its not going to pay out. I'm very disappointed.
I have been playing since December and my review is just like everyone else's! I started out collecting eggs and now stuck at 21, I don't know where to find the rules about not collecting the same egg more than once. I have been taking a screen shot every time the egg comes up and I have not seen the same egg twice. I am at $147.00 but can't get past it. I will be deleting this game If I don't get the payout by the end of the month. They say you have to keep playing to win, we will find out.
This game is a fraud. I got all 26 eggs and now the game wont come back on for me to claim it. Terrible!. Dont play! Also, i got to 145$. You have to have 150 to redeem. It wont let me invite people to download to get the 7$ it advertises. It would put me at 152$. It wouldnt send the message. It is imposdible to collect wbat you win. I wstched all those ads for nothing. To be scammed by frauds!
This game has stopped crediting for the eggs. Just today I have received 5 eggs and I am still at 23 (of 26). I should have 31. My money balance is $98 & I notice I am not gettins spins for money. What a dispicable fraudulent game!!! I have reset my phone & deleted/installed the game. This is false advertising!!! One star evaluation is not even deserved. 😣😣😣😣
It'll get to a point where you'll be lucky to receive 4 cents after many hours of playing. Updates: I've tried redeeming my 150 since the 15th. No one will get anything. Save your time and every from this BS. They are making lots of money from us, our time and energy. Don't waste time.
Everyone that says it gets you up close to cashing out, then stops landing on the money balls is telling the truth. I've also gotten up to 21 eggs and continued winning them, but it stays stuck on 21. I know I've gotten 26 by now and could've cashed out. This game is indeed rigged. It let me get up to $146 , but will not land on the money balls anymore. DO NOT waste your time or get excited, because you're not going to win. Too many are complaining about the same thing...smh
This game is fun in the beginning...but it is a big lie and fraud. I've collected over 26 eggs and it says I've only collected 25. And no there was not the same eggs. And how after you get up to $127.50 the game drops you back down to just a few cents a day? Just a waste of time Just to get your hopes up and then smashed. Just a big lie like all the other money making games.
I like the game I've reached my levels for payouts I just hadnt received my money to my PayPal. It said 3-15 days but it's been longer.. then first time it didnt take my screenshot but the next time when i cashed out on getting the coins I screenshot it and it's been a week now and still nothing . Please help me if anyone knows what i can do.. no fun if you can't collect your winnings.. Today is Jan 30,2021....game still hasn't paid my funds I've we on a couple different times have the screensh
This game is a joke,as soon as I got close to cashing out,it took me to an ad and would not let me go back to the game all there is,is black screen and its clearly not my phone because I can play other games as well as go to my other apps without any problems.
Scam and waste of time. The game keeps giving you all the eggs that you already have so you will never win that part. You get to 146.00 and the game gives you .001 when you hit the green on the spin. Thats not even a cent. So you will never win that way. You get 1 amazon gigt card every 100 spins so you will never win that way either. Its pointless and a huge waste of time. WISH I COULD RATE IT .001 STARS!
It would be good if u can actually win and cash out once you get close to winning it seems impossible but give it 5 stars for entertainment
Bogus, as expected. It starts off building up the cash really fast so you think there's a chance that you could actually win something, but then once you get close to an amount you can cash out you suddenly stop hitting every cash option, suddenly start hitting the losing option constantly and are stuck watching tons of ads but getting nowhere.
Have had a great experience playing this game so far! It's lots of fun the only reason I gave it four stars is because there's a little bit too many ads too often.
Don't get your hopes up! I downloaded this game after watching the adverts for it. They said it was not like the other games that are scams. WRONG! It lets you get up close, makes you think you might actually win something. You need $150 to cash out and you get to $145 in a hurry, then they cut you off. And if you're lucky enough to land on the green money balls, they only pay .001 cents. You drop 25 green balls and your money only increases by about 4 cents. Don't waste your time like i did.
It's easy to rack up $ but we'll see if I ever actually receive the $200.00 im waiting on. If I actually receive it and have the choice to spend off my pay pal let's say it would BE THE 1ST between dropping ball 2, droppping ball , and any other so called earn money game out there! <& There are "Tons"... :( >
Just exactly what all the other people are saying.,. the game let's you get close to cashing out and then don't let you because it stupid! Do not play it!! The only thing you will get is headache from trying in vain to be able to cash out
Another waste of time. I got to $101.88 in my first day and was not able to cash out. Now it says in order to cash out I have to get to $150. I know the developers get paid for the ads we watch but not sure why they give everyone false hope knowing that times are hard and time is money. I think I will start filing class action lawsuits on these games for false advertising.
It was a nice game until you keep playing it and never win hardly. I was almost at $145 and instead of it counting up when I got the money balls it counted back down to $144 something. I don't think you can get any money from this game.
This game is fun as can be. I cant put my phone down for a second... I wish all games could be this fun and time consuming..
This game is a lie. Not only does it become extremely difficult to hit money as you play, and not only does the amount of the winnings go down, but the game ALSO DEDUCTS FROM WHAT YOU HAVE EARNED... ultimately ensuring YOU NEVER REACH 150 to cash out. So this is yet another fraudulent misreprentation here on the Google Play store.
It was good at the beginning, but now I'm $4 away from cashing out and I only get coins or retry, when I do get the money coins they're valued at $0.001. I just wish these games would go for fair chance, instead of wasting all this time, for nothing...
was an ok game when I started playing but as soon as I got close to earning enough $ coins to cash out on the PayPal coupon it suddenly stopped letting me get the $ or the 7's on the spinning wheel only allowing coin balls which you don't earn a lot on
This game sucks balls. Being stuck on $99.21 for days now. U keep getting the crying emoji. Won't let u move forward. They lie. Then they show all these ads with all the money like how long do u have to play to get money like that. That's false advertising! U guys suck balls. Don't be fooled. They say u can cash out anytime thats a lie. U can only cash out at a $100 or more. This sucks balls😡🤬🤬 I've been stuck in the same place for a month. This game really sucks balls. 🤬🤬🤬
As most people have said, it seems like a trick. I played for 2 days and got all the way to $145 (need $5 more to cash out). Now I never hit green and if I do I get cents. Wheel just spins and hits crying face. Makes you think you are going to win but you never do.
Started out great with good pay but have been stuck at 141 for over a week.. joke of a game..EDIT:Been playing it for 3 weeks now, no more cash won and now its NOT counting all the eggs. I have been cheated out of 4 so far, FALSE ADVERTISING for sure..
Game will never pay you out. You will never reach the goal of $150 only get close to it. Sat at $145.785 for 2 weeks today i spent $2 to get 50 plays and wouldn't you know it i won it all back but can not get past $145 waste of time!!!
I was hoping this one would have been different. Unfortunatly i get almost to the point of cashing out and it refuses to drop any more to get there. The ad promoting this is false. Will not go past $145.990
Download and it freezes up . All the time. I have a new phone so that not the problem. My phone is one of the top phones you can buy. So I don't agree with the person said it the phones freezing up.
I need one more egg, one more amazon card, 94.6 cents or 1.5 million gold balls for a payout. Every time I hit a "jackpot" of gold balls, I have to sit through a 30 second ad. The worst part, you aren't paid cash. It's crypto-currency.
It was fun until I got close to the amount needed to payout. Now all I get is the emoji crying on the lucky wheel. I'm starting to feel as if that I will never be able to get my payout and it's scam.
ABSOLUTELY love playing dropping ball 1!!! So if DB2 is supposed to be better and more fun then i give it 5stars and i jus started to play it rite now
The game is fun but the rewards they claimed that you can have 1000.00 when you collect 26 eggs 🥚 I have passed that limit yesterday but it stopped on 22 any egg I claimed is not recorder they lied.they don't or never allow you to collect the total 26 eggs they are greedy or very stingy in paying us out. Why you have to lie. If we like your game we play. The first dropped ball I been playing it also stopped the eggs count to 23. But, about ten after 23. They don't record.thr developer is a liar
It starts out really good, and then makes it impossible to win. You get less than a penny every 10 minutes max. The eggs you are suppose to collect, never move past a certain point. This game is complete fraud and should be shut down.
So far so good. Just waiting to see how long it actually takes to one enough money to cash out. I'm also glad that they give you the option to pick PayPal or use the Cash app card to get paid. I chose cash app because it's a lot easier to load and also quicker and I can go to any ATM and use my cash at card to take out money or to make purchases.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! it starts off fine gives you money and whatever and then when you finally get close enough to be able to cash out it just stops landing on green
No real money. I have been playing since October and I won $150 for PayPal n December 15th 2020 n $100 in PayPal n December 30th 2020. I still haven't received any payment n I have contacted the email they provided 3weeks ago n they never contactme. Its a game to kill time for having hope to win real money..
Was fun at first but 4 days later an 9 dollars to go till I can cash out and two fruits till cash out on them I haven't seen a green button to hit in the last 5 times I've played and the fruit I need must be forbidden from this game because there not to be found an it just started not spinning the slots for landing in the moving circle this game is a big waist of TIME I DON'T RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING IT
2 stars goes for both the first and second game. After a certain point it seems like it's impossible to land in any greens. I get that it's a chance thing and you're not going to get it every time, but it is also discouraging when you're money amount only goes up by PENNIES... by the advertisement, I was expecting it would go up by more than a handful of pennies... this makes the game drag by honestly.
I like the game, I have both installed, I'd recommend anyone to download, but I'm still waiting for my $150 so I can cash out before Christmas 🎄.
Spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game. 10 to 15 seconds of gameplay, the. 20 to 30 seconds of ads. Huge amounts of winnings in 1 hour. So much so that it smells like a scam. Especially with all the badly dubbed ads and fake paypal pages I see in ads for this game, while playing this game. If I actually get the payout I earned I will change this review. But if this review doesn't change it shows this is a scam afterall. Confirmed a scam.
This game is very addictive And fun to play don't expect to cash out the games designed to make sure you do not win My 1st day playing I reached $140 10 days latter $147.66 collected over 100 eggs game says I have 25 out of 26(there are specificones you need they do not do multiples), 99 Amazon cards since I got here haven't had another pop up don't expect to get rich it won't happen but I will remain optimistic and see if cashing out is even possible . Play for the fun of it mabe u will win.
So far so good. Have not experienced any of the complaints that I have read from the precious reviews. Then again everyone's phone is different whether in regards to age, style, model, an so forth. Game plays good for me in everything to get a good review. My suggestion, don't throw up a bad review just because a game does not play on your pos phone. Save money,& get a decent phone, other than that, I like the game to. Play it & gather your own opinion, not one from these stinky reviews.
Your ad says players could get $100 and cash out. Im over that. Niw it sats 150 to cash out..im almost there but problem is ive veen playing this for quite some time now. And still havent gotten anything. No progress. This is just another fake game that makes it sound good with their pitch but when you play its straight bammer. What a waste of time.
Great game to pass the night....but I can't seem to ever be able to cash out....game diff than adds why?
Was a fun game into you get towards the end and instantly it takes money away from you every time you get close to 150 So you never will hit 150. Andy commercial for the game it shows they have redone it any pays out more than ever they are lying
I've been playing for months and it's been about 3 weeks since had any cash coins and spin wheel never gives cash coins PLEASE FIX as I believe game rigged to not pay out. Game tokens acrue very slow and value for redeeming is 2million its took months to reaching 100,000 will give time to fix issue but will delete if nt ☹
Same as all other " get rich " games. Starts out great then as soon as you get close to a pay out the cash coins disappear. By my calculations I should win the $ 150 cash out around the middle of Neveruary. Who knew entertainment could be so frustrating. Another one for the Uninstall list.They claim there's many winners everyday what they don't tell you it's the developers that are the winners, the players are the suckers.
It's a fraud game. Just before you reach the cashout limit, the green balls disappear from the face of the earth. It's a waste of time. Totalled disappointed.
As I have just sent an email to the Developers and anticipate their response I will say the following: In the beginning get $2 and $1 coins and you move quickly past $100 and think "oh wow" "I might actually make money off this" ((but after a month)) all slots land on is /sorry\ (last 30 times)and if I do get money tokens they are worth (half a fraction of one penny.) (Only thing making money are the Developers) (forced ads) Play 2 hours view an our and 10 minutes of ads
Not happy got tp 21/26 eggs and now it doesnt register when I collect anymore eggs. Have been counting over last 2 weeks I now have collected 35+ eggs and yet none of them register still says 21/26 CON!!!! dont be fooled by their adverts not happy total waste of time!!!!
The reply from them is always the same and it's not a real person messaging back, its automated, only thing that changes is the person its directing to. Total waste like all the other games I've tried. Better get your games in order or no one won't play them again as well as others...I will change my review once I actually see changes in the reviews from REAL PEOPLE WINNING!
Well it be nice if the game doesn't take away the points I make it drops me from 144 back down to 130 so I'll never get to the payout of 150 it's very upsetting to me that it will keep dropping from what I achieve so if it keeps dropping instead of moving up then I'll stop playing and it will be another scam.
Misleading as all these "money making" games are. Gets fairly fast to 95% of the minimum withdrawal amount and then it just stops giving any chances of winning. Too many ads as well, every 30 sec a 30 sec ad
Scam. Developer keeps answering to many people complaining that there are a lot of winners and to keep playing. Biggest lie. Just like everyone else is saying you play and at first the amount goes up very quickly but once you get close it slows down and then eventually it stops giving you anything. Don't bother downloading.
If you like watching crappy overseas video game commercials. In hopes of getting a gift card, thin this is the game for you. In 40min I got 146$ need 150$ to cash out. Its going on days now and can't get 4$ more... Really! Come on now what a commercial watching scam 😒